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February 2014 Sunday Schedule for the Season of Epiphany 10:30 am Worship 11:00 am Children's Time (children excused from worship) 11:30 am Coffee Hour and Fellowship February 2 - Fourth Sunday after Epiphany and Communion Scripture: Matthew 5.1-12 and Micah 6.1-8 Topic: "Well, Aren't You Special!" SPECIAL EVENTS: 9:45 am Choir Warm-up 11:30 am Super Bowl Sandwiches February 9 - Fifth Sunday after Epiphany Scripture: Matthew 5.13-20 and Isaiah 58.1-12 Topic: Salt of the Earth; Light of the World Children's Time: Valentine's Day craft February 16 - Sixth Sunday after Epiphany Scripture: Matthew 5.21-37 and Deuteronomy 30.15-20 Topic: Jesus, Sharia Law, and the 'Goodie-two-shoes' Factor Children's Time: Writing your own rules February 23 - Seventh Sunday after Epiphany Scripture: Mathew 5.38-48 and Leviticus 19.1-2, 9-18 Topic: When the Law is about doing good Children's Time: Doing something good

Amuse-bouche: If you look at the listing of scripture readings for February, you will see that we are spending a bit of time talking about the Law (that's law with a capital L). For the most part, we don’t think of Jesus as a law-giver. If you look at the different Gospels you see different stereotypes to meet the interests of the authors. Matthew emphasizes teaching; Mark portrays a man of action; Luke is big on healing and miracles; and John sees a man of reflection. However, men and women living in the first century had their own expectations. Some wanted a new David to serve as the general to lead the rebellion against Rome; some wanted a new Elijah to rant against social injustice and give the rich a poke in the eye; some wanted a new Moses to reinforce the Law and embarrass the lax with self-righteousness. Jesus, himself, struggled with all of these possibilities as witnessed in the temptation stories. He rejected the idea of stardom and glitzy miracles and opted for a new path that was actually a return to God's original intention for all of us. The old general became the new servant, the old prophet became the new reconciler, and the Old Law became the New Law which was the Old Law re-imagined. Now as then, people make their decision about following Jesus based on their expectations. Most do not see him as the real-deal and go on their own way. A few, a very few, stop and took a second look.


p.s., about that 'Amuse-bouche' – it's all the thing now in cooking and means a 'mouth amuser', that is, a little mouthful, a taste.

Reports and Meetings Notes from the Board Give service to the Lord unconditionally without expectations! Give of your life. Give of your heart. Give of your love. Give of your leadership. Through service, the last will be first. Seeking to be servants of our Lord, we conducted the business of the Church. What a wonderful Church we have! As our decision to move our community supper away from our Church echoed through our congregation, we realized what an important outreach this had become for us and for our Church. With renewed energy we decided to continue our community supper as we have for the last decade. This is your community supper; know you are welcome to join our supper either as a servant or as our guest. With the New Year, we have many activities planned and to plan. Each of us has opportunities to give of ourselves to the good of our Church and our wider community. None of us are able to participate in every area, but all of us are able to participate in some area. Choose your opportunity, this may be simply attending our worship service, or may range to serving on a committee. It is with some sadness, and with some joy that I leave the Chairmanship of our Church Board. I thank each of you who have served on the Board during this period. I thank our congregation for supporting the Board. We pray our decisions were faithful, true and correct. Give joyfully of yourself in service to the Lord. Respectfully Submitted, Will Patterson, former Board Chair

Money Matters The closing financial statement for the church's 2013 budget year shows that we ended in the red by $243.97. At the annual meeting, the wrong yearto-date was shown on the financial report with the proposed 2014 budget. The correct numbers are as follows: For the Year 2013 Income $90,974.86 Expenses ($91,218.83) Balance ($243.97) The approved budget for 2014 is short by $16,517.00. If you can find any extra to pledge/donate it will be put to good use for the Church’s ministries.

Search Committee Update As I mentioned at the congregational meeting on Sunday, our search for a settled pastor is moving forward. Over the past several months we have listened to a number of sermons preached by candidates on YouTube and via e-mail. We have interviewed these candidates using Skype and the internet. We have followed up with numerous reference checks for these candidates. We are now ready to move forward with face-to-face interviews with the selected candidate. With the 2014 general fund budget approved, we know what kind of salary package we can offer a pastor. This package barely meets the conference guidelines for a full time pastor in a church our size. Our process for the next few weeks will be to schedule a face-to-face interview with the candidate in Boise, show the candidate around Boise, visit the church building, and arrange for the candidate to lead worship at a “neutral” church in the area so the Search Committee can experience worship with him or her. This will be followed with a period of discernment – to seek to understand God’s will for our particular time and situation. If the candidate is the pastor we want to call, then the Search Committee will offer a call to the candidate. When the candidate accepts that call pending final negotiations, then the Congregation of Wright Community Congregational United Church of Christ (i.e., you) will be informed who the candidate is including biographical information and “candidating” weekend will be scheduled. This will include the candidate leading worship on Sunday morning at Wright Church followed by a congregational meeting when the final details of the call are discussed and questions are answered followed by a time of prayerful discernment and then a congregational vote will be taken on the motion to extend the call and approve the compensation arrangements previously discussed. Assuming a favorable vote by the congregation, the next few weeks will be taken up by working with the new pastor on moving arrangements and preparations for starting his or her ministry at Wright. Wright Church will incur some expense in bringing the candidate to Boise for the face-to-face interview, for the “candidating” weekend, and for moving expenses to Boise. None of these expenses were included in the 2014 general fund budget. This has been a rather long report, but I felt that it was important to get the details of the process out to you. As I said Sunday, if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask any of the Search Committee members.

Carl Van Slyke, Chairperson

Church Missions All hands will be needed as Wright Church continues to serve our free monthly meal. The Board of Directors decided to keep the suppers at the church rather than move them to St. Vincent De Paul as previously reported.

Pantry Items Needed Non perishable items are always needed especially in the winter time. Our stock is very low at the present time.

Our next supper is Thursday, February 27.

Please Help!

Wright Church Continues Bench Suppers

Please contact Julie Patterson if you are interested in helping with suppers at St Vincent's. Furnace Fund Is Heating Up The Furnace Fund is coming along. Be sure and drop your loose change and dollars into our giving jar located in the narthex on Sunday mornings. Please do what you can to help us cover the almost $4000 bill. Donations can be made to the Building Fund noting that it is to help pay the furnace bill.

Pilgrim Cove Raffle

Pilgrim Cove is holding a raffle of a 'sportsman's' afghan. It was created by MJ Mellor-.Jensen of our Pocatello church and features orange squares on a camo background. Tickets will be on sale for $1 each or six tickets for $5. Talk to Ann Durand or Janice Aagaard if you would like to try your luck.

We Helped Set a Postcard Record! Dear Friends at Wright Church; th

My name is Faye Barnowe and I am a 5 grader in Albany, Ca. Early last summer I contacted your church secretary and requested a postcard from Idaho for a class competition. I want to thank you so much for sending me one. With your help, our classroom was the first in the whole district to get postcards from all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. This is the first time in 16 years that a classroom in our school won! I received almost 200 cards. It was really cool to learn so much about so many different places in the country, and it was really special to get so many blessing from so many friends in churches! At school I like to play tetherball, handball, and tag. After school I like to climb trees, swim, and play with all my great friends and sister. My pets are budgie bird, Buddie, chickens-Gertrude, Princess, Penelope, Bunny and Trogdor and Burninator. I like to eat tacos, pizza, mac and cheese, chocolate pudding, cake and pie. I love to make new friends and be kind to people I do not like. And best of all, just have fun!! Our classroom is now trying to win again at the end of the school year by getting the most postcards over all. If you have a minute, please drop another stamped postcard in the mail to me at: Faye Barnowe, 555 Pierce Street #536, Albany, CA 94706. Thank you, I'll look forward to hearing from you. Love Faye

February Board Meeting This month, the 2014 board and committee chairs will meet at the home of Chuck and Meredith Pond, 4162 N. Jones in Boise at 6:30 pm. Their phone is 376-7185 for directions. Pizza dinner will be served. All board members and committee chairs are asked to attend all board meetings or send a representative of your committee. Your input into the life of the church is very important.

2014 Phone Directories 2014 Directory's are now available. Pick up your copy today. Please make the following corrections and/or additions:  

Add Chuck Pond – cell: 761-1149 Change Wright Church: 343-0292 (oops!)

Annual Reports Thank you to all the committee chairs and board members for submitting your annual reports. The report is available in the office if you would like a copy.

Personal Touches New Member! We extend a warm welcome to Deb Carlson upon the reaffirmation of her faith. Deb, a longtime participant at Wright Church (she was actually baptized here) had moved away awhile ago. Now, having participated for years in the daily life of the congregation, she rejoined the church on January 26. Welcome back, Deb!

Celebrations in February Birthdays: Feb 2 Feb 3 Feb 7 Feb 9 Feb 18 Feb 19 Feb 20 Feb 25

Stephanie Bastow Peter Busche Maxine Briggs Ethel Farnsworth Ron Apperson Sally VanderVeen Dale Ramsey Shirley Spiva

Anniversaries: None known this month

Memorials Attention All Wright Church Artists, Crafters, and Hobbyists Just a heads up… We will be having a craft fair in conjunction with BUGS plant sale the second weekend in May. Get your items ready to sell. Here is what we know right now:    

Dates: Friday and Saturday, May 9-10 Church members can use our tables and chairs No charge for members (but we hope for a donation) Maybe we will have a refreshments stand

More information to follow.

All articles for the March 2014 edition of the Wright Ups are due in the office on or before Feb. 25.

Memorials were given in loving memory for the following: Jo Elliott-Blakeslee by Loyd and Patti Bliss, Bob and Mary Pond, Marilyn Williams. Amy Linkert by Loyd and Patti Bliss, Bob and Mary Pond, Marilyn Williams. Larry Miller by Jerry Lawson, Lynda Hall Mary Lu Harder by Mike and Caroline Curry Letha Gribble by Willard and Jerrie Lee Gribble Albert and Esther Tennyson by Stephen Tennyson

Dishes Available for Sale The Women's Fellowship is considering selling an old set of restaurant-quality dishes. There are about 40 dinner plates, and about 50 cups, saucers, and salad/dessert plates. No price has been set at this time. The options include selling it as a whole or in place settings. Contact Janice A. if you are interested for more information.

February Worship Team Lay Worship Leader Trevor Makinson Ushers Carol Rivers, Robin Canning, Anne Schnebly, Mary Pond Care Givers Robin Canning Altar Care Carol Rivers Communion Servers Clay and Laura Shockley, Jim Morrow, Anne Schnebly Date Greeters Fellowship Hosts 2-2 Jim Morrow and John Thomas Suzanne Robb and Carol Rivers 2-9 Ann Durand and Marilyn Williams Ethel Farnsworth 2-16 Jack and Joan Wenske Agnes Thayer/ Mike & Kim Smith 2-23 Dale and Mary Ellen Parsons

Flowers Harry Teilmann Dave & Debbie Turner, Ethel Farnsworth Jane Penrod Dale and Betty Ramsey

Fellowship and Study Activities Women's Fellowship Come join us for fun, laughter and goodies on Wednesday, Feb 5 at 1:00 pm, in the social hall.

A good time is guaranteed.

Janice Aagaard President

First Thursdays, 1:00 pm Feb. 6: Can't Wait to Get to Heaven, Fannie Flagg takes readers to a small town where the most unlikely and surprising experiences of a highspirited octogenarian inspire a town to ponder the age-old question: Why are we here? March 6: The Hobbit, Tolkien The book club meets each month on the first Thursday at 1:00pm in the library. All are welcome to come and enjoy a cup of tea and an interesting discussion.

Saturday, February 22, 11:30 am The Wright Ones will meet for lunch at the Trolley House (1821 Warm Springs Avenue) for lunch and then trek to the Lincoln Museum at the State Historical Society Archives Building (2205 Old Penitentiary Road). They will view the exhibit, Abraham Lincoln: His Legacy in Idaho. The exhibit features over 200 artifacts and documents that demonstrate the connections between the 16th president and the 43rd state. It includes a recreation of Lincoln’s Cabinet Room where the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, galleries that illuminate Lincoln’s life from poverty to presidency, and collections such as Lincoln’s signed appointments of the first territorial Chief Justice and second territorial Governor; Lincoln’s remarks to Congress in 1863 and 1864 reporting on the progress made in organizing Idaho Territory; and the Order of Procession for the President’s funeral parade in Chicago on May 1, 1865, listing the Honorable William H. Wallace of Idaho Territory as a Member of Congress in attendance. Please RSVP to Carol Rivers for a lunch head count.

Lunch bunch is gathering on the third Thursday each month at 1 pm. On February 20, they will meet at the Marie Callendar's on Fairview. All are invited.

Bible Study The Wednesday morning Bible Study Group will resume soon. If you have a suggestion for a study please speak to Rev. Cynthia.

Do you see yourself in this picture? If so, we will see you at choir practice on Wednesday, Feb 26, at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary. The Choir sings on the first Sunday of the month.












9:30 Choir Warm-Up

10:30 Worship-Communion 11:30 Fellowship/ Coffee


7/UR Search Comm.

7/SH Alanon





1/SH Women's Fellowship

1/L - Book Club L


9-3:00/SH 1st UCC retreat 10/garden-BUGS



14 Valentine's Day

Children's Sunday School 11:30 Fellowship/Coffee

17 Presidents Day Children's Sunday Sch. 11:30 Fellowship/Coffee

24 10:30 Worship Children's Sunday School 11:30 Fellowship/Coffee

7/SH Alanon

6/SH Huntington’s





Office Closed

10:30 Worship


15 10/garden-BUGS

10:30 Worship



7/SH Alanon

6:30 Board of Directors at Chuck and Meredith Pond's

1 Lunch Bunch at Marie Calendars




7/S Choir Rehearsal

6/SH Bench Community Supper

Wright Up articles due 7/SH Alanon

Room Key SH-Social Hall UR-Upper Room S-Sanctuary K - Kitchen

22 11:30 Wright OnesTrolley House lunch, Lincoln Museum


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Interfaith Equality Coalition of Idaho The Interfaith Equality Coalition is an alliance of faith communities working together to bring equality and justice for LGBT people—through compassionate witness and advocacy, welcome and support, and their efforts to educate on LGBT issues. The Coalition invites everyone to their meeting on February 6 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held at Hillview Methodist Church, 8525 Ustick Road. Current faith community members include:  Ahavath Beth Israel  Amaraji Maha Marai  Boise First Congregational United Church of Christ  Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  Cathedral of the Rockies / Boise First United Methodist Church  Center for Spiritual Living  Community of Christ  Hillview United Methodist Church  Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship  Inner Journey Center for Spiritual Living Outreach Boise  Interfaith Alliance  King of Glory Lutheran Church  Liberating Spirit Metropolitan Community Church of the Treasure Valley  Southminster Presbyterian Church For more information contact them at:

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