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==== ==== Snowboarder 10 Best Tips ==== ====

As a beginner to snowboarding it's essential to follow some good tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable start to your boarding adventures. At the end of the day the best way to learn snowboarding is to get out there on the slopes but here's some basic tips which should help you. Firstly, you must be at a reasonable fitness level to snowboard. I remember my first time on a ski holiday - I was pretty fit, into running, but a day on the slopes really took it out of me! If you're going on a snowboarding holiday I suggest some time in the gym or at least some walking, running or swimming to get your cardio fitness level up. Having the right gear to snowboard should go without saying but you'll be amazed what you see out there on the slopes! A good pair of snowboard boots is essential as is a quality crash helmet. Don't think you'll look cool if you have nothing on your head and can feel the wind in your hair you won't feel so good if you take a bad fall and hit your head! A good pair of snowboard boots will protect your feet from the inevitable bumps and knocks of a day on the slopes. In addition to basic safety gear, wear warm clothing. Another obvious yet overlooked snowboarding tip! Even when the sun's shining it can get pretty cold out there and to be comfortable you'll need warm breathable clothing. All your clothing and gear should fit properly and be comfortable. It may save you money to borrow some kit from a friend but if his snowboard boots are 2 sizes smaller than your feet it won't be much fun! You have to have some confidence and 'let go' when you get out on the slopes but there's a fine balance with pushing yourself too far too fast. Get your stance right, learn to move and keep your balance and don't be trying kickflips or other snowboarding tricks until you have the basics right. Nothing will destroy your confidence like a bad fall or injury!

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==== ==== Snowboarder 10 Best Tips ==== ====

Tips and trips for Beginner snowboarders