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2012-11-07 8:36 PM

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Trent Severn

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Snowy Soul Trent Severn

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Dinner & A Record: Trent Severn - S/T Trent Severn is a Stratford, ON based trio composed of songstresses Emm Gryner, Dayna Manning, and Laura C. Bates, whose name is drawn from an Ontarian waterway. The three have known each other since they were youth. They compose, play, and put words to the classicsounding Canadiana songs that make up their self-titled debut album. Brenda: Wow, these are some immaculate harmonies. Pretty ballsy thing to aim for such pristine harmonies on your first album. Mike: They’re really reminding me of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and even some Lightfoot. Brenda: They have amazing chemistry together for a new band. They must have a long background together. Their voices intertwine with undeniable chemistry and very little digital assistance. With their bewitching voices accompanies a guitar or banjo (Manning), a bass and stomp box (Gryner), and a fiddle (Bates). Brenda: One of their voices reminds me of Joni Mitchell’s vocal delivery, by the way she bends her vowels. All three voices are lovely, but that one voice in particular stands out. As with all great folk songs, listeners find it impossible to not stomp and sing along to the music. Mike: “Freedom” is a folksy, bluesy song and very sing-a-long-able. Brenda: Definitely! I’m already harmonizing to it. Brenda: “Muskoka Bound” is a stomper. Wait— did they just sing about the Toronto Maple Leafs? Overall, Trent Severn plays out like a love letter to Canada. With a wink and a nudge, the trio serenades listeners with lyricism and songscapes inspired by the Canadian landscape, popular culture, and folk lore. They don’t leave the uninitiated out in the cold, however. In the liner notes, the band kindly describe the inspirations behind each track for context. Mike: “Mulroney times?” Can’t say I have heard a Mulroney-inspired song before. This is literally Canadiana. Brenda: Apparently Canadians like whiskey, because there are lots of references to it. Then again, who wants to sing about vodka? That’s not very Canadian. Brenda: And you’ve got to be pretty deep into Canadiana to sing about the Leafs. Just sayin’. Trent Severn is available now. The first single “Snowy Soul” is streaming above and available for free download over on Soundcloud. Dinner & A Record is a brand new feature on Earbuds & Ticket Stubs where contributors listen through and review an album collaboratively over dinner. Thanks to Mike Vasiliauskas for being the guinea pig. source: soundcloud / killbeat music

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earbuds & ticket stubs - Dinner & A Record: Trent Severn - S/T Trent...


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