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Nhựt Nguyễn aka Lai is a 28 years old Hanoian artist based in Saigon, Vietnam. Working as a graphic designer, illustrator, and mainly working in digital media, prints or branding; like any good superhero, his day job involves a desk, and access to the tools he needs to moonlight as one of the few who cares enough to make a difference in the world. Having founded the Arts For Peace Foundation this past March, he has continued the work he started at the age of 17, in helping to improve the lives of humans and animals in need. Lai is staying immensely humble through the process. We took some time to ask Lai about his past, present, and future.

Andrea: Why do you do what you do? How did

Andrea: Has any of your work been inspired

Andrea: As an artist you are sharing a part of

this become your chosen medium?

by a real life experience, or is there one expe-

yourself with the public, is it ever difficult to

rience in particular that stands out that was

share work with your audience?

Lai: I work as a “creative worker”. All of the

an inspiration for your work? Lai: “Why so expensive?” This is the question

jobs related to both, creativity and aesthetic appeal, are interesting to me. I work widely

Lai: I’m an animal lover. Something brought

that we often receive in our country, when

within the creative industries in Vietnam by

me to this job. I have now started with these

it comes to creative products. Donation is a

collaborating with different companies and

animals. On the way, I have taken back to

sensitive issue in our country, because fraud

organizations, such as those that include

my home six abandoned kittens. Then I fos-

and corruption are taking place every single

fashion, advertising, film, etc... All of these

tered them and found new owners for them

day. Our group has eight members, and we

jobs have a degree of difficulty that stim-

through Rescued Animal Group. Through this

go calling on the participation of other art-

ulates my passion. I’m always learning, and

forum, I accepted to foster more. At many

ists. Eight of us share a lot of hard work. The

these jobs will help me learn a lot. My most

times, I have had to foster more than 20 dif-

paintings of many Vietnamese artists are in-

favorite thing is the use of art for charity

ferent animals in my house. In my country,

serted each onto different postcards, and we

and social work. It makes me feel like my job

the cat and dog meat is also a controversial

design differently for each painting. We cre-

choice is meaningful, because it contributes

issue. Many people protest that if humans

ate the packaging to be the most beautiful.

and is helpful to others.

are disadvantaged, why would we rescue

We print, cut, finish entirely by hand, in order

animals? A small group of us are trying to

to save money. All of the canvases (fine art

I founded an organization named Arts For

fight for it. I realize that if humans` opinions

prints), as well as that, we print, frame and

Peace Foundation (AFP) in March this year

change, the protected animal ability will be

have launched them out in the market with

with eight members. We sell fine art print

improved. So, I engaged in relief activities for

reasonable prices. Every morning, we go to

and postcards fundraising to aid the disad-

people, in parallel with the call for fighting to

the company to work, and make income, and


protect animals.

every night we have continued the AFP job.

However, we are usually asked to reduce prices for the products of this charity, and many people doubt that we treat this money honestly. Andrea: Do you ever find the life of an artist to be lonely or removed in any way? What do you do to keep yourself stimulated and inspired in your daily life? Lai: I have done this job for 12 years, which is since I was 17 years old. I`ve never been frustrated about it. I have an endless love for this job. Sometimes I feel tired, but when I come back to my home, having a lot of dogs and cats waiting for me to feed and pet them, that makes me feel comfortable and warm, because I know that what I am doing, is right. Andrea: There is often controversial talk about arts funding and government / community involvement in the art world. What role, if any, do you see arts funding as having? Lai: In our country, the government is always involved in all artistic products that will be launched widely. All of them have been brutally “mutilated”, in order to conceal all sensitive information, (such as anything sexual, political, or involving corruption). We`ve always been careful creating the images, or are thinking carefully before the invisible messages spread, so that the approval organization of the government does not detect. Our country cannot have freedom of speech, and I’m always looking for it in many ways. Andrea: Your work has such a modern surrealism to it. Tell us about what you really respond to. Lai: In addition to the work I have mentioned, as you know, I paint. My works are mostly surrealistic portraits. I want to create a portrait of a human being through their thoughts, instead of drawing the specific details of their anatomy. Trend Privé Magazine 11

Post cards of Arts For Peace

Andrea: Do you have a dream project?

tablishing an LGBT-connecting community. Our team will organize fundraising activities,

Lai: Arts For Peace is a project that I feel has

to bring disadvantaged children to school.

been most rewarding in my career until now.

Or, we help people with infertility issues, and

I founded it, and appealed to 200 Vietnam-

orphans being able to meet each other. Or,

ese artists to join. Finally, our foundation

some activities supporting people who are in

has donated $ 15,000 dollars to the fisher-

war zones. You know, in most of the world,

men, who have suffered from their fish dying

and especially Asia, many people view homo-

of problems, causes by the toxic emissions

sexuality as a sickness or a reason for human

from factories in Formosa. At that time, our

genocide. We want them to know that we are

government did not have a solution.

human like them, and we can bring peace and good on this earth. That is a big dream

However, as a gay man, I still cherished es-

that I will always pursue.

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Andrea: I have often heard from artists of

The first painting is a self-portrait: The story

various disciplines that “a piece is never fin-

that I will tell, is a story about the luxury life in

ished”... Roughly how long does it take you

which people often “paint” themselves. There

to create a piece? Do you solely work on one

are a lot of pains and feelings, that people

piece at a time? Or do they build a little at a

ignore, in order to get a perfect portrait. A


small bird is a visualization about the true vibration remaining in humans. The golden

Lai: I don’t have an exact timing to create an

clue is only a weak connection with that sen-

artwork. I want each of my paintings to have

timent. “It” can fly away at any time, leaving

a different story. The distance between piec-

only a faceless person.

es being created, that is the time I am looking for. Stories from different people.

The second painting is my favorite. It is a portrait of a man with a smile emoticon on

Andrea: Which of your artwork pieces is your

his face. I believe that each of us have once


experienced that moment. We use smiley actions to hide an inside sadness. Although life

Lai: I want to introduce you to three paintings:

is how we must “always be smiling”.

And the last painting that I introduce is, “Two

call it a “modern surrealist” style, like you


called it. I will also call it like that.

This painting “talks” about the unhealthy relationships between Vietnam and China. The

Andrea: How long have you considered your-

girl on the left wears a black cheongsam. The

self “an artist”? Did it take making an income

girl on the right wears a white Aodai (viet-

from your art for you to realize that that’s

namese long dress).

what your status was?

Cheongsam girls have had a conspiracy to “dye” my country by a black color, and my

Lai: Never before did I consider myself an

government seems to believe that, “we don’t

artist. I like to call myself a “creative worker”.

know, anything could happen”. Until now, I only sold my paintings to charity, Andrea: What would you call your style?

not yet officially sold as individual products. I make money from my main job, which is to

Lai: I do not know how to call its name. Just

design branding and packaging. Trend Privé Magazine 15

Andrea: Do you feel there is a specific purpose

pret your artwork differently?

to your artwork? Lai: That is a great thing for me. I could hear Lai: I want to tell a story from each of my

other stories from the painting that I have

paintings. The viewer’s empathy with me, is a

not thought of. It’s really quite interesting,

thing that I am always looking for.

that nobody recognized me in my exhibition. I can blend into the crowd, and hear different

Andrea: How do you feel when people inter-

stories about my artworks.

see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 17

























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Trend Privé Magazine 22

Andrea: You are that photographer whose photos beg the question: “HOW did he get that shot?” What is your process when you have a client? Do you run from a catalogue of ideas? Is there a specific element that you look for that inspires each photo? Thomas: Basically, what inspires me, is always the element of time. Through my work I always strive to capture a slice of time that will inspire, or add impact to the message that the client wants to express, even more so, if it is a slice of a gesture that otherwise might even seem ordinary or boring. I am very conscious about the fact that the mystery of the how might be completely ruined, when the motion or action in the image is created in post-production. Therefore, I work consistently on set towards the perfection of the gestures in the image. This way I hope that it stays true to reality, but looks as if it is impossible. When a client lays out a briefing or idea, the process starts with a brainstorm around how I can make something «different» out of it within the concept. Actually, most of the time the client leaves a lot of open spaces in their conception of the final result, and leave it largely up to me on how to interpret the briefing. For instance, I work a lot on decoration projects, where I am asked to create artwork for hotels, offices, private homes or public facilities. In that case, I am most often presented with a single word like “Eagle”, “Weather”, or “Sea”, and I`m left completely free to create a series of art within that theme, that gives the venue, the little extra it needs to stand out. This is really demanding, but also a great privilege to be able to collaborate with the architects and designers of the venue, to work towards a truly tailored feeling throughout the entire concept.

Andrea: Is there a photographer that inspired

Norway when I was 16. That marked some

and I am what I do. I am never satisfied, and

you growing up?

kind of radical change, and maybe added

I am very aware that this is both, a strength

even emptiness within me. I suddenly felt like

and a weakness. Good enough just doesn’t

Thomas: My interest in photography only

I had no identity other than The Dutchman,

do it for me, and that makes me go way too

really started when I was 18, and from that

and I started looking for something that de-

far sometimes, to reach where I want to go.

point on, my greatest inspirations have been

fined me as a person. Photography just fell in

I don’t have the illusion that I will ever achieve

Lois Greenfield and Tim Flach. Their work is

place without thinking about it, and I started

the «goal» you are talking about. There is no

just, so far beyond perfection...

looking for ways to make it my own, maybe

goal other than the road towards it, and I tru-

even define me. I loved doing gymnastics in

ly believe that no artist should ever be driven

Andrea: What made you want to choose this

Holland, which I wasn’t able to continue do-

by the desire to achieve something. Achieve-

path? Where did this passion for photography

ing in Norway. Maybe that was the factor that

ments are much rather the result of a driven

come from?

made me focus on the dynamics, that I end-

soul, doing what it does best.

ed up specializing in. Thomas: The moment I saw the work of Lois

Andrea: How important is it to you that your

Greenfield, a New York-based dance pho-

Andrea: When you first started in photogra-

photography is an extension of your brand?

tographer, who has created some of the

phy, what was your goal? Do you feel like you

Do you ever have a project where you’d like

most breath-taking, still-lives of airborne hu-

have achieved it? You are considered to have

to try an entirely different approach, but you

man bodies. That moment, I knew that this

reached a level most photographers dream

feel limited by having a certain “look” you are

was what I wanted to be doing. Her work is

of and at a ridiculously young age, so what

known for?

just so much more than photography. Maybe

do you do from here? Do you think you will

the camera and technical aspect is even the

evolve through different styles?

least important in her work, even though it is

Thomas: I have never really tried to establish a look or brand. It has merely just turned out

performed beyond perfection in all manners.

Thomas: I consider myself to be very «lucky» ,

to be this way. Because of that, I neither have

Her work is all about the collaboration be-

to always have known very clearly what I want

had the problem that I would like to try a dif-

tween her creative mind and the passion of

to do with my life. Not everyone has such a

ferent approach, when it wouldn’t feel gen-

her models. The camera just is there.

defined passion. On the other hand, it might

uine. And then again, the moment in which

Also, the moment I moved from Holland to

also be a curse in some way. My work is me,

such different approach feels genuine, it

wouldn’t ever conflict with your style. You

that even if I «feel guilty» to charge for my

not when it comes to the technical aspect. It

know, sometimes the artist gets in the way

product, I need to do so, if I want to continue

just happens. To be able to illuminate, and

of his or her art. Don’t try to create the art,

delivering that product, and make a living out

freeze the motion in my signature way also

let the art create itself. Something that does

of it. Some say that the only thing you need

under water, I had a custom underwater

limit me, if it even can be called “a limitation”,

in life is love and air, but unfortunately that’s

housing built for my Hasselblad, which ena-

is that I simply suck at doing what I cannot

a bubble that bursts pretty quickly when you

bles me to control the strobes that are set

do, such as portrait or product photography.

start your own business. The best thing is to

up above the surface. From that point on, it

And because of that, I have been very con-

hand over the business side of my work to

is simply a matter of starting to shoot, and

sistent in rejecting projects that involve work

a person whose competence is exactly that,

change the settings bit by bit, until the tech-

that I know someone else can do better and

but I’m still looking for someone who I really

nical aspect becomes just a superficial factor,

cheaper. I am very clear about that towards

trust to represent my work in a truthful way.

whose only function is to be there when the

my clients, and I know for a fact that such honesty is appreciated.

magic happens. Andrea: We love the ethereal quality and sense of mystery that comes from your light-

Andrea: Let’s talk about the equipment for

Andrea: When does the “artist” eclipse the

ing. What type of team or setup do you need

a moment. What drew you to Hasselblad?

“businessperson” for a shoot and vice versa...

to light something underwater like this? Is it

Initially your work looks perfectly edited,

or do they always seem to work well together?

second nature to you now? Or is it always a

but Hasselblad is known for not being “gim-

very carefully planned setup?

micky”... this is on purpose? Do you work with

Thomas: One of my biggest challenges, and I

Hasselblad because it takes you to the root

believe that I’m not the only one in this field

Thomas: I have the tendency to say that I

of photography itself? As a younger photogra-

of work thinking this way, is that I think too

don’t really know what I’m doing. I just know

pher the tendency is often to depend on the

much about the art, and too little about the

where I want to end up, and I know that

tech, what inspires you to shoot “film” limita-

fact that, it also should enable me to pay

very well. I strongly believe that it works

tions with digital? Why did you go with Hassel-

the bills. I tend to put way more time and

the best for me to go into the production

blad right out of the gate?

effort in jobs that only pay that much, and

as open-minded as possible, where I yet do

that makes the financial side of my passion a

not know the way towards the end result. Of

Thomas: It might seem like a really strange

real challenge. I have luckily come to realize

course, it is a carefully planned process, but

choice, to start shooting with Hasselblad Trend Privé Magazine 25

that always has been known for basically everything, but being fast, when looking for a system that would enable me to freeze extreme high-speed motion. But I also knew that the central shutter system of the Hasselblad would allow me to synchronize with flash at all shutter speeds. I wasn’t sure since there were no examples of this technique at the time, but I knew that it in theory, it would enable me to freeze motion with the effective flash duration rather than the exposure time. The ultimate test was probably a shoot where I wanted to capture a biathlon athlete while jumping through a cloud of snow, and I wanted the .22 bullet to show while leaving the barrel of the rifle at 320 meters/second. Beside that sheer technical aspect, I simply wanted to use a system that would eliminate all technical boundaries in my line of work, putting all responsibility for a succeeded shoot in my hands rather than exterior factors. Hasselblad for me has always been a brand that is, and always has been, genuinely interested in the users of the system. A brand that knows that it is not up to them or their product to create amazing photography, but when put in the right hands, will enable the user to do exactly what they do best. And also since Hasselblad is a relatively small company, they are truly involved in the industry and listen to what their customers need, in order to keep persuading their visual passion. In the end, the camera is just a tool. Andrea: In a world where everything is photoshopped to the hilt, it is refreshing to see work that keeps a natural look to a face and shows actual emotion in the moment, not contrived. Do you ever have to defend this look to a client? Thomas: It makes me sad to see commercials all over the globe that could have been so powerful, if only they had taken the effort and competence to shoot it in-camera, instead of putting the whole thing together with





high-quality photographers tend to attempt to create impossible-looking shots, by using post production, and it is just so easy to dismantle when you’re looking at it. Once I turned down a really high-end agency, only because they demanded that I would start photoshopping. I do realize that this is «necessary» in today’s society, but that doesn’t mean that I agree. I am sick and tired of boys and girls all around the globe, feeling the pressure to obtain some kind of «ideal», that has never existed in the first place. Well, if my client demands me to create something «photoshopped”, they can go and find themselves another photographer. Birthmarks, scars, imperfections, fat, and body shape, these are all things that we all are born with, and in my eyes all of these «imperfections» make us who we are. The bodily ideal that the media and commercial world present to us, makes us long for something that does not exist, and I do not wish to be a part of that «pushing machine». Andrea: Even your nature photography seems to have an element of athleticism in it, as though you are bringing out the muscular strength of the animal. Is this an attribution to your time as a gymnast? Is the physical strength in the photo something you look for? Thomas: I don’t really think about what I do too much, and it’s hard for me to «analyze» why I do what I do that way. Neither can I truly say that it is something that I look for. It is just the way it always turns out to be. So maybe yes, it is something that lays me naturally for some reason. Basically, I just know what I like, and I work until I get the shot that I am looking for without compromise. If I want to put energy in creating an image that I truly and proudly can call my own, I always start looking for a way to make the situation my own. I want to rip it out of context, and manipulate the truth,

Trend Privé Magazine 27

to visualize something that I believe shows


presentations, I often meet people who

an unseen side of the situation.

If I were to work with models on this, I’d want

come to me, and say that they envy me and

to be working with talented dancers, people

the things I have achieved. They tend to say

Andrea: Close your eyes for a second and im-

who know how to be airborne. I’d be work-

that in a way, that makes me believe they are

agine you`re on set. When you think of the

ing with two models, regardless of gender,

convinced, they will never be good enough

word “love”, what`s the first thing that comes

age, color or nationality, and I would want to

to achieve such a thing. This makes me sad,

to your mind? How and what would you cre-

create a weightless moment, where they are

because the only thing I believe in, is the

ate in order to bring that beautiful feeling to

emotionally interconnected while airborne.

strength of your own decisiveness, and the


Jumping around is basically a pretty stressful

power that everyone has to pursue their

and demanding thing, but the result would

dreams. If you already beforehand believe,

Thomas: I could put together a complete

look like they were almost asleep and at ease

and convince yourself, that you will not get

brief on this. If a client would come to me

in each other’s presence, floating in an end-

the job done, it will not get done.

with this question, I would be up all night,

less universe of weightlessness and ambi-

In Holland, we have an expression that says,

letting my fantasy flow, and put it into a 20-

ance. I would like to use scarfs and colors or

«No, you have. Yes, you can get». No goal is

page briefing with benchmarks and drawings,

liquids that would wrap around them, while

out of reach, if you truly go for it, you can

with all possibilities as to how I could visual-

being airborne, to underline the «truthful-

at least get further then where you started.

ize this. A couple of sentences here, is always

ness» of the moment itself, taking away all

Try it, go for your dream. You will surprise

going to be too little to really do it justice. Or,

doubt regarding it being photoshopped or


maybe we could also drop the brief, and just


And this regards much more than photogra-

get my hands on my camera and start shooting. I’ll try to explain anyway.

phy. It regards basically everything in life. Andrea: Is there an even higher and bigger

- Go with the decision that will make for a

purpose behind your inspiring

good story.

Love is something that binds people togeth-

talent and passion for photography? Is there

- Luck favors the prepared.

er, and makes people look past the flaws and

anything in particular you`d like the world to

- Do whatever you want to do in life, but be

imperfections of others. For me, it means tol-

learn about / from you?

the best at it.

erance, understanding, and putting yourself second to others. It is a huge theme, almost

- Go for something that you perceive to be Thomas: When I hold lectures, demos or

«out of your league». You’ll surprise yourself.

Andrea: If you could live in any era, which

the only thing the camera actually sees, is the

I get the chance. It turned out simply just not

would it be and why?

time and scene the lighting illuminates. So,

good enough for me. There was too much

even if the exposure time would be 1 sec-

distance between me and the dolphins, and

Thomas: It would without a doubt, be liv-

ond, if the camera settings and amount of

I got the focus to be 1 meter behind the ac-

ing side-to-side with King Arthur during the

light would allow the image to turn out black,

tual focus plane. This annoys me so much! I

4th-century. The book that Marlon Bradly

it would still turn out to be crystal-sharp, if

feel that I should have done better to illus-

wrote about his legend; The Mists of Avalon,

the flash duration is as short as 1/8000 sec.

trate such graceful animals, and for the next

has inspired me greatly, and to live in such an

I hope this makes sense. It is pretty boring

time I want to be much closer to the action,

era, with no complexity to life other than our

and technical, to talk about something that

maybe even within it. Especially when I use

basic instinct and understanding of life, really

really doesn’t matter that much. In the end,

my 28mm lens, I find it really important to

appeals to me. Plus, I have a great passion

it`s all about your own personal vision, and

get into the action, so that it creates as much

for the art of forging steel.

what you want to achieve.

depth and impact as possible.

Andrea: I`d love to know how you master the

Andrea: I love underwater photography and

Andrea: Your sports photography is exem-

high-speed work that you do. It is so impres-

yours is by far the best I`ve seen.

plary. Do you only shoot sports on location?

sive to see your brilliant captures of human

How did you shoot the dolphins? What lens

What`s the key to a perfect sports image?

bodies in movement, yet clear, crisp, still and

and camera? How did you feel about it? Was

with a great story behind. Are there any spe-

there a specific feeling when shooting such

Thomas: Sports photography should be

cial techniques that need to be followed in or-

amazing creatures in their element?

about sports.

der to freeze such a fast-speed moment?

I get so annoyed when I see athletes being Thomas: The dolphins are shot on my Has-

photographed while half naked, or complete-

Thomas: Well, the most important thing in

selblad H4D-50 with 28mm HCD lens.

ly out of their element. It just does not make

my work is that actually the lighting creates

I had the camera in my H4D underwater

any sense. Doing sports photography, is ac-

the image. Not the camera. It is also the light-

housing, connected to 3 studio strobes firing

tually very satisfying, because I wish to just

ing that freezes the moment. Technically, if

at 1/7500 sec. I feel that the result is ok, but

be a spectator, and let the athletes do what

you would set your camera to underexpose

I really am not satisfied with the result at all.

they do best. But then, when I see a moment

so much that the image would turn out black,

I still want to do a remake of this shoot when

that intrigues me, Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 29

I ask the athlete to repeat it over and over

vote, smell or make love. I will judge you by

again, and I start to set up, and optimize the

the things you do to other people. Be good to

lighting to get the shot that I am looking for.

one another, no matter what.

But the utmost best situation is whenever

- «You can tell the size of a man by the size of

I am allowed to be there during an athletic

things that bother him».

performance, where I can anticipate on gestures that are predictable, and be there with

Andrea: Any advice for our readers regarding

my studio lighting and camera. Because then,

the difficult art of timing? Is this a skill you`re

the athlete doesn’t think about being photo-

born with or can someone learn it?

graphed. The only thing on their mind right there and then, is to do what they do best.

Thomas: Very simple: You can learn it. But

And that turns into the purest photograph-

the moment you need to ask yourself, “why

ic result; no manipulation, no desire to look

you are doing it”, you have lost. Go for what

good, and no photographer telling the ath-

makes you feel good. That’s all you need to

lete what to do.

know; whatever you do for a living.

Andrea: If you could fix one world problem,

Also, I have not studied to learn anything

what would it be? Is there a humanitarian

about photography. I believe that you can

cause close to your heart?

learn absolutely anything, if you really want to. To underline this, I would like to quote Sir

Thomas: I would really like to wake up one

Ken Robinson:

day and experience that people all over the world would respect, or treat, one another

«Kids: when they don’t know, they’ll have a

for what each individual represents, instead

go. They’re not frightened of being wrong.

of the «group» they are expected to belong

Now, I don’t mean to say that being wrong


is the same as being creative, but what I do

There is no such thing as being black, white,

mean to say is that if you’re not prepared to

blue, yellow, photographer, Dutch, American,

be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything

Italian, bus driver or fuckup. There just is no


such thing. Each person is who he or she is. Do you behave or act in a way that I respect?

And by the time they get adults, most kids

Then I will spend energy on you. Do you be-

have lost that capacity. They have become

have or act in a way that offends me? Then I

frightened of being wrong. They have gone

will stop spending energy on you.

through an educational system, where being

I would like to see the day when everyone

wrong or making a mistake is the worst thing

looks past the etiquette, and would start to

that might happen, and in most cases, it is

get out of their comfort-zone, and listen to

even stigmatized. The result is that we are

the person who thinks opposite of them-

educating people out of their creative capac-

selves. It doesn’t matter how you dress, look,


Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 31

MENA SUVARI Photographer Adina Doria Creative Director Adrielyn Christi Photo Assistant Sam Hazlett Styling Natalia Naila and Cheeia Xiong Wardrobe Assistant Anastasia Kryukova Hair Stylist David Stanwell Makeup Artist Robert Bryan Jewelry Stylist Paulina Riedler Production Assistant Kiana Tebyani Video by: Sam Hazlett Headbands and crowns Atzi designs Shoes Schutz shoes Dresses Adolfo Sanchez, Laudae and Jewelry Chloe and Isabel via Paulina Reider Skincare Sweat cosmetics and Perlier Cosmetics Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 32



You will recognize her from having starred in

Adrielyn: What age were you when you first

the best part, and this was the worst part. I

such feature films as: “American Pie”, “Amer-

realized that you wanted to get into acting?

think, it’s just always been up and down. I’m

ican Beauty”, “Sugar ‘n Spice”, “Rumor Has It”

enjoying the ride, as they say.

and many more. She is Mena Suvari!

Mena: I was a teenager, but growing up, I

This Hollywood darling is back in the spotlight

always thought I wanted to be an archaeol-

Adrielyn: I guess you have to. Everyone thinks

with several new projects in the works. She

ogist. It wasn’t until later, that I realized this

the celebrity life should be coveted, but as I’m

recently wrapped shooting the TV LAND Pilot

was what I wanted to do.

sure there can be good, there are probably

“AMERICAN WOMAN”, starring opposite Alicia

some aspects you want to keep private in your

Silverstone with producer John Wells. Addi-

Adrielyn: What has been the best phase and

life with the paparazzi constantly around.

tionally Mena wrapped on BECKS, starring op-

what was the worst phase in this career jour-

That’s probably difficult at times, right?

posite Lena Hall, written and directed by Dan

ney? Mena: I mean, listen, it can be. I’m not like

Powell and Elizabeth Rohrbaugh. She maintains some serious clout in a world where it is

Mena: The best phase? Oh, I don’t know. It’s

Lady Gaga, you know? (laughing). I can’t even

difficult to do so.

never black and white to me. It’s always a

imagine ever really feeling like I’m under a mi-

journey, you know? It’s how life is. It’s always

croscope, because I certainly don’t. I mean, I

Recently while shooting Mena for our cover

cyclical, there are so many kinds of ups and

understand that’s an aspect of the business

in the in the hills of Calabasas, California, we

downs. Being a part of so many different and

that I’m in, but I’ve always really been drawn

found that we admired her outlook on life and

sometimes pivotal moves in my life, just kind

to the creative aspect and the work aspect of

the fast-paced world of acting. It was inspiring

of gave me the sense of learning how to roll

what I do. That’s what I enjoy. I never really,

to speak with her, and to simply get a fresh

with whatever kinda came my way, I think,

I guess, was inspired to attain certain things

take on the life of a Hollywood actress.

but I don’t really look at my life like this was

for the sake of fame or success. Trend Privé Magazine 33

That was something I never could understand,

that. I’ve finally gotten into working more in de-

even when I started to become recognized,

veloping content that I’ve been wanting to do

which is probably right after I worked on Amer-

for a long time. It creates more of an empower-

ican Pie, and that came out. So that was kind

ment in a sense. I feel stronger as a woman to

of a little strange, when you have to deal with

be able to pursue the things that I want, and I

that feeling, like I wasn’t different in any sense

know that a paparazzi photo doesn’t define me.

or special in any way from anyone else, and why someone would want a photo with me or

Adrielyn: I love that answer and that’s great to

an autograph. It was kind of weird to wrap my


head around. Mena: Awe, thanks. In my early twenties, there was a moment where I was a little weirded out by it all, and

Adrielyn: Who is your favorite actor that you

kind of wanted to focus on what I was doing,

worked with and why?

and I had to understand that, okay, there’s the Mena who’s still figuring out, you know, that’s

Mena: Oh Gosh, you’re asking me all of these

the person I have to live with every day, and

“favorite” questions! That always happens! I’ve

who just continues to mystify me (breaks out a

always admired the career of someone like

laugh) and whatnot... and then there’s the per-

Betti Davis. In the sense of “that’s the type of

sona of who you know I am according to other

actress” and the way she always challenged

people and that aspect of my work, so I know

herself in the types of characters she played.

that’s just part of what I do. And I think that

You know those roles have always been a huge

helps me deal with it in a sense that you know

inspiration to me.

everyone is different. There are a lot of people that I absolutely adore I can’t even imagine being in a situation that

and that I would love to have a moment to work

some people can be in, and then paparazzi can


be very invasive. There’s no real dividing line.

Most recently I thought of Sara Polley, and I

The paparazzi have gotten so much worse over

would love to work with her in a sense of hav-

the past few years, and I feel like I’ve been in

ing her direct either a project that I work on, or

this long enough to say that it’s gotten a little

act along with her.

bit out of control.

The list is endless.

But I think, for the most part, I just feel overall

Adrielyn: What is your favorite “all time movie”,

really grateful people have always been really

(it doesn’t have to be something you’ve worked

nice. I’ve always felt like they could be throwing

on), but that is something you love to watch?

tomatoes at me and they’re not. So I feel really grateful.

Mena: One of my favorites? It`s a film by Akira Kurosawa called Dreams. I just think it’s abso-

So I just like to focus on my work and at this

lutely beautiful in so many ways.

point in my life, I feel like I’m really enjoying

It’s just a stunning film.

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 35

Adrielyn: You recently were in the NBC TV series called Chicago Fire. I loved your character in it. Are there any plans to be back on that set again? Mena: No, that was just art that I did, but it was great. It’s really wonderful to play these types of strong women roles. I mean, a campaign manager? That was something, I guess, that I never thought of myself and then to go in, and meet with everyone on that show, it was something that they came in, and thought of me, therefore it was a compliment to be considered for that type of role. It was a great experience to have to work in the television world, and the way the production runs, was completely intense. Adrielyn: You’re very fashionable and classy. Who is your favorite designer or are there any that you’ve dreamt about working with? Mena: That list could go on and on. I must say that some of the dresses I wore at the photoshoot were fantastic, and there was one from Waxxbrand that was absolutely beautiful! I love supporting smaller designers in a sense, but to me, I’m always so fascinated with the workmanship that goes into a piece, like the first dress that I wore, and had the tulle and the beading. Those things are what that makes each piece unique.

I have a friend by the name of Aliona Kon-

I also love the casual, comfortable brands

There are so many things!

onova, and she’s fantastic, but again, she is

such as Helmut Lang, Theory and also real-

I’ve traveled the world to enough places that

a smaller designer from Russia. I wore one

ly love classic timeless pieces such as Celinè

it is just shocking to know that there is no

of her designs the night before our photo-

pieces, and I’m obsessed with H&M. I’ve nerd-

clean water. I mean, the things that a lot of

shoot, which was for a Hallmark event, with

ed out on H&M. I love the collaboration col-

developed nations have, and there is ab-

the TCA’s.

She had done these animal in-

lections. I was able to go to the Balmain one

solutely no reason why everyone shouldn’t

spired designs for this specific collection. Her

in LA . It was crazy to watch the videos when

have complete capability.

designs are absolutely fantastic! Her work is

it was released. Adrielyn: So is there anything new in produc-

literally like art. Those are the things I really appreciate, and

Adrielyn: If you could change one thing in the

when I’m given the opportunity to wear them,

world, what would it be?

tion or roles that we should look out for? Mena: I’m filming an independent movie with

it’s always a lot of fun. I don’t always have to be me; I can always play, and it’s always

Mena: One thing? Oh my God, these ques-

Dan Powell who is from Inside Amy Schumer


tions are so grand!

and with Lena Hall, Dan Fogler and

other great people, so I’m really excited

parts of the world, so it needs more

Adrielyn: If you could say anything to

about it. It’s called “Becks”. Also there


the Trend Privé readers, what would you

is a project that I’m attached to, that I

say to them?

will hopefully shoot by October called

Mena: I’ve been given so much in my

Shaving Fish.

life, and if there’s anything I can do in

Mena: I talked about a thing in my life

any way possible to help, I’ll do it.

called “weeding my garden.”

Adrielyn: Are there any global issues

I feel like people on social media, -this

It’s where I reflected upon my life, and

that you would like to see end?

is something so small in that respect-,

everyone who I was connected with,

like for me to talk about a charity or for

and asked myself: “Do these people

Mena: Girls Not Brides is a charity which

anyone to talk about something that

want the best for me? Do they support

is a strong enough cause to fight for.

they love. I mean, the power of that

me to live up to my fullest potential? Do

They have about six hundred organi-

is phenomenal. You can really create

they love me unconditionally? Do they

zations that have partnered with them

awareness, and hopefully change opin-

inspire me?”

over the years, which is fascinating.

ions, and create real change.

All of these things are important in my

They want to end the child marriage in

life, and I feel like we need to have that

one generation, which is a big feat, but I

Adrielyn: Since you broke into the busi-

conversation with ourselves. It’s very

think it can be done.

ness when you were young, what piece

important who we surround ourselves

of advice would you offer a teenager

with, and it’s okay if that ultimately be-

who wants to get into acting?

comes a handful of people. That’s what I

Adrielyn: How did you hear about “Girls Not Brides”?

would inspire the readers to do. Mena: It’s really important to have a

Mena: I had done “Hollywood game

really good relationship with yourself.

Adrielyn: It goes without saying that Ms.

night”, which gives you an opportunity

I think that is something that I would

Suvari was a pleasure to work with, but

to play for your charity, and I was re-

have loved to have a bit more, because

we are also extremely pleased to be able

searching around, and there are so

you can very easily just feel a bit con-

to share how authentic and positive of a

many fantastic causes and charities.

fused and lost when you’re a teenag-

person she is. We will take to heart her

There are a million things I would end-

er, and you’re going through so many

thoughts on keeping friendships close

lessly support, but I guess, I just felt like

changes, and there’s just so much

and beneficial, and look forward to see-

I didn’t want to go to the top five that

stimulation. I can’t even imagine being

ing the work she does with charity in the

everyone talks about or supports. It’s

a teenager nowadays. We didn’t have


not that those aren’t fantastic organiza-

Twitter. I didn’t have any of that stuff,

tions, but I just felt, is there a smaller

and I can only imagine that it has to be

organization or a cause that needs a bit

way more complicated.

more awareness, or needs more fighting for? I that’s how I found Girls Not

I think it’s important to be able to ac-

Brides. I chose them for that opportu-

knowledge the qualities that makes

nity, and unfortunately I didn’t win any

you unique. We’re all “so” unique, and

money, but it was an organization that

we shouldn’t have to try to encapsulate

I never forgot and so, when I have the

something that you might not be.

opportunity again, and where I can align with a charity, I want to choose them.

I think that’s what we’re taught to do, and we were taught to think that way. For example, “I have to look like this

Adrielyn: I think it’s great that you chose

person to feel good about myself”, or

them because, like you said, the world

“I have to have ‘that’ to be successful.”

doesn’t know much about it and about

I don’t think that is what really matters

the fact that this is going on in other

in life! Trend Privé Magazine 37

Dress: Adolfo Sanchez ( Jewelry by Paulina Reider of Chloe and Isabel ( Shoes: Schutz (

Dress: Zhivago provided by Jewelry by Paulina Reider of Chloe and Isabel ( Shoes: Schutz (

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 39

Dress: Adolfo Sanchez ( Crown: Atzi Designs ( Jewelry by Paulina Reider of Chloe and Isabel (

Dress: Dream provided by Jewelry by Paulina Reider of Chloe and Isabel ( Shoes: Schutz (

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 41

Dress: Laudae ( Crown: Atzi Designs ( Jewelry by Paulina Reider of Chloe and Isabel (

Dress: Dream provided by Shoes: Schutz (

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 43

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 44

BEAUTY RE V IE W S b y A le x an d ra C hristi B y Gia O ’ N eal By Maria-Noel Bagnulo B y S ara R e y nol d s

E d i to r`s P i c k s

ARTI C LES Get Brow Ready Be autiful Holiday Skin B y E rin S ch w einsber g

INTER V IE W S In t e r v i e w w i t h M a r i a H a t z i s t e f a n i s a k a Mrs. Rodial I nter v ie w e d B y A d riel y C hristi B EAUTY P ROS I N TERVIEWED B Y M ARIA - N OEL B AG N ULO

Trend Privé Magazine 46


BEAUTYREVIEW Top Beauty Picks by Alexandra Christi


Perlier Royal Lip Elixir - This lip balm is the best I’ve used. Unlike most balms, which can be sticky, Perlier’s Lip Elixir is nourishing and hydrating. Get sweet on your lips with this age-defying beauty treatment. Enriched with fresh royal jelly and Italian organic honey, it’s ideal for wearing under lipstick or gloss to nourish lips with moisture, and leave them looking soft and smooth. One lip balm, one delectable look all to yourself.

Perlier Hydro Zone Eye Contour - If you’re looking for an eye product to reduce puffiness, this one is for you. Let your hard-working peepers chill out with this smooth roll-on. Its cold-effect applicator dispenses a hydrating serum that helps reduce the appearance of bags and puffiness around your eyes. So cool! Roll on in the morning and watch the puffiness go away. FAVORITE LIQUID HIGHLIGHTERS

Kevyn Aucoin - The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting This fragrance-free highlighter for all skin tones and types offers a shimmer effect that is subtle, compared to several other highlighters, and the glow that it produces, could be considered “candlelit skin”-like, which makes you look and feel like a Hollywood star. It definitely adds the right amount of shine, without feeling heavy on your skin. The fact that it goes on evenly is also a great thing, because it makes it very quick and easy to use.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold I love how shiny and shimmery it is, and yet, it gives that perfect pop of color on the cheeks. If you’re looking for a light shimmer, this one is for you. This lightweight highlighter will light up the features you love with subtle luminosity. If you want to achieve a refined glow in any light, this shimmering skin perfector will refract light to amplify your natural radiance, and it`s the perfect mixer for foundations, primers and moisturizers. RODIAL, OUR NEW OBSESSION

Images Courtesy to the Respective Brands

Rodial -Airbrush Concealer Malibu – This is THE BEST concealer I have used so far. The coverage is even, and it is not caked on. The consistency is thick, but once you put it on, it doesn’t feel or go on thickly. I use it under my eyes, and I have that airbrushed look without an airbrush. This refreshing concealer brightens up the eye area, and gives a more complete skin, therefore helps to minimize lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This concealer provides a more uniform skin, so if you tend to dark circles, it is perfect to use. Get an eye area with one look younger and fresher. Rodial- Instaglam Compact Deluxe Illuminating Powder Rodial products are fairly new to me, but this powder highlighter has a pearles-cent glow and a universal champagne tone for a dewy glow. It’s also lightweight for that even texture. It became one of my favorites.

Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana Powder Yes, this banana powder has clearly exceeded my expectations, all while covering up any imperfections that I may have. The versatile yellow shade suits a range of skin tones to compliment the full contour look. This subtle formula corrects surface redness and pink undertones whilst neutralizing blue under eye circles. This mattifying powder can both set your makeup and contour your face by the ‘baking’ make-up trend. It can be applied after foundation to prevent it from setting into fine lines, it also helps to reduce the appearance of an oily complexion. Trend Privé Magazine 48

GET MORE More Amazing Skin Care Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil This is such a great blend of Camellia and Rice Bran oils. A gentle, two-in-one makeup remover and cleanser that melts away even waterproof makeup, leaving behind purified, silky soft skin. It is great on All skin types, it is non-comedogenic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing and it`s dermatologist tested. Tatcha Supple Moisture Rich Cream

Favorite Lipsticks Best Nude Lipstick Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in Sonic Truth Best Red Lipstick NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Red Lizard

More Favorite Makeup Items Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector This highlighter is the perfect choice for glimmering cheeks. Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation This is a foundation in a stick form that does not feel like foundation on your skin. It also gives a lightweight, natural look. Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder This creamy, water-activated enzyme powder, effortlessly releases debris from skin, leaving it polished and baby soft in an instant. It is Parabens-free, Sulfates-free and Phthalates-free. It is great for uneven skintones, pores and uneven texture. Rodial -Instaglam Compact Deluxe Bronzing Powder Add natural sun-kissed color to your complexion with this perfect blend of pigments to suit all skintones. This bronzer effectively blends into the skin smoothly and evenly, while giving a warm glow.


Dyson Supersonic


By Sara Reynolds of Gypsy Dawn Beauty Bar 4364 Town Center Blvd #116, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

the blow dryer itself, knowing this dryer emits less heat and causes less damage, you’re doing your beautiful locks a favor, and saving your ends from drying and splitting, hence, less will have to be trimmed during your regular visits to your stylist. Along with the cut down in frizz, you’re less likely to need heated styling tools after, to smooth your hair, because the dryer is doing that work for you.

Today I got to experience the Dyson Supersonic blow dryer. I`ve seen a few pictures of the blow dryer online a few months prior, but nothing prepared me for what I thought actually I`d be seeing it in person. Opening the package, your first thought isn’t of a blow dryer. The shape is something I’ve never seen before. The first thing I noticed, wasn’t the weight of the blow dryer. Working in the beauty industry, I have had the opportunity to hold and use many types of lightweight dryers. So in comparison to others, it’s not that much different, though Dyson has done a very good job of making the dryer lightweight. It was the straight design and lack of longneck nozzle that completely caught me off guard. So here I am, plugged in and ready to go. I turned it on, and was quite delighted with how quiet it was. During my trial with it I didn’t feel the need to overly project myself toward my client, or shake my head and hope my client wasn’t asking me a question. I could hear her, and she could hear me throughout her blowout. I started by doing a rough blow dry, which I always do before I use my round brush. I noticed right away that it was going much more quickly than my current blow dryer. Which was great, because my model had very long, thick hair. I find most of my blowout clients do as well. With her hair at about 60% dry, I grabbed my round brush and stared doing my thing! Now the blow dryer design, as I mentioned above, is quite different than your everyday or average blow dryer. So it took some getting used to, and I feel, it would take several more times to change how I normally hold and use it.

However, after the first few sections I noticed how much smoother her hair was turning out. Normally I would need to use a lot more tension on the hair to cut the frizz. Together with the help of the blow dryer and the angled attachment, that wasn’t needed, so my job was made much easier, and I feel easier on the model as well. Less tension for both of us. Though Dyson uses a lower heat setting on the hair, I feel it took way, less time to finish. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was getting used to the design of the blow dryer, you could knock several min off your average blowout. I would honestly have to say about 10 min. Once I was done with her blowout, I marveled in the smoothness and shine that had been created. We both did. I also noticed at no point did my client, nor myself feel over-heated, which was great, especially on days where you’re doing back to back blowouts.

So, if you’re in a place where you feel that your hair is worth the extra cost, which we should all be, I would go for it. Think of it as extra insurance for your hair. Healthier hair in general makes us happy, but healthier hair also means better color retention (which equals more in your pocket with less trips to the salon, to keep that color radiant), smoother, shinier and longer!

My overall impression of the Dyson Supersonic blow dryer was fantastic. What’s hard to manage is the hearty price tag that comes along with. Being that the average cost of a blow dryer for someone in my industry is about $125-150, doubling your budget for a blow dryer is a bit hard to think of, but when you weigh it out to the fact that most of the damage you cause to your hair is done with Trend Privé Magazine 49



REVIEWS By Maria-Noel Bagnulo

Stila Lipstick Review


The Ormedic Skin Balancing line is incredible. As a bridal makeup artist, the Stay Power is so very Since having my baby in September, my skin has important and because of that, my current must been all over the place, with uneven texture, have liquid lipstick line is Stila’s Stay All Day. Once dehydrated and dull. In just two weeks, my glow these amazing liquid lipsticks have set, they don’t has returned, my skin is smooth and I don’t even “move”, and won’t kiss off. I recommend them to need to use my night cream anymore, since my all brides, so they can feel confident that their lip face stays hydrated all day. The eye lift gel is my color will stay on them and not on their significant absolute favorite. It eliminates my dark circles and other or guest. puffiness.


BENEFIT THEY’RE REAL MASCARA They’re Real Mascara by Benefit has such a great formula. I love my lashes to look full but not clumpy, and I love an ultra black mascara that won’t budge! I love the fact that I didn’t have to use a lash primer to see my lashes curl, and to achieve volume.

Images Courtesy to the Respective Brands

Charlotte Tilbury The Nuxe Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm is the longest wearing lip balm I have EVER used. Right away you When you think of luxury cosmetics, you can’t can tell it is conditioning your lips without having The Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Body Oil is a winter help it, but to think of Charlotte Tilbury. When crea sticky texture. The thick forma coats your lips Must Have! I love applying this gentle, fragranced beautifully, and you only need the tiniest bit of ator Charlotte Tilbury started her line, she believed oil right after my showers. It keeps my skin hydratthat “every woman wants to feel beautiful, powproduct. ed, without leaving a greasy feeling. The scent is erful and sexy, and that makeup is a great way to so refreshing and light. Also, the lovely fragrant moisturizer cream, called achieve this.” The Charlotte Tilbury line is entirely cruelty-free and gorgeous. “Creme fraiche de Beaute” by Nuxe, is such a refreshing, light weight moisturizer, which is perfect We were lucky enough to be able to try some of the incredible products, and we are so excited to for normal to dry skin types. share with you our must-have’s.

Tom Ford

Ellis Faas Foundation The entire Ellis Faas was created by the professional makeup artist Ellis Faas, and is nothing less than phenomenal. The beautiful packaging is the first thing you notice, which is light-weight, compact, but luxurious and chic. The creamy and hot lip formulas are my absolute favorite, and I carry one of each everywhere I go. The medium coverage foundation is very creamy and it leaves your skin looking and feeling flawless. Trend Privé Magazine 50

MariaNoel’s Top 4 Cruelty Free Eyeliners for 2016 For the PERFECT holiday look, we suggest starting 1. Stila “Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner” out with the Light Wonder foundation. This beau2. Tarteist Clay Paint Liner w/bent liner brush tiful, light-weight foundation will leave you with a 3. Kat Von D “Ink Liner” flawless glow, and is perfect for pairing under the 4. Marc Jacobs Beauty “Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Magic Foundation for a fuller coverage look. Eyeliner” Next, we would pair the Matte Revolution “Red Carpet Red” lipstick with the lightly shimmer MariaNoel’s Top 4 Cruelty Free Moisturizers for kissed Luxury Eyeshadow Pallete, called “Legendary 2016 Muse.” The “Red Carpet Red,” is a non-drying, long 1. Sonia Roselli “Waterbalm” wearing, matte lipstick that will compliment any 2. Tatcha “Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream” skin tone! The gorgeous “Legendary Muse” shadow 3. DERMAdoctor “Kakadu C Face Creme” palette has a beautiful variety of gold and bronz4. Benefit “Total Moisture Facial Cream” es, which are perfect to light up any room.




By Gia O’Neal

GERARD COSMETICS - SLAY ALL DAY SETTING opulent gold hue. It’s a soft gold, that’s not over SPRAY (GARDEN PARTY): I received a 3-pack the top, perfect for beige, neutral, possibly lightly containing 1.01 oz (in each bottle) of Peach, Tea/ tanned skin tone. May appear ashy on darker comGinger and Lemongrass. Shake well, and enjoy plexions, (you’ve been warned), but overall, this the cool mist that keeps your makeup on point product is great. Checkout their site to find what’s and oil at bay. This product can be applied before right for you. makeup application, and can be used throughout TOTAL FACIAL CLEANSER- 6OZ of glycolic cleansthe day for that cool, hydrating boost as well. NUXE PARIS- NUXURIANCE ULTRA: Anti-aging, ing bliss. This cleanser will leave your skin feeling ugggghhhh, yes please!!! We all can’t live with Pesqueaky clean . Imagine hearing the sound of ter Pan, but this face creme will have you feeling clean glass, your skin will make that sound, and forever young. This little baby boasts ingredients feel 10x smoother. I love using this to wash my like saffron, bougainville bifloral cells, renewing, day away. It’s a daily, universal body and facial reshaping the oval of the face, while smoothing cleanser that exfoliates, removes makeup , and out wrinkles. The product feels like silk when tones for ultimate skin balance .Skin type indicaapplied, and a little goes a long way. My mother tions are: Ageing-normal to combination , hyper who never buys a thing, called me everyday after pigmented. Best of all this product is paraben I let her sample it, asking where she could get it. free. Product available for purchase by a licensed Eventually, she said she birthed me, and to hand it professional. Images Courtesy to the Respective Brands over. This product is a major score. TOTAL RESURFACING MASQUE- This masque/ NUXE PARIS- GEL DEMAQUILLANT FONDANT: This scrub is like a mini home facial. It is diminishing GERARD COSMETICS - HYDRA MATTE LIQUID LIPmelting cleansing gel with rose petals is a bust. brown spots, and softening the skin. Micro crysSTICK: Looooooooove it! Let me just say, my lips It states that it is for eyes and face, but unfortals aid in sloughing off dead skin cells, leaving didn’t feel or look like I had been avoiding fluids. tunately this cleanser doesn’t do the trick, as it your skin feeling refreshed. I like to cleanse first, The application was smooth, supreme coverage, leaves your skin feeling un-cleansed. I tried with then apply to damp skin, let set for 3 to 5 minutes smelled wonderful and lightweight. The packag- cold water and hot water, to know avail. It still left (steam), then proceed to manipulate crystals, by ing is simple and chic, and the product sells itself. me feeling “blahhhhh”. The smell is divine, and I using your finger tips in circular motions. Skin type Strawberry Fields was my go-to. I loved this pre- suggest, maybe using this as a pre-cleanse for eye indications are : oily, acne prone, hyperpigmentacious pink. It made me feel happy, fun and flirty. makeup remover, but as far as having clean skin, tion and sun damage. Paraben free this isn’t the product you’re looking for. GERARD COSMETICS - BROW BAR TO GO - UnfortuTOTAL RETINOL-A CREME- A strong, concentrated nately I was not impressed with this one. The brow NUXE PARIS- HULIE PRODIGIEUSE: Multi purpose blend of retinol and polypeptides that resurface, game has been so elevated, that this little kit (for dry oil for face, body and hair. I am obsessed rejuvenate, and repair aging and acne prone skin blondes and brunettes) was more disappointing with this and use it religiously. This perfect blend . Paraben free. Warning: flaking may occur, so than revolutionizing. Sleek in appearance, flimsy of 6 botanical oils that nourishes, repairs, and don’t freak out. After the storm the sun shines, and to touch. #unimpressed hydrates. The smell is so clean, everyone always this will have your skin feeling awesome, and the ask what fragrance it is, and I simply say IT’S MY texture will have also improved. Are you ready to GERARD COSMETICS- STAR POWDER IN THE COLOR FRAGRANCE! Now the secret is out, so, go grab glow ? If so, touch base with your local esthetician MARILYN: Yassssssssss! Going for the gold in the yourself one or, better off, three bottles. and buy some now. Trend Privé Magazine 51

ProMakeup Artists TALK By Maria-Noel Bagnulo We asked some of the Nation’s favorite professional makeup artists questions about using cruelty-free products, and what were some of their favorite cruelty-free products and companies. Switching out your skincare and cosmetic products might seem like a tough task, but trust us, it’s not. And it WILL give you a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside!

Melody Sopa

Full time, professional makeup artist, esthetician, and new lash technician. Owner of Melody Sopa Artistry Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We asked: Why is it important for you to use cruelty-free products? Melody: As an animal lover, I feel it is incredibly important for me to exclusively use cruelty-free skin care, cosmetics, and brushes. I go through skin care and cosmetics faster than an average consumer due to my profession, so I feel as though I am someone who should set a standard for cruelty-free products in my industry and to my clients. I no longer purchase from big name corporations, because I see them as just wanting to mass produce products, and not put much thought into who they are affecting when making as much as they do. It’s big business. It’s just about making money. I, for one, care where my products come from; how they are tested, where they are manufactured, the amount of fillers added to make the product cheaper... These are all things that are important to me, and I impress this upon my clients, who care to be educated. I look at my precious cat, Blanche, and think, “She is one of thousands of animals that are tortured, just so someone can wear a dang lipstick.” That will never be okay for me.

30 bottles of foundation, just 4 Quads and I’m ready to go! We asked: What is your favorite cruelty-free cosmetic line and why? (Please only list one) Melody: Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger and Motives for LaLa has become my favorite cruelty-free line, hands down. I’ve been in the beauty industry since 2008, and have been trained by the top selling brands and have tried it all. After trying and learning more about Motives, there is no comparison. They have a separate division of 6 different skin care lines, depending on the need of the consumer, which I incorporate into my pro kit and esthetic business as well. As a professional, it’s pretty much a one-stopshop for everything I need to be a success in my competitive industry. It doesn’t hurt that I get everything at wholesale, and my clients love it so much! I am able to provide the products I used on them for at home! If a product isn’t working, and someone has an innovative idea, they truly listen and make those changes! I don’t know of another company that does that. Not only do they give great attention to detail, to ensure the highest quality product at an affordable price point, but they strive to empower people everywhere to look and feel beautiful inside and out, and provide people with an opportunity to live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. I am incredibly proud to use, and take part of the Motives Cosmetics family!

We asked: What is your favorite cruelty-free product and why? (Please only list one) Melody: Since all I use are cruelty-free products, finding just one favorite is so difficult! I’d have to say the Motives Cosmetics Foundation Quad. There are multiple shades (Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, Dark), and in each one there are four tones. I custom blend for each client, so I always have the correct color. I use it for concealer and foundation on my clients and myself! It’s creamy, crazy pigmented, and you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything. Also, it’s easy to have in my pro kit! I don’t need

Risa Luck

Makeup Artist / Wardrobe Stylist Envy Me Styles Atlanta,Georgia We asked: Why is it important for you to use cruelty-free products? Risa: Because cruelty-free makeup brands are much more likely to include safer ingredients. We asked: What is your favorite cruelty-free

product and why? (Please only list one) Risa: All Nighter Liquid Foundation. This is a full coverage foundation with a matte finish. From clients that want an everyday to full glam look, the All Nighter Foundation gets the job done. We asked: What is your favorite cruelty-free cosmetic line and why? (Please only list one). Risa: Urban Decay is definitely great quality. I love everything, from the primers to the setting spray. An added bonus would be Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes, which feature a number of bright, fun and alternative colors.

Tiffany Kory

Chicago, Illinois We asked: Why is it important for you to use cruelty-free products? Tiffany: It’s important for me to use and recommend cruelty-free products to my clients, because I feel we have come so far in this industry to be able to achieve long wear, photo friendly, high quality results without needing to sacrifice a living creature to look beautiful. I have seen what it has done to these poor animals, and it’s not right. Every time I put products on my lashes, I think of the bunnies that are getting products injected into their eyes, and thrown away like garbage, even if they don’t have a reaction! We asked: What is your favorite cruelty-free product and why? (Please only list one) Tiffany: My new favorite line of cruelty-free products are for my hair. A new company called dpHUE, created by celebrity hair stylist Justin Anderson. He does hair for Jennifer Anniston, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus, to name a few, and he has the best at-home-color root touchup kits and glosses that are professional, and won’t damage your hair. Also, his Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse is color-safe and my new fill-in, when I’m in between shampoos.


Available now at all Ulta Beauty stores. We asked: What is your favorite cruelty-free cosmetic line and why? (Please only list one). Tiffany: My favorite cruelty-free line for makeup is definitely Limelight by Alcone. After using the pro brands such as, RCMA and Krylon in my kit for years, now it’s available for everyone, and the best pro brands are now packaged under Limelight. Nothing looks as good as the foundation and concealers, and the black liquid eyeliner is the best.

We asked: What is your favorite cruelty-free cosmetic line and why? (Please only list one). Stacie: LimeLight by Alcone: is clean, effective skincare, free of harsh chemicals and a curated professional makeup. The best of both worlds to offer.

Bri Riley

Professional Makeup Artist Owner of BriBeautiful Makeup Russellville, Arkansas We asked: Why is it important for you to use cruelty-free products?

Stacie Thomas

Hair & Makeup Artist, Seattle, Washington.

We asked: Why is it important for you to use cruelty-free products? Stacie: It is simply unnecessary to test on animals now. That’s what consenting models are for. There are loopholes where the manufacturer themselves may not use animal testing, yet, the raw materials might have ingredients which harm animals.

Bri: As a makeup artist who has extremely sensitive skin, cruelty-free products tend to have fewer chemicals, which typically makes them gentler. So, not only do cruelty-free products save animals, but it could also save your skin. Many chemicals have been linked to eye and skin irritation, asthma, and even cancer. Using cruelty-free products, gives me peace of mind, that not only am I doing a small part to help against animal cruelty, but also protecting my skin and health. We asked: What is your favorite cruelty-free product and why? (Please only list one)

The reality is that, there are a variety of high performance, professional quality products on the market, so those in the beauty industry don’t have to choose between effectiveness & cruelty-free.

Bri: LimeLight’s The Perfect Mascara. It lengthens, thickens, and is waterproof. Most importantly, it never flakes. It’s my go-to personally and professionally.

We asked: What is your favorite cruelty-free product and why? (Please only list one)

We asked: What is your favorite cruelty-free cosmetic line and why? (Please only list one).

Stacie: Tough call, but the Cozzette Brushes are made with love. They distribute powders as well as natural hair brushes, yet they dry fast after cleaning, and come in shapes that are hard to find. For hair Loma Nourishing Oil is a weightless, conditioning heat protectant for all hair types.

Bri: LimeLight is my favorite cruelty-free cosmetic line, because not only are they cruelty-free, but they’re paraben free, phthalate free, SLS free, dye free and most importantly, worry free. I never have to worry when applying their products on my client’s skin. Images Courtesy to the Respective Brands Trend Privé Magazine 53



Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes 5 Star Mascara is a luxurious multitasker that curls, separates, lengthens, and dramatizes lashes in a single stroke. Love this mascara! The effect it had on my lashes kind of looked like I was wearing wispy falsies. I used glossy J. One Jelly Pack black, to give my lashes a little sheen to them. As I was doing the review (applying mascara), I left Dramatic skin firming, with improved elasticity, one lash completely untouched and one covered Nars Multiple pore-smoothing. Made in Korea with a price point in the Full Fat Lash mascara, and started to make of $42.00. googley eyes at my husband, blinking rapidly, and Strobe! Strobe! Strobe! Now, since that’s out of I have mixed feelings about this product. Although he said: “you need to put some of that on your the way, let’s chat about Nars Multiple in the color others have raved about using this in place of a right lash!” LOL. He noticed! Ladies, get noticed Luxor. Honey, this vibrant metallic iridescent primer, I don’t like the feeling I have on my face in Charlotte Tilbury’s mascara, quick. Available at pinky, purple(ish) color is everything. This can be after applying the product, then placing makeup for $58.00 used for strobing, highlighting, mixed with a clear on top, so I’m going to say, let’s keep it to a night lip-gloss for a shimmery, bitten lip look. I love it! cream process. I do like the fact that it does minThis is a color for the fairer shade, but if those imize pores like.... almost instantly, it tightens the with darker complexions want to use it, they can skin, as well as brightens. The jelly-like consistenapply to center of the eyelids as well as corner of the eyes, to add a slight pop of color. Areas of cy is cool to the touch, and feels great when being highlight include (cupids bow, brow bone, cheek- applied. Hyaluronic acid keeps your skin hydrated, while fullerene acts as an oxygen magnet. This bone area, bridge of nose). Finish this look with products offers great attributes, but keep it to a a sleek ponytail, clean makeup, and highlight the treatment (day or night). areas mentioned above, and you’re ready for the Product available at ridiculous amount of compliments you’ll receive.

Charlotte Tilbury Foundation

What the Website Says: “What it does: The foundation conceals imperfections, glides on like a dream and literally feels like a second skin. Whether your skin needs just a bit of perfecting or you struggle with a frustrating issue like acne, melisma or rosacea, this foundation will Huxley secrets of Sahara Oil Essence give you perfect-looking skin every single day. A Perlier Royal Elixir concentrated mushroom extract improves firmness, At a price point of $52.00, this product delivers tightens pores and moisturizes; hyaluronic acid I received two of the Ultra- Shine lip glosses in hydration, a non-greasy feel, and is super lightfilling spheres reverse wrinkle grooves to retexture colors 03 Coral and 01 Nude. I opened the Coral weight. Upon opening the packaging, I was conthe skin within one hour; and supercharged vitamin first, and the smell was to die for. I kept smelling fused, as it looked thick. I instantly said: “ohhhhh, C gives you a lit-from-within effect. It’s also great for my lips; awkward, yes, but true. The color was this is going to be super heavy, and the oil will just those with acne scarring, mature skin and normal to beautiful, and the shine was brilliant. The applisit on top of my skin.” (Insert buzz sound here.) tired, dull skin.” cation was easy, as it fully covered my lips with I was wrong! A dime size will do it, as it spreads one dip. Lip glosses can be sticky, but this one, easily, and dissolves quickly. This oil essence has My thoughts are: it’s simplistic, has a nice, matte not so much. Some stuck to it, but not that thick proven to be effective. This is wonderful for all finish, and pores are reduced, which means, you sticky feeling that gets your hair stuck to it. I`m skin types, and for those suffering with acne, as it look simply smooth. I applied with no primer and sure you’ve experienced it too, right? This is a true is safe to use. People with acne that hear the word not with the complexion brush (as recommended). gloss, and although the longevity isn’t very long, ( “oil”, run for the hills. NEVER FEAR! HUXLEY IS I used my Sephora airbrush foundation brush, and if you eat or drink something), it`s worth reapHERE WITH THEIR SUPER SUPERIOR OIL ESSENCE! the results were flawless. Overall, I’d rate this a plying. In a world full of matte lipsticks, this gloss Don’t let the cold months get you down. Stay on 3.5, just because I felt that there was no warmth offers a high sheen, softening type of look. top of your skincare regime, add this amazing hyto this color for me. The shade used was 12 Dark Last but not least, IT`S A PLUMPER!!! Girl! These drating potion to cleansed skin. Product available Foncè, and it was a little flat on color. Product lips need no plumping, but for my lip-challenged at available at for $44.00.


beauties, Perlier got you covered. Like most, when I get makeup, I rip the packaging ASAP, so I applied it, and when my lips plumped up, I was like: ”whaaaat???” Disclaimer: read on the packaging! Either way, you can’t lose with plumped, high shine, soft lips. Available at for $16.50

conditions please, speak with your Dermatologist first.

Day and Night Duo

January Labs Complete Skin Essentials kit - Price point $265.00 , but don’t fret. Items can be purchased individually, and are worth every cent. As a skincare specialist (esthetician), trying new things, learning new formulas for treating the skin, is exciting. When I received the January Labs wonderful kit, the first thing that excited me was knowing that I spoke with the creator, and her whole vibe was the science and ingredients of her products, making her products for everyone. Dealing with skin, some Fitzpatrick types aren’t able to receive chemical peels or should steer clear from some products in fear of actually harming the skin, January Labs has made that obsolete.

Introducing the Glow & Go Power Peel Exfoliant (price point $75.00). First thing, don’t be alarmed by the smell, as it’s super strong, with ingredients like cinnamon oil to help detoxify, rejuvenate and oxygenate your skin. You will feel tingly, the skin will feel tight, and a faint flushed look happens to the skin as the peel dries. Pores will be reduced, and the skin will brightened. Great for all skin types. Use on cleansed skin, and can be combined with the gel cleanser (wash with warm water). Follow up with restorative tonic mist and moisturizer. If you suffer from any skincare

Priced at $135.00, I like to call them “the dynamic duo”, because it offers some of my favorite things such as hyaluronic acid, which improves elasticity and repairs tissue; beta-glucan which is knocking fine lines on their behinds; and last but not least, the lactic acid, which is calming and hydrating. Make sure to always follow up with your SPF /SPF and stay protected.

cleansing. This cleanser is a true gel formula, almost jelly-like, very clear, with no artificial coloring at all, which I love. This cleanser can hang with the best of them stripping makeup, dirt... BASICALLY WASHING YOUR DAY AWAY! Less is more, a nickel size will do it, but if you’re a clean-skin-junkie like myself, you will literally bathe in it. This cleanser combats breakouts and congestion, soothes skin, protects against free radicals, and contains anti-inflammatory agents. I mean, it’s just great. This cleanser is no doubt a win, and you can’t beat the price point.


Advanced Eye Technology

Restorative Tonic Priced at $24.00. I walk around with this in my bag. Not only does it kick butt, in the sense that it battles the appearance of pores, and prevents breakouts, but it also just feels dang good. It contains ingredients like, witch hazel, (which smacks acne around); aloe, (which smooth’s things out); rosa centifolia flower, (which is used to soften, balance and restore the skin), you’re basically a walking ninja warrior. I can go on all day; these are just a few of the amazing ingredients that you will find in this restorative tonic.

A concentrated eye treatment that helps promote firmness and elasticity, January Labs Advanced Eye Technology diminishes the appearance of puffiness, lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This fiercely active, yet luxurious formula increases hydration, soothes, and protects the skin around the delicate eye area, providing an energized, youthful appearance.

NOTE FROM GIA I’d like to take the time out to thank January from the January Labs, (not only are her products great, but she has an awesome name). She explored skincare for herself, and has made it possible for all to attain a level of beauty, by caring about what she’s put into her product. You get what you put out, so I wish her continued success on her fab skincare line.

Pure & Gentle Cleansing Gel Products available at Priced at $32.00, Disclaimer: avoid eyes when

Images Courtesy to the Respective Brands Trend Privé Magazine 55



TREE TO TUB - Founded in San Francisco, California in 2015, Tree To Tub is an organic body care company, focused on providing the most gentle body care solutions found through nature’s most nourishing botanicals. The brand works directly with farming communities and eco-reserves in rural Taiwan to sustainably harvest the wild soapberries that form the base of their ultra-gentle cleansing products. Free of harmful chemicals, Tree To Tub’s products are organic, cruelty free, vegan, fair trade, and eco-friendly - all products are free of artificial fragrances, sulfates, parabens, and all other toxins. Harvest your soap, only at Tree To Tub. Natural beauty brand Tree To Tub made its worldwide debut on November 1st, with a groundbreaking collection of ultra-gentle, organic body care products featuring the brand’s unique ingredient, the soapberry, an exotic fruit that when rubbed, produces a gentle, nourishing lather. OFFER

Trend Prive Magazine is proud of offer an exclusive 50%-off discount for this brand new collection including: - Soapberry Facial Cleanser; - Soapberry Body Wash: - Soapberry Shampoo; - Argan Oil Conditioner; - Shea Butter Body Lotion; To access the exclusive offer, visit Trend Prive’s unique campaign link at or connect with the brand on their official website at - Soapberry Facial Cleanser: a one-step wonder, this ultra-gentle cleanser wipes away grime and makeup while repairing dry and irritated skin with organic acai, aloe vera and chamomile; - Soapberry Body Wash: a cleansing massage for even the most delicate skin, this body wash locks in moisture for flawlessly health skin, powered by organic shea butter, cucumber and aloe vera; - Soapberry Shampoo: this color-safe, ultra-gentle shampoo restores hair to a magnificent shine and luster with a nourishing combination of organic olive leaf, gotu kola leaf, and chamomile; - Argan Oil Conditioner: an intensively hydrating conditioner that restores vibrant life to damaged hair and soothes dry, itchy scalps with organic pomegranate, shea butter, and coconut oil; - Shea Butter Body Lotion: this deeply moisturizing oasis repairs dry, damaged skin with a quickabsorb, non-greasy formula combining organic cocoa butter, aloe vera, and colloidal oatmeal.


HOURGLASS COSMETICS - Ambient Light Correcting Primer, $44 (Sephora). It seamlessly blurs skin`s imperfections while giving a soft, lively appearance and a strong base for the rest of your makeup. The oil-free formula provides a naturally stunning glow, while avoiding the “middle of the day wet skin look” that we all dread. It can even be used alone as a light coverage foundation, however, a beauty blender is highly recommended. Curator Lash Instrument, $78 (Hourglass). Perhaps the most precise mascara wand on the market, this stainless steel tip is specially designed to evenly coat each and every lash with a 360 ° range. It is perfect for make-up artists, and their attention to perfecting detail. However, it is highly recommended to be used with the Hourglass Curator formulas – making this product even more pricey, but worth it. Also, it is to be washed in between uses for the best outcome. Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick, $46 (Sephora). Said to combine the qualities of both liquid and powder foundations into one compact stick, this product gives an effortless 12-hour coverage.

Trend Privé Magazine 56

Images Courtesy to the Respective Brands

MORE TO READ Today, nearly 18 million tons of surfactants are produced annually; most are synthetic, many are known toxins. Tree To Tub is turning the body care industry on its head, by replacing these chemicals with the gentle, nourishing lather of the soapberry, an ancient fruit hailing from India and Taiwan. “The soapberry’s natural antibacterial property makes it the ideal alternative to synthetic soap,” says Jessica Rubino, Personal Care Director at NewHope Media, “It’s the most revolutionary idea that I’ve heard in years!” For centuries, the berry has been hidden in Ayurvedic herbal tradition as a nourishing remedial for an assortment of skin and hair conditions. Since then, its benefits have been scientifically validated, and Tree To Tub is the first to make the soapberry available through its full body care collection. The brand launch took place on Indiegogo, the global platform for entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. The brand was personally scouted by Sandy Diao, Director at Indiegogo, who believes the young beauty brand can bring about revolutionary change in the encumbered body care industry. Hourglass Cosmetics was founded in 2004, when beauty industry veteran Carisa Janes saw a void in the beauty market. Founded with a commitment to reinventing luxury cosmetics, Hourglass has carved a niche for itself as an innovative beauty brand. Hourglass exists at the revolutionary intersection of science, beauty and luxury. The brand is acclaimed for its breakthrough formulations, technological innovations and unwavering commitment to reinvention. Complexion products are infused with the most groundbreaking active ingredients available to create unbelievably surreal skin. Distinguished by sensorial textures, modern color collections, and sleek custom packaging— Hourglass puts the art in stateof-the-art.




Untitled-1 1

10/30/16 10:43 PM

GetBrow Ready By Erin Schweinsberg

TPM Senior Beauty Editor It has been said that eye brows are the most important feature on a person’s face. Whether you like to have them shaped, filled, waxed, plucked, or simply trimmed; a set of beautiful eyebrows never go unnoticed! Here’s something to consider- some people say brows are what frame the face, others consider them a beauty statement, and recently; science has deemed them important in determining facial recognition! Whichever way you value them, it’s important to have the right tools and products to style and groom them… So here are a few go-to items to help keep your brows in check!



Anastasia Brow Wiz $21.00


Laura Mercier Brow Dimension $24.00


NARS Brow Defining Cream $23.00 www.narscosmetics. com


Trish McEvoy Brow Perfector $33.00


Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder $25.00

Anastasia Brow Wiz The perfect, retractable, ultra-slim, fine tip pencil for those who want a precise brow! This smudge proof formula glides on to fill in the brow and stays all day! It can create fine hair-like lines for a more natural looking brow, and the spooley on the opposite end of the pencil helps to blend the color for a truly flawless finish!

Laura Mercier Brow Dimension

An amazing product used to completely transform brows! This fiber-infused colored brow gel helps create volume, build dimension, and shape eyebrows for up to 12 hours! The fibers latch onto the eyebrow hair to create a more dense and textured eyebrow; perfect for anyone wanting a full, but natural, look that is virtually effortless!

NARS Brow Defining Cream

This silky, creamy formula helps you create natural looking, or bold brows, in minutes! It blends to effortlessly shape and sculpt, and with its buildable and smudge-resistant qualities, you can create whatever brow you desire- for all day wear!

Trish McEvoy Brow Perfector

If you don’t have a grooming pencil, you need one! This is a clear, wax based pencil, ready to set brows for all day perfection! This wax pencil has a lightweight formula to create a natural looking hold, and can be used on bare or enhanced brows! Perfect for anyone!

Smashbox Brow Tech Shaping Powder

An ultra-fine, loose powder that mimics hair to fill in and shape brows! This volumizing powder allows you to build the brow to create an ultra-bold look, or simply just fill in the area’s that need it most! It has a specially designed applicator that allows you to easily control the amount of product used, and definition you desire!

Trend Privé Magazine 59

HotInterview with

Maria Hatzistefanis aka MRS. RODIAL

Photos by Tony von Thelen Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 60

Make-up and Hair by Val Laskarides. Lighting director John Curry. Stylist Bobbie Dunn.

London-based beauty entrepreneur, Maria Hatzistefanis, founded her ground-breaking skincare group, Rodial, in 1999 by identifying a niche for treatments, targeted to specific skin concerns. With a growing global beauty empire, her results-oriented products excite with evocative tongue-in-cheek names such as Dragon’s Blood or Stem Cell Super Food. There are 3 brands – Rodial, Nip + Fab and Nip + Man – sold through 20,000 doors across 35 countries worldwide. Today, the cutting-edge products are available in the most prestigious stores around the world, while high profile celebrities such as, Kylie Jenner front the brands’ campaigns. In 2014, Hatzistefanis expanded Rodial with a makeup collection and an exclusive sculpting bar and counter in London’s Harvey Nichols. She pioneered the concept of communicating with the consumer in the digital age via social media with her own social media handle @mrsrodial, with over 450k followers across Instagram, twitter and Youtube. She is also the executive producer and star of the docu-series “The Mrs Rodial project”, about the drama and glamour of the world of beauty, fashion and celebrities. Maria started her career as a beauty writer before moving to New York, where she received an MBA from Columbia Business School. After a stint in corporate finance at Salomon Brothers, first in New York and then London, she followed her passion and instinct for beauty by founding Rodial. Maria has become a respected and sought-after opinion-leader. Her point-of-view attracts followers both online and off, and she is increasingly in demand to speak at fashion, business and digital conferences such as her latest appearance at London’s Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design, Web Summit, Fashion Tech Forum and WWD Digital. Maria is a patron of the British Fashion Council and recently partnered with Central Saint Martins on a new product design.

Interview by Adrielyn Christi

Many women do not have the experience

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Adrielyn: This is a real treat to be able to in-

of being totally “made up”, which you can get

products, that suit your skin.

terview you. So tell me, how did you get Rodi-

with Rodial.

Become a part of the newest wave in skin-

al started, what was the inspiration to create

Maria Hatzistefanis, the founder and creator

care and cosmetic products, as many celeb-


of Rodial Skincare and Cosmetics, has created

rities and performers have also come to love

a line of beauty and cosmetic products, that

this brand.

takes you from transforming your skin with

Maria: I was doing some freelance work with Seventeen magazine, and I was trying out

a daily skincare routine, to a line of cosmet-

Maria: Thank you for talking to me this early

some products and writing about beauty,

ics that give you a flawless, yet finished look.

in the morning, (Laughing.)

and trying also different product and Trend Privé Magazine 61

formulas, and at that time, which was a long time

Adrielyn: What type of cosmetics have been

ago, over fifteen years ago, there wasn’t that

Adrielyn: How did you come up with the

much in the skincare markets. There were the

names of the products?

Clinique Dramatically Moisturizing lotion, a ton-

created from Rodial? Maria: We have developed a sculpting and

er, and a cleanser. At that time, I thought, “there

Maria: Rather than using an ingredient, hid-

contouring range, that is easy to use and

must be something more exciting that we can do

ing it, and calling it an amazing anti-aging

easy to apply. The idea was that, there were

with the skincare market, and be a little more

creme, we capitalized off of the names in

a lot of ranges out there that have been de-

targeted, rather than just a generic product, just

which some of the products actually came

veloped by makeup artists, and sometimes

to identify the need.” Whether we were look-

from or mimicked. It created the buzz that

they can be really complicated with all the

ing at pigmentation or fine lines, crows-feet or

we needed to get the people talking about

formulas and textures, which can be very

thinning skin, and coming up with products that

the brand. We’ve been able to stay an inde-

pigmented and hard for an everyday woman

target the specific problem rather than one solu-

pendent brand, as we’ve grown, and we are

like myself who is not a makeup artist. It can

tion for all. I thought about it, but at the time, I

one of just a few of them left.

be very hard to navigate what you need, such

was really young, and wasn’t really ready to start

as eye shadows and colors, so what I wanted

a business. After moving to the U.S. from Greece,

Adrielyn: Since your growth, and since you’ve

to do was to create a range that was easy to

and studying finance, it just didn’t interest me,

been able to stay independent, have brands

use. The formulas are sheer, and we have a

and my passion wasn’t there. That’s when I real-

approached you with buyout offers?

lot of education that goes on with our teams

ized, I freelanced for beauty, and thought about

to educate our customers on how to use the

how hard this could be on the skincare end. Af-

Maria: We always have brands interested,

products, and make sure we give them tips

ter finding a lab based in London, (which I still

but I started this business together with my

so within five or ten minutes of applying the

work with ten years later), I gave them my ideas

husband, and we’ve grown it organically to

makeup, they have this flawless look.

of what I wanted, and they came up with a for-

the point where we have become profitable.

mula. We tried them together and a year later, I

The business model from the beginning was,

had my first full product!

“let’s just make it a profitable and sustainable business, that doesn’t need tons of invest-

Adrielyn: What exactly is Dragonsblood and how

ments to keep it going.” This was something

did that come about?

that I’ve done. I’ve started this business with passion, and my husband then joined me,

Maria: I know it comes from the show Game of

who is now the CFO, and we enjoy this. This

Thrones as well, but it actually comes from the

is my life and my passion. I never created this

top of a tree called Dracaena, as it helps to lock

so I can sell it out and go retire, and have a

in the moisture of the skin, and plump up the

quiet life. This drives me.

skin. This is one of the key ingredients that we use along with hyaluronic acid.

Adrielyn: Where do you see the brand going in the future as far as the growth, and keep-

Adrielyn: What other ingredients are key?

ing it independent?

Maria: We use several key ingredients in many of

Maria: What we have done with Rodial, is

our products. There is one called Syn-Ake dipep-

the launch of our make-up line two years

tide, which mimics the effects of temple viper

ago, and that has been a massive driver for

venom by smoothing the skin, Cyclopeptide-5

the Rodial business, because we can use the

and Juvinity, which mimics bee venom to refine

existing distribution network to distribute

the skins surface.


Trend Privé Magazine 62

Adrielyn: I love that idea! So are there any other products such as lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc.? Maria: The core of our business is skin tints, to perfect the skin, and we do work with a lot of powders. We have contouring powders, bronzers, and our famous best-selling Banana Powder, that goes under the eyes to cover dark circles and mattify the skin. We’re playing a lot with the powders, to create the sculpted effect along with the skin tint. We have a mousse in terms of an eye shadow, as it’s one product that does it all, and is a very

versatile product. We have an emphasis on

starter range for a number of reasons. The

is part of Project Runway franchise. It is simi-

plumping and nourishing the lips, so we do

formulas are very hydrating, but is very light,

lar to Shark Tank, where there are businesses

have a small selection of colors that involve

so this can be used on anyone in their twen-

that pitch investors for money, but it is more

moisture, and plumping with a sheer pop of

ties or thirties, and even in their fourties, as

glamourous than that. They have beauty and


long as they don’t have extreme dehydration.

fashion entrepreneurs who pitch their ideas to try and get money for their businesses. I

Adrielyn: My goodness, this is so exciting! I

Adrielyn: Anything you want to tell our read-

will be a guest on one of the episodes, where

love that you have a brand that can be used

ers, your fans or even the users of your

I advise a fashion brand. I’m really excited to

by everyday women. Tell me, out of the all


be a part of this show. Please check it out!

Maria: Yes! I’ve been spending a lot of time in

Adrielyn: From the Trend Privé Magazine fam-

the U.S., and I will be a guest on an upcoming

ily, we thank you for spending this time with

television show called Fashion Startup, which

us. So great to know you and your brand!

Rodial products, which one would you recommend to start out with? Maria: The Dragonsblood range. This is our

Trend Privé Magazine 63


As Seen On

BeautifulHoliday Skin By Erin Schweinsberg

TPM Senior Beauty Editor

Can I MASK you a question? The busy Christmas season is upon us! The rushing, bustling, and busiest time of the year! But what kindness are you going to bestow upon your skin this holiday season? What are you going to do to keep it hydrated during those cold winter days? No doubt you’ve taken care of everything else in your world- whether it be preparing the family feast, shopping for your loved ones, staying up late to wrap those gifts, or cleaning the house in preparation for your relatives/in-laws/friends to arrive! It’s time to take care of YOU! A ten-minute gift to yourself to make sure your skin will be glowing in all your holiday photos! Here are a few great mask options to help keep your skin hydrated and beautiful- all winter long! SHOP

1 Chantecaille- Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask 1.7oz $84.00

2 Sisley- Creamy Mask with Tropical Resins 2.4oz $122.00


Trish McEvoy- Instant Solutions Triangle of Light Eye Mask 8 Masks- $68.00


LUSH- Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask 2.1oz $8.95

Chantecaille- Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask Chantecaille take masks to a whole new level with this rich botanical cream infused with Vitamin B5, Lily bulb, Chamomile, Mimosa, and Jasmine! A great way to revive and hydrate your skin- perfect for anyone with a complexion in need of a pick-me-up! Don’t have ten minutes in your day to fit in a mask? Perfect! This mask also double’s as rich night cream, put it on before bed and it will do the rest while you’re sleeping!

Sisley- Creamy Mask with Tropical Resins Who has combination to oily skin and wants a mask that wont break them out? Sisley has you covered! This deeply purifying mask is great for minimizing pores, controlling shine, and removing impurities from the skin! It’s both cleansing and absorbent thanks to the clay and tropical resin properties, but skin also remains soothed and soft from the Myrrh and Iris! A great way to help your skin look and feel its best!

Trish McEvoy- Instant Solutions Triangle of Light Eye Mask

We can all use an eye mask- no matter what the season! For those not getting a whole lot of sleep, for those with dark circles, fine lines, or dehydrated looking skin; this eye mask is ready to refresh, invigorate, and hydrate your skin! This intense, concentrated, fast-acting treatment, is the best way to brighten, sooth, and even plump; your eye area when you need it most! A great way to keep your eyes looking well-rested when you’re not getting your normal 8 hours of sleep- and a great gift idea for the holiday season too!

LUSH- Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask Are you on a budget this holiday season? LUSH have the answer for you! Their Brazened Honey Mask is the perfect way to wake up your skin! With ingredients like Honey to soften, Lime to brighten, and Ginger Root Extract to cleanse; this mask has a little bit of everything to help freshen up your skin! Side note: LUSH donate a large portion of their profits to charity every year, so not only are their masks a great way for you to revive your complexion without breaking the bank; but your money also helps give back! Feel good not just about your skin- but your purchase too!

Trend Privé Magazine 65

Beauty for a cause MauridiCosmetic LLC is known for their support in different causes and for fundraising. 100% of the profit on some of their items will go to Bancroft School. They have some exclusive products just for Bancroft before they hit the market, such as botanic/vegan Nail polish, Lip gloss, and Lipsticks.

Check them out @

EXHIBITIONS Annie Leibovitz ‘ WO M EN : N e w P o r t r a i t s ’ b y A nnie L eibo v it z to open in New York

Annie Leibovitz, New York City, 2012 © Annie Leibovitz

Trend Privé Magazine 68

Th e F i n e A r t OF C o n v e r s a t i o n with Annie Leibovitz and Gloria Steinem! b y STA C EY B LAN C H ET Ms. Leibovitz’s says :“I offer visitors a talking circle, an invitation to explore the feelings and ideas these images create.”

Come on it! Please take a seat, and turn your cell-phones off. Annie Leibovitz and Gloria Steinem ( are inviting us into their circle for the Fine Art of Conversation. We are in the presence of greatness, knowledge and experience with these two legends. What are we going to learn? How will it apply to the here and now? You do not want to miss a word. Open the ears and sit back, so we can all listen and appreciate. The conversation started over fifteen years ago, when Ms. Leibovitz started a project called: ‘Women’. It was published in 1999, and was an original collaboration with Susan Sontag, who called it “a work in progress”. Enter stage left and into focus of the conversation, we add Ms. Gloria Steinem. They have opened the circle, and invited women in to discuss the changing and evolving roles of women today. Ms. Leibovitz’s series of portraits are a reflection of this. The idea of the tour and conversation were part of a joint venture with UBS. Leibovitz stated, “When I asked UBS about updating the Women’s project, there was no hesitation. They said, `let’s do it’, and they have been extraordinary in every way. It is such a big undertaking and a broad subject. It’s like going out, and photographing the ocean.” Ms. Steinem and Ms. Leibovitz embarked on a tour that took them to several countries over the course of the year, and ends December 2016. This circle of conversation is diverse, open and respectful. Ms. Leibovitz’s says, “I offer visitors a talking circle, an invitation to explore the feelings and ideas these images create. It’s a long way from the hush and isolation of a museum, and I’m grateful. If I had to name the most transforming discovery of my life, it would be talking circles; those gatherings where everyone may talk, everyone must listen, and a balance between the two creates a community.” It is the role of Ms. Leibovitz and Ms. Steinem to bring to the forefront women’s issues that are important to all. In many countries, the roles of women are as diverse as their cultures will allow, but time and time again, we are seeing women rise up, and fight for what is important. Ms. Steinem says, “Whatever the medium—photographs, paintings, drawings, sculptures—, people are almost always portrayed as `masculine’ or `feminine’, different and unequal. Yet, in every country of the world, there is a growing movement against this gendered inequality. When you look at the images in ‘Women: New Portraits’, you will be seeing through her eyes. I’m pretty sure you will be able to recognize an Annie Leibovitz photo for the rest of your life. This is because she

looks beyond gender, beyond stereotypes, beyond masks of the day, to show us that everything alive is both, universal and unique. Including me. Including you.” What are we to learn as humans who inhabit this planet? In these changing times of uncertainty in what the future holds for us, it is now the time we should all be listening, respecting, and looking out for each other. More and more conversation and exhibits like these are in need, in order to replenish our souls, and teach us what is important. Everyone has needs and wants, but the basic need for all humans is to be seen and heard. Bravo, Ms. Leibovitz and Ms. Steinem! Thank you for continuing to open our eyes and mouths to the Fine Art of Conversation! *Annie Leibovitz (b. 1949) has been making powerful images documenting popular culture since the early 1970`s, when she began working as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone. She became the magazine’s Chief photographer in 1973, and ten years later began working for Vanity Fair, and then Vogue. Her large and distinguished body of work encompasses some of the best-known portraits of our time. Exhibitions of Leibovitz’s work have been shown at museums and galleries around the world, including the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.,the International Center of Photography in New York, the Brooklyn Museum. the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam,the National Portrait Gallery in London, and the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her work is held in museum collections from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C., to the National Portrait Gallery in London. She has published several collections of photographs, and is the recipient of many honours. In 2006 she was made a ‘Commandeur’ in the ‘Ordre des Arts et des Lettres’ by the French government. In 2009, she received the “International Center of Photography’s Lifetime Achievement Award”, the first Creative Excellence Award from the American Society of Magazine Editors, and the “Centenary Medal of the Royal Photographic Society in London”. In 2012, she was the recipient of the “Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art Award”, to “Distinguished Women in the Arts” and the “Wexner Prize”. In 2013 she received the “Prince of Asturias Award” for Communication and Humanities. In 2015 she received a “SFMoMA’s Contemporary Vision Award”. She has been designated a “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress. A set of the new photographs will enter the “UBS Art Collection – One”; one of the world’s most important corporate collections of contemporary art, comprising more than 30,000 works.

Trend Privé Magazine 69

Serena and Venus Williams, Palm Beach, Florida, 2016 Š Annie Leibovitz from WOMEN: New Portraits

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 70

Misty Copeland, New York City, 2015 Š Annie Leibovitz from WOMEN: New Portraits

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 71


Alek sandar “Ale x The G re at ” G ligoric Alex Kim CALIN ANDREESCU C amilla C ama g lia H o l ly Pa r k e r Julie Christine Krøvel M arco De M atteo Victor L o w Simone Pane t ta S er g e y Vasilie v Y u ti C han g

INTER V IE W S Julie Christine Krøvel Designer Lara Khoury Stylist Joseph Crone

A C C ESSORIES s h o pp i n g l i s t Edie Parker

RE V IE W S WORON KA P DAA TRIBE OF LAMBS GU N A S L A UD A E OCEAN + MAIN Vintag e Je welry br and Topa zery



Miromoda shows photographed by Fergus Clark

The Model by Pauline Mat ter son

N ZFW p h o t o g r a p h e d b y An u p a m S i n g h

Trend Privé Magazine 72

M I N K COATS : N e c e s s i t y VS A c c e s s o r y b y L elan d O ’ N eal


Gold & Black Photographer: Aleksandar “Alex The Great” Gligoric / Model: Mina Davidovac / Stylist : Tijana Zunic / Makeup: : Vesna Gligoric /

Trend Privé Magazine 74

Shirt and necklace: Tijana Zunic Jacket: Chic Shoes: Aldo

Blazer: Chic Pants: Tijana Zunic Accessories: City Fashion Jewelry Shoes: Aldo

Pants and cap: Chic Blouse: Sisley Belt: Koton Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 77

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 78

Dress: Marta Miljanic Blazer: Tijana Zunic Shoes: Chic Necklace : H&M




Trumpet & Horn Jewelry

Penyard $2,550 Trumpet & Horn believes that antique engagement rings should be valued, cherished, and passed on through generations. The vintage pieces are produced from recycled metals, repurposed jewelry, and diamonds found with no connection to conflict mining. Following the American Gen Trade Association’s Code of Ethics, and a proud supporter of the Kimberley Process, Trumpet & Horn is paving the way for suppliers to be both environmentally and socially accountable. If you desire a ring that is legitimately one of a kind unique, Trumpet & Horn is the by far the best option!

Nisolo Ring

Plane Ring $54 These distinctively shaped contemporary diamond rings enhance any ensemble and are affectionately handmade in Peru by Nisolo artisans. They are excellent for the responsibly fashionable soul.


Niall’s Timepieces


Gunas Purse 15% off code: PRIVE15 BLOOM $95 100% Vegan Textured Eco Polyurethane SIZE: 9”W X 6”H X 1”D


Arctic | Niall $3,750 Niall’s timepieces utilize American-made dials, hands, crowns, glass, gaskets, screws, straps, buckles, and casings. It’s as close as you can possibly get to actually wearing a small piece of America on your wrist.

Market Jute Tote -Stripe

Market Jute Tote -Stripe - Pre-Order $88.00 100% vegan, 100% ethically made. They explore the world to find exceptional materials that have been handcrafted by artisans for generations.

Bean Spectacles Eyewear Current price: 179€ ($201) A sustainable and unique eyewear made out of worn-out Denim and Books entirely crafted by hand in Austria.

Mini Key Post Earrings Mini Key Post Earrings $42.00 The Giving Keys employs those transitioning out of homelessness to make jewelry out of repurposed keys that are shared around the world. They are set apart from other fashion companies in several key ways (no pun intended).


Trend Privé Magazine 79



to throw out your favorite garment every few months to stay chic. Every garment is sewn in a small family-owned factory in Europe from sustainably sourced fabric called “Lenzing Modal”, which is a fine, smooth fiber made from beech wood. It is created by turning the wood into pulp, extracting the fiber and then reconstituting the fiber, so that it can be spun into fabric. The beech wood used in our Modal production is from sustainable forestry plantations growing native trees. It is cool to the touch, very absorbent, and a meaningless waste of water. Modal textile is less resistant to shrinkage, fading and graying than cotton, thereby extending its lifespan – that is sustainability. WORON is the name of the new indispensable underwear brand that has its core in the ‘slow fashion’ movement. The brand focuses on creating a timeless design that fits both your body and your sense of style season after season.

Feminine shape with comfort in focus, and sustainability with style! WORON is a Scandinavian Brand based in Copenhagen, and founded by sisters Anya and Arina Woron. They founded the company because of the strong desire to share their take on the perfect lingerie line. They have a strong background in both, the fashion and beauty industry. Arina has among other skills, been working as a designer for DAY Birger et Mikkelsen and Preen in London, and working as Head of Design for Gestuz. Based on their own needs, they have created a collection that is the first thing you want to put on, and the last thing you wish to take off in the evening. The Woron sisters are strongly committed to sustainability, and are environmentally conscious from the design, to the materials, and to the handling of each product.

design that can stay in your wardrobe season after season, year after year. They believe that sustainability is not just the future, but it is now! It`s the way to contribute to significantly decreasing the carbon footprint of each product they put out into the world; and making each piece that`s much more enjoyable. Their collections are all about perfectly fitted, feminine and clean essentials. This collection includes soft-bras, underwear and bodysuits and are full of sexy, confident and accessible designs, with exquisite attention to detail and fitting. Pieces are made to be mixed and matched.

“Clean and with style both in look and in our conscience is what we strive for. We’ve heard the sentence ‘Less is More’ said a thousand times, but it really is true in our case. Our goal is to find that perfect balance between producing a good “We realized that the first thing that we took off quality product which is fashionable and staying when we got home in the afternoon was always true to our moral compass. There is never any the bra; lowering the straps, un-hooking at the need to compromise, especially when we keep the back and then followed by an “ahhhh…” of relief. process clean, transparent and simple. By limiting Our aim is to create that lingerie that will be the our collection to its essence, we are able to put the right amount of focus and thought in to each first thing you want to put on and the last thing you take off! It is comfort without sacrificing fem- part of the production and all the way to the inine shaping, fashion & style - and style without customer’s wardrobe.” sacrificing sustainability. “ The whole cycle from production, transport, WORON is very passionate about their work, packaging and all the way to the fabric touchand it is very important for them to feel good ing your skin should cause as little stress as about every step they take. They are sustainably possible. WORON`s mission is to create someconscious from the crafting, to the handling of thing that is beautiful, yet comfortable and will each product and finally to the timeless have longevity, so that you won’t have Trend Privé Magazine 80

“Feminine shape with comfort in focus, and sustainability with style! “

Visit the WORON studio Flensborggade 6, kld. 1669 Copenhagen V. Denmark

This is the sisters’ motto. In their debut collection, ‘The Base Collection’ femininity, simplicity and the Scandinavian look shines through. The collection includes soft-bras for everyday use and workout/yoga, panties, bodysuits and tops. It is filled with sexy, confident and modern designs, with a strong attention to detail and fitting. WORON is ready to conquer the market and let women experience what indispensable underwear feels like.

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 82

JOLIDON - Origami crystal embellished corset

JOLIDON- Snow queen corsetry with Swarovski crystals & pearls

JOLIDON- Snow queen corsetry with Swarovski crystals & pearls

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 85

JOLIDON- One-piece swimsuit, with white feather decorations & crystals

JOLIDON- One-piece swimsuit, with white feather decorations & crystals

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 87

JOLIDON- Creamy lingerie set with a see-through ruffled train topped

JOLIDON- One-piece swimsuit, with white feather decorations & crystals

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 89

JOLIDON- One-piece swimsuit, with white feather decorations & crystals

JOLIDON- Embroidered black body with Swarovski crystals

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 91

JOLIDON- Creamy lingerie set with a see-through ruffled train topped

JOLIDON- Embroidered black body with Swarovski crystals

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 93

Trend Privé Magazine 94


JOLIDON- Embroidered black body with Swarovski crystals

h t t p : / / w w w . a t z i b r i d a l . c o m


Edie Parker

Edie Parker is a brand of vintage-inspired clutches and handbags based in New York City. Founded in 2010 by designer Brett Heyman, Edie Parker sprang from Brett’s love of mid-century style. Inspired by acrylic bags, made in America in the 1950s and 1960s, she began collecting the vintage purses and researching their long lost designers and original fabrication techniques.

Trunk Gangster

$ 1,695.00 Trunk Gangster in obsidian sand with silver brilliant star confetti script text, black hardware, and jewel embellished strap.

When Brett could no longer find the clutches she coveted at vintage and second-hand shops, she decided to remake them for a new generation. Like their mid-century predecessors, each bag is meticulously handcrafted in America. The Edie Parker Bespoke Collection was launched in May 2012. It allows customers to personalize their clutches by selecting the shape, color, clasp, font and other details. Since its inception, the program has become a favorite among celebrities, socialites, bloggers and tastemakers alike. Conceived of as a line of acrylic clutches, Edie Parker has evolved to include new silhouettes, shoulder straps, and a variety of materials while remaining true to the original brand`s aesthetic. In addition to acrylic, the bags are now fabricated in 18k gold-plated metal, embroidery and velvet. Brett resides in New York City with her husband and three children. Prior to the brand’s debut, she served as the Director of Public Relations for Gucci until 2010. In 2014, Brett was a finalist for the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund.


Model: Kylie Jackson Nails by: Monica Perez of Tandy Nails by Monica (Roseville Ca) Photographer: Cerra Cannon Hair cut/color Caitlin Senna @caitlinsenna at AJF Salon @ ajfsalon / @federicoadvanced

Trend Privé Magazine 97

Reflection Photographer/ Retoucher: Holly Parker /// /// Model: Olga Bocharova at Wilhelmina Models Stylist : Joy Moore Makeup/Hair: : Sage Adi

H o l ly Pa r k er i s a fa s h i o n , swimwear, and beauty photographer based in Ne w Yor k Cit y. S he w as born in S an Francisco, California. SHE g r e w u p i n a s m a l l t o w n i n A r i z o n a , THE N mo v e d to L os A n g eles to pursue modeling and study economics, while also working as a photo reto u cher . d u rin g her mo d elin g j o u r n e y, H o l ly r e a l i z ed t h e i mp o r t a n c e o f h u m a n connection . Today, she s tri v e s to cre ate this atmosphere a s a photographer, and finds i t a n i mp o r t a n t k e y t o s u cc e s s f u l s to ry-t el l i n g and cre ating p owerful ima g er y . H oll y tra v els fre q u entl y t o L o s An g e l e s , M i a m i , London, Milan and Cape Town.

I G @ h o l ly pa r k er p h oto

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 99

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 100

Romper: Josie Natori $295 Saks Fifth Ave

Bra: Fluer Du Mal $128 - Saks Fifth Ave Underwear: Fluer Du Mal $45 - Saks Fifth Ave

Baby Doll: La Perla $434 -Saks Fifth Ave Right Page : Mesh Bra Top: La Perla $208 - Neiman Marcus Underwear: La Perla $238 - Neiman Marcus Shoes: Tamara Mellon $1345 - FWRD.COM

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 103

Playsuit: Fleur Du Mal $325 Saks Fifth Ave

Bra: La Perla $238 Shapewear bottom: Simone Perele $68

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 105

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 106

Bra: La Perla $228 - Saks Fifth Ave Underwear: La Perla $114 - Saks Fifth Ave Shoes: Saint Laurent

Lara Khoury



By Katja Nyquist

The world of International Fashion is a melting pot of the most talented and creative designers across the globe. From Chanel to Dior, to Balmain, we all know the big flashy names, of course. What can be even more exciting is the discovery of brilliant, emerging designers. They are actually much more appreciated by us, and we absolurely adore their hard work and fresh collections. We believe that they deserve the same amount of recognition and respect. I’m here to let the world know of a designer that is installing her Beirut roots into some truly wonderful pieces and collections. Her name is Lara Khoury. Born in Beirut, Lara Khoury, joined the Ecole Supérieure de la Mode de Paris (ESMOD) . She had a unique passion of drawing the world and dressing its residents while creating universes of textile. In September 2006 she joined Elie Saab in Beirut. Then she enters the world of haute couture and prêt-à-porter fashion with all the dynamics of the industry. Lara Khoury decided to start her own label by creating the brand ILK between 2008 and 2009. We recently spoke with this innovative designer about her unique brand. SOON ON:

Katja: Being from Lebanon, did you find it difficult to get your start in the mainstream fashion arena? Lara: I first started to showcase my work in 2008 in Starch – a fashion incubator in Beirut, founded by international fashion designer Rabih Keyrouz. It was an instant hit. I was part of the first generation to inaugurate the concept of Starch and it was the talk of the town for a very long time. It was a nourishing experience for me, because it gave me the opportunity to understand the demands of the Lebanese market; it also gave me the chance to meet people from the press and professionals from the industry. It was such a good start that I easily integrated into the Lebanese fashion scene from the first showcase I hosted after Starch. Being from Lebanon, it allowed me to represent my country internationally. For instance, in the Mediterranean region in 2011, I represented my country in an international platform, La Maison Méditerranéenne des Metiers de la Mode, held in Marseille, France. It opened so many doors for me in the international market, in terms of exposure, sales, production, and so on. Katja: Why fashion, why clothing, and how does this describe who you are and your personality as a human being? Lara: Fashion for me is a self-expression. When I graduated from school at the age of 18, I had the urge to express myself to the world and show everyone my true self. I discovered fashion and found myself in it. I always felt the challenge of doing something different and unique. And with time, I discovered my passion for volume. I found pleasure and passion in the construction of garments in an experimental way. This pushed me to work on different patterns and forms throughout my collections. Being an emerging fashion designer is not an easy task. When I decided to launch my own brand, the biggest challenge was to manage my company using the skills I had learnt. There were a lot of ups and downs, but the persistence and passion for what I do kept me going. And I guess it takes a lot of courage and guts to dive into such an adventure, with the will to keep on going no matter what happens. Katja: How did you make your start in the fashion industry, did you always want to be a designer? Lara: I always knew I wanted to work in design, but it was such a challenge to pinpoint fashion design. I always had a thing for architecture, photography and product design, but with the help and support of my aunt who was a fashion designer, I decided to delve into the world of fashion. Today in my range of work, I always try to find a way to design and practice other disciplines. For instance, I art direct my videos and my shoots. I do installations and sculptures. I’m known as the multi-talented designer in the Lebanese fashion scene, always showing multiple design disciplines in my showcases. Trend Privé Magazine 107

All images from SPRING 2017 Collection - The Fountain collection

Katja: The color wheel is an important component when choosing and creating designs. Can you explain why you decided to go completely all black for this season`s collection? What was the inspiration behind that? Lara: My Fall / Winter 2016 collection is entitled “LK Beirut”. I dedicated this collection to my city, when it was destroyed by politicians and corruption. I felt hatred towards the ones who harmed my beautiful city, and wretched with the feeling of betrayal and dishonesty. In this collection, I mourn Beirut, for what it was in the past and what it has become. With a little hint of blue, for the hope of someday finding my Beirut shining again. Katja: What are your favorite kind of materials and fabrics to play and incorporate into your collections? Lara: My vision in creating is to deconstruct the feminine silhouette by creating volumes, and enhancing key parts of a woman’s body to make her feel attractive, such as her waist. I love working with tulle, because it gives me the freedom to work in volumes while ensuring that the customer is comfortable. I also like interesting fabrics such as gazar, muslin and poplin, which I manipulate to create a 3D silhouette in an experimental way. Katja: Lastly, where do you see yourself moving forward this this industry, what are your future goals and aspirations as a designer? Lara: I see myself expanding my ready-to-wear women line and pushing it further into the international fashion scene, with an online shop that’s being finalized as we speak and the integration of the LK brand into multi-brand shops around the world. My future goals also involve focusing on my new lines: “LK Man” and “Sow Bridal”. Both lines were launched last year, and still have a long way to go to catch up with “LK Women”.

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Indigo Lady Photographer and concept: Camilla Camaglia /// /// Makeup: : Einat Dan /// /// Model: Nina de Lianin /// /// Stylist : Louisa Marie /// Hair Stylist : Maleeq Oz /// /// CATS : Dante & Mephisto

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Jacket by Hendrik Vermeulen Couture Earrings by Maripossa Ring by Maripossa

Dress by Hendrik Vermeulen Couture Headpiece by The Original Atelier

Cape by Hendrik Vermeulen Couture Bra by Lost In Wonderland Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 113

Dress by Laura Galic Mask by Kat VooDoo Latex Design Collar by KEX seen at École Boutique Bracelet by Shogold

Dress by Dennis Diem Headpiece by Schwarzer Reiter Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 115





Ocean+Main Ocean+Main is a locally made, ethically-sourced collection of limited edition, luxury caftans and tunics. Welcome to ocean+main...Inspired by the ocean, made on main street. At ocean+main, we love the ocean. We love being in it, around it, near it, but most importantly, saving it. We hand select over-run fabrics from the finest mills to produce our limited edition garments, so, absolutely zero water is used in production. We also love main street, so, all of our sourcing and production is done in downtown Los Angeles. OFFER

Enter the code TRENDPRIVE to receive a 10% discount NOW! Long Grey Solid Maxi Caftan - $245.00 100% cupro, this long caftan can be worn without the belt, this is the ultimate hostess dress. With the belt, it can be tied two ways: up high, empire-style, or cinched at the waist. Sheerness: none Length from center back: 55 in. Model height: 5’9” Model wearing size s/m. Enter the code TRENDPRIVE to receive a 10% discount NOW! Shop at :

Black and White Long Silk Caftan - $245 Luxurious, light weight, 100% silk devore makes for a perfect caftan. Delicately sheer and light as a feather, this super soft micro dot fabric feels like butter next to your skin. Worn without the belt it’s free and easy. With the belt, it can be tied two ways: up high, empire-style, or cinched at the waist. Sheerness: very Length from center back: 55 in. Model height: 5’9” Model wearing size s/m. Blue and Grey Arrow Print Caftan - $325.00 Sheer 100% silk in a gorgeous blue and grey arrow print is beyond. Worn without the belt it’s free and easy. With the belt, it can be tied two ways: up high, empire-style, or cinched at the waist. Sheerness: very Length from center back: 55 inches Model height: 5’9” Model wearing size s/m.


TRIBE OF LAMBS Tribe of Lambs is a nonprofit, ethical jewelry brand creating bright and positive futures for HIV-positive children in India. “Our vision is to create a Tribe of likeminded shoppers, contributors, and communities. Tribe of Lambs values people, quality, and love. We strongly value everyone impacted by our work, both contributors and beneficiaries.” Tribe of Lambs was co-founded by Bobbi Paidel and Dani Shaw, childhood friends from Alberta. Philip Haley later joined them as the Director of Marketing. Creative Director Bobbi has spent years working in the fashion industry, but was inspired to pursue her own passion after traveling to India. Bobbi’s vision was to bridge the gap between westernized consumerism and compassionate consumerism, two things that don’t often mix. From here, Tribe of Lambs was born.

Trend Privé Magazine 116

Tribe of Lambs values people, quality, and love. Their ethical jewelry is made 100% sustainably from high-quality materials, and their pieces feature simple and elegant designs.

We love it all! Tribe of Lambs has just announced their newest Compassion project, which will pay the tuition of each child at Ray’s Children’s Home for one year. Ray’s Children’s Home is an orphanage for HIV-positive youth located in Jaipur, India. This project aims to raise $13,660, either through the purchase of Tribe of Lambs products or by direct donation. An estimated 170,000 children under the age of 15 are living with HIV/AIDS in India. Tribe of Lambs is working to build brighter futures for these at-risk youth while ending the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS in India, which often prevents people from taking the necessary steps to get treated. More at



Established in 2009 by designer Sugandh G. Agrawal, GUNAS is a high fashion label with a cause at heart, as America’s first vegan handbag brand. Undeniably appealing to the conscious consumer that wants to own high fashion luxury pieces without harming any animals or people, GUNAS offers luxurious, yet classic, pieces with a modern, fun twist. Styles ranging from totes, satchels, cross-body bags, wallets, and backpacks, GUNAS has a bag to suit your every day mood and lifestyle need. What initially began as an all made in NYC label, GUNAS has now gone global to source and manufacture from countries around the world

Flamingo Navy 100% Vegan Textured Eco Polyurethane SIZE: 10.5”W X 8.5”H X 4.5”D


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2 4 ON THE LEFT: PERU TOTE 100% Vegan Textured Eco Polyurethane SIZE: 10”L X 16”H X 4.5”D $165 ON THE RIGHT : MAYAN 100% Vegan Textured Eco Polyurethane SIZE: 7”L X 4”H X 2”D $125


RIDLEY Green Black 100% Vegan Textured Eco Polyurethane SIZE: 10”W X 8”H X 3”D $115


100% Vegan soft Eco-Polyurethane SIZE: 10”L X 8”H X 4.5”D $189 MACAW 100% Vegan Textured Eco Polyurethane SIZE: 12” L X 2” D X 6.5” H $199


6 COUGAR QUILTED BACKPACK 100% Vegan Textured Eco Polyurethane SIZE: 10”L X 8”H X 4.5”D $149



Navy Tan Black Gray Red 100% Vegan soft Eco-Polyurethane SIZE: 14”L X 10”H X 6.5”D

100% Vegan Textured Eco Polyurethane SIZE: 10”L X 8”H X 4.5”D $125

$250 Trend Privé Magazine 117


NZFW BY Annupam Photography

Andrea Moore



Trelise Cooper


French 83


Harman Grubisa

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Jarrod Godman

Lela Jacobs


Erik Yvon

Mitchel Vincent


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Alana Cooper

Anastasia & Leilani Rickard

Glen MacLachan

Keri & Brooke Wanoa

Kylie Mangan

Len Houkamau

Nicola MackIntosh

Pania Greenaway

Trend Privé Magazine 120


Reremoana Sheridan

Sonya Elspeth Withers

Tihi King

Lucilla Gray

Wynn Hamlyn

Kylie Mangan

Tihi King

Pania Greenaway

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LUCAS Photographer: Marco De Matteo /// /// Makeup: : Stefania Epifano Model: Lucas /// @icon Rome /// Stylist : Gian Marco Funari

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 122

Coat and Top :Simone Allegretti

Shirt, Trousers and Bag: Simone Allegretti

Top and Trousers: Simone Allegretti Belt: Acne Studio Shoes: Damir Roma

Coat and Top :Simone Allegretti Trouser and Shoes:Prada More at:

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The new kid on the block of ethical and eco bridal fashion, LAUDAE is in fact, “the little sister” of equally feminine, albeit slightly more conservative brand Truvelle, established in 2013 by Gaby Bayona. This year, Gaby established a second line, ironically designed by her mother, Merly Bayona. LAUDAE designs encompass the sassy, young and fabulous vibe of a girl who isn’t afraid to show herself off a bit on her big day. Classic mermaid styles, thigh high leg-slits, deep-V backs and unexpected cutouts mean this collection is a little more daring than your average gown, but in a definitely positive way, these frocks show off all the right details to perfection. Tending toward body hugging shapes and with beautiful silhouettes, they are created to make a young bride feel that her walk down the aisle may be a bit like walking the runway. The ethos of LAUDAE seems to be for making sweet gestures toward a mindset that just makes them good people. In their flagship for the month of October, a percentage of all the things sold featuring rose gold or blush details went to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

It’s as though the brand is made up of all your BFFs... if your social circle was crazy talented, savvy, really, REALLY nice and had impeccable taste. Of course, beyond the sheer gorgeousness of such a pretty collection, LAUDAE piqued our interest before they were even on the market with their nod to ethics and sustainability. They commit to only six shipment dates per year, allowing them to ship multiple gowns to their retailers in a go, rather than one by one as many bridal suppliers do. Their office, warehouse, design, quality control, shipping, and production office are all under one roof which means that their carbon footprint is much lower than any company having their gowns made overseas (which is still, unfortunately, commonplace even for many higher end brands). This also ensures that they are creating jobs on home soil and can do quality control on location, something that any brand that contracts itself out cannot do with consistency. Their offices use efficient, eco-friendly, and pro-social technologies and they prioritize products created with recycled materials: from packaging, to office suppliers, to cleaning suppliers, to manufacturing supplies. Britt Schafer, Marketing Manager at Truvelle Bridal and LAUDAE says that whenever possible, their team goes local and seeks sustainable laces and recycled polyester. They also work with fashion schools around the city of Vancouver (which has an extensive garment district), to give students access to their off-cuts which not only keeps fabric out of the landfill, but also helps students that may have a lower income bracket or the schools themselves save funds. Probably the best aspect of designing something as special as a wedding gown with integrity is that, this it is a garment that is elevated from the every day. It should be made by people who loves what they are creating, and who is not simply seeing it land on the cutting table of a garment factory a world away. “We’re bridal, meaning that it’s fashion that’s cherished and held on to for years. You don’t buy a wedding gown and chuck it the next day: you keep it, hang out with it, and maybe give it to your kids one day for their use.” Overall the statement of a brand that captures the attention of an individual must do so on design and emotion first, especially in the case of a bridal gown. If a company follows that with the aim to make their brand align with the ethics and sustainable practices that are more and more often defining the purchasing process of the millenial generation (our current selection of most brides to be) then it’s a win for both sides. “ Laudae creates comfy gowns for carefree chicks while striving to uphold environmental, social, and economic standards. This modern, ceremonial wear for the conscious, spirited babe in all of us, give you that sleek silhouette while still allowing room to move & groove.” Editorial Images: Creative Direction: LAUDAE / Photographer: Berkley Vopnfjörd / Model: Ganna / Hair and Makeup: Devin Joplin. Product Images: Creative Direction: LAUDAE / Photographer: Berkley Vopnfjörd / Model: Gabriela / Hair and Makeup: Devin Joplin. Trend Privé Magazine 126

Topazery “Vintage Rendezvous”

by Royce Rumsey Auto-Focused Automotive Enthusiast Photoimagery

“The Topazery story began in 2001, when we discovered an antique dragonfly brooch in the corner of an old, dusty jewelry box. The beauty of the dragonfly enchanted and inspired us to start an online vintage jewellery boutique. That year, we began searching auctions, estate sales, fairs, and shows in the United States of America (USA) and Europe to bring you extraordinary one of a kind vintage jewelry pieces. Antique and vintage jewelry touches our hearts and souls with its timeless beauty. There’s something magical about jewelry from another era with a story to tell. These jewellery pieces glow with a soft patina that only comes from being worn and loved. Topazery Jewelry in Atlanta, GA offers unique and unusual, traditional and non-traditional rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and crosses from the 1800s to the 1970s. We also offer a special selection of antique and vintage inspired engagement rings from the Topazery Collection. Whether it’s a gift for you or for someone you love, we have one of a kind heirloom vintage jewelry pieces to cherish for a lifetime. We’ve been selling vintage jewelry online since 2002. We love what we do and we know you’ll love our jewelry! “

Fashion, jewelry and automotive worlds have always enjoyed a bespoke intersection in prestigious personal transportation marques. Topazery vintage jewelry recently celebrated this historic style confluence in its current “Vintage Rendezvous” marketing campaign, where two fashion models meet on a rural California country road in a legacy 1958 Porsche Speedster to discover a mutual admiration for Topazery offerings. “A Vintage Rendezvous” is a homage to the automotive/fashion history of Baccarat decanters in center consoles, René Lalique, Opalescent Naiade Car Mascottes, radiator ornaments, Bill Blass, Givenchy, Pucci edition, Lincoln Continentals, Cartier and

Mark Cross executions of Chrysler Imperials. And in a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham one would find in its glove box an Arpege Extrait de Lanvin perfume atomizer. Not surprisingly, elegant and very period-correct vintage outfits, adorn many of the well-heeled participants at famous Concours d’Elegance events around the world and prestigious jewelry and chronometer houses such as Rolex, IWS, Jager-LeCoutre, and others that are primary sponsors of vintage automotive celebrations everywhere. Such appreciations of classic cars, fashion and luxury lifestyle is trending among fashion forward markets as demonstrated by recent vintage events such as, the world-wide A

Gentlemen’s Ride vintage clothing/motorcycle event in September that saw more than 30,000 au-courant participants worldwide, as well as the bi-coastal Race of Gentlemen vintage car, motorcycle and fashion events from the Atlantic (Wildwood, New Jersey) to the Pacific (Pismo Beach, California). The renowned Departures luxury lifestyle publication recently featured the California Mille 1000km vintage car road race and as with Topazery featured a classic Porsche Speedster. Topazery ( has always been an industry leader in recognizing trends and market opportunities for vintage style and jewelry, and “A Vintage Rendezvous” provides an example of its vision and market acuity. Trend Privé Magazine 127

Guidelines Photographer: Simone Panetta /// /// Makeup: : Giulia Luciani Model: Asia Candido /// @nurmodelmgt /// Stylist : Khrystyna Visconti

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 128

Jeans: Ksenia Schnaider Maglia: Patrizia Pepe Shoes: Zara

Body: Individuals / Coat: Marios Calzette: Calzedonia Shoes: Reebok Pump

Top&leggins: GCDS Skirt: Marios Maglioncino: Marios Shoes: UnLace

More at:

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 131



Joseph is a multi-talented and highly creative fashion stylist and costume designer with a diverse list of clients and credits in the music, commercial and film sectors of the industry. Credits include BAFTA award winning TV drama “L8er Youngers”, music videos for James Blunt, The 1975, Dizzee Rascal, John Grant, Wolf Alice, ABC, Biffy Clyro, The Mystery Jets, Simply Red, JLS, Rizzle Kicks, Pendulum, Yolanda Be Cool, Olly Murs, Groove Armada, Broods and commercial styling for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Harvey Nichols, Warehouse, Max Factor, Adidas, Sony, Toshiba, Virgin, Innocent, Glenfiddich, Carlsberg, Pizza Hut, Macleans, Malibu, The Times, The BBC, Unicef, Save The Children and The British Heart Foundation. Doina: Mr. Joseph Crone, please tell us who was the most influential person for you while growing up? And why? Joseph: When I was growing up, my father was a huge influence on me. He dedicated a lot of time to showing me the ways of the world, and teaching me how, and how not, to behave in polite society and how to be taken seriously by others, while my mother showed me the importance of being sensitive and comprehending the subtleties of communication in a visual medium. Doina: Tell us (more) about your childhood. Joseph: Being an only child, I was always made to feel like “number one”. My parents were very selfless and tirelessly worked to make sure I had the best start in life. I can never thank them enough for all the sacrifices they made, while I was growing up to make sure this happened. At school I was very gregarious and made friends wherever I went. I think a big part of styling is anthropology, so an interest in people goes hand in hand with an interest in style and fashion for me. During my childhood I was diagnosed with ADHD (called ADD in those days) and found it difficult to focus in lessons. With a huge excess of energy and often blurting out answers or comments, and being something of a ringleader for those who wanted to misbehave and be distracted from everyday school life. When I started styling I managed to harness that energy into my work and finally felt able to focus on a subject that truly interested me and captured my imagination. Doina: What was the time you knew you are going to be a famous stylist? Joseph: With my mother working with big names in fashion during the 70s, Vivienne Westwood, Zandra Rhodes, etc. and my father being involved in a lot of shoots overseas, I have always been Trend Privé Magazine 132

both, others and myself, and create a positive feeling for them and me. Doina: Who is the most stylish person alive seen thru the eyes of Joseph Crone? Joseph: Bryan Ferry. I have always admired him for his elegance and timelessness. Always daring, never overt. Doina: Could you please give to the ones who aspire to become stylists, a good piece of advice for the beginning of career? Joseph’s portrait by Photographer Steven M B Jones

London`s Top Fashion Stylist surrounded by creative activity. As early as 12, I can remember being interested in clothes and how they made both, myself and others feel and look. Changing one’s immediate character through what they are wearing is a big part of styling for me. I never knew per se that I would be a stylist, but when it all started happening it felt natural and like my destiny. Doina: Is there a book you enjoy reading over and over? Joseph: Rather than a book, there’s a film I find myself watching every six weeks or so. It`s called “La Grande Bellezza”, and it`s about a man coming to various realizations about life in a very sophisticated and stylish manner. It’s beautifully shot, at times reminding me of a fragrance commercial, a music video or a fashion film. That, “Liquid Sky” and “A Bout de Soufflé“ are the ones I keep watching over and over. Doina: You have a keen passion for rare cars, yourself being the owner of (at least) one that stirs up a lot of attention while cruising the streets of London. How else do you nurture this passion? Joseph: Cars are an extension of our personal style and the way we express ourselves. I often used to call my very thick and heavy duffle coat my car as a joke, when I was in my early teens, as it was so stiff and heavy I had to almost climb into it to wear it, but I loved the way it looked. I believe that similarly, your car is really like a big coat. When you’re travelling by car, it’s the first thing people see along with your face and shoulders, so it should be in line with the way you want the world to perceive you. Personally I favor the more exotic and stylized cars, just as I do with clothes, so I am always on the lookout for something new to drive that will inspire

Joseph: The one key tool for styling is confidence. Don’t forget that in order to be able to convince others that they will look better wearing items that you have chosen for them than their own clothes, you need to have an absolute belief that what you are telling them is actually true. So start styling and shooting, however you can, collaborate with emerging photographers and models, musicians who no one’s heard of yet, anyone who’s willing to give you a chance and get as much feedback as you can. That is how you hone your styling skills and develop a confidence in your abilities that will lead to your becoming a recognized and influential stylist. Doina: If you have a motto that you always keep in mind or and expression you guide yourself with at times, please share it with us. Joseph: Joseph Crone’s Rule of Three (or often Two)! Never more than three accessories for daily life, especially with menswear. It can be tempting to pile on the statement sunglasses, tie clip, pocket square, lapel badge, hat, wallet chain, shoes, bag, necklace etc, etc. I believe two or at the most three considered accessories send a far more powerful message than an overcrowded or busy look. Of course there are lots of exceptions to this rule, and for womenswear I sometimes go to four or five, but in elegant daily life you can’t go wrong with the Rule of Three! Doina: You are not only a sophisticatedly dressed man but also one can see that you maintain yourself very well. Considering the expression “”I am what I eat””, what could you tell us about your lifestyle in terms of body nutrition? Joseph: As a stylist there is often not much sleep and a lot to be done, leaving little time to prepare healthy meals and snacks prior to shooting. As a result I am addicted to my blender. It’s a Nutri-Bullet type affair, but came out way before Kenwood’s Smoothie2go. Often I’ll take it to a location we are shooting at, and plug it in wherever I can find some power. Favorite ingredients include acai


Fahsion Stylist King Charles - Photographer Glashier

Doina: If tomorrow never comes, your today would be ...? Joseph: Spent at Blakes Hotel in South Kensington, sipping cocktails and slurping nettle soup. berry pulp, spinach, organic pine nuts, hazelnuts, golden linseed, gluten free oats, fresh turmeric root, ginger and a scoop of organic protein powder. The resulting beverages, depending on ingredients, can be soothing and quite filling if I’m trying to relax towards the end or rather a shocking jolt to the system if I need to get myself going at the start of the day. It’s a stark contrast to the doughnuts, pizzas, crisps and chocolate that often crop up on shoots, but I do occasionally succumb to those too! Doina: Did you have key people who supported you at the beginning of your career and you might be thankful for? Joseph: I was extremely lucky at the beginning of my career to have help coming from almost every angle, and a wealth of supporters who believed in me and gave me the opportunities I sought. I’m very thankful for all of these people, as well as all of those that I continue to meet who believe in me and what I can offer them. Doina: What recommendation would you make to a young man at the age of twenty who doesn’t know much about style? Joseph: Style is a journey and, like wealth and grey hair, is something you accumulate over time. Ever noticed how those more mature gentlemen seem to have an effortless style that really suits them? It all comes with time. Don’t force or rush it, just take inspiration from what you see around you that looks good to you, make it your own and allow your style

to develop and flow. Doina: Your most recent projects include working with James Blunt, Adele, John Grant, for Louis Vuitton, Adidas and so on.... what is your working regime and how do you prepare for each new assignment? Joseph: I believe in giving 100% to each and every project I am lucky enough to work on, regardless of scale, budget or profile. Only by knowing that I have done absolutely everything I could, to get the best results for my client, then I will have the confidence to say with conviction, “this looks good.” Preparation varies with each project, but we’ll normally be buying items from our favorite retailers, borrowing items from PR companies whose clients we admire or contacting brands and designers directly to see if they are interested in collaborating on a project, and loaning out their samples or stock for the occasion. The people we involve can and will be anyone from super-brands like Louis Vuitton, D&G etc. to graduate designers with only one collection, and independent boutique owners who source or design their own unique pieces. Doina: What should be the music that inspires Mr. Crone? Joseph: One enjoys a mixed bag really, from early 60s ska, 70s stadium rock, 80s hip hop and hair metal, 90s ragga jungle and britpop to a healthy dose of Absolute Radio in the car to keep things current.

“Disorder Dance” Photography / Claire Harrison, Make Up / Rebecca Doney Nails / Liane Anderson Model: Olga Datsenko @ M+P Trend Privé Magazine 133

YELLOW Photographer: Sergey Vasiliev /// /// Makeup / Hair: : Tamriko Levchenko Model: Inna Morata Stylist : Marina Sandugey-Shyshkina Location: Ukraine

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 134

Pantsuit: Katerina Kvit

Faux fur coat FLOW the Label - €799 Dress: FLOW the Label

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 136

Pullover: Zadig&Voltaire Cloak: THEO Pants: Anton Belinskiy Shoes: THEO

Pantsuit: K4 by Tanya Kravchenko

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 137

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 138

Pullover: THEO Skirt: OMELYA

Pantsuit: LAKE Shoes: LAKE

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 139


Stock Images Via Shutterstock

by Pauline Matterson

“The model looks hungry.” The model is hungry. “No, no! This is all wrong. She can’t do the broken ankle looking thing. That’s so stale. It’s overdone. I need something more current. Tell the model to do something that looks like, I don’t know, something you would see in a magazine, like now and not two seasons ago?! Make up! Her lipstick is all wrong. Did someone let her drink something? Is that why it’s all smudged?” Outrageous! Someone let the model have a cold latte. The model is lactose intolerant and would have preferred just about anything else to quench her thirst. They’d been shooting since 8am which means she started in hair and make-up at 5am which means she left her apartment and took a cab over to this abandoned sugar factory at 4am. Not only is the model hungry and thirsty but she’s tired and cold. “People! The model has goose bumps. She looks like she has chicken skin. Someone fix this!” The model is wearing a tiny summer dress in mid-winter hence the goose bumps. She has been told not to let any of the clothes get dirty. The location is covered in bird droppings and what she can only assume is molasses, and possibly coal dust. She’s not sure. She does her best to pose and look like she’s leaning against a beam without actually allowing any fabric to touch any surface. There are great gaping holes in the roof and it starts to rain. “Make the model dance. I want her dancing in the rain. She needs to do the Charleston. The mood is twenties, people!” The model isn’t certain why she is being given a hard time. Not once has the photographer addressed her directly or even made eye contact. Maybe the photographer is hungry, thirsty, cold and tired, too. She dances in a rigid manner, stopping and starting to give the photographer a chance to catch the illusion of the Charleston in the still moments. The photographer is an almost middle-aged woman who has just overcome fertility issues, had a baby and is now back to work for the first time in 3 years. Or, so the model’s agent told her. The photographer was once a name in the biz but having taken time off, she has to prove her worth again. Younger, trendier talent has come up the ranks and passed her by. She will not be allowed back at the same level she left and should she regain ground, others will still be ahead of her. Fickle fashion, always looking for the next thing. The past, though admired and influential, will never be as sought after as the future. The model is not the future either. Trend Privé Magazine 140

The music in the models head stops as the rain fades to a drizzle. She does not touch her hair or face and waits for someone from the sidelines to jump in and tissue off the droplets. Cameras and lights are shielded from the aerosol hair spray. The models eyes are not so lucky. The photographer fusses with her camera and focuses her shouting on an assistant before returning to the model. Maybe the photographer is resentful that the model is close in age but looks better. The makeup artist had whispered something to that effect in hopes of soothing the model’s potentially bruised ego. The photographer hasn’t slept well for nearly two years nor has she been allowed the time to go to the gym or even get her hair cut. But the photographer knows this is what she wants and what she has worked so hard for. Standing next to a picture perfect human bruises her ego right back, though. The photographer inventories her own appearance. Her husband’s oversized sweater, meant to look morning-after sexy, doesn’t succeed. Jeans that are tight but not by design. Old running shoes she regrets wearing. They might be comfortable but they look shabby. A stylish brogue would’ve been equally as comfortable and could’ve pulled the look together. She knows she knows better than this. She should’ve done better than this. The model notices the photographer has stopped giving directions. She subtly changes her positions and facial expressions hoping the photographer will see something she likes and continue snapping shots. Instead, she catches the photographer looking down at her own shoes, unsmiling. They are drab. The model knows what it’s like to feel drab. She often speaks of having lost her sparkle in an industry where 30 is over the hill. “We’re done here,” the photographer says suddenly and walks towards a staircase that looks newer than the rest of the building. “Let’s head to the roof while the rain has stopped.” The two assistants gather the stands and lights while the make-up artist shoves brushes and a lipstick into the pocket of her apron. The hair stylist has her own brushes and potions to take with and the stylist grabs her props. The model follows the crew up the stairs and waits to be told where to stand. She looks over the side of the building and sees similar decrepit buildings and a deserted industrial road. She sees the stylist and the photographer whispering. Her internal armour goes up. This is business not personal. She assumes poses and postures she hopes are acceptable. No indication is given that they are.

Maybe the photographer feels threatened by style and youth. Being aged out of an industry is something the model knows all too well. Landing this gig was kind of like the model’s last shot. Does the photographer feel the same? The model had to fight to be where she is right now. Dozens of other girls were considered for this campaign. The clothing designer chose the model in hopes of broadening her clientele’s age range. A last minute direction. A spontaneous decision after the model attended the go-see dressed head-to-toe in the designer’s clothes. The designer had been impressed that the model could pull it off. The action pauses again. They re-set the lights. Still, something is not working. The model and stylist head down the stairs for an outfit change. The stylist has forgotten a crucial accessory: the next pair of shoes. Back in the day, a model would arrive ready for anything with every conceivable item needed for a shoot in her model’s bag. This model is old school so she has just such a bag and is able to supply the much needed footwear. The stylist is relieved that they work so well. The model finally feels like she’s done something right. There is an awkward silence as the model walks back onto set. Not that the previous moments containing discussions were any less awkward, mind you. The photographer looks at the model. The model notices she’s being watched. The photographer’s glare reaches the shoes she is wearing. The photographer’s face develops into something akin to a smile. “I like the shoes.” “What size are you?”, the model says before realizing she’s thinking out loud. “A nine.” Perhaps the photographer doesn’t quite feel like herself. She’s gone through a major life moment. She’s fought hard for something and now that she’s got it, maybe reality isn’t the romanticized concept she’d envisioned. The model has struggled to be where she is and she, too, has the feeling of accomplishment but also... Really? Is this it? She’s gone from one mid-level brand to another, working on runways and in ad campaigns but hasn’t given up her day job. The shoot finishes and the model changes into her own clothes. She slips her hardly worn shoes into a soft, drawstring bag. She hands them to the stylist with a note addressed to the photographer. “I believe it was Marilyn Monroe who said give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” XO, The Model


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MINK COATS : Necessity VS Accessory by:Leland O’Neal Mink coats have been worn by A-list celebrities such as Beyonce, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga, but for what purpose? We no longer need to wear animal fur to survive the winter, and are at a point in time where we can easily make artificial fur, so why do these celebrities and fashion savvy people keep wearing mink? People wear mink coats as a symbol of status. The very beautiful mink coats can cost anywhere from under $1,000 to way over $10,000. As a result walking out of the house rocking a mink coat just showcases how exquisite your fashion sense is, and how much money you have. Many of these people probably don’t know that it takes 60 minks to make just one coat. Minks are often being killed by the time they’re only five months old. The minks’ lives are very commonly ended by having their necks broken, being gassed, or being electrocuted. To be even more cruel, sometimes the gassing does not always work, and as a result the minks may be skinned while they are alive. But before their death, the minks must endure hell first.

The minks live in cages that are two feet long by one foot tall. Also minks are denied their natural habitat while they are in the fur farms, as they are semi-aquatic animals. The stress of being constantly locked in a cage often leads to the minks pacing back and forth in their cages, and self mutilating themselves. Minks often will die due to the heat, because they can’t cool themselves off by swimming, and in the winter will die because the water they drink will often times freeze. You would hope that people are ignorant to the fact that these adorable little animals are tortured, and thus stop buying their furs, but often this is not the case. In fact Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West, among others, have all been slammed by PETA for rocking their furs. But despite being slandered by PETA they proceed to rock their expensive furs, and torture the small minks who want nothing but to live their lives freely. So you tell me, are mink coats a true necessity, or an accessory? Trend Privé Magazine 141

Love Fantasy Photographer: Yuti Chang Model: Cat Carney @APM New York Stylist : Masha Minaev Makeup: : Ching-Ya Chen using Milk Makeup Hair: : Kiyonori Sudo Retouch: : Pratik Naik @solsticeretouch

Dress: Manish Arora Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 143

Total look: Namilia Shoes: Elie Saab

Total look: Thom Browne Shoes: Creatures of the love

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 145

Total Look: Creatures Of The Love

Top: Tibi Pants: Christopher Kane

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 147

Jacket and Pants: Claudia Li Shoes: Creatures of the love

Total Look: Creatures Of The love

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 149

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 150

Total Look: Ozopled



‘Every Piece Matters’! Every piece that makes you who you are, ‘matters’ ! Every choice you make ‘matters’ ! Every fashionable choice you make ‘matters’ ! In today`s society, what ‘fashionably matters’ is SUSTAINABILITY!

The offcut business is a fast growing one. Many designers and brands have used Kapdaa`s concept and are now part of the sustainable community. The response has been overwhelming since Kapdaa partnered with Selfridges last year for London Fashion week in collaboration with the Centre of Sustainable Fashion. A designer or a brand creates one-of-a kind, exquisite garment that comes from an inspiration and has a meaningful story. The creation is then presented to the world to admire and applaud. But what about the leftovers? They can and still have a purpose and meaning of their own with Kapdaa.

The leftover fabrics from garments can be turned into covers of notebooks. Kapdaa uses these beautiful offcuts to adorn the covers of notebooks that can inspire a whole new generation to write, create, doodle their ideas whilst make a stylish statement. People can carry a small part of their favorite designer/ brand while wearing their outfit or by itself, as a cherished piece of fashion. The fashion designers, the brands, interior designers, textile owners and the mills help us make a difference and add a fashionable element to sustainability. Their revolutionary decision of creating a range of fashionable stationery with Kapdaa -The Offcut Company can help provide a solution, for the changing face of fashion. Yes, we have the bookmark, the

envelopes and the newly launched coffee cup sleeve as well! We reside in Kingston upon Thames, England. We are five people from different walks of life, different age groups, ethnicity and experiences. We are a small team of five in different shapes and sizes. We work with the offcuts that are sent to us by designers, primarily from the UK, as the community supporting our idea and appreciating a ‘sustainably’ growing concept. Our pickup and courier associates are in lieu to reducing carbon foot prints, so we send and get final products in stacks. The factory that we have adopted in India is the backbone of our beautiful notebook creations. Now is the time to take this step and do what

matters for the sake of fashion, for its consumers, artists and most of all, for the environment and its longevity. We believe you can only find the solution if you are a part of a revolution. So we invite the whole fashion fraternity to come together and say ‘ Every Piece Matters’. We take pride in sharing our work with you, and kudos to the designers who came on board with their offcuts to make notebooks with us. The ‘feel good’ factor that a brand / designer brings to its clients, when they take this step towards reducing waste and using their offcuts creatively, puts them on a pedestal like no other. A customer will be even more proud to choose the brand and wear their designs. Trend Privé Magazine 151

Secret London Photographer: Victor Low Model: Laura Kidd Tess Model Management Makeup / Hair: : Kristina Pavlovic Fashion Label: : Tomasz Kociuba

Fashion Label: Tomasz Kociuba Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 153

Fashion Label: Tomasz Kociuba

Fashion Label: Tomasz Kociuba

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 155

Fashion Label: Tomasz Kociuba

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Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 157

FASHIONREVIEW Corduroy - A History in the Making

By Katja Nyquist HISTORY

This year has been, what I feel, the biggest time for major trends to appear or even re-appear. From styles featuring lace, fringe, florals, metallic, we have all seen these trends on the main fashion week runways. One very important fabric is making quite the comeback with its smooth, ribbed, raised texture, and eye-popping colors. Corduroy is currently winning on the streets of fashion globally. Let’s go back and take a deeper look to see how this material began, from its start into the fashion industry and into the closets of fashion lovers and more. Corduroy is a cotton mixed, textile fabric that is made from twisted and woven fibers that when produced, lie in parallel style rows that form the fabric`s texture. We all know the feel and touch of corduroy, even just by closing our eyes. It has a very smooth and soft surface, yet when worn, it is incredibly durable and can upload numerous working tasks. This textile’s origin can be traced back all the way to the ancient Egyptian times in the AD year 200. During the 12th century, it became known as ‘fustian’ to those in Europe, when the cotton trade was quite popular and being heavily distributed in Italy. Stock images courtesy of Shutterstock

From the study of world history or even the history of fashion and clothing, ‘fustian’ was very well known to be worn and sought after by royalty nobles, wealthy Europeans, and of course kings and queens, mainly being from England and France. During the 18th century this material finally became widely known throughout the world. England played a large role as it was the place where corduroy manufactured, and it was also a practical choice for an outdoor textile. It provided warmth, dried very quickly, if ever wet or damp, and also for its impervious strength. Fustian is finally named to be corduroy from a form of French cloth called ‘corde du roi’, which in mot à mot translation, it means ‘cloth of the kings’. This basically gave the material a more French vibe and encouraged a higher quality. Moving forward during the 19th and 20th centuries, we saw the newly named corduroy transition into a much more wearable cloth that anyone and everyone could wear. When the USA finally took hold of the textile, it was then used for many clothing items, from uniforms to farm and construction clothing, even used for women’s dresses during the Victorian period.

I can only imagine how hot those women could have gotten in the numerous layers they were wearing during that time period. With that being said, during the 1900’s, we noticed a huge boom using the smooth textile that was used for just about every clothing piece known to man, even with accessories such as hats and caps, which was hugely popular with men in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Steinbock Alpine Corduroy Coat

Next, we saw a huge explosion of corduroy in the 1970’s. We all know about bell bottom jeans and the massive circulation that spread through the next 4 decades. Following today and the many new and modern trends, corduroy is not disappearing any time soon. From today’s major brands such as Levi’s, Madewell, J,Crew, LOFT, to the high-end designer brands, MIU MIU, Balenciaga, and TIBI are all embracing this trend. From street-style fashionistas, to corporate men and women wearing this in many clothing forms. Skirts, jeans, coats and jackets, handbags, even shoes and accessories, are always a chic and classic way to incorporate the sleek texture into any wardrobe.

Patagonia Women’s Fitted Corduroy Pants

In conclusion, looking into the making and fashion material history of corduroy, we basically have learned that this is a trend and fabric that can last more than a lifetime. It can be transformed and molded into more than just fashion. Society can depend on this as an extensive long-term use for everyday lives. A lightweight jacket for the spring time in California, or a thick faux shearling lined coat for those cold New York City days and nights. Fabric will always be an important necessity for us, trend and appearance devotees, but also for every other living and breathing entity that walk among our beautiful earth. Trend Privé Magazine 159

Brown Delivers Better Creative Direction + Fashion: Cameron Carpenter Photographer: Alex Kim Photo Assistant: Archer Rolls Makeup & Hair: Abbie Ahmed Model: Monique Hallowes @RPD Models Fashion Assistant: Ryan Moir A HUGE thank you to Metro Films !

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 160

Seed Heritage Coat, Boss Hugo Boss Dress, French Connection Shoes.

TK Store Dress, Julian Danger Classic Label Scarf, Seed Heritage Heels, Lovisa Cuffs.

Ooby Ryn Dress, Hugo Boss Bag, Chaos & Harmony Pumps.

Visage Roll-neck, Lela Jacobs Pants, Merchant 1948 Boots, Tosca&Salome Hat, Lovisa Cuff.

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 163

Visage Cape, Kowtow Dress, Barbara Bui Belt and Cuffs from @lineagestore, Merchant1948 Boots.

Julian Danger Top, TK Store Skirt, Balenciaga Heels and Repetto Bag from @Lineagestore

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 165

Julie Krøvel


bY adriana oanceA Adriana: What kind of gear do you use?

Hasselblad Ambassadør Julie Christine Krøvel – Prinsessen av Frogner delights in breaking photographic rules, an approach that enables her to produce fashion images that are both distinct and unique in style. From Oslo, Norway, she has been educated throughout Northern Europe, and also travels abroad to maintain interest (and escape the frigid Scandinavian winters) while working with substantial artists such as One Direction, Gwen Stefani, Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC and Dolly Parton. In the commercial fashion / beauty genre of photography she holds a space that is entirely intense and powerful, using emotion and light to capture photos that tell a story with one look. Educated in Denmark with a Master`s Degree in Fashion and Commercial Photography, as well as various other creative courses from the University of Oslo in Norway, she has combined her Scandinavian skillset with her passion for the camera to create some incredible works of art. Professionally active since 2004, she has provided her photographic talents towards the portraits of Jens Stoltenberg (the previous Prime Minister of Norway), various government officials, politicians and famous actors. Her portfolio also includes a variety of international campaigns for Bang & Olufsen, Samsung and Statoil, though she would be more excited to discuss about Dolly Parton or Ozzy Osbourne. Based mainly in Copenhagen, as well as Oslo/ Paris, Julie now has several projects in the works showcasing her talents in photography stills and fashion filmmaking, using her beloved H series Hasselblad camera. Julie specializes not only in making people look and feel fabulous in front of the camera, but also with advanced lighting set-ups using Profoto and Broncolor shaping tools as her style, is mainly commercial with an expressive “commercial-fashion” look. Adriana: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Julie: I wanted to be a photographer for as long as I can remember. I purchased my first SLR in 1988, and started shooting my friends at home. I bought lamps, different lenses and gel filters, trying to create the atmosphere I wanted, and I never did the same thing twice. I loved to do everything the ‘wrong’ way, in particular cross-processing films until I achieved the look I was after. Everything for me was about experimentation and that’s how I came to my own style. Trend Privé Magazine 166

Julie`s Portrait. Photo By Nanna Elmquist

The Hasselblad Ambassador Adriana: You have a great way of telling a story through your camera`s lens. What inspires you and how does your brilliant vision always come out perfectly? Julie: I’m inspired by music, history, moods and people. Always dreaming a bit, I think it´s important. I remember delivering newspapers home in Oslo when I was little. I was often delayed because I stopped on each floor of the buildings, watched the door signs with the names of the people living there and wondered who they were and how they lived. They probably thought I was strange, if they ever saw me. I often fell in love with situations, light and stayed passionate for things I did. Nostalgic and a bit touchy. I often fell in love with imaginary people from my fantasy, thinking that I was strange when I was little. Now as a grown woman and mother of two small girls, I find it beautiful and I encourage my girls to use their creativity. As a professional photographer and thanks to years of practice and work, I know exactly how to create the things I want or the things my customers want. I´m always excited and humble for my projects and meeting new people. Although I have lots of experience, I will never stop learning, I’m humble to life, living my life and my days as fully as I can. Now I deliver commercial work, but always have my “Julie” touch with me, incorporated with the commercial look. After years of work I think I have a “super package”, with all my life experience as well as technical skills.

Julie: I have used Hasselblad as my main working tool since 2004, digital and film. • Camera body – Hasselblad H6D 50 and H6D 100 for stills - Red Dragon Camera for film, and smaller film footage with two Nikon D-810´s with Atomos Assassin recorder. • Lens – HC 120 mm II Macro - HC 3590mm and 80 mm and Nikkor 80 -1,4 and Nikkor 28-70 2,8 plus Cine lenses for Red. • Tripod – Manfrotto, lots of C Stands and Kessler Sliders, Dolly´s. • Filters – Pola, gel filters for flash and complementary colours for different flash effects. • Flash – Profoto B4 - 1200´s - B1´s Profoto Daylight 400 - , Pro Ringflash II, Striplight´s and Different LED Panels for smaller fashion films. • Camera bag – Specially customized Pelicase pink cases. • My beloved Broncolor Para 133 - just exquisite! Adriana: Which is your favorite lens? Why? Julie: HC Macro 120 mm II, delivers razor sharp images. Perfect for beauty and fashion. Adriana: Among the gadgets that you own, is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought? Why? Julie: A small tripod I bought because I thought it was convenient. Don´t.. Go for the big ones! Adriana: In the field, what are your settings? Julie: • Aperture – 16/22 often. • Shutter Speed – 125/ 250 - 2000 • ISO – 100 always... • White Balance – Flash / daylight • Focus – Manual/Auto - Both depending on type of shoot. Mainly Auto. • Image Format – RAW - Never, ever, ever JPEG. Adriana: What kind of tools do you use for post processing? Explain your work flow. Julie: Phocus 3 from Hasselblad -16 bit RAW - Post in PS for stills and Premiere / After Effects for Film. Adriana: Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why? Julie: I don´t have any special favorite. I have so many (after 14 years in the business), but I´m very

fond of my Gwen Stefani portrait, and of one of a Norwegian singer called Bertine Zetlitz published in an extreme yoga pose, published in ELLE Magazine last month. It´s the same pose as one of Madonna`s images (which we used as inspiration). I always like the history behind my work, remembering all the work we did that day. It makes me smile, I always try to use humor even if I´m stressed. It´s important to work hard, but also have to have a bit of fun, I think. I often talk about this in the lectures I hold. Other favorites are my fashion work, the timeless and creative ones. Adriana: Whose work has influenced you most? Julie: David La Chapelle without doubt. Also the Italian and Dutch Renaissance painters. Adriana: What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos? Julie: That my dreams all were set alive one day. Just be patient, believe in yourself, work hard, don´t get so disappointed if some person doesn´t like your work or says the wrong things. It takes time to understand, master life and people especially. The best photographers remain forever, they never quit. It takes time to learn. Listen to the ones who inspire you, but do it your way! Adriana: Any advice for our readers? Julie: Look at how natural light really works. Watch the sun and see how it works, then use it in photography, with flash techniques as well as daylight. And don´t just think about it. DO it! You have to learn your way, although you learn from others. Focus on light and communication with your models, stay humble, professional and self-confident at the same time. Never stop being curious and learn from other people… Adriana: We`re very happy and humbled to have interviewed such a brilliant photographer, and looking forward to many, new, great collaborations with Julie in the near future. Ozzy Osbourne by Ms Julie Christine Krøvel Fashion / Beauty Photographer Prinsessen av Frogner - Photographe de Mode Film de Mode Official Hasselblad Ambassador / Photographer based in Copenhagen. // Insta @prinsessenavfrogner

Trend Privé Magazine 167

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 168

Left: Red Hot Chili Peppers Right: Ozzy Osbourne by Ms Julie Christine Krøvel Fashion / Beauty Photographer Prinsessen av Frogner - Photographe de Mode Film de Mode Official Hasselblad Ambassador / Photographer based in Copenhagen. // Insta @prinsessenavfrogner Trend PrivÊ Magazine 169

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 170

by Ms Julie Christine Krøvel Fashion / Beauty Photographer Prinsessen av Frogner - Photographe de Mode Film de Mode Official Hasselblad Ambassador / Photographer based in Copenhagen. // Insta @prinsessenavfrogner Trend PrivÊ Magazine 171

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 172

Gwen Stefani by Ms Julie Christine Krøvel Prinsessen av Frogner

Dolly Parton by Ms Julie Christine Krøvel Prinsessen av Frogner

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 173

Nørrebro Photographer: Julie - Prinsessen av Frogner /// Hasselblad Official /// Makeup / HAIR: : Morten Kongsbak /// Unique Models Model: Signe Lemming Nymark /// Unique Models /// Stylist : Soeren Le Schmidt /// ASSISTANTS : Nanna A. Elmquist /// Ane Cecilie Krogh /// LOCATION : Nørrebro /// Copenhagen

Trend Privé Magazine 174

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 176

Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 178

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HOLIDAY G IFT G UIDE J u st O ne A frica . or g VEGAN CUTS A rtis No 13 AN D M ORE

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Trend Privé Magazine 180





Rachel’s Pick: Artis Digit 10 Brush Set

$375.00 The Digit Collection 10 Set brushes are shaped like a finger that is bent during application to a surface. This totally ergonomic shape helps Digit brushes feel completely comfortable in the hand, while orienting the fibre bundle so it easily applies makeup products to the face and body. The dual finish handle fits into any aesthetic by offering a soft pearl finish on the top, and a mirror finish on the bottom of the handle. There are 10 brushes included in the dual zipper, two level, semi-rigid case with inside mirror: Linear 1, Linear 1 Demi, Linear 3 Demi, Circle 1, Circle 1R, Oval 3, Oval 4 and Oval 6. Oval 7, and Oval 8. Artis brushes are made exclusively with CosmeFibre, a revolutionary engineered fibre made for applying cosmetic and makeup products.

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Christmas sweaters are made with high quality double-panel construction with reinforced seams. Machine washable and built to last. 100% Acrylic All of Tipsy Elves’ Funny Christmas sweaters sold on Amazon. Shop over 50 designs for men and women! Perfect for your Ugly Christmas Sweater party, holiday pub crawls, the ski cabin, and they always make a great gift!



Earrings of hand tatted lace by Terese Bowors of

Nineteen Twenty. shop/NineteenTwentyLace These lace earrings are called EONIAN and retail for $65.00

Business on a Mission: How to Build a Sustainable Brand by Andy Last

This easy-to-read and engaging book is the perfect introduction to how to build a sustainable brand for your organization. Intended as a roadmap that can be readily applied by busy managers and practitioners, the book includes interviews with business leaders, including Paul Polman of Unilever, Adam Elman of Marks & Spencer, and Jonas Prising of ManpowerGroup to provide insight into best practice and clear guidance for implementation. Throughout, the book avoids jargon and theorizing to ensure readability. Business on a Mission is based on more than a decade, working with some of the first businesses to develop social missions and shows the foundations behind their success. It looks at how businesses can profit from working hand in hand with society and identifies a model for success. The book demonstrates how businesses can go from hiding behind “social shields” to picking up “social swords” and presents the six criteria to look for in assessing a social mission. It also focuses on how good communications can build trust and bring about positive change; and it provides clear ways to engage employees and improve productivity as well as “rules” for communicating social missions externally. This optimistic book explains the benefits of partnerships in the sustainable development agenda, particularly between businesses and NGOs.


Justin’s pick: Just One Africa

$15 - Discount Code for our readers: PRIVE10 ‘Roll With The Tide’ Bracelets Recycled paper bead bracelets (variety of colors) are handcrafted by Masai women. Gorgeous copper/silver/gold faceted spacers are hang-strung between each paper bead. Perfect for stacking! Each comes in a draw string linen bag. The more people learn of the opportunity to create change with gifts that give back, the more clean water that can be created. Just one bracelet provides 200,000 gallons of clean water and that is significant! 5 bracelets = 1 water filter = 1 million gallons of clean water!


Andrea’s pick : Aries Constellation Signet Ring 9ct Gold & Diamond

available at Wolf & Badger £350 As this collection is inspired by an indigenous culture that is heavily affected by our actions on the planet, a percentage of the profits are donated to the National Wildlife Federation - a conservation group which unites individuals and businesses to protect wildlife, wild places, and the environment. No 13 is a new jewelry brand that brings you a touch of ethical luxury. We are inspired by nature and indigenous artisans who live in some of the remotest and endangered places on the planet. We wanted to work alongside them to bring you the most original and contemporary designs.

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Save time and money by collecting the very best cruelty-free & vegan products, packing them up and sending them to your favorite people. Their team of vegan sleuths spend their days scouring online shops, festivals and stores for the very best vegan food, beauty and fashion products so they can bring them to you through their online marketplace, monthly Snack Box, Beauty Box and the special edition boxes.



DesignsBrilliant DesignsBrilliant Hand hammered earrings, cut and formed out of silver. Embellished with red bead and silver plated hishi. Cut outs for accent. $50

Our values include social responsibility, excellence, integrity, and sustainability – with all our pieces being made from recycled silver and our eco-friendly, recycled packaging. Our first collection is inspired and handmade in collaboration with Sami Artisans who inhabit the Arctic Circle. Our aim was to create a modern twist on ancient Sami styles, and in doing so make something luxurious, beautiful and sustainably-sourced. Reindeer antlers are shed naturally and harvested by the Sami people once a year. You can see our Sami carver at work along with his beautiful herd of reindeer above. Sixten is a true craftsman with over 40 years of experience in reindeer shepherding and scrimshaw carving. He hand carves each reindeer antler cabochon to our specifications, then etches with ancient Sami patterns and inlays with India ink and silver to bring out the detailing. As this collaboration is with an indigenous culture that is heavily affected by our actions on the planet, a percentage of the profits are donated to the National Wildlife Federation - a conservation group which unites individuals and businesses to protect wildlife, wild places, and the environment. Trend Privé Magazine 183

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MORE Favorite Shops

MadeFAIR is a booming fashion boutique that partners with ethical fashion labels from around the world bringing pellucidity and responsibility to the global marketplace. They carry contemporary Fair Trade, sustainable, and eco-friendly clothing and accessories from some of the best ethical brands.



Ethical Market After viewing the documentary The True Cost, founder of Ethical Market, Raquel Wallace, was inspired and decided to alter her existing online marketplace (for fashion, homewares and gifts) to only sell ethically-made products. The Ethical Market is now the UK’s largest ethical marketplace, listing over 4,000 ethically made products from over 200 sellers. We love the fact that Ethos Collection invests 3% of their revenue with Kiva, a non-profit organization providing loans to people without access to traditional banking systems. Stay tuned for their ethically-sourced, sustainable, purpose-driven gift boxes for the Holidays.


The Little Market empowers women artisans to rise above poverty. Every purchase from The Little Market generates meaningful income for the artisans and their families. The online marketplace sells striking products handmade by artisans around the world.



Trend PrivĂŠ Magazine 184

Ten Thousand Villages has been a creator of the Fair Trade movement for over 70 years. They have been positioning the groundwork for sustainable change in over 30 developing countries by providing a space for people to take responsibility of their own lives and build something for themselves. The communities in the developing world design their crafts with local, natural or recycled materials.







BAKING COOKIES Spend a day in the kitchen baking whatever your kids or loved ones want. GO NUTS with luxury ingredients, vanilla bean, gorgeous chocolate, and whatever else you can think of! The IDEA is to spend time with each other. Sometimes that’s the best gift (especially with kids) you can give. Tell stories. LISTEN to them. Every culture knows that making food together is one of the best ways to build bonds. Also, you can get creative and make a different kind of hot cranberry tea that would go perfectly with the warm cookies.


Go to the really fancy one. No, the fancier one! Take your Love to that restaurant they thought you’d never ACTUALLY go to. Enjoy the most amazing meal and really do it up. Maybe stay in a hotel to match. Spend a night on the town at home and pretend to be a tourist. OR spend the weekend in New York, if that’s where your dream restaurant is! (Just remember to make reservations in this case!)


This lines up with dolphin swimming. If you`re claustrophobic, have any heart problems or simply just don’t want to get certified, snorkling can be just as fun. Of course, there is likely a vacay attached to this, but that’s part of the charm. Don’t bill it as “going on vacation” so much as visiting one of the last great wonders of the world, a reef or something else beautiful that will remind everyone why it is so important that we help save our precious planet!


SPA DAY Two words: Spa Treatment! Who doesn’t love ANYthing they do to you at the spa? And you would not believe how many people DON’T treat themselves! It’s seen as a luxury so this is why it’s a perfect gift. Because it’s really the gift of relaxation and in today’s society, the true luxuries are Time and Relaxation.


Go crazy! Really, THIS is one of those things EVERYONE dreams of doing, but they never actually do. Cross something amazing off your bucket list, and give a day never to be forgotten and talked about forever. (Remember to bring earplugs, when you get up there. It’s incredibly peaceful... until they blow the warmer. The thing that makes the fire is LOUD!)






Spend your holidays in a post card. You don’t REALLY even have to ski if you’d rather just wear your ski duds and spend the days sipping cuppas by the stone fireplace. Of course, we recommend getting some fresh air (and powder...and selfies.)


TAILORING The idea of having a perfectly tailored wardrobe is something many don’t think about even though the cost of tailoring a shirt to fit can be as low as $15. But if you are somebody who buys off the rack, then your clothes don’t fit. At least, they won`t fit perfectly. Having a well fitted wardrobe makes your clothes worth wearing and makes you feel like a million bucks. Give a certificate to a proper tailor (experience is key here, so make it somebody who will explain and take the proper care) for a significant portion of the wardrobe to be done OR the gift of one perfectly executed outfit of their choice from scratch. The bonus here is that you are likely supporting an individual whose trade should really be endorsed and who is not a corporation.

ADVENTURE Give the gift of exhilaration. Adrenaline. Just plain awesome. Take your people on a thrill seeking, mind bending experience or just give them the option to take somebody else if it’s not super much your thing. If you`re not afraid of heights and are an adrenaline junkee, then bungee jumping, ziplining, surfing and extreme glamping should be on your bucket list! Do them the favor of crossing that one off the list with them.




Instead of spending time on social media and away from your REAL friends and family, write a heartfelt note to everyone important in your life. You can either hide it in a place you know they`d find it and be pleasantly surprised, give it to them or stick it on the refrigerator. Let them know what they mean to you and how they have impacted your life, guaranteeing to spread true holiday cheer. Bonus points for recycled paper and trying hand-writing.


It’s a time of year that inspires people to be better and to love. The Christmas holidays are dedicated to friends and family, so why not bring home your new best friend? Why not find a loyal friend in a pet that will love you for the rest of its life. There are so many animals who would love to share the holidays with you, and many animal shelters that offer free adoptions.



Instead of spending money on material things, you could spend the day giving! You can volunteer at local events and organizations. If you don’t see anything in your area, contact your favorite non-profit and find out how you can start your own do-gooding community effort.


DO A REALLY GOOD DEED Can you say that you did a truly good deed on Christmas day? If not, here`s one! Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to support your project. Together you`ll create flyers and hand them out to the homeless people a couple of days before Christmas. The flyer should have a meeting point, date and time. On Christmas day, your crew must clear out their fridge and bring you their meal or contributions. You may even cook together. Gather up the unopened cans and jars too, and finally transport everything to the homeless people as promised when handing them the flyers.


10 13

SUSTAINABLE NOTEBOOK Your Sustainable journey can start with a fashionable notebook made your favorite designer`s offcuts fabric. Here`s how it works: DONATE

Let go of the clothes and things you haven`t wore in years. A way to donate on Christmas day is by spending the day letting go instead of accumulating! Clear out those junk drawers, tackle the garage, and finally get rid of all the stuff that could mean so much more to others. Donate them responsibly to people in need or second hand shops.


FLOWER SUBSCRIPTION If you can find the person who doesn’t like to get flowers and have a fresh bouquet to look at and fill the room with perfume of the most perfect sense for days... something about a bridge. There are many subscription services that will deliver your recipient fresh blooms weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, but please remember to opt for one that uses ONLY organic florals. The flower industry is one of the main contributors of the decline of bees (honey, ACK!) which... well... we need ‘em. You can think of it in the sense that what you are ACTUALLY doing is educating and supporting the good guy! You get Eco Cred for that.

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Adelina Pestritu



Adelina Pestritu is a Romanian celebrity who started her career in television seven years ago, introducing a weekly news about the Romanian high society. Then she presented several other television shows, including a late night show. For a good period of time, she worked with two television projects running at the same time. She is also an actress, a model and a magazine editor.

Angie: When did you first travel abroad, and where? Adelina: I first flew 12 years ago to Turkey on a short family vacation. It was fascinating to discover other cultures of the world. The Turkish food was so amazing that I still remember its taste. Angie: We know you love The United States of America, as shown in numerous episodes of your vlog. I suppose you had an unlimited budget for it. Where would you choose to visit in America? Adelina: Indeed, America is one of my favorite destinations, for which I also visited it three times in one single year. New York is magnificent, and the city vibe I can translate directly into an action movie. Huge stately buildings that make up the landscape of one of the most populated cities in the world are simply indescribable. Blocks of skyscrapers make you realize how small you are on this earth. And when I say small, I mean not just figuratively. I could spend my life in this city, lost among people and regardless of the budget that I would hold. Angie: What was the worst dish you tried there? Adelina: I’m not used to eating fast food, and from this point of view we suffered a little, but I developed an obsession for avocado, which tastes the same wherever you buy it from, so I made a lot of salads. Besides, I enjoyed donuts and chocolate filled with all sorts of flavors. Luckily, I`m not very picky with food. I can easily adapt, as long as I combine the food my way. Angie: What about the best dish that you can remember? Adelina: In the US I found guacamole and I fell in love with it hopelessly. I like to eat it with nachos and some lemon. Angie: How was New York Fashion Week? Adelina: I was impressed by the organization of

Photos Courtesy of Adelina`s Personal Archieve

one of the most important festivals in the world of fashion, NYFW. That is a beautiful story altogether. It seems that everything works according to a script well established from which no one deviates from the way it shows collections to the energy of the people, including photographers who treat you with so much respect and admiration, even if they don`t know you. Angie: What would be the secret places in America that have not been revealed on your vlog, but you’ve checked out on your journey? Adelina: Usually I like to share my experiences with all my friends, including the virtual ones, but I haven`t told them that I dared to go into famous casinos in Vegas. I could not miss out on being in a gambling paradise. Inside the casinos you are not allowed to photograph, so I could only “enjoy” the money that I lost, but that was something I could not take photos of, or share with others outside of the casino. Angie: Do you believe that America is the place where you could retire? Adelina: I do not know if I can live so far away from family and friends, but I wouldn`t exclude this possibility. The future can hold many surprises. I would rather like to take US contracts, but live in Romania. That would be a winning situation for my soul. I don`t know if I have the strength to leave everything I have here. I am very attached to Romania. Angie: Where is the place you would want to visit that you haven’t yet? Adelina: I dream of space travel. Yes, I`d like

to go to space. I know it is hard to imagine that, without being a scientist or an astronaut. I`d love to see the Earth from out there. I like to feed on my dreams and to believe that anything can be possible. I`m passionate about everything that includes the universe and things that can`t be accessed easily. It’s nice to create a reality of yours. Angie: Can you give some practical advice for those wishing to improve their travel vlog sites? Adelina: I advise to narrate things, experiences, but always after they visited themselves, not hearsay. Love for travel comes from within, and you cannot be credible, authentic and useful for the passionate travel community if you do not speak from personal experience. Angie: Besides the basics (passport, bank card), tell us which three things you can`t travel without? Adelina: My phone camera has become indispensable, because I grew custom to capturing beautiful moments and places that I`m visiting. The laptop that I work with for EDA Magazine (my online magazine and a charm that I wear everywhere. Angie: After visiting so many places, what do you think of Romania? Is it still the place where you`d want to live? Adelina: Romania is much more than just memories and beautiful places. I have strong feelings when it comes to my country, full of people that speak the same language as me, that share common traditions, customs, holidays, and that has a way of knowing how to celebrate in harmony. Our country is special, but we should learn to capitalize and appreciate it more. Angie: Do you have a message for our readers? Adelina: I convey warm greetings from Bucharest and want to be the first to wish them Happy Holidays, because Christmas is coming soon. Trend Privé Magazine 189


The Purpose Hotel™ Mobilizes 5,000+ People To Give; Launches New Campaign

Nashville, Tenn. (September 14, 2016) – Receiving an overwhelmingly positive response after sharing their vision with the world, The Purpose Hotel™ campaign has exceeded the initial goal of $347,000 pledged on Kickstarter in less than 48 hours. The project relaunch on September 12 tracked faster than anticipated, as nearly 2,000 people joined in backing the crowd-sourced effort. Humbled by the movement of all backers, meeting the Step One goal allows The Purpose Hotel™ team to take steps in developing the initial designs and financing of the building. The momentum this campaign has is unbelievable. Right out of the gate we had not only return backers, but new ones as well. I’m grateful, humbled and really excited to see where this goes over the next 24 days,” says Cowart. “This is proof that people care. I’m already hearing stories of people who have been inspired and uplifted by this idea. It’s going to just multiply from here.”

The next phase of The Purpose Hotel™ relies on meeting the second step of $755,000 through the Kickstarter campaign. Step Two will allow The Purpose Hotel™ team to further the hotel architectural plans, interior planning and engineering design/planning specific to the sites selected for the hotel. Authors, artists, actors and activists such as Ann Voskamp, Rebecca Mader, Laura Bell Bundy, Jamie Tworkowski, Lecrae, Donald Miller, Dave Ramsey, Sophia Bush, Paramore, Zachary Levi, Imogen Heap and more shared their voice socially in supporting the cause. Helmed by famed photographer Jeremy Cowart, The Purpose Hotel™ was covered by Forbes, USA Today, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone Country, Conde Nast Traveler, The Tennessean, Relevant, Christianity Today and more. Images / Press Release Courtesy of The {m} Media Collective/ @themcollective

From blankets to soap, internet access to furniture, The Purpose Hotel™ will help fight cyclical issues through domestic and international partnerships with organizations such as Charity Water, The Giving Keys, Compassion International, Food for the Hungry and more. Fueling great organizations that give back around the globe, The Purpose Hotel™ will source its materials from organizations that actively work to improve the lives of people around the world. The first part of The Purpose Hotel™ chain is slated for Cowart’s hometown of Nashville, Tenn.

About Jeremy Cowart Named “one of the most influential photographers on the web” (Huffington Post), Jeremy Cowart has photographed the likenesses of Sting and Emma Stone, to The Kardashians and Taylor Swift. Capturing images in over 25 countries, his work has been seen on the pages of Rolling Stone and USA Today, reaching the channels of A&E and ESPN. An earnest desire to do more has led the notable photographer to focus on Help-Portrait (, See University ( and now, The Purpose Hotel.

About The Purpose Hotel™ This is the first hotel of its kind. Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart (who photographed Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Tim Tebow, The Kardashians, Sting, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Heidi Klum, Emma Stone, Ryan Seacrest and more), created humanitarian relief project The Purpose Hotel™ that aims to fight against injustices of war, hunger, poverty, global warming, racial tension, unclean water, addictions and natural disasters. Every aspect of the global chain will directly contribute to those in need through strategic sourcing and procurement. The project is launching with a large campaign designed and developed by The Purpose Hotel™. Through the project’s Kickstarter, individuals have the opportunity to become co-founders as backers of the project. Please go support them! Trend Privé Magazine 190


K i a n a Te bya n i A Y o u n g G i r l D e f y i n g t h e S t i gm a o f L i v i n g amongst the privileged in Los Angeles B Y ADRIELYN C H RISTI

Kiana photographed by Adina Doria

When thinking of the Los Angeles lifestyle, the cultural stigma, the competition and the hunger for success are very real. A high percentage of privileged people living in Los Angeles think that there are no poor people in their immediate or near extended family (aunts, uncles, first cousins, grandparents), or can’t conceive that they might know someone at risk of going hungry tomorrow, or can`t even think of knowing someone who’s been late on a bill. The reason why so many of them don’t even think that they know anyone living at or near the poverty line, might be because of the fact that they are so consumed by their own world and self-image, that they created their own bubble, which does not include the real world. Kiana Tebyani is not your average 16 year`s old girl living in Los Angeles, California. Although her friends are amongst the young Hollywood elite, she`s living a priviledged life and she has traveled the world from the time she was a baby, Kiana is one teenager that sees outside “the bubble”. What`s her secret? Find out below! I met Kiana a few month back at a photoshoot we were doing in Calabasas, California, and during the first minutes of speaking with this young girl, I immediately had the sense that she is no ordinary teenager. She held herself in a very mature manner and was working hard towards her goal of becoming an actress. This young girl who speaks three languages, and is well versed in the arts and had experiences that most children dream to have. Yet, she is humble at heart and very grounded. Adrielyn: Kiana, Iast time you and I spoke, you mentioned that you were in the process of taking acting classes, correct? Is that still the goal? Kiana: Yes, acting has always been a dream of mine. I mean, I’ve always known that’s what I wanted to do, but didn’t realize it until I was four years old. My dad would show me videos when I was that little, and I knew that I wanted to go further. I started taking acting classes at

a place called Yada and I met girls my age in the industry acting in Mad Men. All of the influences made me want to be a part of it, so I took these classes, while also being in a band. Adrielyn: A band, huh? Tell me about that. Kiana: Yeah, my dad wanted me to get into the music industry, and since the acting field has a lot in common with it, I decided to give it a try. We performed at the House of Blues, The Roxy, Whiskey A Go Go and places like that. I was able to meet Run DMC and actually did a back-up at a performance of theirs at The House of Blues. They inspired me to want even more, because I thought: “who does this at the age of thirteen”? I love performing, so that’s when I started taking classes. Adrielyn: Living where you are, knowing the people that you do, how do you keep a good head on your shoulders? Kiana: : Being a teenager in general is difficult, and growing up in this country is not always easy, but for me personally, the fact that I have a really close relationship with my dad, really helps. I grew up traveling, and all of my life I’ve experienced different cultures, and I’ve learned so many things. I`ve seen the way many people grow up and put a lot into perspective for me. I have an open-minded dad that taught me how to play piano, influencing and supporting me, which I am so grateful for. Although as a Persian girl who lives in a family of doctors in L.A., I live a more artsy lifestyle, because luckily my dad broke away from that. I went to a private, French school and grew up with that culture. I’ve seen a lot for my age, and being exposed to so many people, it helped and showed me how to cope with living in Los Angeles. Most kids that get into acting, are pushed and controlled into it and not given the freedom they’re needed. This is how some can lose their way. Trend Privé Magazine 191


The benefits of

YOGA By Pamela Thomas

Yoga is for everyone. And everyone can do yoga. It`s not just about working out, it’s about a healthy lifestyle. The practice of yoga can change your physical and mental capacity quickly, while preparing the mind and body for long-term health. It is a non-judgmental practice that can be done anywhere. No matter your fitness level, fat percentage or health history, yoga has a style for you. The combination of movement, deep breathing and meditation practices help foster an inner shift. Consistent practice works to relieve stress and de-clutter the mind, helping you to become more focused. The focus on strength training and flexibility is an incredible benefit to your body. Stretching and holding postures can improve your daily performance, increase blood flow and maintain proper posture. This also causes the muscles to lengthen, which gives the body a longer, leaner look. Hello #modelfit! Internally, yoga has the ability to heal and restore. When coupled with a healthy, organic diet, the stretching and twisting guide the digestive system back on track. Since flexibility and balance stem from your core, building strength is a foundation within the practice. Using isometric exercises along with other postures that are designed to make the back and core stronger will increase the strength and health of your entire body.



Photos by Megan Lyn Farley

YOGA HAS AN UNDENIABLE EFFECT ON THE TOTAL BODY Yoga increases endurance, strength, and flexibility. Mental endurance and physical stamina are tested through holding postures for extended breaths. Many of the postures use your own body weight for resistance, therefore increase arm and shoulder strength. The spine is better supported and the core is strengthened, over time correcting posture. The postures and sequences of yoga refine and tone the body, to look amazing and feel even better. Whatever is ailing your body, or if you just want to take your fitness to a higher level, yoga’s ability to build muscle has an undeniable effect on the total body. Trend Privé Magazine 192

ENCOURAGES OVERALL HEALTH AND WELLNESS As our society becomes increasingly technological, our world becomes more intimately connected and influenced. The pace of change is on the rise and the stress on our body’s nervous system is increasing. Yoga allows us to tap into a technology that helps us to cope with this escalating change. The practice becomes a process offering insight into the stickiness and delusions of the mind, clearly seen when viewed from the heart. With patience we refine and liberate our capacities as human beings. Yoga trains us to flow through change with resonance and harmony.






Now that the days are cooling off, comfort food is something that more and more people crave. But comfort food does not have to come at the cost of one’s waistline. There are recipes out there that are exceptionally satisfying, while remaining healthy and nutritious at the same time, just like this recipe for vegan pot pie with miso gravy. Made with no animal products, this recipe will provide the warmth and comfort you crave on a chilly autumn day, without weighing you down. This flavorful and silky, smooth miso gravy pairs especially well with the crispy tofu and slightly sweet yams. The leeks add a subtle touch without overpowering the dish and green beans, and the white potatos provide extra flavor and nutrients. Also, feel free to play around with various vegetable combinations as this miso gravy will surely taste delectable with a wide range of vegetables. Lastly, let’s not forget about the light and fluffy biscuit crust, and when dipped in the miso gravy, is simply delicious. Not to mention, the fluffy crust provides an added carb gratification without the extra fat found in regular biscuits. This fulfilling and guilt-free vegan recipe is just what you`ve been yearning for to warm you up on a cool rainy or snowy day!

INGREDIENTS: VEGETABLE FILLING: 1 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp water 2 leeks, (white parts only), halved & sliced 3 garlic cloves, minced 1 carrot, peeled & chopped 1 large potato, peeled & chopped 1 small yam, peeled & chopped 1 & ½ cup green beans, chopped (fresh or frozen) TOFU: 1 block extra firm organic tofu, drained & chopped 1 tbsp coconut oil MISO GRAVY: 4 cups water 3 tbsp miso paste 2 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp nutritional yeast 1 tbsp fresh thyme 3-4 tbsp all-purpose flour Salt & pepper to taste CRUST: 1 & ½ cups of unbleached all-purpose flour 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 tbsp & 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar ¼ cup coconut oil (room temperature solid, NOT melted) 1 cup organic soy or almond milk 1 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice

1. VEGETABLE FILLING: Heat olive oil & water in large skillet and add leeks, garlic, potatoes, carrots and cook on medium-low for 5 minutes. Add chopped yam and cook for another 5 minutes before adding green beans. Cook until vegetables are just tender, around 15 minutes total. Add salt & pepper to taste. 2. TOFU: Meanwhile, heat coconut oil in pan on medium heat and add chopped tofu. Sauté until crispy, about 7 minutes. 3. MISO GRAVY: Bring water to a boil in a medium pot. Whisk in miso paste, soy sauce & nutritional yeast. Simmer for 5 minutes. Add flour to a glass measuring cup or mug and add a ladle or two of hot miso broth and whisk until there are no lumps (mixture should resemble a smooth paste). Slowly whisk flour mixture back into pot of miso broth and continue to simmer on low until it thickens and resembles gravy. Add salt & pepper if necessary or to taste. 4. CRUST: Mix together all purpose-flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder, salt & sugar in large bowl. Using a pastry knife or fork, cut in coconut oil to flour mixture until mixture resembles a crumbly texture. In a glass measuring cup, mix in vinegar to soy milk. Add soured milk to flour mixture until just mixed. Lightly knead dough on floured surface, sprinkling extra flour as needed until dough can be formed into ball. Shaping with hands or gently with a rolling pin, form dough into the shape of the casserole dish, pie plate, etc. that is being used. 5. Grease casserole dish or pie plate and add vegetable mixture & tofu. Pour in miso gravy and mix until everything is combined. Using a rolling pin, lightly roll up dough and roll back out on top of dish. Using a fork, seal edges of dough around dish and discard any extra dough hanging over edges using a knife. Using knife, make 2-3 inserts in middle of dough to allow for steam to be released while baking. Bake for 25 minutes at 400° or until crust is golden brown. Trend Privé Magazine 193


Yoga Spotlight at

Vista Celestial Instagram @vistacelestial - Facebook/vistacelestial

Vista Celestial Images from Jennifer Dunphy

On the cliffs overlooking the virtually uninterrupted, white sand beaches of Uvita, Costa Rica, one may find true enlightenment, or at least feel like they have. Idyllic retreat, Vista Celestial, is a beautiful boutique wellness resort that hosts Yoga Spotlight. The week-long event boasts a hand-picked group of the yoga industry’s leading instructors and content creators. The yogis are invited to share yoga and wellness practice methods amongst each other, teach classes and promote a healthy lifestyle. “The Yoga Spotlight is an opportunity for industry leaders from around the world to come together and combine their strengths and talents to send a positive and inspirational message to the world,” says Jennifer Dunphy, who owns Vista Celestial with her husband Konrad Rzasa. The film by the same name was created around the ethos of the retreat. It is directed by Ryan Hattaway of Krave Studios, and features renowned yogis Ashley Galvin (@ashleygalvinyoga), Caitlin Turner (@ gypsetgoddess), Aubry Wilcher (@aubrymarie) and Jacob Manning (@jacobmanningyoga) performing a series of Trend Privé Magazine 194

acro yoga moves in sequence with Costa Rican nature and wildlife scenes. “It was beautiful meeting these talented individuals and capturing them doing what they do best against the incredible backdrops of Vista Celestial and Costa Rica,” said Hattaway. “In making this video, we wanted to combine the elements of nature, acro yoga, art and music to really take the viewer and put them in their shoes.” Jen and Konrad, who left the corporate world to travel (and work while traveling) full time eight years ago, started building Vista Celestial four years ago and opened up three years ago. They open three years in March, to be exact. They say that their love for the practice of yoga, passion for healthy living, and desire to inspire others to share this vision, was what led to the creation of Vista Celestial, and ultimately to the Yoga Spotlight. Konrad explains, “An individual who is invited to participate in the Yoga Spotlight has earned the invitation by exemplifying greatness in their practice, a desire to live for more and to inspire others.”

Vista Celestial is recognized by Trip Advisor #4 in the Top Small Hotels of Costa Rica category and #11 in the Top Small Hotels of Central America category.

About Yoga at Vista Celestial Vista Celestial is a private yoga paradise that offers an unforgettable experience. The luxurious boutique hotel only works with a select group of yoga instructors and their students to create incredible experiences in an enchanting environment. For more information about Yoga Retreats in Costa Rica please visit their yoga retreat page.

About Vista Celestial Vista Celestial is a boutique yoga and wellness resort in Uvita, Costa Rica and stretches out across 5 hectares of rainforest property overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The cliff-side resort grows over 500 kinds of different fruits, vegetables and herbs on the property, has its own coffee and sugar cane farms, as well as multiple platforms to practice yoga.



Belmond Hotel Cipriani in

Always A Good Idea By Tiziana Cosso Olivetti

Photos by Franco Olivetti ( In memory of Franco Olivetti, may your soul rest in peace. TPM loves you and your amazing work!’

Venice is the most uniquely romantic city in the world. Choosing to plan a trip to this corner of Italy is always a good idea at any season of the year. The summer of sun and sea, the autumn with the Film Festival and art exhibitions, and spring with its colors and scents. Venice is magical with its narrow streets that meander through the city, the water channels, small shops, the antique architecture, gondolas, restaurants and colorful markets of fruits and vegetables. Belmond Hotel Cipriani is an enchanted place, in fact George Clooney and Amal have chosen it recently as one of the locations for their wedding. Walter, the historian barman, has created

a cocktail dedicated to Clooney’s mother that has become a must. Spectacular spaces on the water, luxurious suites, wonderful rooms and impeccable service make the Cipriani a dream location.

The outdoor areas wind between the English garden and the swimming pool, a unique place in the center of Venice. Walking among smell of sea and marvelous sensations, you will realize that Venice is magical and that the Belmond Hotel Cipriani turns it into a walking dream.

There are two restaurants that one must try, the famous and sumptuous Gold Michelin Star chef David Bisetto, and the Cip’s Club with spectacular views of Piazza San Marco, with Chef Roberto Gatto. The Hotel will re-open its doors March 19, 2017. BELMOND HOTEL CIPRIANI IN VENICE Where to stay: Belmond Hotel Cipriani Giudecca 10, 30133 Venice. Where to have lunch: Cip’s Club, a wonderful view of Piazza San Marco. Where to have dinner: Oro Restaurant, exclusive Michelin Star. Where to relax: swimming pool with heated sea water, the only pool in the center of Venice. Where to have Beauty treatments: Casanova Wellness Center, the Spa inside the beautiful garden. Trend Privé Magazine 145

School meals change lives Your donation can make all the difference to Paulin. School meals give poor families an incentive to send their children to school. Every year the World Food Programme provides food for more than 18 million schoolchildren.

WFP/Rein Skullerud


Fighting Hunger Worldwide

Trend Prive Magazine - Issue #26  

The close of 2016 sees our Winter Issue arrive full of abundance, starting with our cover story interviewing Mena Suvari to our piece on cel...

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