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38-41 • MAY 2017

Hello Houston !! Welcome to the fantastic month of May. Things are jumping here in H-Town with a million things to do this month. Let’s start with the Houston Astros … they have a huge homestand and hopefully the month of May will help them control the American League West Division. They start off by hosting the Texas Rangers May 1-4. On May 9 the Atlanta Braves come to town for a quick two game series. On May19-21 they play the World Series runner-up Cleveland Indians followed by the Detroit Tigers May 22-25. They close out the month with a series against the Baltimore Orioles May 26-28. That’s a lot of baseball and a chance for the Stro’s to take a big step towards a World Series appearance in October! If you’re into soccer The Dynamo play 5/6 against Orlando City … on May 12 they kickoff against Vancouver and finish the

month playing Real Salt Lake on May 31. Music wise there is something for everybody in May. The Weeknd plays May 6 at the Toyota center and Chance The Rapper is in concert the next evening (5/7) at the Woodlands Pavilion. On May 12 the genius behind the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, will perform at the Revention Music center and the following evening Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey will be at the Toyota Center. John Legend will perform at the Woodlands Pavilion on 5/21 and U2 closes out a music-filled month with a sold out show at NRG Park on 5/24. Of course you need to mix in all the parties that will happen on 5/5 (Cinco de Mayo) and you can see why Houston is the best city in the world for entertainment! Make sure you stop into our advertiser’s club and tell them you saw their ad in NightMoves! Have a great May and please party responsibly!!

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QUESTION OF THE MONTH...IF YOU HAD ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD HOW WOULD YOU SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE??? Late last month I received an email that I receive daily from the fine people at and one of the discussions that day was the headline above. the thread and the questions went as follows from Alec Helmy , the founder and Publisher of XBIZ.....A few years ago I flew with my wife to Bora Bora for vacation. The island was mind-blowing in terms of beauty but after just a couple of days I was ready to head much that we actually left a few days early. What I learned from that trip is that a lot of idle time is not for me, it makes me go stir crazy, Helmy wrote. It made me wonder if I would ever stop working? he continued by saying he knows of folks in their 60-70’s who continue to work hard even though they don’t need to. Media has created the impression that most people dream of retiring so that they can spend their lives golfing or traveling. If you could retire now, would you stop working? Some of the responses were 1) Stop work for a bit and start on my philanthropic businesses, supporting the arts and funding projects for those in need and give to those that can change the world. 2) I would spend it happy, all the money would not be fun as part of the fun is making it. What’s the thrill of buying a million dollar car if you can buy as many as you want? (valid point) 3) Giving to Doctors to find a cure for Cancer. (This hits close to home) 4) Buy a massive yacht to run my business for five years and then start an Army to take over a country. Also build a hot tub time machine. They went on from there, 5) Money cannot buy health for yourself or your loved ones. Knowing the cost of living was never a burden would be great relief. 6) Build the greatest gym and inspire people. 7) Give back to the world.8) Pay off the bad guys. 9) Not sure what I would do? Maybe make great porn. 10) Travel as much as I want (Already do quite a bit of this) A better question would have been to have enough money you wanted not all the money cause the world would not exist if you had it all. No one can have all the money in the world no one else would have any so there would be nothing to buy?


As you all know that read this publication is I love to travel especially to exotic locales. Sometimes just like Alec I am ready to leave by the third day and a day before I leave I wish I could stay forever. Just like with this mag I retired once and was drawn back in. Creative people need an outlet and if that outlet is any good, Now you know why sooner or later it will I miss Thailand start making money thus your hobby becomes your work, so the result you keep on working. Media has glorified the Retirement Dream for sure. It is all a smoke screen. What people really want is the time to do what they are passionate about so why wait till your older. Do it now, make your passion your job and thus you enjoy what you are doing for a living. As Willie Nelson turned 84 late last month he wrote a new song and sings about Mortality in old Timer.... “You’ve been down every highway / Burned your share of bridges / You found forgiveness / You think that you’re still a young bull rider / Till you look in the mirror and see an old timer,” the reedy-voiced legend croons. Willie Nelson may be getting old, and his friends may be dying one by one, but goddamnit he’s gonna find the beauty and humor in it all. I don’t know who had a tougher April, Our President Donald Trump or United Airlines??? All I can close with is....enjoy what has been my passion for over the past decade but damn I miss Thailand!!!

John • MAY 2017

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18 • MAY 2017

LooKiNG For THAT PErFEcT BiKiNi? Head over to one of the three Adam & Eve Stores and check out the Sizzling Summer Selections from the folks at Sweet Revenge Bikinis of Dallas. Don’t be that other gal with the year old bikini and blend in. Check out the back cover for all three store locations and find the one that best suits you! (No Pun Intended)

SEEiNG THiS LiTTLE cAr DRIVING AROUND H-TOWN? JUST FoLLoW iT To FUTroNiX or JoT DoWN THE NUmBEr AS EVENTUALLY YOU WILL NEED THEir SErVicES....Futronix is located at 7010 Harwin and when that Smart Phone or I pad screen cracks let the Professionals at Futronox take over. Even if you want to upgrade to the new I phone or Galaxy head on over or call them at 713.278.2356

IF YOU BECOME A NEW ADVErTiSEr THiS moNTH iN NiGHTmoVES and stay for three months you will get to pick the game of your choice, depending on availability to see the first place Houston Astros play at Minute Maid Park this summer. Jose Altuve, George Springer, Dallas Keuchel and all the rest are turning Houston Orange with their sight set on the World Series, So not only can you get some great advertising rates to help your business but enjoy some MLB action. A true Houston DoublePlay!!! Call 832-790-9102 and ask for Dick.

ScorES oF HoUSToN iS PLANNING A WEEKLY POKER NIGHT EVERY THURSDAY BROUGHT TO YOU BY OUR FriENDS AT SNoWmAN PoKEr.... Make your plans to stop by and check out the Sexy entertainers and the monthly features that grace the stages at Scores each and every day and enjoy their fine food and Happy Hour specials besides being dealt in.

SPEEDING? HAD ONE TOO MANY DriNKS? NEED A DiVorcE? or just stupid enough to disregard the law and need some legal advice? The law firm of Greco & Neylend are just a phone call away at 713.972.1100 and you can find their ad every month inside this publication. They can assist you if you are a club owner that did not tell your employees the right laws or even if you did and they just forgot it’s a great number to have saved in your phone at a time of need. Ask for Jeffrey or Dustan and tell them you read about them in Houston Nightmoves.

riTZ cABArET HAS BEEN BriNGiNG HoUSToN THE BEST iN ADULT ENTErTAiNmENT SINCE 1985.... So make plans to enjoy the sexy scenery by their alluring entertainers seven days a week. Specials are what they are known for and a Steak Lover’s home away from home. From their Wednesday $9.95 Angus Steak N Shrimp or their 50 cent chicken wings to their $13.95 12 ounce Rib Eye Steak & loaded baked potato dinner special or their $9.95 Bacon Wrapped Filet 20

STiLL HAViNG THE PoKEr CRAZE? HEAD OVER TO JOY OF HoUSToN... They have Poker Night every Monday Night and it is a free buy in with a chance of $250.00 in cash/prizes Joy also has Wild Wednesdays that feature a $5 14oz Rib eye. It comes with a baked potato or fries so stop by today for Lunch and or Dinner? Joy of Houston is located right off the 290 at 7004 Charles Road.

WELcomE ALL oTc ATTENDEES To HoUSToN AS oUr WorLD cLASS ADULT ENTErTAiNmENT AWAiTS.... The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters. OTC is the largest event in the world for the oil and gas industry featuring more than 2,300 exhibitors, and attendees representing 100 countries. Founded in 1969, OTC’s flagship conference is held annually in Houston and it will be May1-4 at NRG Park.

Lunch special on Thursdays. There are so many specials to write about so it would be easier to log onto and see for yourself and be amazed. THEir ANNUAL SPriNG GoLF TOURNEY WILL BE THIS MONTH ON MAY 8th...SO mark your calendar now and get your foursome ready for a little Lust on the Links with the Ritz Entertainers as your caddies. It will be held at River Terrace Golf Club with many prizes, giveaways and more. You won’t want to miss out. • MAY 2017

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22 • MAY 2017

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Around Town NOT VERY MANY PEOPLE MAKE IT 25 YEARS AT ONE JOB, LET ALONE IT BE AT A ToPLESS cLUB.... THE riTZ HoUSToN! Merriam Webster dictionary defines Dropout as a : one who drops out of school b : one who drops out of conventional society c : one who abandons an attempt, activity, or chosen path a corporate dropout. Another definition I found on Google was a person who has abandoned a course of study or who has rejected conventional society to pursue an alternative lifestyle. You can’t get more alternative than the one that richard Haas Jr. aka Rick chose over 25 years ago when he arrived here in Houston. The Urban dictionary says this about Dropout... Most people think that dropping out of school is bad. This is a very common misconception. Dropping out of school is only bad if you want to get a JOB. If you don’t want to get a job, and have other ambitions besides a job, then dropping out is actually a pretty smart thing to do since you can stop wasting time going to school. College isn’t for everyone, hell I didn’t want to go when I graduated from high school and started selling cars in Milwaukee and making money and then parlayed my Sports knowledge of stats and info into a full scholarship and presto ended up at Oklahoma City University in OKC.

Haas grew up in Chicago, Illinois and when graduated from High School he had a college scholarship offer but decided to head to the Lone Star State. He had come to Houston just to visit his sister, not really knowing what they did. He had really no direction in life, working 2 and 3 jobs at a time to make ends meet. Soon after he arrived it was an eye opening experience that Haas was all in for! I got a chance last month to have Misha attend his Big 25TH Anniversary shindig at the Ritz (I would have been there but was on vacation in Thailand). When I returned I sat down with Rick to ask him a few questions. Damn the time flies by when you are having fun is what I told him and Rick has had some fun in the last 25 years. Nightmoves (Nm): How did it all begin and what lead you to this lifestyle? ricK: My sister Debbie and Brother in law started the Ritz in 1987 and I arrived in 1992 and was very, very fortunate that they allowed me to learn the business from the ground up and grew while moving up in the ranks. Hell it wasn’t easy as I did everything from paint the stripes in the parking lot to washing dishes and mopping the floors. Family played no favorites and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Nm: What has kept you at the Ritz for so long in a business that changes management like some people change underwear? ricK: That’s easy! The People that I have worked alongside of I consider the BEST in the business bar none. Lynn Turner, Sherry Ashford to name a few just too many as you don’t have enough pages in the magazine from the wait staff to bartenders, bar backs and kitchen staff, it’s a TEAM especially our management team through the years. Nm: In 1998 your Brother in law and Sister sold the club to the Saxenian family and that was during all the BS with the City and the entertainers were in latex and full bottoms. What was that like? ricK: Steve and Tom had just sold the Trophy Club and they bought the Ritz, and boy was it different that’s for sure but we persevered no matter. The laws changed and we had to change with it and we became very promotional driven have had our calendars filled with events. Steve has always reinvested into the club, not like some owners who don’t put anything back into their clubs, and that has made a big difference. Whether it was a billboard on I-45, television commercials or new HD TVs in the club and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our new unique stages here at the Ritz and total remodeling under Sherry’s vision. Nm: Did you ever think you would be in this business growing up in the Windy City? ricK: Growing up in Chicago I always thought I’d end up as a plumber like my father, his brother, etc... Looking back 25 years ago, what I’ve seen, done and accomplished in life... No way. This path has been the most interesting and

24 • MAY 2017

exciting any person could ever ask for!

Around Town

Nm: What’s next for Richard Haas Jr. , another 25 years? ricK: If I can work with the same people I work with now , Hell give me 26 more if God willing, I love it! I’ve truly been blessed to have a profession that I enjoy and the friendships through not only the employees but our loyal customers. Working with Steve Saxenian, I can say with all sincerity is that He is the smartest and most kind person, whose heart is truly un measureable. Yes, I would take 26 more years and now that the Cubs have won it all die a happy man. I also want to thank you for your friendship of over 20 some years and what your publications have done for this city! Knowing Rick was a native of Chicago, Illinois and having grown up in Decatur, Illinois myself and having family in Chicago, I knew before I met Rick for the first time at the Ritz that he was going to be a diehard Cub & Bear fan. I had the fortunate chance to meet some Cub players over the years as having your season ticket seats at the Astrodome in the first row by the visitors bullpens helped immensely. I also remember the time I got my friend Sammy Sosa, the former Chicago Cub star to take a ride with me to say hello and surprise Rick when he was in town with the Cubs to play the Astros. The look on Rick’s face was priceless when we walked through the door at the Ritz. Rick and I also had drinks with my friend Mark Grace and other Cubbies over the years and had great times. You know those Cub fans they can wait for 108 years, 26 more is like a walk in the park!

MAY 2017 •

Here’s to you Rick Haas , Nightmoves Salutes you for your Silver Anniversary and will see you in 2042!!! by John Gray Photos by Misha More


26 • MAY 2017

MAY 2017 •


I got a call from a friend in the Biz and then went to AVN’s website to read this: FSC Calls for Production Hold The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) put out a call Saturday afternoon April 15th for a “precautionary” halt on all adult production effective immediately due to a performer possibly testing positive for HIV. FSc’s statement regarding the hold follows: The Free Speech Coalition is calling for a precautionary production hold after a

The test has not yet been confirmed, and we will know whether or not it is a false positive in the next several days. If it is a false positive, the hold will be lifted on Wednesday. Out of an abundance of precaution, we are asking that producers stop filming until we are able to confirm all facts. We will also proactively begin partner notification and retest anyone who might have had contact with the performer since their last clear test. The Free Speech Coalition periodically calls production holds if there is a possible HIV exposure within the adult film community. Production holds are an important part of the safety protocols in adult film, but does not signal an actual on-set transmission, nor a confirmed positive test. The adult film industry has not seen an on-set transmission of HIV on a PASS-regulated set in over a decade. The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) issued its own call for a production halt shortly after the FSC’s that added, “Based on the current genealogy, there is low-risk to the performer pool.” It went on to say, “APAC is asking fellow performers to show compassion towards each other and to our unnamed peer who is currently waiting for the results of their confirmatory test and to abstain from speculating about the patient’s identity.” This will be a developing story for the next few weeks and I am just glad I am not shooting now but going on the road to Houston and from there heading to Las Vegas as I am featuring at Sapphires the Saturday after the Poker



Being in the industry that I am in it presents its challenges and the one that can bring my industry to its knees happened just a few days before this magazine went to print and all the good things I thought about writing went out with this news as it puts a damper on your weekend as I was getting ready to head ton H-Town for the Poker tournament.

possible positive test for HIV by an adult performer listed in the PASS database. The performer had not worked on an adult set during the window of transmission, and had not participated in any fluid exchange shoots since their last negative test.

WiTH VicKi




Born and Raised in Boyle Heights, Vicki Chase was always destined to be in the Spotlight. Discovered working as a bank teller in Los Angeles, the 5’4” Latina Model, armed with a 34C-26-36 to die for all natural physique, insatiable lust for passionate, hot sex and a strong work ethic have made Vicki one of the most sought after actress’s working today. This Latin booty won multiple AVN, Xbiz and XRCO Award thru out her career. She has starred in over 150 Feature Videos, currently has 85.000 organic followers on twitter, 90,000 plus on instagram and a never ending fan base that expands with each new release. Vicki is not one to rest on her laurels as she continues to diversify her brand name by moving into mainstream, horror and music genres. #vickichase To book for video work contract:

Tourney, then hosting their Opening weekend Pool Party for the biggest club in the USA. Be sure to check out my FREE site www. I’ve been adding some new sections, including a special unique boutique which will have lots of one of a kind goodies, some of my favorite outfits I’ve worn in movies, shoes, panties, lingerie, feature dance costumes and much more. You can also very your very own Custom Dirty movie, I love shooting these for my fans. And so much more. Check it out + follow me on twitter @vickichase and for all the up to the minute details. • MAY 2017

30 • MAY 2017

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32 • MAY 2017

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36 • MAY 2017

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2017 NIGHTCLUB & BAR coNVENTioN AND TrADE SHoW RAISES THE INDUSTRY STANDARDS DURING THE THREE-DAY CONVENTION Thousands of attendees traveled from around the world for the three-day convention The 2017 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show was held March 27-29 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Nightmoves photographer Mel Schwartz was on hand to bring you some great pics from the show. NBC celebrated another record-breaking year with thousands of industry professionals, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors and press from around the world. The 32nd annual convention set an unprecedented tone for the Nightclub & Bar Show, with the most innovative floor layout to date, including the launch of the F&B Innovation Center and thousands of products spanning all facets of the industry: bar equipment, spirits, craft beer, wine, alcohol-free beverages and mixers, furnishings, technology, food, venue equipment, glassware, décor, menu designs, social media, apparel, lighting and more. In addition, a series of educational workshops, keynote sessions, certifications, off-site trainings and networking events offered an interactive experience for both industry veterans and the next generation of influencers. “Each year we are committed to cultivating a program that offers an exclusive opportunity for industry professionals that can only be offered during the Nightclub & Bar Show,” said Thom Greco,

38 • MAY 2017

chairman of the Nightclub & Bar Advisory Board. “The convention defines everything the industry is about – innovation, networking, drive and hard work. This year’s convention celebrated everything thousands of professionals have worked so hard for, shined light on an exciting future for the nightlife, restaurant and bar industry.” The 2017 expo floor officially opened as “Nightclub & Bar Show Day” on Tuesday, March 28, with a proclamation on behalf of Mayor Carolyn Goodman. The day began with a red carpet event with celebrities such as ABSINTHE Las Vegas’ Melody Sweets; Celebrity Chef Brian Duffy; Master Blender Tom Maas; BMX Pro Ricardo Laguna; William Grant & Sons Director, Brand Advocacy Charlotte Voisey; BarMagic Las Vegas Owner Tobin Ellis; the cast of Aussie Heat and more. A ribbon cutting ceremony featuring Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval and Thom Greco, chairman of the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show Advisory Board, officially opened the expo floor. This year’s educational lineup featured more than 70 breakout sessions, including a dedicated panel discussion to “Monetizing Cannabis,” and the first-ever Nightclub & Bar Pitch Tank, making it the most ground-breaking conference programming in conference history. Some of the educational seminars included: • Women in Bars; • Giving Inventory the Finger: How to Focus on Creativity & Do What You Want for Success; • New Trends in Social Media; • Cocktails: Think Outside the Bottle; • Promotions That Drive Millennials; • Stop Micromanaging and Start Empowering; • Talent Talk: How to Book guest DJs for Your Venue; • The Perfect Shift; • Just What I Need: New Ideas to Reinvigorate Everyday Operations. This year’s education series included one of the most comprehensive programs with keynote presentations from Thomas Maas, Neil Moffitt, Lee Cockerell and Kris Jones. The lineup supplied attendees with unparalleled resources to help redefine business strategies, creating



CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE a true customer experience, identify what works and what does not, how to increase potential revenue flow, learning how to build an international empire and more. To enrich the educational aspect at this year’s show, attendees had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by participating in off-site tours and trainings such as: • Mixology Training: • Whiskey Tasting: • Back of House Tour of Caesars Palace • Nightclub Bootcamp and tour and JEWEL Nightclub • WYNN Nightlife tours In partnership with the United States Bartenders’ Guild, the Shake It Up! Cocktail Competition featured the top 20 bartenders from around the country competing for the opportunity to represent the United States in their respective categories at the World Cocktail Competition. Winners included: classic Winners First: Nathaniel Smith, Minneapolis Second: Justin Park, Hawaii Third: Jonathan Howard, Nashville Flair Winners First: Luis Ortiz, Las Vegas Second: Danilo Oribe, Las Vegas Third: Colby Ashton Good, Las Vegas Best Technical classic Giancarlo Aversa, Ann Arbor To complete the convention’s full experience, attendees mixed and mingled at exclusive networking and nightlife events featuring live entertainment top Las Vegas venues including WET REPUBLIC at MGM Grand, Foxtail Pool at SLS Las Vegas, Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Vista Cocktail Lounge at Caesars Palace, OMNIA at Caesars Palace, Surrender Nightclub at Encore Las Vegas. The annual Nightclub & Bar Awards winners were selected from around the United States for their expertise in the industry, professionalism and sales success. For the firsttime ever, this year’s convention recognized Exhibitor’s Awards, honoring creative designs, branding, teams and interactive experiences exhibitors created at their booths. Winners included: Buzztime (Best in Show and Outstanding Team); Rum Co. of Fiji (Best Island Booth); BarLuxe (Best In-Line Booth); Sparktacular (NCB Innovation Award); Hardcell Performance Energy Shots (Savvy Social Award). Also awarded at this year’s convention, were the Johnson & Wales Student Fellowship Award winners. The Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show events are attended annually by over 30,000 owners, operators and industry professionals and will return to the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 26-28, 2018. For updates throughout the year, visit 40 • MAY 2017

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A mother is in the kitchen making dinner for her family when her daughter walks in. “Mother, where do babies come from?” The mother thinks for a few seconds and says, “Well dear, Mommy and Daddy fall in love and get married. One night they go into their bedroom, they kiss and hug, and have sex.” The daughter looks puzzled so the mother continues, “That means the daddy puts his penis in the mommy’s vagina. That’s how you get a baby, honey.” The child seems to comprehend. “Oh, I see, but the other night when I came into your room you had daddy’s penis in your mouth. What do you get when you do that?” “Jewelry, my dear. Jewelry.”

A boy says to a girl, “So, sex at my place?” “Yeah!” “Okay, but I sleep in a bunk bed with my younger brother, and he thinks we’re making sandwiches, so we have to have a code. Cheese means faster and tomato means harder, okay?” Later on the girl is yelling, “Cheese cheese, tomato tomato!” The younger brother says, “Stop making sandwiches! You’re getting mayo all over my bed!”

A family is at the dinner table. The son asks the father, “Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there?” The father, surprised, answers, “Well, son, a woman goes through three phases. In her 20s, a woman’s breasts are like melons, round and firm. In her 30s and 40s, they are like pears, still nice, hanging a bit. After 50, they are like onions.” “Onions?” the son asks. “Yes. You see them and they make you cry.” This infuriated his wife

Why did I get divorced? Well, last week was my birthday. My wife didn’t wish me a happy birthday. My parents forgot and so did my kids. I went to work and even my colleagues didn’t wish me a happy birthday. As I entered my office, my secretary said, “Happy birthday, boss!” I felt so special. She asked me out for lunch. After lunch, she invited me to her apartment. We went there and she said, “Do you mind if I go into the bedroom for a minute?” “Okay,” I said. She came out 5 minutes later with a birthday cake, my wife, my parents, my kids, my friends, & my colleagues all yelling, “SURPRISE!!!” while I was waiting on the sofa... naked.

and daughter. The daughter asks, “Mom, how many different kinds of willies are there?” The mother smiles and says, “Well, dear, a man goes through three phases also. In his 20s, his willy is like an oak tree, mighty and hard. In his 30s and 40s, it’s like a birch, flexible but reliable. After his 50s, it’s like a Christmas tree.” “A Christmas tree?” the daughter asks. “Yes, dead from the root up and the balls are just for decoration.”

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average especially when the biggest of all of them, (HUGE) was the decision to draft Mark Appell, instead of Kris Bryant. Yes that Kris Bryant MVP of the National League and World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Really no need to write anything further about this DECISION? Mistake number two was drafting a high school pitcher with the number one pick in 2014, Brady Aiken. Did they not have to recall when the Texas Rangers chose a Houston native

The Sports Illustrated issue hit the mail box and it caught the entire city of Houston off guard as SI displayed the tagline, “An Unprecedented look At How A Franchise Is Going Beyond Moneyball To Build the Game’s NEXT BIG THING....Your 2017 World series Champs! it was labeled as Baseball’s great experiment as the Astros were losing quite often but they had a front office that ignored old school scouting and even employed a Director of Decision Science?

Having the number one pick three years in a row should assist any team in a rebuild but Luhnow hit a speed bump or two in that phase. He only nailed one out of three, not a good

Can the Astros win the World Series just six years removed from going 56-108? Well, gone is Tal’s hill in centerfield, fans are returning slowly and Dallas Keuchel and Lance McCullers appear healthy and maybe we are just an arm away from meeting the two should have been Astros (Bryant & Schwarber) in the World Series this year and making October an Orange one! Mr. Sports believes they have as good as chance as anyone in the American League. The Astros started the 2017 season here at the Juice Box with two strong pitching performances backed by the long ball. They managed to eke out a winning home stand while they saw their offense that was supposed to set the stage this summer sputter??? They returned from their first road trip back to the Juice Box 8-4 with one of the best records in baseball atop the West Division as their bats came alive on the road, twice coming back from 5-0 deficits to win both games.

There were plenty of empty seats outside of the Sold Out Opening Day, Yankee, Red Sox crowds, Si even showed two section of Minute Maid with just one lonely fan in it. After the 2005 World Series appearance, the fans were leaving in droves for the next five years. When Jim Crane bought the team from Drayton Mclane it was losing tens of millions of dollars a year, so something had to be done? he first hired Jeff Luhnow as General Manager from the highly successful St. Louis Cardinal organization that some believe may be the best in the game to what was probably the worst run. Crane and Luhnow did do something that was needed, they did the old Burn The House down, not a rebuild. It wasn’t exactly perfect either as the former blackjack dealer, Sig Mejdal, turned scientist and General Manager Jeff Luhnow made some huge mistakes in the Nerd cave at Minute Maid or we may have been celebrating a few years earlier in 2015.

in the game in Ken Giles and signed free agents Yulieski Gurriel from Cuba, and obtained veterans Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, Charlie Morton and Josh Reddick added to first round picks Carlos Correa and George Springer and our Astros are ready to prove SI as the next Kreskin, even though it should have happened two years prior!

in 1973 to figure out what might happen. The negotiations with Aiken dissolved into a smoldering wreckage in 2014, then he had Tommy John ligament-transfer surgery he underwent two years ago on March 25. Wouldn’t it had been better to go a more safer route like NC State’s Carlos Rodon, soon to be Ace of the Chicago White Sox later this year or even better choices would have been Kyle Schwarber, yes Bryant’s now teammate who went with the fourth pick to the Cubs or the #13th pick Trea Turner, who some are comparing to a mini Mike Trout? Mistake #3 was thinking Jon Singleton could hold down First base but he went out and drafted Alex Bregman, traded Appell to the Phillies for what may be the second best closer


The Astros dodged a bullet when Correa was hit on the hand by a fastball by Oakland’s Frankie Montas but did miss a game courtesy of a rain out in Oakland as the Stros took the series 2-0. Manager AJ Hinch also kept him out of the Angel opener of a short four game homestand.The Astros took the opener of the series with a four hit, four pitcher shutout of the Angels 3-0. Springer continues to lead off in a big way for Houston and sits at deadline as the league leader in home runs with six. tied with Oakland’s Khris Davis and Milwaukee Brewer Eric Thames. As long as the Crawford street crew avoid injuries and continue with the hustle they have shown in the first month of the season there is no reason Houston cannot expect another World Series appearance??? • MAY 2017

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