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October 9 – November 12, 2010

treasured keepsakes

Save over 35%! Ideal for holiday decorating, our collectible Winter Canister Set* has a unique, festive flair. For a personal touch, fill Canisters with treats, add a note and use as gifts. Includes 2½-cup/600 mL, 4-cup/950 mL and 6-cup/1.4 L Stackable Canisters, plus 9½-cup/2.2 L Snack Canister that holds up to 2½-dozen, average-size cookies. $48.50 value. 81934 $ 50


See more holiday prep and gift offers inside. *Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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for guests Save 50%! a FridgeSmart® 7-Pc. Set Maximize storage, minimize spoilage. Stock up on produce for holiday parties and stop worrying about leftovers. Unique, space-saving containers feature adjustable vents that extend the life of fruit and vegetables. Saves an average family up to 24 lbs. a month in wasted produce. Includes Small, Medium and Large Deep, plus two Medium Long and Medium Square FridgeSmart® Containers, each with permanent storage chart. $167.50 value. Save $84! 81931 $ 50



Exclusive! b Salad on the Go Set Take salad and more wherever you go. Use the 2-oz./60 mL Midget® Container for dressings. Attach snap-together knife and fork to unique, virtually air and liquid-tight seal. Modular Bowl is 6 1⁄3 cup/1.5 L and complements Large Modular Bowl Set (see back). 81933 $ 50




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great gift values c




Save over 35%!

Save over 45%!

c Winter Tumbler Set* Requires a $60 order Think reusable, not disposable. Collectible, 12-oz./330 mL Tumblers feature a colorful winter design. Virtually liquid-tight seals with flip-top spouts make them ideal for kids. Set of four. Limit one set with each $60 order. $37 value. Save $14! 881825 $ 00

d Holiday Kitchen Towel Set Requires an $85 order Save on cleaning products and disposable paper towels. Durable, handy microfiber tools absorb up to eight times their weight in water. 15" x 25"/38 x 63.5 cm. Set of two. Limit one with each $85 order. $23.75 value. Save $10.75! 881824 $ 00




Save 30%! e Wine Lovers Gift Set Every tool for enjoying a sophisticated wine experience—just add wine! Durable and dependable. Includes Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer, and Wine Pump and Stopper. Q $86.50 value. Save $26.50! 81936 $ 00


Save 35%! f Ice PrismsTM Exclusive Pitcher and Tumbler Set Now in Brilliant Blue! Light-refracting sophistication dazzles the eye. Add a touch of practical elegance to your holiday buffet table or give to someone special. Includes 2-qt./2 L Pitcher with Cover and four 16-oz./470 mL Tumblers. $91 value. Save $32! 81932 $ 00



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kid central g Hello Kitty® Rainbow Tumbler and Sandwich Keeper Set* Contemporary design provides modern touch to classic Hello Kitty® icon. Adorable, on-the-go lunch set is a welcome gift for any age. Includes one-piece, hinged Sandwich Keeper and 16-oz./470 mL Tumbler with virtually liquid-tight seal and flip-top spout. 1343 $ 00


*Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Exclusive! h Animal Wigglers Set Make some holiday magic! Mold gelatin into bear, rabbit, squirrel, duck, pig, cat and elephant shapes. It’s a fun way to involve kids in holiday prep and save on store-bought treats, too. 1659 $ 00


Save 30%! j Shape-O® Toy Classic children’s favorite makes an ideal gift. As a child grows, shape-sorting and counting toy grows with them. Aids in color, shape and number recognition. Features easy-grip handles. 6½"/17 cm Dia. For ages six months and up. $33.50 value. Save $10.50! 81935 $ 00



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for hosts FREE! dating gift Ask a Consultant about dating a party in your home. Pick a date to hold that party and you’ll receive the exclusive, versatile Big WondersŽ Bowl. 2 cup/500 mL. $7 value.

See the Fall & Holiday 2010 Catalog for Host thank-you gift options.

holiday buffet magic

FREE! host gift special Host a qualifying party and receive the Holiday Entertaining Set FREE!* An elegant, yet durable collection for distinctive entertaining, it includes two Get TogethersTM Large Buffet Trays with Dividers, two Divided Dishes with seals, two Square Servers with seals, two Rectangular Servers with seals and a Large Tray. $232 value. 8788 $98 in Host Credit* *Limit one with party sales of $650 or more and two friends who date and hold their own parties. Future datings must be held within 21 days.

rsvp date


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MID-OCTOBER BROCHURE Oct. 9–Nov. 12, 2010

See your Tupperware Consultant for more cooking tips!

Keep over-indulgence from spoiling your holiday parties. Offer your guests baked treats made of healthy, whole-grains. Organize and serve fruit and vegetable trays with light, low-fat dips and dressings. Save money by using inexpensive beans to add fiber and plant protein to holiday salads, casseroles and appetizers. And be sure to serve low-cal beverages in durable, reusable tumblers that won’t clutter the environment.

Try a guilt-free celebration

Only a special selection of products are featured in this brochure.

Please feel free to invite a friend or two. If unable to attend, contact your Host to place an order.

Discover value-packed solutions for living a healthier, more organized, environmentally friendly life.





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Save over 50% on Large Modular Bowl Set Attend a party to purchase these stackable, space-saving containers. Keep dry and liquid food separate until ready to eat, such as cereal and milk, salad and dressing, or rice and beans. Or fill with treats and use as a gift. Includes 6 1⁄3-cup/1.5 L Bowl and 8½-cup/2 L Bowl. Limit one offer when you attend a party $34.50 value. Save $17.50! 89443 $ 00

exclusively at a party!



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$ 31 50 Save over 35%! Ideal for holiday decorating, our collectible Winter Canister Set* has a unique, festive flair. For a personal touch,...