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Festive raclette

savoury stir fries Fillet/Steak sauces

Holiday specials Degens is a trademark of

EDITOR'S NOTE Modern combinations based on traditional recipes: that was to be the basis for our new Degens magazine. I hope you approve of the result, but I am personally delighted with it. An autumn issue always reminds me that the days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting colder. I love the feel of this time of year. In this first issue of Taste Magazine, we treat you to 16 flavourful and festive recipes! These are accompanied by tasty tips to help you make the most of your products. Our challenge was to provide inspiring, easy to prepare recipes without compromising on quality. Degens is the Intertaste brand for the traditional specialist, with over Robert Jan Doves

80 years of pioneering experience in traditional flavour-enhancing

Sales manager Fresh Benelux

products. Our marinades, herbs, spices and sauces create distinctive flavour combinations. We consider it our role to be progressive and combine the most natural ingredients with innovative and traditional quality. This is how we ensure that our products are efficient and easy to use in practice. Some of our innovations include: Dry Glaze (dry marinades resembling an oil marinade), Dry Flavour (combining flavour with a dry meat surface, thus avoiding moisture issues) and Taste Sensations (spice mixes to add flavour to ground beef and sausages, for example). With these product ranges, you can easily respond to the latest trends and market developments. Visit our homepage at Our creative specialists will be happy to help you! The team is very familiar with the butcher’s trade, has years of experience and the ambition to always go one step further. We are always looking for opportunities to innovate and improve our products to reflect current demand. In short, the Degens team will ensure that you are prepared for the future. Enjoy your reading!

Robert Jan Doves


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contents Tip Blanch your vegetables quickly to maintain their crispness and colour, preventing crosscontamination.




Degens and sustainability...




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04  Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauces - Spicy, rich sauces which help bring the best out of your meat... 06  Savoury Stir Fries - Use your wok to create delicious meals in a flash... 08  Winter Recipes - Warming, nourishing and hearty meals...

06 14  Green, Greener... Greenest! - Degens and sustainability... 16  Christmas Specials - A true feast with festive flavoured meat! 18 Contact - Place an order or request advice... 19 Assortment

11 Cutlet Seasoning - New! 12  Perfect Raclette - Allow each product to shine...

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filet/steak sauces

Spicy, rich sauces which help bring the best out of your meat. Fine texture, great spreadability and optimal colour retention are three of our main quality standards.

Tip Want to try something special? Add some pickled anchovies to the Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce.

Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Garni


Suits any taste

- Steak tartare

Our assortment of steak sauces

- 350 g/kg Degens Fillet/Steak

consists of five different flavours.

All equally refined and distinct.

Tartare Sauce Garni 7021466

A classic and delicious combination.

Something for everyone! Preparation 1. Use well chilled tartare meat, ensure it has been ground to

Product information:

2x3 mm or finer.

- Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Du Chef:

2. Keep the temperature at 4 °C,

Veal Tartare

Seasoned, orange, red emulsified

while adding the Fillet/Steak

sauce for the preparation of Steak

Tartare Sauce Garni, and mixing

Tartare ”Du Chef”. This Tartare is

until combined.

made with ground pork.

3. Present the tartare in elegant

- Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Extra:

bowls or cups, garnish with

Emulsified, concentrated sauce,

finely chopped gherkins or

strong colour and taste.


- Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Garni: The typical mild flavour based on

Serving suggestion!

tomato purée and vegetables.

Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce can also

- Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Martino:


be used as a delicious and luxurious

Emulsified, concentrated sauce with

- lean ground veal

spread. Serve it on bread, toast or on

a spicy flavour.

- 20 g/kg Degens Premium

a slice of baguette.

- Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Sud:

Ground Beef/Bratwurst

Emulsified, concentrated sauce.

Seasoning 7036411

This is a spicier version than the

- 300 g/kg Degens Fresh

usual steak tartare sauce.

Tartare Sauce 7032915


Order N°.



Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Du Chef


Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Extra


Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Garni


Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Martino


Fillet/Steak Tartare Sauce Sud

1. Add the Premium Ground Beef/ Bratwurst Seasoning to the ground veal and mix lightly. 2. Add the Fresh Tartare Sauce and mix thoroughly. 3. Present the mixture on a platter or in cups, garnished with freshly chopped chives.

TASTE magazine


Tip Blanch your

Winter Stir Fry —

vegetables quickly to keep their crispness and colour,

Ingredients - 1 kg beef strips or shredded meat

preventing cross-

- 50 g/kg Degens Dry Glaze Beef


7039965 - 400 g frozen Brussels sprouts

Farmers' Stir Fry — Ingredients

containing mushrooms

- 200 g mangetout Preparation 1. Marinate the beef strips using the Dry Glaze Beef.

- 1 kg pork strips

2. Add all of the vegetables and

- 50 g/kg Degens Dry Glaze

- 200 g mixed stir fry vegetables


Chicken Stir Fry —

Spare Rib 7035848

- 400 g mixed soup vegetables Preparation 1. Season the pork strips using the Dry Glaze Spare Rib. 2. Add the mixed soup vegetables (blanching optional) and mix.

Product information: The Dry Glaze


Beef is coloured red, yet not overly

- 1 kg chicken, diced

spicy. Adds great colour to the beef.

- 20 g/kg Degens Chicken

Oriental Seasoning 7030192

- 150 g/kg Degens Honey Soy

Sauce 7044193

- 400 g oriental stir fry vegetable mix

Product information: Dry Glaze Spare Rib is a dry marinade which


gives a natural glaze to the meat and

1. Season the chicken with the

adds a typical soy sauce flavour.

Chicken Oriental Seasoning. 2. Marinate the chicken in the Honey Soy Sauce. 3. Add the oriental stir fry vegetables and mix. Product information: The Honey Soy Sauce is dark brown, nearly black, with a thick, compact texture and a sweet honey taste.


TASTE magazine

Allow the flavours to infuse quickly over high heat. The result is crispy, tasty meat and beautiful, colourful vegetables.


Warming, nourishing and hearty meals... As the evenings draw in, we look forward even more to those stews and oven dishes.


Potato Hotchpotch with Cod

Winter Pork Belly

Ingredients - rindless, boneless pork belly

Ingredients - 500 g fillet of cod - 25 g Degens Mash Seasoning 7035036 - 1 kg potatoes (floury) - 1 pack extra fine peas

(frozen, 300 g)

- 3 spring onions

- 30 g/kg Degens Cutlet

Rich Rutabaga Hotchpotch

- 1 dl milk


- 1 dl of the water used to cook

- 750 g potatoes

- 1 rutabaga (approx. 700 g)

the cod

- 60 g butter

- 30 g Degens Mash Seasoning

Seasoning 7045792

- 80 g/kg Degens Honey Soy

Sauce 7044193

Preparation 1. Cut the pork belly into pieces of approx. 300 grams and season with the Cutlet Seasoning. 2. Marinate in the Honey Soy Sauce for at least 12 hours. 3. Cook the belly in the oven for


approx. 75 minutes at 130 °C,

- fresh chives

add 20% moisture.


- 250 g chestnut mushrooms

1. Peel and dice the potatoes and

- 2 tablespoons butter

Product information: Degens Cutlet

boil them in salted water for

- 1 cup sour cream (125 ml)

Seasoning is a Provençal marinade

around 20 minutes until tender.

- 100 g grated cheese

seasoning with gorgeous colour and a rich and intense flavour.

2. Boil the cod in water for around 20 minutes. 3. Heat the milk in a pan and add

Preparation 1. Peel the potatoes and the rutaba-

1dl of the cod cooking water

ga, cut them into pieces and boil

as well as the butter. Slice the

them in salted water for around

spring onions into rings. 4. Drain the potatoes and finely

20 minutes until tender. 2. Meanwhile, finely chop the chives

mash using a potato masher. Mix

and quarter the mushrooms. Heat

in the milk, cod water and but-

the butter in a pan and fry the

ter mixture. Stir in the peas and

mushrooms for about 5 minutes,

spring onions. Season the hotch-

until all the moisture has evapo-

potch using the Mash Seasoning. Finally, add the fish.

rated. 3. Drain the potatoes and rutabaga and mash finely.

Serving suggestion! Serve the hotchpotch with a mustard sauce.

4. Mix in the sour cream, cheese and chives, season to taste using the Mash Seasoning and transfer

Product information: Degens Mash

to a serving dish. Top with the

Seasoning is a popular seasoning

mushrooms and garnish with

which will enhance the flavour of

some chives.

your product. Its structure is comparable to gravy.

TASTE magazine


Dutch Smoked Sausage

Ingredients - 5 kg shoulder meat S3

Pork Stew

- 3 kg cheeks

- 1 kg ice water - 16 g/kg colorozo salt - 15 g/kg Degens Rookworst

- 1 kg cubed pork meat

Seasoning Arnhem has an award-winning original and authentic flavour.

Seasoning Arnhem 7030272

(shoulder/other stew cuts)

- 1.5 l water

Preparation with meat grinder

- 0.5 l brown beer/ale

1. Mince all the meat using the

- 200-240 g Degens Premix

Degens Rookworst

- 1 kg belly



Brown Sauces 7030255

- 20 g Degens Stew Seasoning 7030288

8 mm plate. 2. Ensure the temperature never exceeds 2 °C. 3. Mince the shoulder meat using

- 1 kg onions

the 3 mm plate.

- mustard to taste

4. Add the colorozo salt, the Rookworst Seasoning Arnhem


and the ice water and the meat,

1. Season the pork with the Stew

now mince again using the 3 mm

Seasoning and sear the meat. 2. Fry the onions until they are golden brown. 3. Put the onions, beer and 1 litre

plate. Mix until smooth. 5. Allow the mixture to rest for

Product information:

about 5 hours to allow optimal

- Black Pudding Special Seasoning


and Liverwurst Picolmari Seasoning

of the water (keep the remaining

6. Mix once more before stuffing

represent a traditional taste.

half a litre to dissolve the Premix

into sausage casings of the pre-

- Pea Soup Melange is a great

Brown Sauces) in a pan.

ferred size.

product which allows you to add

4. Dissolve the Premix Brown Sauces

7. Dry the sausages in a smoke box

in the cold water and add to the

at approx. 30 °C until they feel

onions and beer. Bring to a boil,

dry. Then smoke for 8 hours at

stirring continuously. Add the

the same temperature.

seared meat and allow to simmer for a few minutes. 5. Finish the sauce using mustard or other seasoning, according to taste. 6. Transfer the meat and the sauce to a vacuum oven bag and cook in the oven at 80 °C for approx. 120 mins.


Winter Specials

TASTE magazine

your own touch. The true flavour of pea soup! Order N°.



Black Pudding Special Seasoning


Farmers' Seasoning


Pea Soup Melange


Beef Stew Sauce


Gravy Powder all-in


Liverwurst Picolmari Seasoning


Our new Cutlet Seasoning! This seasoning is a tasty red-orange mixture of spices with a fine hint of Provenรงal herbs. This seasoning is ideal for grilling pork and chicken. Its distinct peppery flavour combined with the Provenรงal herbs gives a fantastic flavour, also to spare ribs. Easy to use by adding 25 g of product per kg of meat.

Paprika powder from Spain harvested from June to August

Turmeric is an important ingredient in most curry powders (25-50% of the weight)

Coriander harvested from July to August in Ukraine

Our cardamom is sourced in Guatemala

Oregano is often used in Italian style dishes, but is originally from Turkey

We source most of our herbs and spices from India and Indonesia. Fenugreek is one of them, origin: India.

TASTE magazine


A raclette party is always great for variety! The challenge is to put each individual product in the spotlight. Together, we will meet that challenge.



- ground beef (50% beef, 50%

- lamb chops


- 25 g/kg Degens

- 55 g/kg Degens Premium

Cutlet Seasoning 7045792

Vekamix 7036481

- Batter Mix (7046561)


1. Season the lamb chops using the

150 g/1 litre water

Cutlet Seasoning.

- Degens Breading Mix

Preparation 1. Mix the Premium Vekamix and the ground beef and transfer the meat to a sausage filler. 2. Create ground beef rolls of around 5 cm. Dissolve the Batter Mix in water. 3. Coat the ground beef rolls with

— Ingredients

the Batter Mix and then bread

- pork tenderloin

them with one of our Breading

- Degens Dry Glaze Cinnamon

Mixes. Finally, insert a skewer.

Cranberry 7037103

- dried cranberries Preparation


1. Slice the pork tenderloin open from both sides. Marinate it on both sides using the Dry Glaze Cinnamon Cranberry and sprinkle the dried cranberries

These raclette recipes are delicious with one of our Degens Sauces.

Sauce Assortment Order N°.



Pineapple Curry Sauce

using toothpicks or skewers. Cut


Curry Sauce

the medallions to size between


NR Curry Sauce


Garlic Sauce España Classic


Oriental Egg Roll Sauce


NR Madras Sauce


Provençal Sauce


Cocktail Sauce

on top. 2. Roll up the meat and secure

the toothpicks or skewers.

TASTE magazine


GREEN, GREENER... Sustainability Sustainability is an important topic in social debates. Consumers are concerned about how companies treat humans, animals and the environment. A lot of the attention goes to animal welfare. However, other aspects of sustainability are also important to the critical consumer. Degens cares about the (sustainable) future and is therefore working on improving the sustainability of production in the value chain. Supplying sustainable ingredients will allow our clients to do business while complying with their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Sustainable cloves from Madagascar Many of the ingredients in our products, such as herbs and spices, are sourced far away. Cloves are one of these. For several years, we have been sourcing our cloves from a farmers' cooperative in Madagascar. In Madagascar, cloves are cultivated on a small scale: often farmers only harvest from a single tree. Thanks to the cooperative, these farmers are more secure in terms of sales and income. This is essential, but another important factor is that the cloves are cultivated sustainably. On 1 May 2013, we therefore joined up with the cooperative to work on a sustainability project. This means that we can ensure that the cloves are cultivated with

We are proud to announce that we have been dealing with a Madagascan cooperative for our supply of cloves.

respect for people and the planet. An important part of the sustainability project is training the farmers to apply good agricultural practices. A local organisation gives the training courses. Farmers learn about the responsible use of pesticides, crop care, using water with respect for the environment and preparing the soil. Besides the training, the farmers invest in simple tools to promote sustainable production, such as better harvesting methods, planting new trees and acquiring ergonomic equipment for temporary workers. Thus, in cooperation with the producers, Degens (a trademark of Intertaste) is doing its best to improve the quality of life, working conditions, environmental protection and ultimately the quality of the product.


TASTE magazine

GREENEST! A journey through the world of herbs and spices... A real winter recipe includes the lovely aromas of winter spices, such as cloves, bay leaves and ginger, giving dishes great flavour and a winter feel. Degens invites you on a journey through the world of herbs and spices and has highlighted some of the stars you won't want to miss this winter season.



Cloves are amongst the most

Ginger is an important and

authentic and strongest spices.

versatile ingredient. It is used in

They are actually unripe flower

sausages and seafood dishes, but

buds. The flower buds are picked


from the clove tree just as they

Bay leaves are one of the most

in soft drinks and confectionery?

are about to bloom and then

useful European herbs and

This spice acts quite like grated

dried for a few days. Cloves are

come from the Laurus nobilis,

lemon rind, adding a fresh

used around the world in meat

an evergreen tree or bush. The

fragrance with plenty of nuances.

dishes such as roulade, ground

taste is a beautifully rounded

The taste is fairly sharp and

beef and stews.

combination of wood, flowers,


did you know that it’s even used

eucalyptus and hints of clove. Best used in sauces, hotchpotch, marinades and stews.

TASTE magazine


Christmas Specials A true feast with festive flavoured meat! From turkey breast to delicious meatloaf with cinnamon and cranberries.

Origin Sage is originally from the Mediterranean. Meatloaf with Cinnamon and Cranberries.

Pork Roast with Orange and Sage — Ingredients - pork fillet or mignonette - 20 g/kg Degens Roulade

Seasoning with Salt 7030268

- orange - fresh sage - bacon Preparation 1. Cut the fillet open on the side and rub in the Roulade Seasoning with Salt. Now make diagonal cuts on both sides, keeping 4 cm from the middle.

Meatloaf with Cinnamon and Cranberries — Ingredients

Fill these cuts with bacon and

Turkey Breast Napoli —

sage, leaving the sage sticking


out slightly.

- turkey breast fillets

2. Garnish the top with sliced

- 50 g/kg Degens Dry Glaze

orange. Present the roast in an

Napoli 7034073

aluminium oven dish.

- bacon - spring onion and mushrooms to

Serving suggestion! Our Degens


Culinary Orange Sauce 7043644 tastes wonderful with this dish.

- ground beef (50% beef or veal,


1. Season the turkey breast fillets

50% pork)

- 50 g/kg Dry Glaze Cinnamon

Cranberry 7037103

- cinnamon sticks

with Dry Glaze Napoli and top with slices of bacon. 2. Finish by garnishing with spring

- 30 g/kg dried cranberries

onion and mushrooms. Present

in an oven dish.

(plus some extra for the garnish)


Serving suggestion! A great

1. Season the ground beef with the

accompaniment would be a hot

Dry Glaze Cinnamon Cranberry

Degens Culinary Cherry Sauce

and add the dried cranberries.

7043638, garnished with finely

Shape into meatloaves of

crumbled soft gingerbread.

preferred size. 2. Decorate with dried cranberries and the cinnamons sticks.

TASTE magazine


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Assortiment Order N°.



Black Pudding Special Seasonin

7030086 7045792


Order N°.


1,5 kg


Dry Glaze Mustard-Dill

Weight 1 kg

Farmer's Seasoning

1 kg


Dry Glaze Napoli

1 kg

Cutlet Seasoning

1 kg


Dry Glaze Pepper

1 kg


Pea Soup Melang

0,5 kg


Dry Glaze Red Pesto

1 kg


Liverwurst Picolmari Seasoning

0,5 kg


Dry Glaze Saté

1 kg


Gravy Powder all-in

1 kg


Dry Glaze Spare Rib

1 kg


Hotchpotch Seasoning

1 kg


Dry Glaze Tomato/Basil

1 kg


Premium Ground Beef/Bratwurstmix

4 kg


Dry Glaze Tuscany

1 kg


Oriental Chicken Seasoning


Stew Seasoning with salt

1,5 kg


Filet/Steak Tartare Sauce Du Chef


Rookworst Seasoning Arnhem

3 kg


Filet/Steak Tartare Sauce Extra

5 kg


Premium Vekamix

4 kg


Filet/Steak Tartare Sauce Extra

10 kg


Roulade Seasoning with salt

5 kg


Filet/Steak Tartare Sauce Garni

10 kg


Filet/Steak Tartare Sauce Martino

10 kg

2,5 kg


Filet/Steak Tartare Sauce Martino

20 x 500 g

3 kg


Filet/Steak Tartare Sauce Su

10 kg

2,5 kg


Filet/Steak Tartare Sauce Su

16 x 800 g

1 kg 10 kg


Cocktail Sauce


Stew Sauce


Pineapple Curry Sauce


Curry Sauce

5 kg


Curry Sauce NR

3 kg


Breading Mix Schnitzel

5 kg


Garlic Sauce España Classic

5 kg


Breading Mix Cajun

5 kg


Oriental Egg Roll Sauce

5 kg


Breading Mix Cordon Bleu

5 kg


NR Madras Sauce

2,5 kg


Breading Mix Fantasy Yellow

5 kg


Provençal Sauce

5 kg


Breading Mix Fantasy White

5 kg


Fresh Tartare Sauce

5 kg


Breading Mix Gold

5 kg


Honey Soy Sauce

5 kg


Breading Mix Gouda

5 kg


Premix Brown Sauces

3 kg


Breading Mix Prague

5 kg


Breading Mix Special

5 kg


Culinary Archiduc Sauce

4 x 1 kg


Breading Mix Wiener

5 kg


Culinary Bisque/Lobster Sauce

4 x 1 kg


Breading Mix Zigeuner

5 kg


Culinary Bisque/Lobster Sauce

2,5 kg


Culinary Chinese Sauce

4 x 1 kg


Taste Sensation Asparagus tip

1 kg


Culinary Creamy Green Pepper Sauce

4 x 1 kg


Taste Sensation Baco

1 kg


Culinary Cherry Sauce

2,5 kg


Taste Sensation Campagnard

1 kg


Culinary Madeira Sauce

4 x 1 kg


Taste Sensation Mushroom

1 kg


Culinary Normandy Fish Sauce

4 x 1 kg


Taste Sensation Chorizo

1 kg


Culinary Porto Cream Sauce

2,5 kg


Taste Sensation Italian

1 kg


Culinary Porto Sauce Forest Fruits

2,5 kg


Taste Sensation Cheese

1 kg


Culinary Orange Sauce

2,5 kg


Taste Sensation Curry

1 kg


Culinary Spaghetti Sauce

4 x 1 kg


Taste Sensation Spring tip

1 kg


Culinary Vol Au Vent Sauce

4 x 1 kg


Taste Sensation Garlic

1 kg


Culinary Wild Game Sauce

2,5 kg


Taste Sensation Mustard

1 kg


Taste Sensation Spicy

1 kg


Dry Glaze Beef

1 kg


Taste Sensation Piri-piri

1 kg


Dry Glaze Bistro

1 kg


Taste Sensation Provençal

1 kg


Dry Glaze Green Herbs

1 kg


Taste Sensation Stroganoff

1 kg


Dry Glaze Indian Curry

1 kg


Taste Sensation Tomato/Basil

1 kg


Dry Glaze Cinnamon/Cranberry

1 kg


Taste Sensation Onion

1 kg


Dry Glaze Lemon Pepper

1 kg

TASTE magazine


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