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Panoramic view of Volcanoes Stadium

In sixteen years, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes have won seven Western Division titles, five Northwest League championships, hosted more than 1,900,000 fans, and earned recognition as the Outstanding Short Season Class A organization in America, and the 2007 National Minor League Baseball Team of the Year. The Volcanoes also hold an amazing record on the field. From the first game in 2006, and every game in 2007, 2008 and 2009 – 304 consecutive games – the Volcanoes were never once out of 1st place in their division. Volcanoes Stadium has proven to be an exceptional setting for fans, putting them right on top of the action in a modern, state-of-the-art facility which still captures all the memories you shared at the ballpark as a child. All of these reasons make this a great place to market your business! Just like our teams on the field, Volcanoes Stadium is better than ever! Every year the team is committed to enhancing the fan and team experience at the ballpark. In 2010, an on-site workout facility for team strength and conditioning was added. A new entertainment deck was added in 2007 to enhance pre- and post-game entertainment. The Volcanotron video graphics board was added in 2006. Promotional nights have also continued to grow, including fireworks nights, Cancer Awareness Weekend, our special Patriotic Celebration, Striking Out Meth in Marion County, and Hometown Heroes. You and your business have a chance to be a part of it all – and we would love to show you how.


“In 1997, the Volcanoes embarked on their own great dream, to build a ballpark in less than six months and to offer the region a wonderful stage on which to enjoy this great game. Baseball fans of all ages have been applauding the results ever since.” Ted Kulongoski Former Oregon Governor

Officially opened in June, 1997, Volcanoes Stadium has earned a reputation as one of the finest minor league ballparks in the country. Privately funded and constructed, the stadium brought baseball back to the community for the first time since 1989. It was the first new stadium built in the region since 1940, and currently is the only professional baseball stadium in Oregon. Immediately adjacent to I-5, the stadium has become the gateway to Oregon’s Capitol – a defining landmark passed by over 32 million vehicles each year, and seen by close to 50 million people a year (ODOT, 9/06).

Volcanoes Stadium from the air

In 1999, the stadium received a Design Award from the American Institute of Architects, recognizing the ballparks’ “particular ability to create a sense of community in an exceptional fan-friendly environment.” Carefully planned elements like the Home Run Porch (2000), the Children’s Play Area (2001) and an expansive group hospitality center – the Lava Lodge (2002), have enriched that feeling. The Stadium Pro Shop was remodeled and expanded in 2005, and the Volcanotron video graphics board was installed in 2006. A permanent concert stage and championship flag pavilion was added in 2007. The stadium completed work on an on-site team workout facility in 2010. Fan support has been terrific. “It’s like a scene out of ‘Field of Dreams,’ and you half expect Shoeless Joe to materialize out of the cabbage patch to the North” Greg Jayne Statesman Journal

 Since 1997, more than 1.9 million fans have watched Volcanoes baseball  Average attendance is 3,000 per game  More than 70% of box seat season tickets are traditionally renewed by the end of November

 The Volcanoes annually rank in the Top 15 in attendance among all Class A Short Season and Rookie League teams in America


The 2013 season is the Volcanoes 17th in Salem-Keizer, and we’re still working hard to provide more entertainment, more promotions and more fun – bring you additional ‘bang’ for your marketing dollar at Volcanoes Stadium. Keizer Station Storefronts

We are also looking forward to the continued development and growth of Keizer Station. The first tenants of this high-class outlet mall included; Lowe’s, Target, Verizon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cost Plus World Market, the Beaver Fan Shop, Mens Warehouse, Massage Envy, Michael’s, Petco, Sleep Country, Ross Dress for Less, Burger King, Starbuck’s, Round Table and Subway. McDonald’s, Old Navy, Marshalls, ULTA, and Guitar Center opened their doors in 2012. Volcanoes Stadium is the cornerstone of this 237-acre shopping center. As the senior tenant and anchor of the development, Volcanoes Stadium has become the hub for economic activity in the region. Construction is underway on a Transit Center in Keizer Station, increasing foot traffic in the area and making the stadium more accessible to the greater Salem area. Events at Volcanoes Stadium bring over 120,000 fans to Keizer Station every year.


“We are ushering in a new era of economic, recreation and entertainment opportunities for the city of Keizer.” Richard Walsh Former Keizer City Council

In addition to serving as the home of the Volcanoes, the stadium has also proven its versatility as an athletic and community resource in hosting a wide range of events. They include;  Permanent site of the OSAA Baseball State Championship Games  University of Oregon’s Spring Football Game  College and Prep Baseball  NCAA Western Regional Finals  Oregon-Oregon State Baseball Civil War Game  Nike World Masters Game  McNary High School Graduation Ceremonies

High School baseball game at Volcanoes Stadium

 Keizer’s Iris Festival  Major Product Sales & Shows (Auto, Motor Homes, Hot Tubs)  Babe Ruth Baseball Regional and State Championships  Community-wide Swap Meets  Concerts  Sterling & Reid Brothers Circus  Portland Wrestling – “Rumble in the Crater” In this extraordinary environment are opportunities for sports marketing partnerships that are among the most successful in Minor League Baseball.


“Construction of this wonderful facility reflects the very best of Oregon’s ‘Can Do’ spirit. The reality of the finished product was equal to the promise.” John A Kitzhaber Governor of Oregon

The explosion of sports marketing in the last 25 years has demonstrated the strengths of these partnerships: association, flexibility, impact and impressions. The most effective sports marketing campaigns are built on multifaceted plans and supported by superior client service. The objectives are to deliver results you can measure and to reach designated target audiences consistently. The Volcanoes’ ‘value added’ philosophy combines stadium signage with broadcast media, print advertising, season tickets, special events and promotions. Together, these resources build and strengthen the associations essential to any business.

“In our collective opinion, everyone responsible for the new ballpark did an excellent job…It’s a wonderful ballpark! We attended many games at Milwaukee County Stadium. Volcanoes Stadium has the same ‘big league’ feel to it.” Doc Roever Salem, Oregon

Sports marketing also offer some wonderful dynamics beyond traditional forms of advertising, especially when a team forges an emotional bond with a community. The Volcanoes have created that bond, winning the Northwest League title in 1998, 2001, 2006, 2007, and 2009. We have earned recognition as a good neighbor and community leader. In December, 2001, the team received the prestigious Bob Freitas National Award for overall excellence as the best Short Season Class A organization in the country, and in 2007, the team was selected as the Minor League Team of the Year by Minor League Baseball. This was the first, and only, time any ball club at our level has received this award, and the first to receive it in Northwest League History. Your marketing partnership with the Volcanoes opens the doors to an enthusiastic, diverse, and growing fan base. Let’s see who they are.


Salem-Keizer is one of the most active and attractive markets in the Pacific Northwest.  Salem-Keizer is the second largest market in Oregon  The metro population in 2010 was 390,000 – up “The Salem-Keizer Volcanoes are the best family oriented entertainment in the Willamette Valley. Each year they strive to enlarge on their fans’ entertainment – young and old.” Don Conat McNary Estates Newsletter

10% over the past 10 years  Total metro retail sales exceed $3 billion  Excellent school system, national leader in youth sports participation The appeal of Volcanoes baseball is universal. We cover all demographic “bases.”

 Fan loyalty is high; almost 90% of season ticket holders renew annually  Tickets are shared; 60% of our fans attend less than 10 games a year  12-14% of our fans attend 10-19 games per season  12-14% of our fans attend 30 or more games per season

Gender Male



Income 50K+



Under 30 / Over 60 Between 30-59



46% 54%


58% 68%

Our ability to reach this audience effectively offers rewards and delivers results. Let’s look at the elements that make it all work.


Sports marketing with the Volcanoes include;  Stadium Signage  Radio Broadcasts  Annual Color Yearbook Advertisement

“This was a great year for the Volcanoes. We had a team that worked together and hustled the whole time. It’s fun watching baseball like that. We’re sorry to see the season end…It was truly a great year!” Ben & Irene Kerber Keizer, Oregon

 Season Tickets  Parking Passes  Luxury Suite Night  Concourse Marketing Table  Group Outings  Customized Promotion Sponsorship  Networking Guide Listing

Outfield Walls at Volcanoes Stadium

Each element offers its own unique benefits. Let’s take a look at all the marketing elements Volcanoes Stadium has to offer.


With one of America’s finest settings for Minor League Baseball, the Volcanoes offer stadium signage that provides impact and impressions while enhancing the classic look of the ballpark. Our philosophy of ‘less is more’ reduces the total number of signs and provides bigger signs that offer greater visibility, more impressions and stronger impact and retention.

Stadium signs are produced for you as part of your package. All you have to do is provide us with the finished artwork for your sign(s). We will produce and install them. Signs are changed every three years at the cost of the team.

Signage positions at Volcanoes Stadium include:  Freeway Marquee & Video Board Sides (above) “The new stadium is state-of-theminor-league-art.” Jim Beseda The Oregonian

 Stadium Scoreboard  Outfield Fence (left) / 60’, 40’ & 20’ Signs  Backstop / 30’ Signs  Grandstand Fences ( below) / 30’, 20’ & 10’ Signs  Dugout Roofs / 60’ Signs  Stadium Foul Poles


All 76 Volcanoes games – home and away – are broadcast live, and are available to fans across the state and country via the Volcanoes website. All Volcanoes broadcasts open with a pre-game radio talk show, “The Bullpen.” The program features baseball news, scores, analysis and interviews.

Volcanoes broadcasts provide:  A strong, consistent, emotionally involved audience  Highly targeted commercial messages  Veteran, expert baseball broadcaster  An informative, relevant, fast-paced talk show and pre-game package

“The Volcanoes are doing it the right way – putting fans first and making baseball fun.” Jason Horton Woodburn Independent

 Programming flexibility; a variety of programs and investment levels  Opening and closing billboards in every game for 2-minute marketing partners  No additional charge for Northwest League Championship Games


The Volcanoes annual Yearbook is published in mid-June and is available for purchase all year in the stadium Pro Shop and Mobile Merchandiser. Considered one of the finest publications in Minor League Baseball, the Volcanoes Yearbook has received numerous honors. Features include; high gloss cover, full-color photographs, informative articles, entertaining features, player and coaches’ pictures and biographies, and full-page color advertisement spots.

The Volcanoes networking book – the Home Team Guide – is published annually, and is made available to our 100,000+ fans at no cost. The guide features over 250 local businesses who are currently sponsors or season ticket holders. This business-card publication is a proven cost-effective way to market your business. All marketing packages include an entry into the Home Team Guide.

You can expose or market your business to over 100,000 potential customers with Volcanoes ticket-back advertisements. Our tickets will drive business to your store! In sports marketing, this position is considered a prime marketing space and has a proven track record of success.

“On many summer nights, the stadium is our Main Street. People congregate here to enjoy not just a game on a summer evening, but the company of friends and baseball fans as well.” Dennis Koho Former Mayor of Keizer

Directly drive our fans to your business through the use of coupons. These coupons can be for any offer you feel appropriate. When the coupon is associated with an event (scoring a winning run in the final inning) or a milestone (scoring 6 runs or more), it has the ability to generate a high level of excitement around your business!


As part of our comprehensive marketing package, each of the Volcanoes marketing partners receive season tickets at Volcanoes Stadium. As a marketing partner, you’ll receive;  Personal wait service in your seat  All premium giveaway items throughout the season  Automatically receive playoff tickets  Flexibility of our ticket exchange program The tickets serve you in various ways. Use them to host current or prospective clients, recognize and reward employees, and, of course, enjoy for personal use. Parking passes are included with every pair of season tickets.

During the season, you will also receive 30 tickets to a game in our “Group Section” behind the third base dugout. This is a wonderful way to show appreciation to your staff and enjoy an evening of fun at the ballpark. No restrictions or blackout dates – you pick the night that works best for you!

“The Volcanoes are a terrific entertainment resource, and folks should feel blessed to have the club in town” James Day Statesman Journal

You will also be invited to an evening in a Volcanoes Stadium Skybox Luxury Suite! This is an opportunity to enjoy the best seats our stadium has to offer you. Our executive suites seat 12 comfortably and are ideal to bring your VIPs out for a special evening. Food and beverage service is available via the Suite Level’s Private Kitchen with waiter/waitress service for an additional fee.


Our on-field promotions are designed to take the enthusiasm generated by Salem-Keizer fans and strengthen the bond between those fans and your business. These promotions add value, create additional exposure and strengthen impressions and association with your brand. The Volcanoes will develop a new promotion specifically for your business, or modify a popular promotion to incorporate your unique business. These promotions include; the presentation of a giveaway item, title presentation of a feature attraction/entertainment act/celebrity, title presentation of a between-inning contest, lucky section or seat giveaway or even title presentation of a special stadium event!

Our marketing partners have the opportunity to take full advantage of the use of our state-of-theart video graphics board – the Volcanotron. Located in right field, this full color video board will display your business logo during your designated promotion and on ‘your night’ at the ballpark.

Even if your promotion is schedule for a different game, we take the time every game to thank all of our marketing sponsors over the stadium’s public address system. During your promotions, our public address announcer or on-field personality will add unscripted element of fun and excitement to your promotion or event.


Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Marketing Book  
Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Marketing Book  

Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Marketing Book