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Trevor Howarth and Stobart Barristers win again “The client was charged with failing to provide a specimen. “w years previously, she had committed a driving offence, so she knew that if found guilty, she would lose her license for at least three years. “Her local solicitor said she had no defence and to expect a lengthy ban. “The client called Stobart Barristers and within an hour, was in contact with an expert road traffic barrister who agreed to take the case. “It was a full day trial and involved a Newton hearing – a specialised format that’s usually used when guilt is agreed, but facts are seriously disputed. The judge has to decide who is telling the truth. “So what happened? Well, the judge imposed no driving ban, but endorsed the client’s license. “And to add to the day’s good news, the barrister asked for a defendant’s cost order, which was agreed.”

Howarth wins again  
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