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Urban Style: Real Girls, Real Fashion By Kimia Ousia During the Festival Mode & Design 2013, I went on a search through the city with one goal: to find young women who have successfully managed to maintain their own personal style while still dressing with dignity. The following young women stood out for their fashion forward, and well put-together sense of style. Their affordable outfits express their personal styles while inspiring young ladies to dress tastefully, incorporate their personality into every outfit and to save on spending big bucks on overpriced pieces!

Vintage: it could be your style! Alice Reiter It’s easy to see that as a society, we are inclined to romanticize the past. With so many stories on television and the big screen set in bygone eras, it is clear that we often become nostalgic, even about times before we were born. And what better way is there to appreciate the past than to express your nostalgia with vintage clothing? The resurgence of the popularity of buying vintage or second-hand clothing began in the 1990s as celebrities and models embraced the fashions of previous decades. Period pieces in television and film have also contributed to the prevalence of vintage, allowing us to appreciate the styles of clothing from past times. Montreal has long been a city associated with fashion. It is no surprise, then, that our city has many vintage stores, located mostly in the Plateau area. One of the best known of these stores – voted #1 vintage store in Montreal by Cult MTL readers – is Annex Vintage in Mile End, carrying vintage clothing from a variety of time periods. The owner, Geneviève, said that she opened her store ten years ago motivated by her interests in thrifting in unusual places and in clothing in general. Annex Vintage started out as the only shop in the area selling exclusively vintage-style clothing. As the neighbourhood acquired more stores of a similar concept, Annex became increasingly popular, focusing on themes and trends that appeal to the modern fashionable individual. Of Montreal’s love for vintage, Geneviève said that she attributes this simply to the creativity of the community; that people here have a unique way of dressing and an individual sense of style. For young girls developing their personal style, finding vintage clothes is a great way to experiment with different materials, patterns and cuts and to explore the world of fashion from years past. From Geneviève’s perspective, it is important to follow your instincts and to not always look to other people. Being inspired by others is a good way to start but finding your own look is what really makes your style yours.

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