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How to Get a Golden Glow This Fall Autymn Olson

Fall brings colder months and shorter days. Many people miss the warm sun and their glowing skin, but using tanning beds to maintain a tan can bring on major health concerns. To avoid the risks, consider testing other methods to obtain a luminous look, including a self tanner. Similar to getting a spray tan, there are many “don’ts� to self tanning. The prep work, application, drying time and mess can be a hassle, but the outcome can be rewarding. First rule: exfoliate. The prep work may seem like a lot of effort and the look of self tanner on joints such as the elbows, ankles and wrists may make it seem unappealing. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends exfoliating overly-bronzed joints with a washcloth. If you decide to shave, do not apply the lotion until a few hours later. The next step in prepping your skin is to fully dry it.

The application is the most time-consuming part of self tanning. You should apply the lotion in sections; covering the arms, then torso and legs will be easier and make the tanner apply evenly. Bronze hands are not something anyone wants. To prevent this, plastic gloves are your best friend. Washing your hands in between applying self tanner to each section will prevent discoloration, too. Another issue with self tanner can be how the color looks on rough skin, including the elbows, ankles and wrists. To correct those areas, blend the product out thoroughly. Delicately extend the tanner from the wrist to the hands and ankles to feet. An article from says to apply self tanner to the face by diluting the product with a moisturizer after it is applied to the body and your hands are washed. Very little product is needed, and a moisturizer will help the bronzer look natural.



For hard to reach places like your back, get help from a friend. Enlisting someone to apply tanner to tough spots will help create an even application. There are certain products that work better than others, so apply a product that has great reviews and contains skin-friendly ingredients. According to Allure, some good options include Jergens Natural Glow and Banana Boat Summer Color Self Tanning Lotion. The results will be worth it. After the application process, the lotion needs time to dry. Drying time depends on the type of lotion that is used; however, more time is better. According to, a longer drying time allows the product to settle into the skin.

Apply the tanner in the evening before bed so there is no risk of getting caught in the rain or not allowing enough drying time. No matter what brand of self tanner was applied, wear very loose, dark clothing. The worst part is over. After applying the self tanner and allowing it to dry, you can now enjoy glowing skin. Make sure to take care of your tan by keeping it hydrated, wearing sunscreen, taking warm (not hot) showers and being gentle with exfoliating. Self tanner is a great way to have luminous skin throughout the fall and winter months. Self tanning can be a lot of work, but is affordable and worth the effort.





From Bland to Grand: Use Makeup to Transform Basic Halloween Costumes Abigail Sauberan

Halloween brings out the creative side in everybody. People want their costumes to be fun and unique, but still easy to pull off. An easy way to transform any basic costume and pull everything together is to add a makeup look. Most college students don’t have a fortune to spend on makeup for one night, so all of these looks are budget friendly. Places like Target, Walmart and CVS are full of inexpensive, high quality products. For all of these looks, start out with foundation, concealer, powder, eye primer set into place with powder and finished brows for your base

Step 2: Using a small fluffy brush, apply light gray eyeshadow in the crease of your eye with sweeping, back and forth motions. After it’s fully blended, deepen the crease by using a dark gray over top of the light grey, applying it in the same sweeping motions. Once the dark grey is fully blended and there are no harsh lines, take a light-colored or white shimmer eyeshadow and apply onto the inner third of your eye. For this step, use a flat shadow brush or your finger to apply. Next, take the brush that you used to blend the gray eyeshadow and blend the edges of the shimmer eyeshadow to eliminate harsh lines between the gray and the shimmer shadows.

Step 1: After applying base makeup, apply a heavy amount of bright pink blush in a circle to the apples of your cheeks (the squishy part that protrudes from your cheeks when you smile). Use a brown eyeliner or brow product to put three little dots on your cheeks for freckles.

Step 3: Using a black kohl pencil or eyeshadow, line the outer third of your eye. Avoid creating a harsh line; take a Q-tip or a small detail brush and smudge out the liner so it doesn’t look as neat.


Step 4: Using a black liquid eyeliner, draw a curved line above


Beauty the crease of your eye on your brow bone. This line should mimic the natural crease of your eye, just a little higher up. Using the same liner, draw a line a little bit underneath your eye that follows the curve of your bottom lash line. This will be the base of your false lashes. With a white eyeliner, line your waterline and fill in the space between your eye and the black line that you created. Step 5: On the line that you drew below the bottom lashes, apply a pair of half lashes to the outside of the line that you drew. Apply a pair of half false lashes to the top of your eye and blend them together with your natural lashes with mascara. Step 6: Line the cupid’s bow about halfway to the end of your lips with a red lip liner. You want to make the cupid’s bow more round than you would if you were wearing a normal makeup look. Next, line the middle of your bottom lips to the same proportion as your top lips. Fill in with a red lipstick.

Clown Step 1: Take a light brown shadow and fluff it into the crease with sweeping back and forth motions. Keep building up this color until it becomes darker. Next, using a densely packed brush, put a dark brown shadow in the outer part of the crease and blend out the same way as the light brown. After the dark brown is blended out, take a

black eyeshadow and and blend it all the way across the crease from the inner corner of the eye, to the outer corner. Build it up until it’s opaque, but make sure it’s blended well across the eye. Then, take a small amount of concealer on the back of your hand and tap the concealer onto your eye with a flat brush, making a half moon shape. Set the concealer in place with a cream colored shade. Next, take a gold shimmer shadow and apply it using your finger or a flat brush where you put the concealer. (Tip: If you want a more metallic effect, use a flat brush, put the shadow on the brush and spray with setting spray. This will make the color appear more bright and vibrant.) Step 2: Draw winged eyeliner. If you need help making a precise wing, drawing along a piece of tape is going to be your best friend. When you take off the tape, it will create a sharp winged eyeliner. Next, draw a line from the inner corner of your eye and go down so it makes a winged liner shape at the inner corner of your eye. Step 3: Apply a black kohl eyeliner in your waterline. Next, take a black eyeshadow or liner and smudge it underneath the eye. Make sure you blend it out well to diffuse harsh lines. Step 4: Apply false eyelashes and apply a coat of mascara to your top and bottom lashes..


Beauty Step 5: Put on a black liquid lipstick, then, using a black liquid liner, draw two lines out from the corners of your lips. You can use The Joker’s lips for reference, but make yours slightly shorter and thinner. Step 7: With a black liquid eyeliner, draw two long triangles going up on top of your eyebrows. Start out thick at the bottom and get thinner as you go up. Step 8: With the same black liquid eyeliner, draw two long triangles underneath your eye. These won’t be as thick as the ones on top of your eye. You want them to start out thick at the top and then get smaller until they almost trickle off at the middle of your cheek.

Black Cat Step 1: For this look, you can follow steps one and two of the clown tutorial. Take a light brown taupe color and fluff it into the crease with sweeping back and forth motions. Keep building up this color until it becomes darker. Next, using a densely packed brush, put a dark brown shadow in the outer part of the crease and blend out the same way as the light brown. Then, take a small amount of concealer on the back of your hand and tap the concealer onto your eye with a flat brush, making a half moon shape. Set the concealer in place with a cream colored shade. Next, take a gold shimmer shadow and apply

it using your finger or a flat brush up look that you can follow or just where you put the concealer. Draw get a visual of what you want to winged eyeliner. accomplish. The clown makeup look was inspired by makeup artist Step 2: Apply the light brown Linda Hallberg. For the black cat shade to your lower lash line with look, you can find similar visuals a small eyeshadow brush. Deepen or a tutorial by Lucy Oriole and the outer edge of your eye with the Danielle Mansutti. These can dark brown eyeshadow that you provide a good visual or a walkused for the eyeshadow look. through to help you accomplish the look. Step 3: To make the winged Halloween is a fun time to liner at the inner corner of your step outside of your comfort zone eye appear more defined, add a and try something new. These white eyeshadow just below it so makeup looks are something that it creates almost a triangle with can broaden your skills whether the wing at the inner corner. Add you’re an expert in makeup or are brown eyeliner to the waterline of still a beginner. If there isn’t a look just the inner corner of the eye. that you want to do here, the internet is full of Halloween tutorials Step 4: Apply eyelashes. for just about anything. Whatever you decide to be for Halloween, Step 5: Using a black liquid liner, make sure you have fun with it! make a cat nose by lining the tip of your nose and below. Fill it in so the bottom of your nose is completely black. Draw a line from your nose to just above your cupid’s bow. Step 6: Using the black liquid eyeliner, add three dots on the side of your nose and draw whiskers. Step 7: Add a nude lipstick (whichever nude suits you best). If you have questions on how to achieve any of these makeup looks, YouTube is a lifesaver that provides a plethora of makeup tutorials that can help you create winged liner or perfect your false lash application.For doll makeup, Buzzfeed has a very simple make-



Fresh Looks for the Zodiac Signs Allison Martyr

Aries: The Ram

Dauntless - “Fearless, intrepid, bold.” Color Palette: crimson red, terra cotta, sunshine yellow Aries, think BOLD, zesty, dynamic. Who doesn’t love the perfect red lip? Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: Bold red lips Flecks of gold shimmer Smokey eyes Product ideas: Lip: Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain, shade:Always Red - $14 Shimmer: Gold Foil Face Gloss by Milk Makeup - $20 Lip: Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Creme Lipstick, shade: Oh Miley - $30 Tip: Incorporate your favorite brown and/or black eyeshadows for this look’s smokey eye.

Taurus: The Bull

Earthy - “Of nature.” Color Palette: emerald green, merlot, brown Taurus, you are one with the earth. Think warm, rich hues. Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: A deep purple or dark brown lipstick Dark brown or emerald green eyeshadow Well-defined brown mascara Product ideas: Lip: Colour Pop Lippie Stix, shade: Pitch - $5 Mascara: Glossier Boy Brow, shade: Brown - $16 Eyeshadow: Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Precious Stones Collection, shade: Emerald - $27 Tip: Play with different brown and purple lip colors until you find your favorite.



Gemini: The Twins

Effervescent - “Vivacious, merry, lively; sparkling.� Gemini, let this look reflect your mood. Think both bright and toned down versions of those colors. Color palette: electric purple, sunshine yellow, pastel purple Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: Electric purple or light purple lip Iridescent eyeshadow colors For a more toned look, go for a subtle smokey eye with a pop of color Product ideas: Lip: Lime Crime Diamond Crusher Lip Topper, shade: Trip -$18 Eyeshadow: Bh Cosmetics Aurora Lights Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Outfitters - $18 Tip: Tone up or down this purple look depending on your mood.

Cancer: The Crab

Glowing - “incandescent.” Cancer, go with soft pinks. Add a touch of metallics, or a dash of silver to vamp up your look. Color palette: silvers, tea-rose pink or rose gold, light brown Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: Illuminating highlighter Moon-shaped eyeshadow Rose-gold details Product ideas: Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow Chubby by Flower Eyes, shade: Rose Gold Dust - $8 Highlighter: Laura Geller Dewdreamer Illuminating Drops, shade: Opal Crush - $19.20 Lip: Dior Lip Glow Lip Balm, shade; Sheer Matte Ballet Pink - $34 Tip: Add rose gold details to glam up your look. Check out rose gold liquid highlighter if you want to try something different.

Leo: The Lion

Shining - “radiant, gleaming, bright.” Leo, pop those bright colors. Get creative with your oranges, yellows, and golds. Color palette: gold, tangerine, peachy pink Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: A peachy pink lip Gold eyeliner Orange and brown eyeshadows Product ideas: TopShop Glitter Liner, shade: Mosaic - $13 Morphe, Ring The Alarm Eyeshadow Palette - $15 Lip: Lime Crime Plushies Liquid Lipstick, shade: Melon Smoothie - $20 Tip: This eyeshadow palette couldn’t be a more perfect palette for a Leo, check it out.

Virgo: The Virgin

Libra: The Scales

Dignified: “Characterized or marked by dignity of aspect or or manner; stately; decorous.” Color palette: light brown, navy blue, fair pink Virgo, think fair, soft and natural. Simple and pretty. Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: A soft pink lip Navy eyeshadow or eyeliner Soft blush Product ideas: Lip: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip shine, shade: Soft Blush - $8.99 Blush: Tarte Hampton’s Weekender Contour Palette, blush shade: Summer House - $19 Eyeliner: Lauren Geller Kajal Eyeliners, shade: Navy Blue Kohl - $22 Tip: Don’t forget to have fun with this look. Natural glam is never a bad look!

Harmonious - “Forming a pleasingly consistent whole, congruous.” Color palette: pastel pink, baby blue, nude Libra, think soft, romantic, idealistic. Pastel pinks and blues are your colors. Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: Pinky nude lips Light shimmery eyeshadow (pastels, pastels, pastels) Flushed cheeks Product ideas: Eyeshadow: Catrice Liquid Metal Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow, shade: Daily Dose of Rose - $5.99 Blush: Milani Baked Blush, shade: Luminoso - $7.99 Lip: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick, shade: Naked - $20 Tip: Use a cream eyeshadow to incorporate texture and softness.

Scorpio: The Scorpion

Compelling - “having a powerful and irresistible effect.” Scorpio, so powerful and passionate. Think dramatic, dark and sultry. Color palette: black, maroon, midnight blue Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: Bold black lip Cat eyeliner Dramatic smokey eye Product ideas: Lip: Milani Color Statement Lipstick, shade: Black Spell $5.99 Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner - $20 Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Eyeshadow, shade: Evidence - $20 Tip: Try out different eyeliners until you find your favorite thickness and texture. Really make the eye makeup the center of this look.

Sagittarious: The Archer

Audacious - “extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave, fearless.” Sagittarius, think adventurously. Be confident. Color palette: royal blue, citrus orange, fuschia Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: Holographic lip (Go BOLD) Multi-colored eyeshadow, yellow, fuschia, teal Strobe highlighter Product ideas: Highlighter: Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter, shade: Lunar - $6 Eyeshadow: Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette - $14.95 Lip: Huda Beauty Lip Strobe, shade: Fearless - $18 Tip: Play with a variety of color palettes when going for this look, the more the merrier. Think outside the box.


Capricorn: The Goat


10. Capricorn: the goat Opulent - “affluent, abundant, plentiful.” Capricorn, you’re so classic. Deep, royal purples and grays for days. Color palette: royal purple, charcoal gray, purple-brown Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: Purple-brown lip Royal purple eyeshadow A hint of silver or white in the corners of eyes Product Ideas: Lip: Coloured Raine Cosmetics Satin Lipstick, shade: Soul - $11.90 Eyeshadow: Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow, shade: Enchanted - $12 Eyeliner: Fenty Beauty Eyeliner 2-in-1 Glitter Release, shade: Eclipse - $20 Tip: A pop of white in the corner of your eyelid will draw full attention to your eye makeup.

Aquarius: The Water Bearer

Innovative - “Introducing something different and new.” Aquarius, think electric. Do something new, make this look your own. Color palette: turquoise, purple, cobalt blue Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: Electric blue, turquoise blue lip Ombre eyeshadow Purple pops of color Product ideas: Lip: Nyx Macaron Lippies, shade: Blue Velvet - $4.55 Eyeliner: Nyx Professional Makeup Slide on Eye Shadow, shade: Purple Blaze - $7.99 Eyeshadow: Sephora Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette, Precious Stone Collection - $27 Tip: Blend your eyeshadow well to achieve the desired ombre look.

Pisces: The Fish

Whimsical - “Playfully quaint or fanciful.” Pisces, do not shy away from glitter, or anything shiny for that matter. Color palette: silver, sea green, purple Here are four makeup looks that would be perfect for your sign: Navy blue glitter lip Highlighting blush Dramatically lined eyeliner Product ideas: Maybelline New York Drama Queen Eyeliner, shade: Onyx Rush - $8 Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipstick, shade: Reverb - $15 Nars Highlighting Blush, shade: Albatross - $30 Tip: Add some pretty face jewels or glitter pieces to this look to give it a more fantastical flair.

All word definitions are taken from, aside from Whimsical, taken from the Google dictionary.




How to Dress for Iowa Weather Alexis Myszka

During the fall and winter seasons, campus can be an unpredictable place. The morning may bring icicles to toes, while the afternoon could heat up to midsummer highs. Knowing what to wear in order to deal with such unpredictable temperatures can be difficult, so here are some tips and tricks to help clear up some of the clothing confusion. Layers, upon layers, upon layers The easiest way to remain prepared for whatever temperatures Iowa may throw at you is to layer your clothing. According to, an easy place to start is with a black turtleneck. Turtlenecks are a cute and simple base to begin the layering process, and they don’t have to have long sleeves. Depending on the initial temperature, layering a light cardigan over your turtleneck, followed by a coat, is an excellent way to be prepared for any temperatures that may come up throughout the day. Kali Dawson, a sophomore at Iowa State studying management information systems, shared how she likes to layer in her own way by pairing a “turtleneck with a warm and cozy shawl or poncho-type pullover.” Don’t assume that this outfit has to be boring or plain. shared how animal prints such as leopard, snakeskin and zebra are all the rage currently, so try choosing an animal print coat to layer over the top for a trendy and bold statement.



Be waterproof . It seems that every day comes with a side of precipitation, so in order to stay dry, always take the time to waterproof your outfits. Starting at the top, pack an umbrella. Try to get in the habit of keeping a small one inside your bag. Waterproof jackets and coats are essential in protecting your outfit from the elements and saving you from showing up to class looking like a walking puddle. Rain boots or another type of waterproof shoe will make walking around campus a little more comfortable. You don’t want to get caught facing a puddle on the sidewalk unprepared. Waterproofing spray is also available for clothing and shoes made of fabrics that are not already water resistant, like suede, and can be easily purchased on sites such as Amazon. Leggings. Leggings are a great, versatile choice for days with indecisive weather. They are comfortable and easy to layer under jeans or skirts to make any outfit suitable for colder temperatures. Black leggings or yoga pants appear to be a staple piece for students, especially at Iowa State. Abby Van Dam, a sophomore studying apparel, merchandising and design at Iowa State, shared how she incorporates leggings into her fall wardrobe. “I would say right now my favorite fall outfit is a thin, light crew neck with either leggings or denim jeans,” Van Dam said.

Leggings can be dressed up or down and adapted to any outfit to help you face the ever-changing Iowa weather. Maxi skirts. When the cold weather hits,it can seem like every day warrants the same exact outfit. To avoid those mid-winter closet blues, maxi skirts can be a chic alternative to pants. Try pairing with a sweater and tall boots to stay warm and comfortable, or with a long sleeve bodysuit and denim jacket. As the temperatures continue to drop and the rain seems to never end , wearing effortless, comfortable and trendy cold weather outfits is a great way to remain positive, cute and dry.



Cute Costumes, Low Cost Sydney Ebeling

Halloween is right around the corner, and the inevitable question is already being asked: “What are you going to be?� For someone with no creativity, ideas or money, this can be a terrifying question. Here are three ideas to recreate or draw inspiration from this spooky season.


Fashion Kiss Me Looking for a fun and edgy group costume? Recreating the look of the band Kiss will accomplish just that. For this costume, you can definitely add your own personal style. Each person in your group should pick which member of the band that they want to represent. By using body paint or eyeliner, you can easily recreate the makeup looks of each of the members. This is your costume, so remember that you can go as intense as you want. For clothing, anything black and leather should do the trick. An example of a potential outfit could be black ripped leggings or jeans, a silver or white shirt, a leather jacket and high boots. Be sure to use your own style for this costume. Using items from your own closet will create different and unique looks. Finally, tease up your hair and put on your best rock ‘n’ roll face.

The Super Couple Superman and Lois Lane is a classic couples costume, so if you’re looking for something quick and easy, it is the perfect solution. To become Superman and Lois Lane for a night, you will only need a few things. For Superman, you will undoubtedly need a Superman tee. You can find men’s sizes at Target for only $12.99. Cover up your secret identity by wearing a button-down shirt and dress pants, but when the time comes, be sure to lose a few buttons so Clark Kent can become Superman. Add a loose tie to finish off this costume. For Lois Lane, go the business casual route by wearing a button-down shirt paired with a pencil skirt and heels if you’re comfortable in them. To complete the look, add some glasses to both costumes and you are sure to be the most ‘super’ looking couple! No need to stress about Halloween with these simple and cute DIY costumes on a budget.


Fashion The Unicorn This unicorn costume is sweet and simple, and can be worn individually or in a group. To create this look, you will only need a few things. First, you will need a white outfit. This can be anything from a flowy t-shirt dress to white sweatpants and a t-shirt; the choice is up to you, depending on how dressy you want to look. Next, you will need to make a quick trip to Target or a costume store to pick up a unicorn horn and ears headband.You can find them on for $3, and there are many different styles to pick from. To finish off this adorable look, add some body glitter to your arms, face and maybe even hair. With brightly colored eye shadow and curled hair, your costume will be complete.



Fall-ing for Footwear Jess Trembly No one likes saying goodbye to the warm days of summer, but the seasons have changed once again. Fall is officially here to stay, bringing with it a slew of revamped footwear to spice up all those autumn looks being served. These bold trends are sure to turn some heads and elevate your style for the chilly season ahead. The Western Boot The Wild West is back and better than ever this fall. Arguably the hottest boot of the year, this trend offers a variety of takes that everyone can get in on, even if you’re not exactly the country type. A bold pop of color, like red, can add some extra glam to your “giddy-up” flair, and a block heel lends a comfortable yet chic vibe to your wardrobe. If you’re looking for a simple, easy transition from summer to autumn, a fashion-forward cowboy boot is the perfect place to start this season. Animal Print Welcome to the jungle! Animal prints have long been a playful and stylish wardrobe staple for fashionistas everywhere, and this fall they’re back on the prowl. From snakeskin to zebra patterns, slip-ons to booties, this wild trend is anything but tame and the options are endless. However, with fierce prints like these it can be easy to take things to the extremes, so remember to let the shoes shine and keep the rest of the outfit a little less ferocious.

Lace-ups Lace-up boots and booties are a classic fall favorite that no one can seem to get enough of in recent years. While it may be the go-to shoe for many, you can still set yourself apart from the crowd this autumn by going for an edgier version of the shoe. Play up the grunge look this season by opting for thick platforms to gain some extra height and contrasting laces or buckles. Pair them with oversized denim to complete the fall look. The Ugly Sneaker A strong contender on and off the runway, the “Ugly Sneaker” or “Dad Sneaker” trend is making its mark in the world of fall footwear. After the comeback of the ‘80s design earlier this year, the style has been sported by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Hailey Baldwin. If you’re not yet buying into the slightly unconventional trend, try dipping your toes in by investing in an all-white pair of the retro shoe that can go with a multitude of pieces already in your closet. Revive those denim jeans by matching them with the chunky look to combine comfort and chic. These fall shoe looks will hopefully make it easier to leave behind the summer heat and embrace the changing weather. Trade out your sandals for the latest autumn styles and make your closet the envy of campus.






Spooky Season Must Do’s Megan Hellman

September 22 may be the first official day of fall, but October 1 is the start of a more popular season – spooky season! A mash-up of everything fall and Halloween related, spooky season is a favorite of many. From all the seasonal specials at your favorite coffee shops, to the spookiest decorations and fall bucket lists, this guide will ensure you don’t miss out on anything. Starbucks is known for their iconic pumpkin spice lattes, but it’s time to shine the spotlight on other options. The following recipes and more can be found at The maple pecan latte or frappe will warm you right up with its sweet maple flavored syrup and brown butter. For a sweeter twist on the PSL, try the vanilla pumpkin nut latte. Order a pumpkin spice latte with toffee nut and vanilla syrup. For the Harry Potter fans out there (because we all know nothing’s better than Halloween at Hogwarts), get a butterbeer latte by asking for a whole milk steamer with caramel, toffee nut and cinnamon dolce syrup. Starbucks also offers a variety of seasonal baked goods, like maple pecan muffins, apple cider doughnuts, mummy cake pops and more. At Dunkin’ , treat yourself to several different options of spooky doughnuts that are almost too delectable to eat. Arcadia Café in Ames offers the classic pumpkin spice latte, maple cinnamon latte, honey almond latte, vanilla chai and caramel apple cider to satisfy your fall-related cravings. Finally, if you need a seasonal treat but these cafés are closed, you can count on Insomnia Cookies to come through with their caramel apple pie cookie. Decorations are essential to celebrate the season. Living in a dorm means space is tight

and functionality is key. Using decorations that serve an everyday purpose is ideal, like a spooky rug at the doorway. Cluttering up the space with too many large decorations can become obnoxious and distracting. Keep to a simplistic theme by decorating with smaller accent features, like mini pumpkins and banners. Also, use your surroundings to your advantage – lofted beds provide plenty of hanging and stringing opportunities, ceiling corners are great for fake cobwebs and spooky string lights are always a good idea. Use the front of a mini fridge for spooky magnets or add a fall blanket to your bed. To turn your house or apartment into a full-on spooky scene, incorporate every area and link your decorations from room to room. A great way to do this is by stringing Halloween-themed lights throughout several rooms. This also aids in keeping the theme consistent throughout the apartment or house. Whether it’s more of a fall theme (such as pumpkins, warm colors, leaves and/or scarecrows) or a spooky theme (spiders, webs, skeletons and/ or jack-o-lanterns), sticking to one of the two creates unity. Again, it’s important to use your surroundings to your advantage. For example, most kitchens offer the space to use smaller decorations that lead to a larger centerpiece or focal point. If you’re stuck, look at the area from a different perspective and try moving furniture around to help inspire different possibilities. Now that your room looks festive, it’s time to focus on the most fall spirited places to go– an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. The Berry Patch, DeMoss Pumpkin Farm and Center Grove Orchard are great choices that are within 30 minutes of campus.





Center Grove is the largest of the three and offers several activities in addition to the orchard and pumpkin patch. For a spookier adventure, visit The Haunted Forest to scream your way through a terrifying 30 minute walk that’s less than a 10 minute drive away. Another option is the Eldora Haunted Hospital. This haunted house takes you through an abandoned wing of a hospital and is scary enough to be worth the hour drive. However, there’s no better way to truly embrace the season than by completing a fall bucket list. Go to an apple orchard Go to a pumpkin patch Carve jack-o-lanterns Create/buy a Halloween costume Roast pumpkin seeds Corn maze Go to a Halloween party Decorate dorm/apartment/house Go to a haunted house Create a haunted house Halloween movie marathon Scenic drive or walk Bake all things pumpkin Fall photoshoot Buy spooky sweaters and socks Order a PSL Stargaze Have a campfire Fall DIY arts & crafts Following this guide will leave your fall cravings satisfied, your room spooky and stylish and your calendar full of seasonal plans. Now enjoy these scary stories, and happy spooky season!

“I have a friend who lives in Nebraska. She was babysitting a toddler and a baby, a couple months old. While she was watching them, she heard a strange noise coming from the basement, so she opened the door, looked down and didn’t see anything. She called 911, just in case. They said to stay by the phone, and she hung up and put the baby to bed. A few minutes later the phone rings, and it’s 911 saying to get out. So she got out, and as soon as 911 arrived they went into the basement and found two old men with guns sitting down in the basement listening in on the calls.”

-Courtney Smith-Hernandez, freshman in open design

“My sister and her friend brought home a Ouija board one day and asked if I wanted to play. The planchette was moving around the board, but I was sure my sister and her friend were the ones moving it – until we started talking to a man named Justin. We found out he had a daughter and wife and had died at a young age. My sister asked why he was here, and the planchette spelled out ‘D-A-D.’ I asked, ‘Do you know our dad?’ and the planchette moved to yes. We were all shook and asked how the ghost knew our dad. It spelled out ‘C-O-U-S-I-N.’ My sister asked how he died and the board moved to ‘P-U-N-C-H.’ All three of us were confused so we said ‘goodbye’ and went upstairs to ask my dad about it. We asked him, ‘What was your cousin’s name who died?’ and he responded with, ‘Oh, his name was Justin.’ When we asked how he died my dad said Justin got into a bar fight and was punched in the head so hard that he died.” -Calisa Carey, junior in software engineering

“I was home alone and my shower doors shattered on their own.” -Rachel Cessna, senior in journalism

How to Have a Productive Morning Routine: College Student Edition Taylor Gage

Waking up is hard, but with the right morning routine anyone can find the motivation to get up and get going. According to, having a healthy morning routine can foster self-discipline, cut down stress and build mental toughness. As a college student, I believe that all of these benefits are imperative to be able to flourish throughout our days full of classes, work and social interactions. According to, one of the top nine things to do after waking up is expose yourself to sunlight to let your body know that it is time to get up. Marissa Jerinnie, sophomore in apparel merchandising, expressed the impor-

tance of that ritual. Jerinnie has worked extremely hard on getting herself to be a morning person. She has finally found a routine that works for her and is simple enough to work for anyone. Jerinnie has a lot of good tips to keep your entire day organized not just the morning and has found great success. “After waking up between 7 and 8 a.m., I usually spend a little bit of time on social media [and] Pinterest, looking for outfit inspiration,” Jerinnie said. “After that I immediately open my blinds to let in the sunlight. This really helps me to feel motivated and energized for my day.”



When it comes to morning skincare, Jerinnie likes to keep it simple. “Since I use a face wash before going to bed, I tend to just splash my face with cold water,” Jerinnie said. “This really helps wake up my skin [and] tighten my pores, and if my undereyes are puffy the cold water helps alleviate that. After the water, I use a toner by L’Oreal to prep my face for makeup and also moisturize with the Aveeno brightening sun protectant moisturizer. I have dry skin so moisturizer is essential to me.” After Jerinnie is finished with her skincare and makeup routine she makes her breakfast. “Usually when I wake up I am super hungry, so I cannot wait to eat breakfast,” she said. An article from details the importance of eating breakfast by saying, “Food is where your body gets energy, so it makes sense that starting your day with food is one of the most energizing things you can do.” Jerinnie gave the same explanation as to why she eats breakfast in the morning, but adds her own twist. “I tend to eat a pretty large breakfast for two reasons,” Jerinnie said. “Like I said, I am usually really hungry, and also I like to stay

full until lunch. Usually I indulge in eggs, turkey bacon and a bagel. Other times I will have an omelet and toast or oatmeal and fruit.” The final part of Jerinnie’s morning routine is making her bed. “Every morning without fail I make my bed after breakfast,” Jerinnie said. “I do this because it begins my day with some organization. I also find it really helpful because when I get back to my apartment after a long day I have a perfectly made bed to show me something decluttered.” Jerinnie’s explanation is completely validated by, but their article also shared how making your bed is like a little accomplishment. “It may seem too small a task to matter much, but starting your day by making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment,” it reads. “Taking only a few minutes of your time every morning, doing so can ignite a positive tone for the rest of the day.”



Six Spooktacular Snack Recipes to Get You in the Fall Spirit Logan Nichols

The fall season seems to get just about everyone in a mood – whether it be excitement for the upcoming cold-weather festivities, a mournful sadness directed toward the end of summertime or a mix of both. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, these six snacks are sure to raise your spirits regarding the inevitable temperature drop. Here before you lies a specially curated list of simple-to-make, minimal ingredient and easily customizable spooky snacks.



The pumpkin spice matcha latte is an eye catcher for various reasons. For one, the unexpected pairing of pumpkin spice and matcha is intriguing, and with the recent matcha craze more and more people are interested in the drink. Additionally, this recipe is incredibly simple, which makes it the perfect homemade drink to bring to and from class. Ingredients: 1 cup frothed almond milk (customizable) 1 teaspoon matcha powder 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin spice 1 tablespoon pumpkin or more to taste (optional) 2 drops vanilla extract A pinch of cinnamon Directions: Mix and enjoy!

Monster party mix is a bit of an oddball in this list, as there is not a set list of ingredients or directions. Provided are some ideas on what this party mix can feature, but the combinations of treats you can include are infinite and completely up to the individual taste of the maker – so get creative! Suggested Ingredients: Popcorn (regular, caramel, kettle) Pretzels Various candies (M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, Candy Corn, Rollos, etc) Directions: Mix and enjoy!


Lifestyle Roasted pumpkin seeds seem impossible not to include in this list as they are a classic fall treat that many families make after stopping by the local pumpkin patch. As they are a superfood loaded with zinc and magnesium, roasted pumpkin seeds are not only integral to a healthy diet but also a cozy season staple. While this is another recipe entirely up to the creativity of the chef, roasted pumpkin seeds have endless possible flavor combinations. A quick Google search can provide a variety of options when it comes to the spices needed to create your desired taste, whether you prefer a ranch flavoring, sweet and spicy or even pizza! Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds Teaspoon of oil (olive, grapeseed, avocado, etc.) per half cup of pumpkin seeds Spice of choice (cinnamon and brown sugar, salt and pepper, etc.) Directions: Preheat oven to 300 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. For every half cup of pumpkin seeds you use, you’ll want a teaspoon of an oil of your choice. After combining the oil and seeds, mix in your combination of spices. After each seed has been coated in oil and spice, lay them all out on the parchment paper covering the baking sheet. Now you’re ready to put them in the oven! The seeds should bake for 20-30 minutes with two or three quick stirring breaks during that time. You’ll know the seeds are done when they begin to brown.

Chocolate pumpkin pretzels are relatively simple to make, while sharing enough overlap between the ingredients in recipes such as monster party mix and candy corn rice crispy treats to provide a great spread for your next fall gathering! Ingredients: 1 cup white chocolate chips 3 cups mini pretzels Semi-sweet chocolate chips Orange food coloring Orange sprinkles (optional) Directions: Melt the white chocolate chips in a medium sized bowl for one minute in the microwave. After the minute is up, stir the chips and continue to heat in fifteen second increments until the chocolate is fully melted. Mix orange food coloring into the melted white chocolate and proceed to dip each pretzel, fully covering them in orange chocolate. Place the dipped pretzels onto wax paper and add a semi-sweet chocolate chip to the top of each dipped pretzel to make the stem of the pumpkin. Add sprinkles if desired and allow the pretzels to harden. Candy corn rice crispy treats are the perfect seasonal snack to share among friends as they are both delicious and festive! Pair with monster party mix, pumpkin chocolate pretzels or roasted pumpkin seeds to create the perfect snack layout for a Halloween party! Ingredients: 6 cups of crispy rice cereal 6 cups of mini marshmallows

5 tablespoons of butter Orange food coloring Dark and white melting chocolate Directions: Start by melting the butter in a large pot over medium heat. As soon as the butter has melted, add the mini marshmallows, making sure to stir until the marshmallows melt. Once they do, add drops of orange food coloring and remove the pot from the heat. Mix the cereal until it has become coated in the orange mixture and transfer the rice crispy treats into a buttered 11x13 baking pan to set. When the treats have set, cut them into triangles and round the corners to emulate the shape of candy corn. While doing that, you can heat the melting chocolate as instructed on the packaging. When the chocolate has fully melted, dip the bottom of each rice crispy in the dark chocolate and the tip into the white chocolate and place them on wax paper to dry. Baked apple chips are more time consuming to make than the other treats listed, but they are well worth the bake time. Baked apple chips are a versatile snack that can be paired with a variety of foods including caramel dip, making a healthy yet delicious alternative to the traditional caramel apple. Ingredients: 2 apples Cinnamon Directions: Start by preheating your oven to 230 degrees. While waiting for the oven to heat up, core the apples and slice them into thins, placing the slices onto a parchment paper-topped baking sheet. Sprinkle the slices with cinnamon and bake them in the oven for an hour. After the hour is up, remove the baking sheet from the oven, flip the apple slices, sprinkle the new side with cinnamon and throw them back into the oven to bake for another hour. When the hour is up, turn the heat of the oven off but leave the apples inside to allow them to become crispy.



Fall into Fabulous Reads: a Complete Guide to Your New Fall Reading List Emily Smith


Lifestyle “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston Set in the heat of the South during the racially oppressive time and culture of the 19th century, “Their Eyes Were Watching God” follows Janie Crawford, an African-American woman on a search for self discovery. Full of descriptive imagery, feminine independence and rich African-American dialect, Hurston’s novel is one that has resounded through the years as a book that paved a new pathway for themes in literature. Readers will enjoy the creative blend of wit, social commentary and storytelling that pulls them into the world of Janie and other loveable characters.

“The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini Set against the backdrop of the decline of Afghanistan and spanning decades, Hosseini’s novel is one that contains themes of guilt, redemption, and relationships with friends and family. Through exceptional storytelling and significant detail, the novel follows narrator Amir from childhood in Afghanistan to America with his father to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. After being consumed by guilt after witnessing a horrific event, readers are able to watch Amir grow throughout the story and understand how what he learns comes full circle and shapes his future.



“Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert According to College Online (, college-aged students swoon over the classic themes of self-discovery, cultural exploration and romance that are found in this popular memoir. Newly-divorced author Elizabeth Gilbert documents her life over the span of one year, traveling to Italy, India and Indonesia. Structured for the wanderlustful at heart, readers will be swept up in the fresh experiences and ideas in enjoying life, spirituality and love that Gilbert spills across the pages.

“The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg Reaching the bestseller lists of the New York Times, Amazon and USA Today, Duhigg’s book explores the science behind human habits and how we form, break and reform them. Readers will learn about the “habit loop,” the “golden rule of habit change” and “keystone habits.” According to AC Online (www.affordablecollegesonline. org/college-resource-center/28-books-for-college-students-and-grads/), this book is ideal for college students, helping

them along the path of building positive habits that will last a lifetime and breaking down negative ones. “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern Engulf yourself in a novel that sparkles with magic, romance and all of the best things about fall. The novel follows Celia and Marco, two young people that hold the incredible talent of magic, as they become swept up in the unique, whimsical and dream-like backdrop of Le Cirque des Rêves. Look no further for a book where you can indulge in all of your favorite things about the magic of fall.


Lifestyle “The Defining Decade” by Meg Jay In a swirl of confusion about careers, relationships, education and general future-life ideas, it’s easy for college-aged (and beyond) individuals to feel lost, wondering about the reality and impact of decision making. Jay draws upon her decade of research on 20-somethings and discusses the unique power of this defining decade of life. Bringing fresh ideas and perspective to the table, “The Defining Decade” is an important read for the now (or about to be) twenty-something. “Becoming” by Michelle Obama In her highly anticipated debut novel coming out in November, Obama reflects upon her time in the White House as First Lady of the United States. As one of the most iconic and influential women of the modern decade, Obama shares memories of her time becoming the woman America knows her as today. Aiming toward honesty, wit and warmth, “Becoming” is likely to become an important memoir that will resound with young people today. “The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath Plath’s popular 1960s novel deals with themes of indeterminacy, mental health and socially-acceptable identity. The book follows main character Esther Greenwood on her journey through an internship. Readers experience life with her, as well as a series of flashbacks that consume her during her time as an intern. As it moves along, the novel continues to touch upon mental health and the pressing issues of insomnia and depression that Esther’s character deals with. In today’s society of increasing mental health awareness, “The Bell Jar” stands firm as an important story.




Sebastiaan Pieter Groenen: A Designer on the Rise Trinity Heeren

Some of the most prominent menswear designers in the fashion industry are Tom Ford, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. One name you may not have heard yet is Sebastiaan Pieter Groenen, the creative director and founder of the London-based menswear label PIETER. Pieter was born in the Netherlands, and in order to further his career in fashion, he attended the London College of Fashion where he studied bespoke tailoring. He said in an interview with DANSK magazine that bespoke tailoring is “the foundation of menswear, and the most complex garment to construct in our profession, equal to Haute Couture for women.” He got an internship at Jil Sander where he was able to work personally with designer Raf Simons, who taught Pieter about the demands of running a successful fashion label. Pieter first appeared on the runway in January 2014 at the London Menswear Fashion Week where he received praise over his debut line that focused on accentuating the construction and durability of the clothing. He introduced unusual silhouettes for men such as skirts, smocks and tunics with very traditional fabrics from the UK like harris tweed, cashmere wool and waxed cotton. He is also involved in all of the planning that goes into his shows from model casting to runway prepara-

tion. In an interview with CRACK magazine, Pieter states that one of his goals is “to create classic pieces rooted in wearability.” He designs products that are intended to make men ponder about their bodies and he imagines his target customer to be, “sexually aware of their body; he is very confidence, but he also refers back to the structure of traditional menswear.” In another DANSK article, Pieter’s clothing is described as “an insistent desire to break with formalism and renegotiate the male silhouette beyond heteronormative conventions.” Many articles often mention that he adds references to “gay culture and subtle femininity” into his collections. Pieter hopes to grow PIETER into a lifestyle brand where “anything you might need as a man in your wardrobe, you can find with us.” He also sees a future where he starts developing a women’s line that has a similar view to his men’s line, calling it “empowered working women that need clothes that suit their active lifestyle.” Pieter is daring. He tests the boundaries of traditional and formal menswear by creating clothing that empower men to feel strong. Make sure to be on the lookout for him and his notable works of art in the next upcoming fashion week.





Spice Up Your Sole Cinestie Olson

Crisp leaves, chilly nights, pumpkin patches and your worn-out sandals from the summer. Something doesn’t belong here, does it? With elements of fall slowly springing up, it’s almost impossible not to think about what shoe to rock, and most importantly, which shoe will suit you best. Here is a list of four budget-friendly shoes for four personalities. For the Adventurous: This shoe is for the guy who’s looking for a thrill and doesn’t want the nuisance of an uncomfortable shoe. If you’re looking to invest in a shoe that will provide easy accessibility, comfort and—most importantly-- style, Timberland’s Britton Hill Side-Zip is a class act. The boot, which runs for $170 on, comes in black and medium brown to fit your personal style. Made with premium full-grain leather, leather footbeds, SensorFlex comfort system and molded rubber toes, you’re sure to find comfort in these boots. Whether you’re hiking muddy trails at Ledges State Park, discovering curiosities at Maquoketa Caves or simply for walking from class-to-class on campus, these boots will get the job done. For the Productive: If you’re looking for something both stylish and practical for everyday wear, New Balance’s Men’s 574 sneaker could be your companion this fall. Found at for

$79.99, this shoe boasts a combination of mesh and suede, rubber outsoles and soft cushioning in the midsole. There is an option for customizable colors for $149.99, however, that option may not be needed as the 574 sneaker come in twenty-seven different colors such as navy blue, fiery orange and classic red. The color options vary from your simple black-and-white to daring and bold colors. This sneaker is classic and can be worn for different occasions, such as fitness classes at State Gym, tailgates or a study session. With that amount of versatility, you’re sure to get use out of this everyday sneaker. For the Minimalist: Simple. Straightforward. Sold. If you’re not a sneaker guy, yet still crave versatility and wearability, the Chelsea Boot is your best friend. Chelsea Boots are the epitome of the phrase “sweet, yet simple.” The pointed toe, ankle-hitting height and elastic that joins the boot together make these an easily identifiable shoe. The Men’s Wearhouse Impulse Chelsea Harbor boots, originally $99.99 and on sale for $69.99 on menswearhouse. com, are a staple for fall. These boots feature genuine matte leather that gives a soft look, a rugged outsole for strolls in the park and elastic gores that provide quick application and an ideal fit. Men’s Wearhouse offers brown and black for the color choices in this style of boot. They can be







worn with a simple pair of denim jeans and a white shirt, yet still pull a look together. For the Old Soul: Lace up and look smart in Oxfords. Oxfords can be defined with three words: elegant, formal and timeless. Luckily enough, the same three words can also define the guy who wears them. Kohls’ Apt. 9 Campton Men’s Oxford Shoes come in cognac or black to easily match your slacks of the day. These shoes have an elevated, classic look with a perforated toe, light stitching and a raised heel. But the best element about this specific shoe is that they are only $39.99 on You can look expensive, yet remain budget friendly with these shoes. Rock your socks (literally) at that interview you’ve been practicing countless hours for, meeting the ‘rents or when you want to feel like a million bucks in your 8 a.m. lecture. If any of the above personality types suit you, you may have found your perfect fall shoe. However, if you still find yourself having trouble figuring out which shoe to rock, you can check out Antonio Centeno (@rmrstyle) on Instagram. He posts his favorite shoes to wear in the fall time, along with other men’s fashion advice and styling tips that will guarantee spice in your closet.



Historical Hairdos: Beatle Bowl Cuts to Modern Man Buns Isaiah Sents

For as long as hair has been on men’s heads, they have used it as a means to express themselves and their identity. A man’s hairstyle is a statement that he makes every time he sits down in the barber’s chair, and one that he affirms each time he styles it. It’s a statement that showcases who he is and how he views the world. The ‘60s In the 1960s, rock n’ roll became mainstream, and young men all over the world were adopting the Beatles’ iconic mop tops. Gone were the tightly controlled pompadours of the ‘40s and ‘50s, as the lacquered and oiled gave way to the light and natural. This was just one of many of the ways men were beginning to express their discontent with the postwar ideal and foretold the tidal wave of change that would sweep the nation in the latter half of the decade. The mop top was characterized by hair cut evenly with heavy, eyebrow-length bangs and with the hair at the back of the head left long enough to brush the collar. Whether it was worn shaggy or carefully smoothed, the lack of either a part or lift made this hairstyle a dramatic shift away from the past.

The ‘70s In the ‘70s, the afro become an accepted hairstyle as the civil rights movement continued to evolve. With the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the movement experienced a surge of people wanting to embrace their roots, literally and figuratively. Embracing natural texture was a way of expressing pride in one’s heritage and rejecting Caucasian ideals of beauty. The ‘80s “Business in the front, party in the back.” This was the most common description for the mullet, which is arguably one of the most iconic hairstyles of the century. No other hairstyle is so closely tied to a given decade or as instantly recognizable. The mullet, when viewed from the front, looked similar to a crew cut, except the hair at the back of the head was significantly longer than the front. Particularly in the rock and punk scenes, the hair on the top of the head could also be blow dried, moussed or spiked. A wide variety of style icons and celebrities of the time, including Mel Gibson and David Bowie, sported the infamous mullet.

The ‘90s Hip-hop and rap came to the forefront in the ‘90s, and the music’s popularity had an influence on trends. This influence caused dreadlocks to become an especially popular hairstyle. Earlier artists like Bob Marley showcased thick, natural-looking dreads, while the ‘90s saw dreads becoming smaller and more densely placed. Stars such as Busta Rhymes were particular proponents of the look. The 2000s Fashion is a cycle, even when it comes to hair; and the 2000s proved this as well as any other decade. Once again, young male celebrities popularized medium-length hair with heavy bangs worn either shaggy or smooth. Most commonly associated with a young Justin Bieber.This hairstyle was longer and featured more layers than the Beatles’ haircut, with some young stars’ hair reaching all the way to their shoulders. The “wings hairstyle,” as it is most commonly known, tended to flare out around the head to frame the face with “wings” of hair. Today with the current decade coming to a close, certain trends can be labeled a product of our time, and no style exemplifies this idea better than the man bun. The man bun can



be worn either as an undercut, or more commonly, with all the hair on the head reaching the shoulders. Erin Horesowsky, a cosmetology student at Capri College of Cedar Rapids, explained that “most guys go with their natural texture and either loop it in a bun or pony or just brush it.... I’d say [the ideal length is] down to the shoulders, so you can loop it through once and you don’t have a long tail hanging out at the bottom, but it still [looks good] when it’s down and brushed.” Unlike a traditional top knot or chignon, the key element of the man bun is the perception of carelessness. The loose bun is most often worn high on the head or at a middling height, with plenty of texture. Connected to the rise of the hipster lifestyle, the man bun is often accompanied by a beard. Hairstyles communicate a wealth of information. They can show who a person looks to for inspiration, ideology, age and much more. This is the constant in the never-ending change of fashionable hairstyles. Source: Erin Horesowsky is a first-year cosmetology student at Capri College and is currently working on the clinic floor.



Costumes From Your Closet Melissa Van Horn

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to find a costume. If you’re looking for a something that takes minimal effort, but creates the illusion that you put in some work, digging through your own closet might be your best bet. Not only is this a low-maintenance tactic, but you’ll also save some cash this Halloween season. Glasses If you have a pair of reading glasses that you only wear when you’re studying or when no one can see you, then this is the perfect opportunity to finally get some wear out of them. Putting on a pair of glasses with any outfit can instantly make you look more intellectual. You could go as Superman’s secret identity, Clark Kent, or as Peter Parker from Spiderman. Both of those costumes only require your regular, everyday clothing and a pair of glasses. If a superhero isn’t your style, draw a lightning scar on your forehead, carry a wand and you’re instantly recognizable as Harry Potter. The polo shirt This versatile item can be transformed into a number of different costumes. Grab a pair of sunglasses, unbutton that polo and slick back your hair; the next thing you know, you’re Leonardo DiCaprio from the “Wolf of Wall Street.” Whether you’re involved in Greek life or not, throwing on a white polo, pastel shorts and boat shoes can instantly turn you into a fraternity guy. If

people are constantly saying that you look just like your Dad, then why not take the joke and run with it? Channel your inner dad for the night with a polo, khakis and a pair of white New Balance sneakers. The flannel Flannels are an essential piece in a man’s chilly-weather wardrobe, so why not make it a part of your Halloween costume? Lumberjacks are always pictured in a flannel and jeans with a long beard. If you already have a long beard, you’re set. If you’re lacking facial hair, you could wear a fake beard or draw a beard on. The shirt you don’t want anymore If you’re okay with putting a little extra work into your costume, grab a pair of scissors and red food coloring to create the perfect zombie look. Cut a few wide gashes in the front and back of the shirt and add food coloring around the newly formed holes to make them look like fresh wounds. This may take a bit of time, but if you were going to throw the shirt away anyway, you might as well turn it into a killer costume. Finding a Halloween costume doesn’t have to be hard. These tips you can help you look like you’ve been planning your costume for weeks, when in reality, you just had to open up your closet door and put on the same shirt you wore last Tuesday. Wearing any of these costumes out to Halloween festivities is sure to be a hit with your friends, but not a hit to your wallet.


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