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DESIGN YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL JOURNEY WITH THE ASSESSMENT CENTER As a high impact entrepreneur, it is essential for you to know your strengths and areas of development. In that sense, you will be able to identify people that could complement you and create high performance teams.

Creating Entrepreneurial Superstars



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MEASURE YOUR LEVEL OF YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCIES AND CREATE AN ACTION PLAN. A comprehensive diagnosis that results in a individualized report with feedback on how to develop each competency.

Participants complete a realistic exercise, where they are exposed to different scenarios where they can choose which decision they would make.

Creating Entrepreneurial Superstars


Each participant receives a full description on its entrepreneurial profile and recommendations on what other profiles he or she should search for in order to complement each other.

Once the Assessment Center results have been analyzed, participants create a long term action plan where they can identify the milestones they need to overcome each step of the entrepreneurial journey.


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MEASURE YOUR LEVEL OF ENTREPRENEURIAL COMPETENCIES WITH THE DIAGNOSIS. Participants face real-life scenarios in which they have to make decisions that reveal entrepreneurial skills and mindsets.


“You have been working on your project for a while, and soon you will have to raise capital. For the moment, you are on vacation and on your way to your tourist destination. All of a sudden, you realize you are sitting next to a famous investor. What would you do?”

Creating Entrepreneurial Superstars



I introduce myself a establish a conversa might lead to exchan information. This way I’m ready I will be abl him and make a

and try to ation that nge contact y whenever le to reach pitch.

b I make the best out of the situation and make an investment pitch. These opportunities don´t come that often everyday.

c I talk to him about the project I’ve been working on and recruit him as my mentor. He can definitely add come value and give me good advice.

*The diagnosis is on demand and participants can access the platform from any smart device.


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analyze your entrepreneurial competencies, how to strengthen them, discover your entrepreneurial profile and create an action plan to help you succeed.

Based on your decisions on the diagnosis, a report will be generated showing your results based on the 7 competencies and the 22 sub-competencies.

Creating Entrepreneurial Superstars


Get to know your strengths and areas of development as an entrepreneur and the different profiles you can complement yourself with

You’ll also receive feedback on how to develop and strengthen each competency.

Finally, we offer a guide to create an action plan that will help you reach your goals as a high impact entrepreneur.


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The assessment center helped me find my strengths as an entrepreneur and told me what areas I have to work on my comprehensive development

The platform is very user-friendly I could see the different modules on any device without interrupting my schedule

Creating Entrepreneurial Superstars

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E-learning and on site learning was flexible and fun, I feel more ready to start a company!

Now I have an action plan to achieve a successful entrepreneurship!

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Creating Entrepreneurial Superstars

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Creating your own entrepreneurial action plan

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Creating your own entrepreneurial action plan

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