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Wortley Sixth Form Centre

Pastoral Care

Looking Outwards

We have specially dedicated facilities for our Sixth Form. The refurbished

We place a high degree of emphasis on individual care – each student is

A good school makes pupils look outwards so that they also learn

Wortley Centre is the focal point of the Sixth Form community. The building

allocated to a personal tutor for the two years of the Sixth Form. Tutor

through the experience of others in their national community and even

is modelled on those found at universities and provides exceptional

groups (between 10-12 students) meet each morning at the beginning

further afield.

facilities for both study and social contact. There is a Resources Centre

of the school day, which gives important regular contact with the tutor,

In order to prepare them for active citizenship and an understanding

with around 30 computers, a fully stocked reference library, a UCAS

allowing speedy communication of any concerns or queries. In addition,

of the benefits of diversity and choice, Trent College operates a highly

library and private study facilities.

students can arrange an individual meeting with their personal tutor

acclaimed Whole School Lecture and Events Programme. The programme

who also acts as a mentor. The tutor, along with other members of the

is designed to enrich every aspect of life and includes keynote lectures by

Sixth Form Management Team, will also be able to give personal advice

eminent speakers (this year's speakers include: distinguished Historian

in areas such as university applications, career choices and Gap Year

and Programme Writer Dr David Starkey CBE, Beverly Aspinall, Managing


Director of Fortnum and Mason, Dr Simon Fishel, Fertility Specialist,

A recreation area includes a coffee bar, common room, TV lounge with DVD/Video, a games room and individual lockers for storing personal belongings and games kit. Outdoor seating in Wortley’s attractive gardens further enhances the community atmosphere. “I believe that the Sixth Form at Trent offers each student the very best opportunity to achieve academic excellence and personal development in an environment which is positive, friendly, dynamic and supportive. The breadth of our curriculum, alongside the expertise of our

We operate a strong teacher support network at Sixth Form level with The Head of Sixth Form (Assistant Head) and the Heads of Year 12 and

range of opportunities for students is exciting and rewarding. We have an impressive record of equipping our students with the skills to succeed in the world beyond Trent, and look forward to welcoming new Sixth Form students whose determination to take every opportunity and rise to every challenge matches our own.” - Lucy Matthews, Head of Sixth Form (Assistant Head) A Trent education is not an end in itself, but rather the foundation for a fulfilled life. By the time each student leaves Trent, we expect that they will have acquired the knowledge they need to build their own

Hoon, Cabinet Member and Government Chief Whip), stimulating topical debates and inspiring presentations by inspirational students.

Year 13 working closely with the tutors to ensure each student is meeting their personal targets, while fully immersing themselves in the busy and exciting Trent Sixth Form community.

As part of our relationship with the wider community we also have close partnerships with many local employers. For example we have a student run branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland in our Business Centre.

academic staff and the experience of our pastoral team enables students to fulfil their potential, whilst outside the classroom the

Martin Bell OBE, War Correspondent and Former MP and the Rt Hon Geoff

Leadership Our students play a major role in the effective management of school life and there are many Student Leaders within the Sixth Form – Head of Wortley, Head of Blake House, Head of Martin House, Head of Shuker House, Head of Bates House, Chair of the Sixth Form Extension Programme, Sixth Form Committee Members, School Prefects, Senior Prefects, Head

Boarding About half of our Sixth Form students choose to board with us for two years in the Sixth Form. A useful bridge between school and university, boarding allows young people to adjust to the challenges of living away from home and to develop skills such as self-reliance and independence.

of Trent Leadership, Head of CCF, Sports Team Captains, School Bank

Trent provides a style of boarding which complements family life, enabling

Manager and Head of Paragon Trust. These positions allow students to

students to board during the week and to go home at weekends, if they

experience the challenge of leadership in action.

so wish. The accommodation is modern and well furnished, with each study bedroom having filtered, direct access to the internet.

future, that they will have learned arts and habits that will stay with

The seeds of leadership are sown at an early stage and again, our students

them throughout their lives, and that they will have a better and deeper

play a pivotal part in this. All of Trent’s students follow a leadership

Boarding at Trent helps to develop maturity and self confidence in an

understanding of their own selves and an awareness of the complex

skills education programme that is directly linked to higher education,

atmosphere of friendliness and support which is a distinctive feature of

responsibilities that their world demands.

employability and academic needs as well as fulfilling a pastoral role within

the College. It also enables students to have time to play a full part in a

school. Our specially designed Aspects of Leadership course is taught by our Year 13 students to all pupils as part of a structured programme

wide variety of school based activities, meet their work commitments and have time to socialise; all within one secure environment.

across the whole school under the watchful eye of their teachers. The

For more information about Boarding options please contact the registrar

students are encouraged to play a full part in the development of this

Mrs. Sue Christie on 0115 8494950 or at

programme as well as the delivery – this helps ensure they feel ownership over the content whilst still delivering the key transferable skills.

The Sixth Form at Trent College

Academic Success



Most students select 4 AS subjects to study in Year 12 from a broad range

At Trent, everyone is encouraged to try new activities through the

Trent College has excellent resources to provide a wide range of

of 23 subjects, with the majority then specialising in 3 subjects during

abundant opportunities on offer so that each may discover and develop

sporting activities. We provide the opportunity for students to play

their second year.

personal qualities such as perseverance, determination, forbearance,

regular competitive sport. We offer an enormous variety of sports, from

communication, resourcefulness and self belief. In addition to a first

the traditional Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rugby, Athletics and Tennis to

class academic education, students will have the opportunity to broaden

Canoeing, Climbing, Golf and Aerobics. Badminton, Squash, Swimming

their interests through a variety of societies and activities exclusive to

and Weights prove especially popular with Sixth Form students, who are

the Sixth Form, enabling development of life-skills such as leadership

able to benefit from the wide range of facilities in activity time as well

and enterprise.

as in games sessions.

In addition, students follow a General Studies Programme, which provides the opportunity to prepare for the next stage of education or work, at the same time as being introduced to a wide range of general topics and also learning important skills for the future. Students are also encouraged to set realistic but challenging academic targets and make effective use of all the support provided at Trent.

Competitions, Crest Science and Technology Award, the Engineering

wide and varied range of A level subjects. Students may select from the

Education Scheme and Young Enterprise.

following subjects:

The opportunities for involvement in school trips and expeditions are

rooms, coffee bar and study rooms for boarders and day pupils. At Trent, we encourage students to seek out challenges in a wide variety of aspects of school life. They are challenged in the classroom, on the

considerable: recent trips included, Mongolia, Egypt, Turkey, Berlin, Australia

Chemistry, Design & Technology,

and New Zealand. The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme helps develop self

Economics, Combined English,

sufficiency, service to the community and greater awareness of the outside

English Literature, French,

world. The CCF helps to encourage self confidence and initiative, offering

Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Music, Music Technology, Physical Education, Physics, Politics, Spanish and Theatre Studies. Details of each subject can be found in our Sixth Form Curriculum Booklet which is available from the Registrar.

selected to represent their county and several have risen to international level in Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Athletics and Tennis. We also take students on overseas tours – the 1st XI Cricket team recently toured Cyprus while the Girls’ Hockey and Netball squads recently toured Australia and New Zealand.

Beyond Sixth Form

Our students have every opportunity to find out what they are best at and

At Trent we are committed to supporting students as they decide where

to engage in a variety of activities which challenge and excite them.

they will go after the Sixth Form. For the majority of students this means pursuing a degree course at university, and our Applications support

Drama & Music Drama at Trent is a focal point for creativity and self-expression. We have

service gives comprehensive guidance through every stage of the process. We take all Year 12 students to a successful local university as well as running our own two-day applications conference led by visiting speakers and our own experienced staff.

three well-equipped drama areas and employ our own Stage Manager. We enjoyed our best ever results for student examinations in 2008 as follows: Pass rate at A level: 99.3% with 74.0% A/Bs

sports fields, in their music lessons, on the stage, and in the wealth of

At Trent we achieve such impressive results by meeting the needs

additional activities they choose to pursue. There is full support provided

of every individual. This is done by providing highly qualified staff,

so individuals believe they can succeed - and they do.

small class sizes, excellent resources for teaching and learning,

At Trent, everyone can find their niche and get satisfaction and reward from

We encourage all pupils to strive for excellence. Many students are

an impressive programme of activities from flying to caving.

Psychology, Religious Studies,

personal development and is an ideal bridge from school life to university.

dress is worn instead of uniform and the Sixth Form has its own common

Art, Business Studies, Biology,

Geography, German, History,

The Sixth Form at Trent College provides an excellent opportunity for

essential feature in acquiring life skills for success in the world. Business

success including: the Shares4Schools Finance Competition, ESU Debating

One of the benefits of a large Sixth Form is that we are able to offer a

Fostering Curiosity and a Love of Learning Students are encouraged to manage their own time and responsibilities, an

Students from Trent College regularly achieve national and regional

Many of our performers have gained membership of the National Youth

Our Careers department provides comprehensive careers advice to

Theatre whilst at Trent.

Sixth Form students. We assess each student's particular skills, interests

The school has a very strong musical tradition and there are orchestras, bands, choirs and ensembles at all levels. We regularly stage musicals together with the drama department and every year our renowned

and knowledge in the context of career choices and higher education opportunities and encourage students to explore the many career possibilities using a range of careers software and paper resources.

Strawberries and Wine Event allows Sixth Formers a free rein to express

A Careers Convention is organised biennially for Years 11, 12 and 13

comprehensive library facilities, individual tutoring and top quality ICT

themselves through performance, with the emphasis firmly on enjoyment.

where students are given the opportunity to meet and discuss with

hardware and software.

Recent highlights have included jazz, classical and rock performances.

30 - 35 delegates from their various areas of expertise.

their own achievements. The confidence this nurtures helps develop

Our aim is to encourage and foster the individual talents of each pupil,

students who are happy in themselves and well prepared for the

and to engender a sense of enjoyment and fun in participating in drama

challenges facing them in later life.

and music both in the classroom and beyond.

6th Form Booklet  
6th Form Booklet  

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