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Client Success Study - Driving Ambition

Driving Ambition, as the name suggests, is a driving school with big plans. Sandra Pennyfather, the Managing Director, is expanding the business by providing training for instructors, as well as helping major organisations manage their occupational road risk. TLC have helped her every step of the way...


Changing up a gear



uch of this success, Sandra readily concedes, is thanks to the sales training and business development input from Trevor Lever at TLC. “Without his constant inspiration and guidance I might never have attempted this route, and I certainly wouldn’t have achieved so much. I’ve now hired him as ‘My Sales Manager’ to help me build on the foundations – we’ve got big plans, but to implement them, and grow myself along with the business, I need his regular coaching.”

How Sandra met Trevor


andra attended one of Trevor’s sales training courses in 2005, just after starting her business. “I had a successful career in sales,” she explains, “but after 10 years as a full-time mum I wanted to sharpen up. I was expecting a US-style, gung-ho session, but Trevor was a breath of fresh air. He brushed off the sales skills, but added a whole new dimension as well. We just clicked and he’s been helping me ever since.”

increasing sales effectiveness

ne of Sandra’s pupils introduced her to South West Highways, an organisation with over 500 drivers and a strong desire to take a more professional approach to managing their corporate road risk. “I wrote a three page quotation, then realised I needed help,” Sandra concedes. “This project was 3 or 4 steps up from what we were currently doing, so I called Trevor. Together we created a detailed 42 page proposal that demonstrated exactly how we’d deliver the training in a way that was self funding - the entire investment would

“I was expecting a US-style, gung-ho session, but Trevor was a breath of fresh air” pay for itself in a year, then save them over £200,000 per annum going forward.” Trevor also coached Sandra on how to structure and handle the 1 hour presentation to the board. “We did a lot of role playing, so I was prepared for every possible question. At the end, despite the

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fact they wanted time to think about it, I walked out with the purchase order. I was totally confident, totally in control,” Sandra laughs. “I’ve no doubt that I got that client because of Trevor’s coaching. He’s more than paid for himself - about 40 times over with that one contract!”

“I’ve worked with a lot sales managers...Trevor blows every single one of them out of the water”

The benefits, however, didn’t stop there. “Because the proposal was so thorough the implementation has been very straightforward,” Sandra continues. “The whole process was very carefully laid out, so everyone involved knows exactly what was agreed. It has made moving forward, and adapting things where necessary, considerably easier – both in terms of delivery and costing.”

Where the rubber hits the road


purred on by this success Sandra has developed a much bigger vision – and hired Trevor as ‘My Sales Manager’. She feels this works on two levels. “Firstly he helps me plan the systems and processes I need to move the business on in terms of getting additional corporate clients. He helps me design the sales funnel so I know what to do at every stage, from the initial approach to prospects, right through to the point where they become clients. Secondly he’s great at focussing me on what’s important now, and subtly nagging me to get it done! I’ve always had a sales manager I’ve reported to, and I need that. Trevor fills that role brilliantly. I’ve worked with a lot of sales managers, some better than others - he blows every single one of them out of the water.”

When asked to be more specific Sandra explains that “It’s tough working on your own, especially when you’re developing a

increasing sales effectiveness

team - they are looking to you for leadership, so you can’t be seen to struggle. Trevor and I meet once a month and I always come away with brain rush! He’s constantly giving different insights and perspectives helping me to approach challenges from different angles and figure out better ways of achieving my objectives.” In between the monthly meetings Trevor is available to give further assistance. “It might be as simple as helping me draft an email, or advising on how to tackle an issue with a client – it’s just like having a Sales Manager whose door is always open. And yet it’s more than that ...he has huge experience of the corporate world, and this benefits all aspects of my business. I don’t need him all the time, but when I’s great to know he’s there.”

“The programme is an absolute necessity, not a luxury.”

Smoothing the way


s a mum Sandra sees parallels between building a business and raising a child. “To begin with you’re completely involved and the minute you turn away it suffers. Trevor started to help when I had a toddler on my hands, and now it’s getting to the petulant adolescent stage! The next step is helping it to mature, so it starts to look after itself. Having another grown up you

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can turn to, someone who’s been through it all before, is a huge help.” When asked whether the ‘My Sales Manager’ programme is proving cost effective Sandra doesn’t have a moment’s hesitation. “It’s a no-brainer! If all he’d done was help me gain that one contract I’d be delighted. But the benefit is ongoing – I’m learning so much, I’m becoming more capable and confident, the business is continuing to grow...anyone who’s in a similar business situation I’d have to say that the programme is an absolute necessity, not a luxury.”

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increasing sales effectiveness

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Driving Ambition  
Driving Ambition  

Case study describing how TLC's sales effectiveness helped Driving Ambition