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DOUG BARDWELL is a former corporate road-warrior who now travels the planet with camera and notebook. He is a member of the International Travel Writers Alliance, and is based outside of Cleveland, Ohio, USA. In addition to travel, Doug writes about travel technology, photography and commercial real estate. He also publishes his own travel & photography blog – The His work has been published worldwide; in newspapers, magazines, books and has been seen on television.

Halloween is coming soon, So grab your mask or your broom. On Friday night before The Game, We’ll drink some beers and raise some cane. Come dressed as anything you want, A rock star, Jedi, or debutante. The party begins at 7 o’clock, So put on your boogie shoes and get ready to rock. Displayed on the above statement has become part of the phrase in order to welcome the day of Halloween which falls on October 31. This is a culture Avoid has spread worldwide, as well as in Indonesia Itself. Travel addicts magazine covers and has really discuss all the objectives associated with the “creepy & scary” in the October issue. We also placed eighth best gateway as a reference perfect holiday destination in terms of the Halloween season. In additional, we have set the object of the natural beauty of the Banyuwangi which has been in professional capture and the sweetness of the Bangka Belitung as islands as part of the organizer finishing line of the expedition sailing Wabe 2011 in full, accurate and complete. Hopefully this issue can bring you satisfaction towards the true meaning of Halloween season. Enjoy yourself and have a great Spooky time for you all.

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Cover Story Spooky Spires of the Tyn Chatedral Church (Prague) Photo by

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JIM JOHNSTON born in new york city, jim johnston grew up in the woods of new hampshire. After studying architecture at the university of virginia and graphic design at the school of visual arts, he worked as a professional artist and potter in new york city for 27 years. He moved to mexico in 1997, where he continues working as an artist and writer.

Dyah Kusuma Was born in Jember, East Java, has been exploring some of Indonesia's outer islands. They have witnessed the natural beauty that made her fall in love with nature and culture of Indonesia. One of Her commitment is to promote and introduce Indonesia tourism to the world.

Yadi Yasin This man is a professional photographer, who is quite famous in Indonesia, including at the international level. From the photographs that attract a lot of interesting pictures that you can tell how the grace of narrative vis-à-vis all his images.

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Yenny Hardiyanti This lovely girl has

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August 2011

she works as a writer in the Media Consulting firm in Jakarta.

Tashkent - The Capital of Uzbekistan ADDICT TO EXCLUSIVE

The main city of Uzbekistan is a huge metropolis with a population of over 3 million people. The city is lined with a grid of straight and wide streets and avenues, decorated with emerald green parks, gardens, fountains imbued with crystal strands.This wonderful city is a real

The Ark fortress of Bukhara

Photos Courtesy by: UzbekTourism

embodiment of the modern elegance that is inherent in many world capitals. At the same time it remains to be an oriental city. Tashkent has its own unique flavor. It combines medieval buildings as if descended from the pages of old oriental tales, elegant European architecture from the period of the Turkestan governor-generalship, standard concrete "boxes" of the Soviet era and, finally, glittering skyscrapers. Tashkent City

The Pearl of the East

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan is located in the central part of Central Asia,

Samarkand - The Capital of Tamerlane

between the two great rivers - Amudarya and Syr Darya.

Samarkand is situated in the valley of the river

A combination of plains and mountains characterize the

Zarafshan. It is the second largest city of Uzbekistan

State of the landscape. Ustyurt Plateau, the old bed of

and is of the same age as the city of Babylon or Rome.

the Amudarya River, deserts Qyzylqum, steppes Karshy

The history of Samarkand is about 2,500 years old and

mixed here with Western Tien Shan, Ugam, Pskem,

has witnessed many upheavals during the times of

Chatkal, Turkestan, the Barisan mountains and the

Alexander the Great, the Arabic Conquest, Genghis-

fertile Ferghana and Samarkand basin Zarafshan Valley.

Khan Conquest and lastly Tamerlane's.

As an independent State Apareci贸 Uzbekistan on the

destroying invasions of foreign rulers and again revived,

Today Samarkand is the treasure of unique antiquity

map of the world on September 1, 1991 as a result of

Hence, the culture of Samarkand was developed and

becoming more beautiful. Trade routes to the west,

spirit. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

the separation of the Soviet Union, Uzbekistan plays an

mixed together with the Iranian, Indian, Mongolian

to Persia, to the east, to China, to the south, to India,

due to the abundance of material and spiritual values.

important role in the history of Central Asia: is part of

and a bit of the Western and Eastern cultures. Over

intersected here and formed intersections of the Silk

Unique monuments of ancient architecture, heritage of

almost all large Empires in this part of Central Asia.

the history this legendary city on the Silk Road


scientific and arts schools, artizans workshops are well-

went through growths and decays, suffered from 8

september 2011

known around the world.


Bukhara - The Holy City Bukhara is one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan, situated on a sacred hill, the place where sacrifices were made by fire-worshippers in springtime. This city was mentioned in a holy book "Avesto". Bukhara city is supposed to be founded in the 13th cent. BC was during the reign of Siyavushids who came to power 980 years before Alexander the Great. The name of Bukhara originates from the word "vihara" which means "monastery" in Sanskrit. The city was once a large commercial center on the Great Silk Road. Bukhara lies west of Samarkand and was once a center of learning

Bukharian Bread

renowned throughout the Islamic world. It is the

National Uzbek food is the separate layer of culture

hometown of the great Sheikh Bahautdin Nakshbandi.

of Uzbek people. Unlike their nomadic neighbors,

He was a central figure in the development of the

Uzbek people always were a settled nation, which

mystical Sufi approach to philosophy, religion and

cultivated agriculture and cattle-raising. At their fertile

Islam. In Bukhara there are more than 350 mosques and

valleys Uzbek people raised vegetables, fruits and

100 religious colleges. Its fortunes waxed and waned

cereals; they bred cattle, which were the source of

through succeeding empires until it became one of

meat, the abundance of which can be seen in most

the great Central Asian Khanates in the 17th century.

dishes. Undoubtedly, Uzbek food imbibed some

Bukhara with more than 140 architectural monuments

culinary traditions of Turkic, Kazakh, Uigur, Tajik, Tatar,

has been a “town museum” dating back to the middle

Mongolian and other neighboring nations, settled

Ages. 2,300 years later, ensembles like the Poi-Kalon,

on the territory of Central Asia. Pastry and sour-milk

Kos Madras, Ismail Samani Mausoleum and the Kalian

dishes take an important place in Uzbek culinary.

Minaret are attracting a lot of attention. The city consists of narrow streets, green parks and gardens, historical and architectural monuments belong to the different.

The national Uzbek food is characterized with wide

Khiva - The City Museum

regions of the country has cook in their own way. On

use of meat: mutton, beef and horse meat. Different

Khiva is the most peculiar Uzbek city. Its history is

the north the preference is given to plov, roasted meat,

inextricably connected with the history of Turkmenistan,

pastry and lepeshka (bread). On the south people

because the territory was part of the legendary

prepare wide variety of complex dishes of rice and

Khorezmshah’s State with its capital in Urgench before.

vegetables and also make excellent desserts. Uzbeks

Khiva. In the 10th century Khive is mentioned as a major

generally eat by hand and sit on the floor or low table

trading center on the Silk Road. All the caravans had a

called dastarkhan.

stop here on their way to China and back. From dawn to dusk, until the gates were opened, an endless stream of moving string of camels with baggage passed them. In addition to famous architectural monuments of these cities there are over 7 thousand sites of cultural heritage, which make Uzbekistan the leader of the historical tourism in Central Asia. Ethnic tourism in Uzbekistan offers tourists to get acquainted with original centuriesold culture of Uzbek people, their interesting and various customs and traditions, numerous rites and rituals that are alive even today. 10

september 2011

Chor Minar, Bukhara

Plov, Uzbek

Uzbekistan is developing the infrastructure of active

Uzbek Food

tourism and ecotourism. Diverse nature from mountains

is probably one of the main sights of Uzbekistan, which

and fir forests to vast deserts and rivers attract those

will become the discovery for all gourmets. Not for

who seek outdoor activities. Chimgan and Beldersay

nothing people from all over the world like and honor the

ski area is popular with heli-boarding, heli-skiing and

Uzbek cuisine. It is one of the most savory and various in

snowboarding in winters. West Tien-Shan and Pamir-

tastes cuisine in Central Asia. Many Uzbek recipes have

Alay ridges are perfect places for hiking, speleotourism,

centuries-old history, and the process of preparing food

climbing, hang-gliding. Fervent deserts attract with

is accompanied with various rituals, which have reached

camel riding and stay in national yurts with campfire.

our days. All specific peculiarities of Uzbek food have been forming for centuries.



Halloween Travels to the New World European immigrants brought many of their

The History and Origin of Halloween


reviving the tradition? espite Halloween can be unpopular in Indonesia, but almost everyone knows that Halloween is a day where everyone dressed and decorates the House in the scary way with a variety of scary things. It is one thing that

always occurs on the day of Halloween (October 31st) Jack O ‘ Lantern, a decoration which is formed of a gourd full of candles or lamps is lit. Generally pumpkins carved with forms of fear, so that when it comes to the night, Jack O ‘ Lantern is lit with grisly.

traditions and beliefs with them to the New World, even those that were sometimes frowned upon or scoffed at. Halloween itself was largely disallowed, even forbidden, but in Maryland, the tradition was not only allowed but encouraged. The people there held what they called “play parties” where they would take turns telling each other’s fortunes, dancing, singing and telling ghost stories. The

Halloween as it is celebrated these days is but a pale

children would dress in costumes and try to scare

representation of its rich and multicultural history. It is

one another as well. The Irish immigrants came to

not, as some would call it, a celebration of the Devil or

the new world in great masses, fleeing from the

of Hell or of the Damned, but rather a blending of the

Potato Famine that was starving them to death, and

celebrations marking the end of the growing season, a

brought with them the Halloween tradition of going

heralding of the coming of the winter months and folk

door to door looking for sweets and other treats. The

traditions that told of the day when the veil between

tradition of trick or treating is still a favorite among

the living and the dead, ever a transparent, gossamer

little children today. While the Catholic Church bears

veil at that, would lift and ghosts and ghouls would walk

no ill will toward the Halloween traditions and the

among the living. From those many traditions, coming

holiday itself, there are some Christian churches

to us from the Celts, the Roman rituals and even Catholic

who say that it encourages witchcraft and may even

tradition, we get the stirrings of what would eventually

lead to Satanism. These churches hold “Hell Houses”

become Halloween. By the 19th century, most of the

meant to scare children and young adults away from

religious aspects of the Halloween celebration had

the traditions and to lead them back to the church.

dwindled away and it was mostly a secular holiday, a

Some of these churches even hand out pamphlets

gathering of community with only some of the remnants

and religious tracts on Halloween night to be found

of the past clinging to it like the cobwebs of a haunted

when the children go through their candy.

house. People would still dress up in costume, but less


October 2011

for the original reason of confusing the dead and more

Oh well, happy Halloween to everyone – Let’s eat,

for just plain entertainment and fun.

drink and be scary..!!



Halloween in

Transylvania October came, carrying Halloween’s footprint, becoming a symbol of costumes, carved pumpkins and ghost stories... Words & Photos by: Miruna Corneanu Transylvania Bran - Draculas Castle

16 16

October 2011


omania is a small country in Europe and even if you haven’t been there, you’ve certainly heard about Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. The most popular vampire movies were spawned from this legend, and many visitors to Romania head to this mystical land to discover for themselves which part is true and which is myth. Halloween was born from the old Celtic Festival of Samhain. At that time, people were celebrating New Year on November 1st and the legend said that the night before, the edge between the two worlds – ours and the eternal land of dead – becomes permeable and extraordinary things can happen. Later, Halloween became a festival celebrated all over the world. It’s the evidence that we are all excited about the unknown even if we often wear a mask of skepticism. The essence of this holiday is the same all over the planet but every nation has its unique traditions to celebrate the last day of October. Romanians have their own way to spend Halloween and their belief in ghosts and other evil spirits is a part of popular mythology.

Transylvania Sibiu Scara Acoperita


october 2011


Transylvania City

Between Myth and Reality One legend says that if on the night of Halloween an unmarried woman eats a salty fish before going to sleep, a man will come to bring her a glass of water in a dream and quench her thirst. That man will be her next husband. Another Romanian legend tells that a long time ago, a young lady felt so alone in her dark room so she lit a candle in front of the mirror. While she was standing there, looking at her sad reflection, a gloomy face appeared for a second behind her. When she turned there was no one else in the room. A year later she married with the man from the mirror. As a consequence, in our days there still are unmarried girls who are trying to find out their future husband on Halloween night when they say that the future is easier Transylvania Brasov


october 2011

to be seen.

Transylvania Gate


The experts say that Transylvania is settled on one of the planet’s strongest magnetic fields that is why Romanians and tourists from all over the planet come to spend the Halloween here. This makes Transylvania the most mysterious area in the country, where esoteric and traditions come together to awaken your senses, to muddle your thinking and to offer you an unforgettable experience. Another story tells of a German family, who came for Halloween in Transylvania about 10 years ago. They were supposed to arrive at a hotel in Brasov, but as night came, it started to snow and the road became inaccessible, so they stopped at a mansion along the road. There a friendly family sheltered them overnight, served them a dinner with delicious food and told them the story of Vlad the Impaler. In the morning they woke up in the hotel room where they were supposed to stay from the very beginning. They all were shocked noticing that what happened in that night was not true , there was no friendly family, no cozy mansion, no snowfall. They were so frightened that they immediately left for home.

Transylvania Braso


october 2011

Travelers come to Transylvania Halloween’s Day


Halloween party in Transylvania

Places to visit Vlad was born in Sighisoara, another spot labeled by Dracula’s footprint. Known as the only inhabited walled fortress in Europe, a dramatic medieval city, Sighisoara has an amazing architecture offering a medieval appearance and an original approach of traveling in the past. If you are planning a trip to Romania in autumn, particularly around Halloween, most definitely come to the region of Transylvania. Be sure to rent a car and take a drive through the surrounding hills and villages.Brasov, the major city of Transylvania and maybe the most Transylvania Sighisoara

24 24 24

october 2011 2011 October September 2011

Transylvania Bran - Draculas Castle at night

beautiful of Romania.

25 25

This is another place where Vlad spent a part of his

A little history

life, and it is now a cosmopolitan metropolis which

Vlad the Impaler, one of the most important

surprisingly contrasts with the remains of an old town. Brasov has so much to offer to its tourists, from museums and winding streets to artistic exhibitions, shopping centers and a surprisingly, a great nightlife.

figures in Romanian history. There are unwritten evidences that highlight Vlad as a cruel prince who ‘invented’ death by impalement. Now, after 500 years, Romanians are divided in half some believe in Vlad’s greatness and his important position in

Another place that should not be missed while you are

the Romanian history and others see him as the

traveling in Transylvania is the romantic and cultural

cruel ruler from the tales.

Sibiu, truly a living poem of a city.

Romania - Peles Castle in Sinaia

26 26

September 2011 october 2011

27 27


Only in Ireland will you hear terrifying tales of shots still being heard in the execution yard of St. John’s Castle in Co. Limerick; of a Cistercian monastery and graveyard where a strange ball of fire is sometimes seen; of Cuffesborough House with its phantom horse; of Castleboro House where Lady Carew still tries to rescue her needlepoint from fire; and then, there’s Aughanure, where the Hangman Hempenstall still walks, and let’s not overlook Mullingar and Lord Belvedere’s “jealous wall”.... Words By: Bridget Haggerty

Bunratty Castle Country, Ireland


october 2011


Leap Castle, Co Offaly


ith a history steeped in violence and bloodshed, it should come as no surprise that Ireland can claim

dozens of locations where grisly deeds have given rise to ghastly hauntings. Come with us as we explore a few of the more notorious haunts - places where spine-tingling tales of murder and mayhem will make the blood run cold.

Leap Castle, Co. Offaly While there are literally dozens of haunted houses and castles in Ireland, we've saved the best for last - Leap Castle, once owned by the O'Carrolls. According to the stories, it was built on a Druidic site. When the O’Carrolls came here they had a nasty habit of murdering people and dropping the mortal remains down a hole in the wall - an oubliette - where they promptly forgot about them. One O’Carroll chieftain murdered his own brother, a priest, for starting Mass too promptly. Hence, the top floor of the castle is called the Bloody Chapel. It was, however, lower down in the castle that “It” was seen - an Old Cross, Holly Island

elemental force of evil with the head of a sheep and the Dromoland Castle


october 2011

stench of death.


Seaforth House in Co. Sligo

Seaforth House in Co. Sligo Seaforth lies in the shadow of Knocknarea Hill, on the shores of Sligo Bay. It's said that Owen Phibbs, an archaeologist, filled the house with artefacts from the Far East, Syria, and Egypt. Almost as soon as the ancient treasures were installed, unpleasant and malicious activities began to happen. A strange evil figure would be seen on the stairway at night and terrible loud crashes were heard throughout the house. Crockery and ornaments would be found smashed. On one occasion, the whole house shook. Servants would not stay and a gardener was terrified by a tall dark shadowy figure who disappeared into the sea, followed by maniacal laughter. Jesuit priests were unable to rid the place of its ghosts and it was eventually abandoned in the 1940’s. It now stands an empty shell.

Skyrne Castle, Co. Meath Nestled between the ancient Hill of Tara where many skeletons have been unearthed and the Gnoc Ghuil, ‘Hill of Weeping,’ lies Skyrne Castle. Built by the Norman knight, Adam de Feipo, in the 12th century, Skyrne is said to be haunted by several spectres that include a nun, and a tall, cloaked figure and his dog. But it is the spirit of a woman in white that gives Skyrne its notoriety. The ghost is believed to be that of Lilith Palmerston who was raped and murdered by Phelim Sellers in the 18th century; it is her ghastly shrieks that many believe can still be heard echoing through the castle in Skyrne Castle


october 2011

the dead of night.


Knockbreda - General

Friar’s Bush, Belfast Not a house or castle, but worthy of note is a dark underground tunnel connecting the Ashby and David Keir wings of Queen’s University. It’s located near Friar’s Bush, one of the city’s oldest graveyards. It’s also close to the site of a former monastic settlement that is believed to date back to the fourth century. Many academics refuse to go down the tunnel on their own, spooked by the intense, unnatural coldness. Three men once ventured down. Unknown to the first man, the other two stopped behind him, refusing to go on. The first man felt someone holding his hand but didn’t look behind him until he reached the far end, when he realised he was alone.

Glenarm Castle, Co. Antrim

Loftus Hall, Co. Wexford

and that one night, the noise was so loud, he was sent to investigate. He switched on the light at the bottom of the stairs and went up. Suddenly, the light turned itself off and he realised that whatever was making the noise had gotten behind him. Somehow, he managed to get back down the stairs and never went up again. The noises continued for years afterwards, and after a skeleton was found on the grounds, the theory is that the house is haunted by someone who was murdered there.

to live there for a time, and on a stormy winter’s night,

motorists at night, who have described a tall,

as the family relaxed before a roaring log fire, a stranger

thin, almost skeletal figure, surrounded by a hazy,

arrived on horseback; he was invited to stay the night.

luminous light.

After the refreshments, the stranger participated in a game of cards. During the game, a card fell upon the

Killua Castle Co. Westmeath

floor. A lady who bent down to retrieve the fallen card

The family seat of the great T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence

was shocked to discover that the stranger had a cloven

of Arabia), it is said to be haunted, by the land

foot! Immediately she screamed in terror.

steward (Jacky Dalton) of Sir Benjamin Chapman. No

The “stranger” vanished through the ceiling in a puff of

one knows why, but his eccentric spirit has terrified

smoke. This was just one of many terrifying experiences

several nocturnal visitors to the castle. The house

associated with Loftus Hall. Fr. Thomas Broaders was

was long ago abandoned after too many complaints

called upon to exorcise the disturbing evil spirit, and

about things that went bump in the night. To this

apparently, his powers worked. He died in January, 1773,

day, a white phantom is said to encircle the ruins,

and on his tomb in Horetown Cemetery is the following

and a hideous, evil-eyed figure has often been seen

epitaph: “Here lies the body of Thomas Broaders, Who

within the walls.

did good and prayed for all. And banished the Devil from

Athcarne Castle, Co. Meath

Loftus Hall.”

Loftus Hall, Co. Wexford

Clonony Castle, Co. Offaly

This sombre 16th-century ruin lies only 6 miles

The structure was built by the 4th Marquis of Ely

This great square ruin of a tower in the middle of Offaly

have told of hearing the cries of dying soldiers, the

in 1870-1871 on the ruins of Redmond Hall, which

certainly looks creepy enough. It dates back to the 16th

manifestations of a soldier hanged from a great oak

from the site of the Battle of the Boyne. People

had existed since 1350. Redmond Hall became the

century, and has a connection with Anne Boleyn - two of

tree in the grounds have been seen, and the spectre

the mistress of the house had every room exorcised

property of the Loftus family in 1666, and afterwards

her cousins are buried in a cave beneath the castle. The

and demented face of a young girl, whose hands are

except the attic - to which, according to the story, all the

There was once so much paranormal activity here, that

the old mansion became known as Loftus Hall. It was

ghost that people see is that of a man standing on top

dripping with blood, was witnessed by a labourer a

ghosts immediately fled. The son of the owner says that

here that the famous "ghost" story originated in the

of the tower in old-fashioned dress. His identity remains

few years ago.

there used to be a terrible stamping noise from the attic

middle of the 18th century. Charles Tottenham came

a mystery, but he is still regularly seen by passing


october 2011


Ratu 3 Pelabuhan West Java, Indonesia





Have you ever been to Pelabuhan Ratu in West Java? Or try to stay at Inna Samudra Beach Hotel (formerly the Ocean Beach Hotel) As you know there is a “Special Room” # 308 and was occupied by special guests, Madame Nyi Roro Kidul, Indonesia’s legendary spirit,


Lawang Sewu

known as the Queen of the Sea south of Java (Indian Ocean) in the Javanese and Sundanese mythology.

Semarang, Indonesia

Just step inside and you may feel a strong mystical atmosphere little frequented in this room, many people

Lawang Sewu is one of the heritage of ancient buildings

who visit to ask for blessings, and some only for the

now it is a core of tourist attraction in the Central Java’s

Elimination of curiosity by place of interest only. The

capital. Lawang Sewu stood firm and precisely located

presence of room # 308 is very striking and Green

right in the heart of "Tugu Muda" area in downtown

has been everything in the room, it is believed that

Semarang. It was built in 1903 and opened on July 1,

his favorite color - in addition, there are portraits of


beautiful women assumed local to that it could be an image of the Queen herself- created by the legendary

Unique architecture of this building has fascinated many

painter Indonesia, Basuki Abdullah.

magical powers and Inviting atmosphere Haunted. All Things are quite understandable, because at the time of the invasion of Japan, back in 1945, there was Great War between the local battle against the Japanese Kido - and Lawang Sewu building turned into a camp of torture and massacres committed by Japanese soldiers. Named Lawang-Sewu (in Javanese) means a thousand doors - the building has a shape typical of a thousand doors. Semarang City Government has chosen Lawang Sewu as one of 102 ancient or historic buildings in Central Java that must be protected.


Salem Massachusetts, USA

What could be more appropriate for a Halloween vacation than a trip to Salem, Massachusetts? Salem remembers the history of the 1692 witch trials every October with a Haunted Happenings Festival. Some of the activities include a parade, witch trial re-enactments and psychic readings and a candlelight tour. The historical attractions include the “Old Witch House”, the 36

october 2011

home of Judge Corwin which is the only building associated with the witch trials which is still standing. Judge Corwin presided over the 1692 witch trials and his home has been turned into a museum. Other attractions include the Salem Witch Museum, Frankenstein’s Laboratory, the Haunted Witch Village and the home of author, Nathaniel Hawthorne. If you like to mix an actual history lesson along with celebrating Halloween, you might want to make Salem the destination for your Halloween holiday vacation.



Catacombs of Paris ,France

Although a popular tourist attraction year-round, the famous catacombs of Paris are a particularly good place to visit in honor of Halloween. The underground ossuary, which was organized in a section of the city’s vast network of underground tunnels in the 18th century, were designated as a place to store the remains from condemned cemeteries in the Paris city limits. In the late 1700s, bodies from several burial grounds in Paris were moved into the underground tunnels. The result is the mass stacking of bones you see today, with skulls and femurs lining the walls like decorations. The creepy Parisian catacombs have also inspired ghostly stories for generations. King of creepy, Edgar Allen Poe uses the Paris catacombs as a reference in his story the “Cask of Amontillado” and there have been several books written about vampires who seek refuge among the bones and dead in the catacombs. Who knows, maybe the next time you are roaming the bone filled tunnels below Paris you may just see a monster living among the dead.

5 Bhangarh Rajasthan, India In a ghost town in the Rajasthan state of India between Jaipur and Alwar City, there remain ruins from a once prosperous town that was mysteriously and abruptly abandoned. Although tranquil during the day, it is said no one dares to hang out in this ghost city after dark because, as legend has it, a curse forced the whole town to be vacated overnight. While some may scoff at this myth, even the Archaeological Survey of India has placed its office near Bhangarh close to a temple to protect it from spirits of the town and has placed a sign stating: “Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area.” October 2011 3838 october 2011

There is a myth surrounding this ghost town that involves a princess and a magician who fell madly in love with her. The magician tried to use his black magic to make the princess his sexual slave, but was killed when his plan was foiled. Legend has it that as the magician died; he cursed the city and wished eternal death upon any person dwelling in the town. The following year, there was a huge battle in the town, which killed everyone involved. Since then, it has been said that anyone who dared to live in Bhangarh would have their roof collapse and would diewhich is mysterious as today all of the ruins of houses are without a roof. Whether the creepy legend is true or not, if the Archaeological Survey of India thinks this place is too dangerous at night, so do we.



Bran Castle

Transylvania, Romania

The cruel leader who was rumored to live in this castle was mostly known for his preferred method of executing his opponents which was called “bung poling,” where the person was dropped upright onto a sharpened tree trunk starting from between the legs and forcing the tree trunk through the chest or neck. It is rumored Vlad “Dracula” would impale thousands at the same time, often leaving the bodies on the stakes decaying for months. Whether Vlad actually lived in Bran Castle is uncertain, but what better place to visit on Halloween than the Dracula’s Castle, which has inspired a plethora of terrifying vampire tales. A fortress situated on the border of Transylvania and Walachia in Romania, this castle was the home of the Bram Stoker’s legendary Dracula character, which has led to persistent myths that it was once the home of Vlad Dracula, or “Vlad the Impaler,” who was a ruler in the area known for the exceedingly cruel punishments he imposed during his reign and which inspired Stoker’s famous book. 40

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Rose Great 7 Hall House

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Once the home of Annie Palmer, who is also known as the Great White Witch, this old plantation home in Jamaica is said to be haunted by the witch herself, as well as the people she is said to have murdered in the home. Annie Palmer, who was the wife of a powerful sugar plantation owner, was known as a cruel and gruesome mistress who tortured and killed her slaves for the smallest infractions. The Great White Witch was also known to take her slaves to bed and then murder them when she grew tired of them, burying them in unmarked graves on the property. It is thought she also murdered her first husband, John Palmer, and avidly practiced Voodoo. It was her Voodoo practices, including sacrificing human infants, and black magic that earned Annie Palmer the reputation of the Great White Witch. Rumor has it Palmer was finally murdered to stop her cruelty. Despite efforts to entomb the witch’s body and build a grave that would prevent her from rising and roaming the grounds of the plantation, the Great White Witch continues to haunt the house to this day. According to local legend, the White Witch and her victims actively haunt the house and she has been seen wearing a green velvet dress and riding a black horse, whip in hand. She has also been heard walking the halls of the house, and cries of the babies and slaves she murdered have been heard filling the halls. Voices are reportedly sometimes heard coming from the dungeon where she tortured victims, and lights commonly are switched on and off throughout the house with no one around. If you are brave enough to explore this house, then prepare to come face to face with the ghost of the Great White Witch. 42

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All source of photos - courtesy by Dreamtimes and Google


Himeji Castle Kobe, Japan

Thirty miles west of Kobe, Japan are the well-preserved remains of an imposing wooden castle at Himeji. The haunted Okiku’s Well, located near the Hara-kiri Maru (Suicide Gate) where people were forced to commit ritual suicide by disembowelment (defeated Japanese soldiers were often forced to commit suicide), was not dug as a source of drinking water, but rather was created as a means of washing away the blood of the suicide victims and was named after a woman who died there. In Japanese culture, ghosts take on different forms and Yuurei ghosts are those that were murdered or committed suicide. The most hauntings by Yuureis come from wronged female spirits. Okiku was a servant for a lord who lived in the castle, and she was wrongly accused of stealing one of a collection of precious plates. Okiku was tried and found guilty and was punished by being tortured, sexually assaulted and killed. Okiku’s body was thrown into the well and because of the way she died it is believed her soul could find no eternal peace. It is said Okiku haunts the well today, where in the early morning hours you can hear her screams rising from the depths of the well where her mutilated body was tossed centuries ago. So, if you find yourself in Japan this Halloween, make a trip to Himeji’s castle, camp out near Okiku’s well and wait to see if you hear the woman’s ghost screaming from below. 44 44

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View at Sukamande Beach

isiting a small town located at the eastern end of Java means that you prepare yourself to get closer to the sun. Feel the atmosphere of exotic,


dynamic life but still on track the value of Ancestors' is a touch of life in Banyuwangi. So here is to become the main gate of Java. Exploring Banyuwangi shall equal to see its genuineness. All are offered in front of your face, such as the beauty of nature, community, and its local wisdom that is still maintained. The breath of the traditional things of community sits side by side with the present and this reality can be felt in each corner. The long journey of this town began at December 18, 1771 in the period of Blambangan Kingdom. And hundreds of years after, Banyuwangi have developed to be a magnificent town and it is proper to be admired.

The Government Klenteng

Traditional dance

Words by : Y enny Hardiyanti Photos by : Yadi Yasin (Ideas Production)


october 2011

The Village


HOW TO GET THERE There are several alternatives of the means of transportation available to go into the town. From Surabaya, you can take the train. The radius is about 300 km from the city of Hero or about 6 hours. It won’t take quite long for the distance as you are enjoying and feel amazed with the view of nature spreading out along the track. Or if you go via Bali, Banyuwangi is just limited to Bali Straits and then you are at Ketapang Harbor. It’s so easy, isn’t it? The local administration and private parties provide lodges with complete facilities. What you have to do is getting your taste and energy ready to explore and instill the enchantment of Banyuwangi.

Kayaks on the edge

Traditional boat


october 2011

Train Station, Banyuwangi


The Crater of Ijen The crater of Ijen shall be the first destination. It is located at the peak of Mt. Ijen with a height of 2,385 km. This mountain falls into the list of the line of volcanoes. Its crater is one of the largest craters and has the highest level of acidity in the world. The acidity degree is approaching zero point and the crater’s temperature is 200 degree Celsius. This site is becoming a source of livelihood of sulfur miners. Carry tens of kilograms of sulfur on their shoulders walking thru on a sheer pathway is daily routines that you can see there. By night, wind blows with the temperature of 5-8 degree Celsius. Scenery by night is the best one because you may enjoy a natural beauty that cannot be founded by day. Blue flame. In the crater you can see a green lake and blue flame burning sulfur. This flame only which you can see as the darkness is covering the universe. From the ground you are standing on the panorama of Banyuwangi spangled with constellation is ready to shine on your eyes.

The Crater of Ijen


october 2011


Plengkung Beach The landscape of this magnificent beach is different from the usual. It’s called Plengkung because its sea line has formed a curved-line. Its popularity is friendly among foreign tourists. With high waves of 12 meters and higher than waves at Hawaii Beach it is a favorite spot for world surfers. It is a paradise for surfers. And the nature already serves you 4 waves to conquer. Kong’s is the highest wave with about 12 meters. The consistent speed of Money Tree Wave with its arched-wall is the second wave which is worth trying. And don’t count yourself as a surfer if you don’t try Launch Pad yet. This is the longest wave and can roll itself up as long as 2 miles. For amateur surfers just pick 20/20’s and Tiger Tracks! These small waves are positioned about 3-4 km toward the west of the beach. Or if you like snorkeling, you are about to feeling amazed with a beautiful spot that just has a distant of 12 km from the tip of Plengkung Beach or move about an hour from this location.

Alas Purwo Beach

The National Alas Purwo

Beautiful sunset at Alas Purwo

october 2011

Baby Tortoise on the shore

Sukamade It will take 5-6 hours to reach Sukamade from

This is a preserved forest area located in Tegal

Banyuwangi. You must drive through the fisherman’s

Dlimo subdistrict, Banyuwangi County. Trip to

village Rajegwesi in Sarongan sub district. Sukamade

Alas Purwo will take 3 hours from the downtown.

is a district for breeding baby green turtles or Chelonia

Guesthouse Trianggulasi can be a choice to

Mydas. A process of baby green turtles breeding shall

relax your body a few moments. Location of Alas

take a long time. Conservation process will start from

Purwo so exotic that is in the middle of a forest,

grown-up turtles having laid its eggs. Those eggs

and it reflects the power of nature, which was

abandoned by its mothers at the beach then will be

closely linked with the local wisdom. Community

taken by handlers and be brought to a semi-natural

continues to abide by the rules are applied. One

hatchery location. Those eggs are reburied and hatched

of them was not allowed to take anything from

under sands for 60 days. Keeping baby green turtles

the forest. In fact, whether or not, the rules are

for the purpose of not becoming extinct is the easiest

quite human, as would be expected to protect

way to take care of the ecosystem of the nature. In

and respect his or her nature. Not far from here,

Sukamade not only baby green turtles breeding to

you can go to Sadengan. The originality of this

see but you can see a process of making brown sugar

broad savanna in good condition and is home to

directly. The process using natural ingredients may

endangered species like Africa. To watch them

become something useful for your traveling viewpoint

you must have special permission from local

to know Banyuwangi people in deeper.

authorities. 54

Plengkung Beach

Traditional Fisherman


The rock shape called of “Garuda”


In Pursuit dreams of Lengkuas Island

How to Get there Because of a relatively short distance to go to Belitung Island from Jakarta, there are 2 local flights only provided flying to H.A.S Hanandjoeddin Airport

Words By: Reza Siregar Photos By: Wawan Ismanto


(Tanjung Pandan). If leaving from Tanjung Pandan you can go by sea that will take 5 hours and by plane only 35 minutes in cruising range to Depati Amir Airport

he International Yacht Rally stops in Belitung

Talking about Belitung, It’s an island getting lack of

being exchanged to The Netherland, together with

which is an island in the offshore of the Eastern

touching and attention from the Central Government

Bengkulu, with Singapore and New Amsterdam (now

Sumatra, Indonesia, surrounded with Gaspar and

when we visited Tanjung Tinggi Beach for example,

part of New York City). The main city is Tanjung Pandan.

Karimata Straits. Belitung or Belitong (according to the

where it’s also the location for shooting film Laskar

Belitung Island is divided into 2 regencies, namely,

local language, taken from kind of shellfish’s name) was

Pelangi. It’s an interesting place to be explored with

Belitung Regency with Tanjung Pandan as the capital

The inhabitants of Bangka Belitung Island are mainly

formerly called as Billiton. It is a regency, part of Bangka

the beauty of tallest rocks on all sides of the beach,

city and East Belitung Regency with Manggar.

Melayu ethnic (spreaking with Belitung dialect) and

Belitung Province.

but it’s a pity because lack of concerns in tourism and

We, from Travel Addict Team, made a special covering

(Pangkal Pinang – Bangka).

The People some are of Hokkien and Hakka descents. They live

environmental hygiene makes this place soiled of waste

Most of the populations, especially for those who live in

together in harmony and respect their faiths for each

everywhere and looks like nobody taking care of it.

coastal region, are very close with maritime livelihood

other. An even more than that in Belitung Island

that is rich in salt water fishes. Various processed foods

there is a community of the village cluster of original

Tourism’s Agenda and the theme for this year is Sail

Belitung Island is known with white pepper (Piper sp.)

which use fishes as ingredient are what they eat daily.

Hinduism from the Island of Bali.

WaBe (Wakatobi Belitung) where Yachters stopped at

which is called sahang in the local language, and mining

Salt water resources become one of people’s livelihoods

Lengkuas Beach which has 200 yachters were started off

products for type mining-C such as tin (Stannuum),

in Belitung. Natural resource which is also important for

from Darwin, Australia to Wakatobi through many islands

quartz, kaolin and granite. Recently, it becomes an

Belitung’s people is tin. Tin mining activities have been

across archipelago, included Belitung-itself, follow ends

alternative tourism destination for nature. This island

starting since the period of Dutch East Indies rule.

up in Singapore.

formerly belonged to Great Britain (1812) prior to finally

Sail Belitung 2011 that is an annual event in Indonesia


october 2011


Tanjung Binga Island

Beautiful sunset at Tanjung Kelayang beach


Tourism Atrractions

Tanjung Binga is a village located 22 km in north of


Tinggi. This is a village where most of the inhabitants

It’s a beach becoming the location for Yachters come

roasted fish you can come to Tanjung Binga in the

Tanjung Pandan and 8 km on west side of Tanjung have the profession of fisherman. If you like eating

by for 5 days. It can be reached about 27 km to the east

morning at 07 am about. It’s is time for fisherman go

of Tanjung Pandan or about 30 minutes by car to go

back home after going out to sea. You can pick fishes

to Tanjung Kelayang. Lengkuas Island is a small island

you like for then being roasted if you are at lodge. Why

located at Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Keciput village,

have you to do it? The taste of fishes is really fresh and

Belitung. It shall take about 30-45 minutes by traditional

nice because fishes just caught from the bottom of sea

boat to get there. On the island you can find clean white

have a different taste with fishes which are stored after

sandy beach and a lighthouse too from the period of

hours in a refrigerator. Besides buying fresh fishes there

the Netherland that still stands solidly on this island

is another interesting place to visit it’s Bukit Berahu. It’s a

where you can go upstairs to the top of the tower and

resort and restaurant located on the peak of hills facing

watch the amazing view of the nature downwards and

the open ocean. The panorama is so beautiful as well as

don’t forget to bring your camera if you want to go up the top of the lighthouse in order that you can save

the beach with clean white sands even if rocks here are A yacht on the Sail Belitong

your memory in pictures. Lengkuas Island has a sloping beach. And what activities can you do here? Of course

Lengkuas Island you can continue a trip to other

there are a lot. Certainly one of them is swimming,

islands which are located close to this island. Belitung

swimming in the clear sea water is so pleasure plus

itself owns hundreds of small islands and one of the

snorkeling and diving of course if you want to. From

best islands is Lengkuas.

as not many and huge as rocks in Tanjung Tinggi. The restaurant always serves foods ala big cities’ restaurants (like in Jakarta). From the restaurant you can watch the view of the open ocean; therefore, you could enjoy your lunch with a fascinating view. At this restaurant a comfortable and clean pool is provided. So you can swim there if you feel so hot, at noon in particular.


october 2011

Yachters meeting at the local bar

From the restaurant you can walk down the hills and there are several cottages on the beachside. You have to go down along quite long step of a ladder. We do not recommend it for elder people. Those cottages are built a few meters only from the beachside. The sand is white and there are also several granites even if as not many and big as in Tanjung Tinggi. Waves are so gentle and the water is not so deep. Swimming is not so interesting in this area. In the offshore there are two small islands; one of them can be reached by walking crossing a shallow sea. The other interesting view is several traditional fishing boats that are spread out along the offshore.


Burung Mandi Beach

The Culinaries

In East Belitung there is a beach called Burung Mandi Beach, on this beach we can find white sands like on other beaches in Belitung. But the unique is you won’t find any giant rocks of granite on this beach. This beach named Burung Mandi Beach not because there are many birds having a bath but because in northeastern of Belitung about 18 km west of Mangar town there is a mountain called burung mandi. Burung Mandi Beach is unique because there is only one beach in Belitung which has hills as its background. The

Chilli Crab “Saos Padang”

radius of Burung Mandi to the airport is 70 km one hour away by driving. No hotels founded in this area and the closest town is Mangar with a distance of 18 km. In the east of Burung Mandi Beach there is a beach called Bukit Batu beach, it’s a beach on the slope of hills. On this beach you can find a white sandy beach with huge granites. Bukit Batu was built by the first Regent of East Belitung, Basuki T Purnama in 2004. Here you can find a good restaurant with good toilet facilities. The unique is there are gazebos on the rocks built where from these

Tanjung Binga Island

gazebos we can watch the open ocean from height. Bukit

Yamha Shrimp Food

Batu is just 2 km away from Burung Mandi Beach. If you

The hottest of pepper is one of characteristics of foods

are from Burung Mandi Beach, it is better that you also

that are served from Belitung Island. From its ribs soup,

visit this Bukit Batu beach.

fish head curry, and even sate are mixed with the hot of pepper. Gangan (special food from Belitung) with curried

In the vicinity of Burung Mandi Beach there is a Buddhist

sauce is very special food that is usually eaten with Head

Monastery. This place is known as the biggest place of

Red Snapper or with its fillet. Crabs and lobster are still

worship for Confucius (Kong Fu Chu) in Belitung. The

favorite foods of Belitung, from its black pepper flavored to

hong shui (the knowledge of site plan) of the Buddhist

oyster sauce. If you visit Belitung you have to prove those

Monastery is very extraordinary because it’s built on


the slope of Burung Mandi hills. From this place you can watch the open ocean around Burung Mandi beach. This Buddist Monastery is named Buddhayana. This Buddhist

The Notes

monastery is very famous in Belitung. Every month

Belitung has a great potential to develop its tourism

of February this is always most visited by pilgrims to

destinations in Indonesia in the future. Supported with

perform religious duties to celebrate Chinese New Year

cruising distance not quite faraway from Jakarta makes it

(Imlek). Visitors may come to visit it as tourists in spite of

worthy continuing its development together. Cleanliness

the religious place.

for the beach and environment must be a priority, and accommodations and infrastructures must be fixed up as soon as possible so that it can compete with other tourism destinations, and hoped that it could be famous in international. A man with played traditional instrument, they called “Dambus”


october 2011

Traditional attraction “Kuda Lumping”


positive Potential effort to making Lampung to be global ‘ ‘, said the Director General of Marketing of tourism


Kemenbudpar R.I - Dr. Sapta Nirwandar. In fact, It’s been proven there were 77 buyers from 27 countries with a total of 80 sellers who served in 64 booths at Novotel Lampung 12-14 October 2011 - a decent image that deserves worldwide. “If Lombok could get Rp.17, 8 billion last year, hopes for Lampung more RP. 20 BN” at least- he replied. One of the reason has chose Lampung -whether it will work for two consecutive years, namely in 2011, and plans for next year. Aims facilitate the Lampung on the international market and accelerate the development and improvement of infrastructure, tourist facilities and attractions in the area which could eventually become a world tourist destination. This will attract more tourists visited the island of Sumatra and Lampung in particular, as well as greater efforts to improve and encourage more

A Splendid moment of the Grand the Festival Krakatau XXI and Grand opening of The Festival Krakatau XXI and Tourism

investors from the region – in term of development of

Opening of

new hotels and tourist attractions. In the same thing was said Meity Robot, President of the Board of Directors and Committee TIME 2011 year.

Media Partner by:

Expresses, Lampung deserve to host Indonesian 17th

Indonesia Mart and Expo (TIME) 2011 is the momentum

tourism market. TIME 2011 has been organized by

of progress in the eyes of the world tourism of Lampung.

the Board of promotion of the tourism of Indonesia (BPPI) and is supported by of all components of the

Despite for brilliant ideas from culture and tourism

tourism itself. This event supports the Government’s

of Lampung (Disbudpar) in organizing the Festival

programmed of “Wonderful Indonesia ‘ ‘, said Meity,

received appreciation from TIME. After Island of

who is also President of tourism of Indonesia Society

Lombok; Lampung was chosen as the organizer of the

(MPI).” - in addition, this activity has been included in the

17th annual event of TIME that mean the province of

calendar of the tourist markets of the world, as the ITB

Lampung is the first in Sumatra, which is supposed to

in Berlin, London, WTM, Arabian Travel Mart (ATM), and

host this prestigious event. The Festival Krakatau XXI

the PATA Travel Mart. Everything is to promote all the

was originally held every August 27 to commemorate

tourist destinations, including the most popular tourist

the eruption of Krakatau is believed to be a stimulant

destinations, attractions and new product development

that provides economic contribution to society and

at Indonesia.

encourage the development of Lampung.

Sjachroedin ZP insisted in his speech, Lampung tees

In the beginning there were doubts, however

and deserve to hold the first time, it is an international

extraordinary praise of Government provincial dispelled

event in Sumatra and we should be proud of this-as the

doubts, the extent to which the Minister (Jero Wacik,

Lampung was the gateway from the other crosses on

red) to present a complete big billboard of him and the

Sumatra island every day, at least 3.500 vehicles and, as

Governor of Lampung, Sjachroedin ZP at the entrance of

well as all aspects of the geography and natural wealth,

Soekarno-Hatta Airport. This remarkable discourse has 62

october 2011

really reasonable appointed masters “, “he said.




Simply glamorous new autumn/winter collection 2011 of

PANDORA The event was decorated with an exhibition of traditional dances and fireworks. Opening ceremony was attended by Director-General of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Promotion, Dr Sapta Nirwandar, Sjachroedin ZP-Lampung Governor, Deputy Governor of Lampung Joko Umar Said, as well as a number of journalists and business people traveling from various countries around the world, Including Travel Addict Magazine as media partner for the event. The activities of inauguration, held in Lampung provincial government office complex was attended by thousands of people, including local residents. The Grand opening of the Festival Krakatau XXI and TIME ends with a spectacular fireworks display for 20 minutes.

has arrived in Jakarta

Pandora is a Danish accessories brand, now present in

Pandora latest concept in Senayan City also provides a

Indonesia. Shopaholic as well as fashionistas could visit

new collection that has sold 10,000 in over 55 countries

the store outlet directly that located in Senayan City,

and on six continents in the world. This is the positive

Jakarta, which has been open since October 13, 2011.

impact of strong economic growth in recent years. Pandora is one of the world's largest manufacturer of

As a company based in Denmark, Pandora bracelets

accessories with the purity of gold and silver.

accessories renowned for unique and interesting, which has a choice of more than 600 silver and 14K gold charm, as well as other accessories collections are made with great accuracy and handmade. Pandora’s presence couldn’t be separated from the big role of PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk (MAP) as a leading lifestyle retail company in Indonesia which has also been successfully launched a number of other international brands in the country, such as MAXMARA, BCBGMAXAZRIA, MAX & Co., Zara, Next and Topshop. Pandora store concept with a unique brand of high quality and elegant accessories. This event was carried out in the Senayan City with the concept of Chic Champagne with 6 models of the upper class women who use the new collection autumn / winter 2011 with all beauty makeup provided by the MAC.


october 2011


Food, Cook and Travel Words and Photos by Henny Siregar

My passion:


Experiences and hardworking plus a culinary talent on which is given by God shall never be missed out by this

his deepest dream that he would make come true is

man. He is eager to expand and introduce Indonesian

touring and exploring the Indonesia’s wide nature,

culinary to the world. “Business in food (culinary) is a

especially Eastern Indonesia that has picturesque

business never ended forever because each human

scenery of savannah and many kinds of unique fauna

being surely needs foods”, as describing in the interview

like komodo in NTT to kangaroo in Papua.

between Travel Addict with this experienced Executive Chef.

By the moment, every 3 months I have get an allotment for short gateway which I usually use

By having experienced almost 21 years in hospitality

it for vacation to somewhere nearby such as Bali,

industry with his doubtless skill in food management

several towns in Sumatra or Java or Singapore.

Chef Evo is just right titled as one of great master chefs

According to him Indonesian tourism is not inferior

in Indonesia. A man who comes from West Sumatra

to other foreign countries, it is required concerns

currently works as an executive chef in a hotel star in

from all parties to develop and carry it out and the

Bangka Belitung Island, precisely at Aston Hotel where

government and community must have a synergy to

behind the delicacy of all its menu is laid behind his

each other as well.

magic hands. For example this Bangka Belitung Island, within He started his first career as a cook at Grand Hyatt

access is quite close to Jakarta that has 40-50

Jakarta for 2 years in 1990. But he is not simply satisfied;

minutes only by plane - developments should’ve

he had a strong willingness to keep on developing his

been able to grow fast as well as consciousness from

career, ambition and sharpening his skill to abroad that

all people for always making it a habit to drop the

finally brought him a success where he could’ve worked

garbage into its place and in order that Indonesia

in many hotels star in United Kingdom, Dubai-UAE

tourism should be known clean and healthy, not

and Norway. Moreover he also has worked on several

looks like at the present. We can follow some

cruising lines such as Royal Vikingson, etc.

neighborhood countries that have concerned in how important the cleanliness in their countries is.

Academy major in food management told that during

Tips and Tips

his living in Great Britain, he had been sharpening his

Not forget to mention that Chef Evo gave all Travelers

culinary knowhow by at a culinary art cooking class in

some advices according to him for some important

a small town of Crawley, West Sussex - where located

things that have to be done before traveling are; first

between the borderline of London and Brighton. Many

is a good planning (search for information through

kinds of international foods can be made easily by this

Google or other sources for all tourism attractions

man but he remains admiring Indonesian and Italian

that shall be visited during your trip), and funding

foods very much. He thought both kinds of foods have

plan, it’s also important because you must know

rich in flavors and are very varied.

the budget that you will need and the last one is

I love travel

truncating raw itinerary to be well thought out

Speaking about traveling - it always makes Chef

something that could make you surprised when you

Evo enthusiastic to tell his experiences. Almost each

are at your destination, for instance: When I visited

continent on the earth he has been visited, and Norway

Manila, The Philippines, I was served the special local

and Nepal are the most favorite countries that he has

food called Ballot (it’s a half mature duck egg which

ever been due to its friendly people and having unique

has turned into embryo and must be directly eaten

cultures and magnificent tourism attractions to see. But

without cooking first).

This man who had graduated from Bunda Padang

Chef Evo Mudasir 66

october 2011

(fixed) and then, ready to go! Not forget to find



“Jack-O-Lantern is Back”

Keen Truffle

il Mare - Italian Restaurant, 20 through 30 October 2011

at Pacific

Get involved in IL Mare’s exquisite White Truffle promotion. This glorious white diamond is being

Restaurant & Lounge

airlifted from Italy, just in time for the autumn special menu. The underground treasure is an incredible seasonal delicacy from the Piedmont region, and is ready to delight your palate this month for a limited time promotion, only at Hotel Mulia Senayan.

Wine & Dine

Zombie Night

a.k.a spooky festivity and enjoy the “spooktacular

E Guigal wine-pairing evening, Orient8 - 13 October 2011

A Halloween Party, CJ’s Bar - 31 October 2011

and dinner highlighting the creepy touches yet lavish

“ evening at Halloween Dinner, Monday, 31 October

Excite your senses with Orient8’s Guigal Wine-pairing

Have a terrifying time with our resident Band SPEED

dishes from the culinary team lead by Executive Chef

from 6.00pm to 9.30pm. Price will be at Rp. 238,000++

dinner, presenting Chef Florian Lamelot’s extraordinary,

Sean MacDougall. The team has organized an array of

per person inclusive free flow of juices and iced tea

tailor-made 5-course French set menu, accompanied

food parade such as Sashimi Tuna Tortilla Web, Cider

and Rp 128,000++ per child aged 5 to 12 years old.

by the legendary Guigal Wines of Ampuis, home of the

Pacific Restaurant & Lounge of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta,

Guests can continue to celebrate the “spooktivity”

Pacific Place has prepared Halloween buffet for brunch

Brined Turkey, Witch Fingers Cookies, Chocolate Monster Eye Balls and many more.

Cote-Rotie wines, France. Guigal wine expert, Brett

OF SOUND as they perform their Halloween special Cabaret; Zombie! Plenty of prizes will be awarded for the best, and of course scariest costume - and don’t forget the blood drinking competition! Allow us to frighten you this Halloween, only at Hotel Mulia

Located at the sixth floor of the hotel, Pacific

Crittenden, will also be joining this wonderful evening,

Restaurant & Lounge is an enchanted combination of

offering some intricate knowledge of the wines and

A lot of entertainments starting from live music to fun

a fine dining restaurant with four private dining rooms

region, only at Hotel Mulia Senayan.

games have been lined up for the little ones as well as

and a comfortable yet cozy lounge and a bar area.

prizes for the best dresses on Halloween Brunch, Sunday,

Reservations for Halloween Brunch and Dinner can be

30 October from 12.00noon to 3.00pm. Price will be at

made to Pacific Restaurant & Lounge at +62 21 2550

Halloween Cookies & Pastries promotion Cake Shop - Throughout the month of October

Rp. 268,000++ per person inclusive free flow of juices and


To celebrate Halloween, Jack-O’ lanterns made of chocolate, Halloween cookies in

iced tea and Rp 138,000++ per child aged 5 to 12 years old.


Creepy Tricks & Treats!

various shapes and pumpkin cakes are available at the Cake Shop. Delicious Halloween goodies, only at Hotel Mulia Senayan. For more information and reservations, please


october 2011

call: (021) 5747777 ext. 4719, 4720.




The Nature living of

The Energy Cafe Buffet hotel concept Amuz Group Restaurant proudly opened a new concept to amuse the Jakartans epicurean with the best and most exciting creations. Our culinary team will use the finest ingredients, combined with our technique & international experience, to present you a wide selection of food and beverages in buffet hotel style concept.

selections of a’la carte menu from 9.30 am – 11.30 am

Aston Soll Marina Hotel & Conference Center in Bangka

and 2.30 pm – 6.30 pm. We open Monday – Friday for

Aston Soll Marina Hotel & Conference Center – Bangka

breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. We open for buffet dinner only by reservation with a minimum of 30 guests.

is a 3 star plus hotel conveniently located in suburban of Central Bangka, Bangka Island. The hotel is just a short distance from the city of Pangkalpinang, while Depati Amir Airport is only 3 minutes away.

Aside from our in-house dining, we also provide outside catering menus which will help you to free you from the hassle for either corporate or private events. Until September 30th, we extend you with 20% discount from our buffet price. Advance booking is advised.

The hotel features 115 rooms comprising of Superior Room, Deluxe Room, Junior Suite Room and Executive Suite Rooms. The hotel has a Lobby Lounge, Chills Bar & Lounge, d’terrace Coffee Shop, Swimming Pool, and 4 meeting rooms.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your corporate The Energy Cafe is Managed by AMUZ & located at Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD), precisely at The Energy Building, Mezzanine Floor. The idea is simply,

or other office meetings and gatherings. We will be

Aston Soll Marina City Hotel Bangka is a 3 star plus hotel

delighted to send our meeting packages and special

which is located in Bangka Island. Bangka is an island

buffet selections.

province together with Belitung Island. Bangka lies just east of Sumatra, separated by the Bangka Strait; to the

to provide variety of food and beverages in all you can eat style buffet with single pricing. Our price includes a variety of appetizers, main courses and desserts, as well as a bottomless selection of soft drinks. We Provide breakfast buffet from 7 am – 9.30 am and buffet lunch from 11.30 am – 2.30 pm. We also provide 70

october 2011

T: (021) 299-51-406 F: (021) 250-50-67

north lies the South China Sea, to the east, across the Gaspar Strait, is the island of Belitung, and to the south is the Java Sea. The size is about 12,000 km². Most of the geographical faces of the island consists of lower plains,

For more info – please Contact : (62-717) 4261 261

swamps, small hills, beautiful beaches, white pepper

fields and tin minings.



Scared House S

Medieval Arts and Contemporary Luxury

acred house is 250 year old Greek mansion hewn from caves where history, art and modern comforts meet to provide that certain old - world touch… It is magical and unusual as you could imagine at this very

individual hotel. Everywhere are curling candelabra, reverent icons, colorful hangings and ornate fireplaces.

Once of the mansion of the Greek aristocrat, it is now a hotel where special courtesies are provided in elegant, refined setting. Precious decorations and beautiful antique furnishings – enhance the atmosphere and luxurious comfort of the 12 different rooms. Each room is decorated in its own very distinctive styles. The interiors reflecting the formation of the rock of which they are part. Sacred House options, Like the tartly refreshing minted lemonade that greets on the guest arrival, or the insistently moreish cheery liquor of the forgotten recipe that awaits guests in a crystal decanter – when you first enter the room. A variety of fine Anatolian and International wines complimenting our dinner menu of old, long forgotten cuisine of antiquity. Your dinner at Sacred house, served in a medieval atmosphere with antique candle sticks, silverware and cavalier tables will be knightly one to remember a long time. Step inside the elegantly appointed courtyard with its aristocratic lobby and medievally decorated atmosphere, step back to the days when master craftsmen cared a lot about the details. Located in cappdocia,Turkey. There are two way to come to Cappdocia, by plane or buses. Turkish airlines and Onur air has direct flights to Kayseri Airport from Istanbul, everyday. For more info (representative In Indonesia) Just email 72

september 2011

them on



Words and Photos by: Jérôme


very October 31st in a year there is a big tradition

vehicles will be prohibited to enter Lan Kwai Fong and

event in HK for celebrating Halloween. Trick-or-

its surrounding streets, people can only move in one

treating is done within individual residential complexes

direction. It is suggested to take MTR to Lan Kwai Fong,

only so as to ensure safety of kids, residential complexes

as other public transportations can only drop you off

and shopping centers may arrange magic shows as well.

quite far away due to the road closures.

Starting from several weeks before Halloween, some shops and street markets sell a lot of Halloween customes

Theme Parks - both theme parks in Hong Kong have

and decorations, the three major street markets that sells

special arrangements for the entire Halloween month,

Halloween stuffs are the Ladies Street, Tai Yuen Street,

entrance fees are higher than other months but it

and Rocky Road.

worths the money. Buy the tickets ahead of time from the company websites, or at any 7-11 convenient stores

For public events, the most exciting one is in Lan Kwai

in MTR stations, do NOT buy the tickets at the theme

Fong, there is no organizer, people just show up in their

park entrances, you risk wasting the long travel time as

customes on Halloween evening or the closest Saturday

both theme parks are usually full in Halloween month

evening. To ensure safety of the overly excited crowd,


It is an exciting atmosphere, yet different from Halloween in other parts of the world, the East ghosts meet the West ghosts here in Lan Kwai Fong, you will see Chinese, Western, Japanese and other Asian ghosts, legendary and movie characters strolling along the streets of Lan Kwai Fong scaring passers-by, or hanging out at pubs, you will also see professional and amateur photographers tryiing to capture good shots. This is an unforgettable event that you cannot miss out.


Celebrating “Eastern Style” Halloween Party in

g n o h g n o k

Lan Kwai Fong in Halloween will be regulated by the Police, the St. John Ambulance and the Civil Aid Service,


october 2011 September 2011



Kipling by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac After teaming up with young emerging talents, kipling has this season chosen to team up with established fashion icon, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. Designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has always hijacked fashion, producing a line inspired with pop culture, art, and music. For AW 2011 the collaboration between the crosswise designer and the inevitable luggage brand is giving life to a graphic, colourful and affordable collections of bags for the fast-moving fashion generation. The designer him self sees the whole collections as his own kind of propaganda … “Kipling X JCDC is like a manifesto. It’s a gift for the public!” With 4 lines to choose from game – ever, psycho daisy, nylon club, and candy-say-these diverse, styles all come together with a little sprinkling of JC/DC magic. The principal bag family is perhaps the most inimitably JC/DC: Game Ever simply screams castelbajac with is black accessories stamped with primary blocks of colour. The fun colour box effect of the collection speaks of all the dynamism of JCDC, with the multi coloured blocks matching perfectly with kipling’s own signature multifunctional pockets. Let’s no forget the variation on the iconic Kipling Monkey: introducing the covetable Space

Grana - Black

Zushi - Candy - Say

Monkeys. Up next is psycho daisy, with is striking neo skeleton print in multi colours. Inspired by the Japanese symbol of the three wise monkeys, JC/DC’s variation on the “Don’t See, Don’t Speak, Don’t Listen” mantra is injected with a little Orabela - Multico

fashion humors, with his skeleton print surely set to become the fashion pack’s own mantra for the coming seasons. Nylon club of JC/DC’s ode to the bourgeoisiethe designer is, after all, a French Marquis - and it

The Kipling by Jean Charles de Castelbajac collection: injecting even more fun into Kipling’s signature

emerges as a collection inspired by the colours of


English hunting gear, with nylon and leather variations on elegantly quirky styles with quilted detailing. Finally, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac couldn’t leave kipling

Available in selected Kipling stores, on and in JC/DC points of sale.

without giving a little extra, of course, and this emerges in candy-say, a smaller collection of mini shoulder bags in 3 popping prints: from rainbows, to bows, to the space monkey him self… 76

October 2011



View Crsytal Cruise from the tender boat Photograph by: Gisele Simatupang

er Hudson Riv ary on the M s b n e ro e P u Q w The h by: Andre Photograp


october 2011

Yatchs in Swiszerland Photograph by: Desiree Hutabarat

Suspension Bridge in South Africa Photograph by: Jordi Gunawan

79 79


STARS HOTEL(S) JAKARTA Hotel Gran Mahakam; The Ritz-

Carlton Pacific Place; Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan; Hotel JW Marriott; The Aryaduta Hotel; Hotel Four Seasons; Park Lane; Crowne Plaza; The Acacia; Aston Rasuna; Hotel Santika Melawai; The Dharmawangsa Hotel; Hotel Gran Melia; Manhattan Hotel; Grand Kemang Hotel; Atlet Century Park; Kartika Chandra; Hotel Ambhara; Hotel Kristal Hotel Indonesia Kempinski; Le Meridien; Hotel Borobudur; Hotel Intercontinental; Hotel Nikko; Hotel Grand Sahid; Hotel Shangri-la; Sari Pan Pacific; The Sultan; Hotel Grand Hyatt; Golden Boutique; Mandarin Oriental; Hotel Mulia; Swiss-Belhotel; Hotel Ascott; The Acacia; Hotel Ibis; Hotel Alila; Hotel Acacia; Hotel Aston Atrium; The Akmani Hotel; Merlyn Park; Hotel Millenium Sirih; Lumire Senen Hotel; Hotel Ciputra; Hotel Grand Tropic All Suite; Santika Premiere Hotel; Batavia; Menara Peninsula; Hotel Mercure Slipi; Hotel Jayakarta; Novotel Mangga Dua; Mercure Convention Center; Hotel Patra Jasa; Le Grandeur; Sheraton Media; Hotel Aston Marina; Hotel Batavia; Harris Kelapa Gading; Hotel Sahid Jaya Lippo Cikarang; Aston Paramount Serpong; Sheraton Bandara Internatonal. KEPULAUAN RIAU: Nirwana Garden Resort, Lagoi

The First 100 new subscribers can WIN a dining voucher at IKUZE Jakarta Value Rp. 100.000

Personal Subscription Name

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Jabodetabek 6 issues 12 issues

Rp. 90.000, Rp. 162.000,-

JAva & Bali Rp. 108.000, Rp. 344.000,-

Fairmont; Swissôtel The Stamford. Grand Mercure Roxy. Marina Bay Sands.


Address : ....................................................................................................................................



: ........................................................................................................................ Payment Method:

Term and conditions:

PT. EOS MULTINDOMEDIA BCA KCU Pondok Indah Acc. No. 291309-7777

Please send back this subscription form and payment proof to: Fax: +6221 7591 2978 Email:

JAKARTA Pusat kebudayaan Belanda (Erasmus Huis); Pusat Kebudayaan Inggris (British Council); The British Institute; Embassy of the federal republic of Germany; Zimbabwe Embassy; SwitzerlandEmbassy; Honorary Consulate of Republic Cyprus; Embassy of the republic Brazil; Sweden Embassy; Turkey Embassy; Embassy of the Australia; Austrian Embassy; Canada Embassy; China Embassy; Royal Danish Embassy; Embassy of Denmark; Republic Hungary Embassy; India Embassy; Malaysia Embassy; Irish Embassy; Royal Norwegian Embassy; Qatar Embassy; Rusia Embassy; Singapore Embassy; Embassy of Ukraine; Uzbekiztan Embassy; Kementerian Luar Negeri; Kementerian Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata; Pusat Kebudayaan India (Jawaharlal Nehru); Gedung Kesenian Jakarta; Pusat Kebudayaan Rusia; Pusat Kebudayaan Prancis (CCF); Pusat Kebudayaan Jerman (Goethe Haus); Belgian Luxembourg Indonesia Club; The Japan Foundation; Korea Women`s Club; Rotary Club Jakarta; Royal Belgian Embassy; Czech Republic Embassy; Republic Arab

Embassy; New Zealand Embassy; Embassy of Portugal; South Africa Embassy; Spain Embassy; Srilanka Embassy; Royal Thai Embassy; United States of America Embassy; Kompas Gramedia; The Jakarta Post; Pusat Kebudayaan Spanyol (Instituto Cervantes).


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Celebrity Fitness PIM; Club Elite Rasuna Gold`s Gym; Fitness First Plaza Semanggi; 9 Clouds; A Tavola Italian Gourmet; Airlangga Restaurant; Amuz European Bistro; Aphrodite Resto & Bar; Assuka Restaurant; Avorio Restorante Italiano & Bar; Backyard Alfonso Lounge; Barollo Wine & Cigar Lounge; Between; Bin 17; Blacksteer Restaurant; Blowfish Puro; Breww Kemang; Café de paris; Caswells Coffee; Champagne Lounge; Connosieur (Belleza); Connosieur (Citos); Cork & Screw; Dallas Roadhouse Bar & Grill; Decanter Wine House; Die Stube; Din Tai Fung (PP); Din Tai Fung (PIM II); Din Tai Fung (PS); Din Tai Fung (PSA); D’place (Citos); Elbow Room; Emilie Resto; Equinox Resto; Euphoria Wine & Dine; Gourmet World; Hacienda Mexican Bar; Heaven Lounge & Club; Imperium Executive Club; Kenny Rogers Roasters Resto; KOI Resto; Kopitiam; KINOKUNIYA (Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Grand Indonesia) ; La Brasserie; Lara Djonggrang; Loewy; Mambo Carribean Bistro; Mezzaluna Dining; Minus 2; Mojito Lounge; Orleans Bistro; pacific Restaurant & Lounge; Poste Kitchen Bar; Potato Head & Bar; Puran Wine & Liquor Bar; Rakuzen Resto; Red & White; Ropongi Papa; Sailendra Restaurant; Seoul Garden; Shabu Tei; Signatures Restaurant; Smoking Joe’s BBQ & Lounge; Spageddies; Ta Huang Resto; Takemori (Dharmawangsa); The Chatteau & Tobbacos; The Ducking Resto; The Kampus Resto; The Manhattan Fish Market; The Royal Kitchen; Torigen Resto; Tree House; Vino Embassy; Wine & Spirit Circle; White Hunter; Klinik Kyoei; Celebrity Fitness EX-Plaza; Gold’s Gym Thamrin Boulevard; Afterhour; AL

Nafeura Restaurant; Apero Wine & Lounge Bar; Baumma Brasserie; Bistro Boulevard; Black Cat Jazz; Chillis Grill & Bar; Churcill Wine & Cigar Bar; Cuba Libre – Bar & Cigar Lounge; Jun Njan Seafood Resto; Lyon Resto; Mad for Garlic; Melt Dine & Wine; Pendopo Lounge; Porta Venezia; Rustique Grill & Wine; Samarra Resto; Social House Resto; Takemori (GI); Kiyadon Sushi (GI); tator Coffee (GI); The Café Cartel; Toro’s BBQ Ribs & Steak; Vintage; Waraku (GI); Gold’s Gym Mall Ciputra; Café Gourmet Bandara; Celebrity Fitness La Piazza; Gold’s Gym Pantai Indah Kapuk; Gold`s Gym Mal Of Indonesia; Celebrity Fitness Pluit Junction; Apollo Bar & Lounge; Cabana Beach Bar; The Wine Cellar; Fitness First Cibubur Junction, Ade Rai Club Fitness; Celebrity Fitness Supermal Karawaci; Celebrity Fitness Teras Kota. Victoria Café, Bakerzin (Citos), Spinelli Coffee (Gandaria City), Spinelli Coffee (PIM), BistroDelifrance (PIM), BistroDelifrance (Citos), Dome (Citos), Kinokuniya PS, PIM, Grand Indonesia, Victoria Café, Bakerzin Citos, Spinelli Coffee Gandaria City, Spinelli Coffee PIM, Bistro deliverance PIM, Bistro Delifrance Citos, Dome Citos, Bandar Kopi PIM, Jitlada Thai Cuisine PIM, Miki Ojisan No Mise Café & Resto, Hanei PIM, Spazio Lounge, Torigami Sushi. Murphy’s irish pub, Café Amor, Anomali Café, Vin + Kemang, Bird Cage, Steak Lovers, The Butcher, Matoa National Golf Course, Fatmawati Golf Course, RS. Pondok Indah, RS. Metropolitan Medical Centre, Raffles Medical, Brawijaya Women & Children Hospital, Rudi Hadisuwarno PIM, Peter F. SDaerang PIM, Irwan Team PIM, Irwan Team Gandaria City, Alfons PIM, Roger’s, Mance Salon, Alameda Spa & Health Club, Allure Spa Heaven, Bimasena Spa, Bale – bale Spa, Sanctum Spa, S.O.S Medical Clinic, Bakerzin Plaza Indonesia, Bistro Delifrance PIM, Dome TIS Square, Dome FX, Jitlada Senayan City, Hanei Senayan City, Paulaner Brauhaus, Brew Haus, Portico Terrace & Resto, Blossomnails Spa, Tmaan Sari Royal Heritage Spa, Harnn n Thann, RS. Puri Indah, Siloam Hospitals Kebon Jeruk, Jane Tour DMC, Q Smokehouse, Denanta Kitchen, SHISHA Café, Takigawa Japanese Resto, Gallerie Café.z

Golf Course(s) JABOTABEK

Pondoh Indah Golf Course; Rancamaya Golf & Country Club; Senayan Golf Club; Jakarta Golf Club; Royale Jakarta Golf Club; Gading Raya Golf. Matoa Nasional Golf Course, Fatmawati Golf Course, Damai Indah PIK Course, Halim Course I & II, Cengkareng Soewarna Golf, Sentul Highlands Golf Club, Gunung Geulis Country Club, Bukit Pelangi Golf, Bogor Golf Club.

*Prices are based on Jabodetabek address for postal service and packaging fee PT. EOS Multindomedia Golden Plaza E-11, 3rd fl, Jl. RS Fatmawati Raya No. 15, Ph. +6221 7591 2977 Fax. +6221 7591 2978




October 2011

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