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trepreneurships and startups. He is passionate about helping minorities start businesses in the tech space, and wants to be involved with that in some capacity in the future. He plans on remaining in Atlanta for the foreseeable future; however, he is definitely open to any opportunities that may come his way in the next few years. His future goals are to continue to make music that inspires him and his followers. He continues to build the Kebomusic brand as a place where people go to listen to good quality music.

Kebomusic Is…Derrick Pryce. Beverly Hill Shelley, lyricist, writer Hits On The Hill©

music. It wasn’t until later on that he started getting into playing other types of music. Derrick has cousins that are very talented instrumentalists and vocalists. His father plays the piano and his mother sings a little. Most people in his family are musically inclined in one way or the other. When asked if he plays other instruments Derrick states, “I play a little bit of drums and fiddle around a little on the bass as well. On the album, I am pretty much playing all the instruments myself via my keyboard. Sometimes I will bring in other instrumentalists like a bass player or saxophone player, depending on the song.” Derrick did not have one particular mentor that guided him along the way. He mainly learned from the people he was in contact with, whether it was family, friends, other vocalists or musicians. If he didn’t know how to do something, he just learned how by doing his own research. For example, he taught himself how to do such things as use music production software, online marketing, graphics and vocal mixing. Due to technological advances, it is very easy for someone to get started making music. He says to aspiring artists, “The best thing to do is create some music and put it online to see what kind of response you get. From there you can see if the public responds to your music or not. It’s great that the barriers to entry are low enough now that budding artists can really take a shot at pursuing their dreams. As far as promotion, establishing an online fan base is key. Staying connected and constantly interacting with fans is very important.” When asked if he had other interests, Derrick says he likes to travel, ski and stay in shape. He has a technical background in software and is very interested in hi-tech enTRENDSETTERS TO TRENDSETTERS | MARCH/APRIL 2013


Trendsetters To Trendsetters Magazine March April 2013  

LisaRaye McCoy along with Yolanda Zellous and Angela M. Thomas grace the cover.

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