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13th January  2014   18:00   Training  Room,  City  Campus    

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Jo Southwell-­‐Sander  (Chair)   Liz  McCluskey   Marcus  Boswell     Patrick  Atkinson   Libby  Farrier-­‐Williams   Chantelle  Farr   Costa  Charalambous   Steve  Ebeling   Faisal  Chikte   Laury  Potiomkinas   Ben  King   Jem  Lawal   Molly  Redmond   Bernadette  Walsh   Amy  McLaughlan   (Secretary)  


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Apologies from  Mark  Naylor,  Hannah  Nicholson,  Lucy   Orbell.    

Selection of  the  Vice-­‐Chair   Patrick  Atkinson  elected  Vice  Chair.    

Accepting the  agenda  /  declarations   Agenda  accepted.  No  declarations  made.    

Minutes from  previous  meeting  

Minutes had  not  been  circulated  with  the  papers  for  the   meeting.    

ACTION: AMc  to  circulate   the  forgotten  minutes!  

Matters arising  not  covered  elsewhere  on  the   agenda  

Please see  above.    

Accountability and  questions   The  Executive  Officers  reports  were  run  through.   6  

BK asked  JSS  about  progress  with  the  building  work:  JSS   reported  that  90%  of  the  snagging  has  been  dealt  with  now   and  all  that  remains  is  the  Council  work  on  the   pavement/road.  

Big Ideas  discussion  and  voting     28:  Lobby  to  ban  plastic  bags  from  Fresher's  Fairs  or   actively  discourage  exhibitors  to  not  give  away   plastic  bags   The  group  supported  the  idea  and  liked  the  idea  of   providing  bags  of  paper  and  canvas  with  exhibitors   logos  on.     Vote:   For:  13   Against:  0   Abstention:  1   Big  Idea  PASSED.    


29: Allow  all  NTSU  members  to  vote  on  all  NTSU   commercial  affiliations.     MB  explained  that  democratic  processes  don’t  move  fast   enough  to  keep  up  with  the  needs  of  advertisers  and   that  all  decisions  are  taken  in  the  best  interest  of  our   members.  There  was  concern  that  this  would  take  the   emphasis  away  from  big  ideas  and  democratic  causes   that  people  really  care  about.  The  group  concluded  that   they  trusted  the  staff  and  officers  of  the  Union  to  make   these  decisions  on  their  behalf.     Vote:   For:  0   Against:  11   Abstentions:  3   Big  Ideas  FALLS.     32:  Pay  by  card  on  nights  out/have  a  functioning  ATM   within  the  premises  so  we  don't  have  to  leave  the   building  to  get  cash  out   MB  reported  that  the  cash  machines  are  due  to  be  up   and  running  by  the  end  of  the  month  but  the  card   machines  will  not  be  used  on  evenings:  it  slows  service   at  the  bar  significantly.     The  group  asked  MB  to  contact  the  proposer  with  this   information  as  there  was  nothing  left  to  vote  on.     33:  City  gym  should  be  open  much  later     PA  reported  that  the  sports  department  piloted  opening   until  11.30pm  just  before  Christmas  and  it  was  empty   although  there  were  questions  over  how  well  this  was   communicated  amongst  gym  users.  The  group  queried   the  usage  of  other  local  gyms  during  this  time  and   whether  it  was  even  possible.     Amendment  proposed:   ‘Lobby  the  University  to  trial  later  opening  hours’    

                                                        ACTION:  MB  to  contact   proposer  with  update  

Vote: For:  9   Against:  0   Abstentions:  5   Referred  to  Union  Meeting.       34:  The  SU  to  create  a  Male  Officer  position.     The  officers  provided  context  to  the  request:  there  are   more  women  than  men  at  Trent;  male  students  tend  to   have  poorer  performance  at  University  with  bad   retention  and  lower  degree  results;  fewer  males  take  on   roles  of  responsibility  such  as  course  and  school  reps;   and  poor  opportunities  after  University  (demonstrated   in  DLHE  statistics).  However  in  the  broader  student   movement  there  is  a  big  drive  towards  promoting   women  in  leadership  and  ensuring  women  are   represented  making  this  proposal  potentially   controversial  nationally.  JSS  posed  the  question,  what   do  we  hope  to  gain  from  having  a  Male  Officer?     The  group  broadly  thought  that  there  was  little  benefit   to  be  had  on  a  University  wide  level  but  that  some   particularly  unbalanced  courses/schools  may  benefit   from  gender  specific  representation  (for  both  genders).   It  was  considered  that  merely  having  a  Male  Officer   wouldn’t  combat  the  issues,  wouldn’t  necessarily  tackle   the  problems,  as  there  are  much  more  deep-­‐seated   problems  to  be  resolved.     The  group  suggested  that  the  purpose  of  a  Male  Officer   would  be  to  act  as  a  First  Responder  to  prove  that  the   Union  does  encourage  that  level  of  interaction  from   male  students,  highlighting  our  equality  and  diversity   policy.     Most  of  the  group  thought  that  this  issue  was  bigger   than  the  views  represented  on  Student  Council.     Vote:   For:  4   Against:  2   Abstentions:  8   Referred  to  Union  Meeting.     37:  Increase  bar  staff  for  Quids  In  at  the  City  SU.     MB  reported  that  the  event  was  never  planned  to  work   this  well  and  exceeded  capacity  which  makes  it  a  loss   making  night.  The  number  of  people  serving  are  the   right  number  for  the  space  of  the  bar  (actually  have   more  staff  per  till  than  in  The  Point).  Changes  in  pricing   and  addition  of  bottle  bar  should  improve  this.  No   matter  how  many  bar  staff  are  in  place,  the  speed  of  the   pumps  doesn’t  change,  they  can’t  pour  it  any  faster!    

Vote: For:  0   Against:  12   Abstention:  2   Big  Idea  FALLS.     38:  For  the  SU  to  support  the  boycott  of  Russian  vodka.     JSS  highlight  that  the  Union  does  not  stock  Russian   vodka  so  it  would  be  a  theoretical  ban  for  the  future.  It   was  strongly  felt  that  this  was  an  issue  for  future   councils  to  tackle  as  and  when  it  became  an  issue.     Vote:   For:  1   Against:  11   Abstentions:  2   Big  Idea  FALLS.     41:  Providing  water  fountains  in  all  Uni  buildings.   MB  had  been  looking  into  the  University  position  on  this   but  had  heard  nothing  back  from  his  contact.     Amendment  proposed:   ‘To  lobby  the  University  to  provide  water  fountains  in  all   University  buildings’     Vote:   For:  13   Against:  1   Abstentions:  0   Big  Idea  PASSES.     42:  (to  be  taken  in  parts)   A:  Money  on  student  cards  is  wiped  each  year  with  no   warning  for  students  and  conflicting  information   about  the  amounts  over  which  you  can  receive  a   refund     JSS  highlighted  that  this  was  open  to  interpretation  due   to  it’s  wording  but  that  she  had  deduced  that  this  means   they  want  it  explained.  The  group  agreed.     Amendment  proposed:   ‘To  lobby  the  University  to  clarify  and  advertise  the  situation   surrounding  student  cards’     Vote:   For:  13   Against:  0   Abstentions:  1   Big  Idea  PASSED.     B:  Part-­‐time  postgraduate  students  are  having  to  pay   more  than  was  advertised  for  the  second  year  of   their  course   LFW  reported  that  it  is  made  very  clear  on  the  

postgraduate pages  that  the  fees  are  subject  to  change   and  this  is  standard  to  a  number  of  Universities  that  she   looked  at.  LP  spoke  about  the  NUS  International   Students  campaign  coming  up,  looking  at  fixed  fee   guarantees  for  international  students:  some   Universities  do  offer  fixed  fee  guarantees,  and  the   campaign  plans  to  name  and  shame  those  that  do  not.   The  issue  regarding  the  timeframes  of  funding   applications  is  another  that  needs  looking  at  (e.g.  you   currently  have  to  apply  for  funding  before  your  fee  is   confirmed).     Amendment  proposed:   ‘To  lobby  the  University  to  operate  a  fixed  fee  guarantee’     Vote:   For:  14   Against:  0   Abstentions:  0     Big  Idea  PASSES.     B:  To  Lobby  the  University  to  fix  Clifton  Car  Park,  it  is   currently  full  of  pot  holes  making  it  very  dangerous   for  both  cars  and  pedestrians   The  group  discussed  the  pros  and  cons  of  the  car  park,   ranging  from  anecdotes  of  accidents  to  the  benefits  of  a   very  cheap  parking  permit.  It  was  noted  that  the   University  had  looked  into  this  in  the  past  and  a  huge   amount  of  work  would  be  required  to  make  it  a  ‘proper’   car  park.     Vote:   F:  4   A:  2   Abs:  8   Referred  to  Union  Meeting.    

Any other  business  


Taxi Update   JL  requested  an  update  on  the  issues  with  Nottingham  Cars.   JSS  explained  that  the  company  has  requested  we  promote   their  app  to  students  as  it  can  track  the  cars  that  you  use.   The  Union  has  produced  a  flier  that  explains  the  process   and  will  be  launching  a  form  to  capture  the  data  and   forwarding  to  City  Council  as  well.       Complaints  procedure   JSS  reported  that  we  have  found  that  people  are  sending   complaints  through  the  Big  Ideas  process  so  we  are  trying   to  filter  out  the  complaints  and  suggestions  to  debate  the   bigger  meatier  issues,  the  change-­‐makers  at  Student   Council.    

Notices 9  

Ben King,  Laury  Potiomkinas,  Molly  Redmond  to  speak  at   next  Union  Meeting.     Reminder  of  Reports  to  Amy  in  time  for  Union  Meeting.    

Date and  time  of  next  meeting/s   10  

Monday 10th  February,  6pm   Monday  14th  April,  6pm  

BIG IDEAS:  Student  Council  13/01/2014   31   31. 31:  I've  heard  many  complaints  about  the  flyer  (bus)  that's  supposed  to  come  twice  every  hour.   JSS   I've   heard   numerous   cases   of   the   flyer   turning   up   20   minutes   late   (or   not   turning   up   at   all),   leaving  15  minutes  early,  not  stopping  at  Maltings/Meridian  long  enough  to  actually  let  people   off  the  bus,  or  refusing  to  take  people  on  at  Meridian  to  go  to  the  city.  This  issue  doesn't  only   affect   Meridian,   but   Maltings   too.   Apart   from   being   extremely   annoying,   it's   also   starting   to   affect   people's   attendance   at   lectures,   missing   meetings,   one   boy   missed   a   job   interview.   It's   costing  people  money,  as  they  often  have  to  call  a  taxi  at  the  last  minute,  and  it  only  seems  to  be   getting   worse.   Another   issue   is   that   students   at   the   Maltings   who   study   at   Clifton   received   a   bus   pass  to  get  to  their  lectures,  whereas  the  students  at  Meridian  didn't.  Apparently,  if  the  students   had   called   accommodation   services   and   explained   that   they   couldn't   afford   Clifton   accommodation,  they  would  have  been  told  that  Maltings  was  the  cheaper  alternative  to  Clifton.   However,   one   student   from   Meridian   did   actually   call   to   ask,   and   was   told   that   both   Meridian   and  Maltings  would  be  offered  the  bus  package.  On  the  site  where  we  could  look  at  our  different   options,  the  words  'free  travel  deal'  were  put  next  to  both  the  options,  causing  us  to  believe  that   both   places   would   receive   the   same   deal.   Now   I've   asked   around   Meridian   court,   and   a   few   suggestions   have   been   offered   to   me   by   residents   there;   one   was   that   the   buses   for   Meridian   and  Maltings  be  separated.  One  bus  for  them,  and  one  for  us,  that  keeps  going  twice  an  hour.   Another   is   that   maybe   a   third   bus   be   involved   once   an   hour,   which   goes   straight   to   the   city   from   Meridian   rather   than   stopping   at   Maltings,   meaning   that   if   something   happens   to   the   first   bus   (e.g.  doesn't  turn  up)  you  can  always  catch  the  faster  one  into  the  city.  Another  suggestion  was   more  frequent  buses,  and  everyone  agreed  that  the  few  students  who  study  at  Clifton  should  be   reimbursed  for  the  £199  bus  pass  they  were  forced  to  purchase  as  this  was  handled  very  badly   by  accommodation  services.  I  hope  you  will  be  able  to  take  these  ideas  into  account,  personally  I   believe   that   separating   the   buses   for   the   accommodations   would   be   the   best   option   as   this   would   clear   up   the   most   annoyances.   I   hope   you   understand   that   this   is   something   many   people   feel  very  strongly  about,  and  would  very  much  like  to  see  cleared  up  a  little.   Marika  Hoogenboom     JSS   explained   that   she   has   met   with   the   student   in   question   and   that   they   are   going   to   take   this  .     Referred  to  Jo     F:     A:     Abs:            

Student council minutes january  
Student council minutes january