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Bitter Sweet Symphony: Miami: Through The Lens of Street Fashion Ft. Pitusa, StephanieLiansCloset and LBs “One good thing about music, when it hits-you feel no pain,”-Bob Marley. Miami: Through the Lens of Street Fashion this week takes you to a refuge of peace and beauty in South Beach’s: Soundscape park. It’s one of the city’s newest public parks designed by West 8, a Dutch architectural firm.Karla and I decided this would be a picturesque locating because of the iconic pergolas that jut into the sky with blooming flowers. Directly infront of The New World Symphony building, this oasis of tranquility also serves as a mulipurpose venue where art and music events are held. There were only a few people on a Sunday taking advantage of this 2.5 acre spot—evidence that not enough people in Miami know they can come here to read a book, have a picnic, relax and just soak up nature. We hope this post will encourage you to do so now. Now about my outfit, we are featuring 3 amazing Miami brands which Pitusa, Stephanie Lian’s Closet and LB’s. See at the end where to buy this outfit.

What I’m wearing: Pitusa tunic, necklace and set of 3 bracelets by Stephanie Lians Closet, army of bracelets on right hand is from: LB’s jewelry: email (

Photography & Art Direction: KarGar Styling: Me 30 May 2012 ·

Abaya by Clara Lago featured by The Fahion Poet  

Abaya by Clara Lago featured by The Fahion Poet