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WEARING WEARING A A BASIC BASIC WHITE WHITE T T SHIRT SHIRT 4 4 WAYS WAYS By anna tafolla The constant battle of choosing an outfit every morning when you can barely manage to brush your hair and remember your coffee order is something we can all relate to. When it comes to fashion and reality, we want the cutest, comfiest, most unique pieces in our closet for an affordable price. Strategically pairing bottoms and accessories together, we can reuse our simplest pieces of clothing, without fully re-wearing an outfit. An iconic garment, the plain white t-shirt, is an important approach to looking fresh and saving money, using a variety of outfit options. Here are four different ways to make your white t-shirt a staple piece!

White Tee + Slip Dress One under-appreciated piece of clothing is the plain white t-shirt. With prices starting at five dollars, you can pick and choose one online or instore that fits your body perfectly while on budget. This is a key clothing item to have in your wardrobe because not only does white look good on any skin tone or match any hair color, but it can be used either as a staple item or secondary to make every outfit different. One of my favorite ways to wear my white t-shirt is slipping a dress over top of it. The combination can make your outfit classy and flirty with just the two pieces alone. The little black dress to lay over your tee is always eye candy, but you can do almost any color and fabric. This outfit will be comfortable yet make a major fashion statement. You can finally wear a t-shirt and a pair of heels together and make it look fabulous. The slip dress and tee can be your ticket to earning lots of compliments at events and on the streets all the while being comfortable and simple.


Cute Athletic Another way to wear your white tee is with colorful leggings. This is always my go-to outfit when the day is chillier and I want to keep my legs covered. The tee and leggings combination are perfect for going to the gym, grabbing your coffee and going to class. The plain top will look cleaner cut on you in comparison to a bulky t-shirt with writing on it.

The white tee won’t clash but rather compliment your fun bottom half of your outfit whether it be meshed, patterned, cropped or colored. The magic is in the mixing and matching with what you already own. Taking the tee from a dressy, flirty look to looking like your go to the gym, proves that the white tee can do wonders.


Vibrance The white tee can be used as the main garment, but on other days, it can be a great compliment to other pieces in your wardrobe. Striped or patterned jump pants can take away from the fact that you wear your white tee more times than your other tops. Wearing vibrant high heels with pants and a tee can be your next job interview outfit without you realizing it yet. White represents light, goodness and purity. Pairing it with what is opposite such as vibrant, exotic, sparkly skirts and pants can make you look runway ready. White can complement other fun garments you own such as tying a colored bandana around your neck to make you gameday ready. The white tee is key to making your wardrobe reusable and not repeatable. The ever changing seasons and trends may seem stressful when it comes to finding something to wear, but you can always count on some of the overlooked, basic pieces you already own. Take that plain white tee you have hanging up and be ready to rock it in four new, easy and adorable ways. 4

Denim Lately the fashion world has been backtracking to the denim days of the nineties. What more perfect color to go with baby blue denim than white. Whether you rock the high-waisted mom jeans, destroyed jacket or your mini skirt, you can have endless ways of coordinating denim with your white tee. The classic two colors allow any garment and accessories to complete the canvas your body is. Denim can give your outfit a chic vibe and adding pops of color such as bracelets, watches, bags and bandanas can make the entire outfit a masterpiece. Destroyed denim balances well with the white t-shirt because it draws attention without it looking too busy. You can never do wrong with denim and a white tee because going classic and simple can do much more. 5

Secrets secrets of of a a campus campus barista barista

By emily dybowski

A college-age barista who works for arguably one of the busiest coffee shops on campus reveals some secrets of what her job entails. It is no secret that thousands of college students across the country consume copious amounts of coffee to help them through their hectic lives. From the welcoming aroma to the rush of caffeine, we all know what it is like to take that first sip in the morning, but what is going on behind the scenes? Kallie Beebe, a 19-year-old Starbucks barista in Ames, spills the (coffee) beans on what it is like being a coffee consumer and a coffee creator.

What is your favorite coffee drink? “My personal favorite coffee beverage is actually an iced chai latte, because it is what I imagine Christmas to taste like. It’s very sweet and smooth tasting, and very easy to make.” What is your least favorite drink to make? “My least favorite drink to make is a frappucino because they are a lot of steps in a precise order, and they aren’t even coffee.” What is the most common question you are asked by customers? “The most common question I get from customers honestly would be where the restroom is, but I also get asked what the difference in drink sizes are and the different levels of caffeine in drinks.” 6

What is the best part about being a barista? “The best part about being a barista is the fact that the job is so fast paced. It makes it easy to pass the time! You get to learn more about the thing you love and you get to meet a lot of different people and know you made their day through a cup of coffee!” Which drink have you perfected? “The drink I would say I perfected would be an iced caramel macchiato, because I’ve probably made enough of those to end world hunger.” Iced or hot? “Iced, because it takes half the time and you don’t need to steam the milk!” What is your favorite and least favorite seasonal drink? “My least favorite seasonal drink is the salted caramel mocha; no one needs that many things added to a drink. My favorite is the pumpkin spice latte because it smells like fall!” What is the weirdest drink order you’ve ever received? “An individual put in a mobile order for brewed earl gray tea, but asked for two shots of espresso and half steamed soy milk in it with cinnamon dolce sprinkles on top. It ended up being half coffee half tea.” If you are a novice coffee drinker, looking at a coffee shop’s seemingly infinite array of drink options may make you want to run and hide. Because of Beebe’s deep knowledge of the menu of a huge, international coffee company, she was able to give some tips on how to make sense of all of the Italian lingo. “The difference between an Americano and a Cappuccino is an Americano is an extra shot of espresso [than a regular coffee] with hot water. A Cappuccino has extra steamed milk to give it a frothier texture,” Beebe explains. “The difference between a Frappuccino and a Latte is a Latte is espresso with steamed milk and any specific flavoring, where a Frappuccino is blended with ice.” Hang in there, there’s more. “The difference between a Mocha and a Macchiato is in a Macchiato the espresso is put on top, making it separate from the milk and flavoring. A mocha is mocha sauce and espresso mixed in.” Got all that? Even if you are new to learning about coffee, everyone must start somewhere. Getting a glimpse into the mind of a college student, coffee connoisseur like Beebe will hopefully give you greater appreciation for the people that make you your daily latte. Remember this the next time you place your order.


following following fall fall fashions fashions without without breaking breaking the the bank bank

By kajsa hallberg

Most people think of high fashion as expensive clothing. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren come to mind. However, it is possible to follow the runway trends despite being a broke college student! All you have to do is be creative with your own closet. I believe that you will quickly figure out that many of Fall 2017’s trends are quite easy to follow and affordable.


One thing many of the Fall 2017 runways have in common is color. Red and chocolate brown are being hailed as the new go-to colors for the season, with chocolate brown even regarded as the “new black.” Here at Iowa State, almost everyone here has some form of red in their closet (mostly in the form of an ISU shirt). These shirts can easily be styled differently than the typical look of t-shirt and jeans. Tie one side up, cut out a new neckline or add a cardigan for when the weather gets chilly. Chocolate brown is also a common color and can easily be found inside one’s own closet. I know I have a few light brown cardigans as well as my boots and sandals. Just using those as a starting point can help me come up with a simple color scheme to create a cute outfit. With no money spent and little effort needed, this trend is definitely student friendly.

Another easy-to-follow trend is the return of Victorian-inspired collars. So, dig out your turtlenecks! The style of these sweaters mimics the shape of the collars seen on the runway, but are also more cozy and comfortable to wear. Simply adding a scarf or a necklace polishes the look, or layer with a jacket to follow what was seen on No. 21’s runway. Combining comfort and style makes it a perfect campus look as the season progresses. 9

A more exciting trend that many people will enjoy are deconstructed/reconstructed classics. Brands such as Burberry and Diane von Furstenberg mixed textiles and took scissors to classic pieces in a new interpretation of the styles everyone accepts. The most fun way to follow this trend would be in the form of t-shirt/sweatshirt deconstruction.

Don’t be afraid to take your scissors to old items you rarely wear and see what new pieces you can create with them. Your new garments will be different, fun and unique. One thing college is for is to learn how to express your individuality. Creating unique pieces for your wardrobe is the best way to let your personality show through your clothes.


When it comes to following the runway as a college student, creativity is key. Find new ways to wear staples and basics to let your personality shine through your outfits. High fashion is not expensive clothes. High fashion is speaking your voice and showing the world who you are one outfit at a time. So, find your red shirts, your turtlenecks, your brown boots and your scissors! This season is about creativity and comfort all while saving your wallet and your closet space. 11

How How to to transform transform your your basic basic pieces: pieces:

going going out out vs vs going going to to class class

By lexi stumpf

Have you ever had that one piece in your closet that you feel like you’ve worn 100 times, but you still can’t bring yourself to get rid of it? Well you’re in luck. Here are some fun, easy ways to spice up your basic every day pieces by either dressing them up or down!

skinny jeans: Going to class Skinny jeans are the easiest thing to grab and wear on a day that you have a busy class schedule. To kick it up a notch; try throwing on a baseball cap and a cropped T-shirt for a more comfy look. You can pair this with some trendy slides or your favorite sneakers. This look will have you feeling trendy and sporty, while still being comfy and taking less time to get ready. 12

Skinny jeans: Going out Don’t underestimate the importance of jeans. When going out, your average skinny jeans can be used as a powerful weapon to act as a basic standpoint for any outfit. The great news about a pair of jeans is that it is the best thing to compliment any patterns. Ever seen a pair of to die for floral patterned pumps but then thought, how would I ever wear these? The answer might be simpler than you think! Grab your favorite pair of jeans (preferably light wash), a cute lacy white bralette, white tee and pair them with your new, fun printed heels. To add an even more fun twist, add a necklace, hair piece or scarf that compliments a color found in your shoes. Wearing white and light wash jeans will bring the focus of your outfit to your shoes, and it will help you avoid having too busy of an outfit. Not only will you be getting compliments on your shoes all night, but you’ll also look clean and put together with your matching accent colors. 13

slip dress: Going to class Everyone has a plain white tee in their closet. Try putting your tee under your dress. Pair this look with a simple black choker, velvet sneakers and even fishnet ankle socks. This look is super casual, yet very trendy and fashionable. Who says you can’t be comfy and stylish at the same time?


slip dress: Going out Another piece you can rock either going out or going to class is a velvet slip dress. This dress will have you feeling fabulous just by putting it on. To dress it up even further, try rocking a crystal choker, faux fur jacket and pumps. After wearing this, you will be feeling so fierce that this outfit is guaranteed to end up on your Instagram page. This is a simple and easy way to step out for the night. Whether you’re celebrating or you just feel like dressing up a little extra, this outfit will for sure be a head turner. 15

meet derek thilges

bachelor of the month

Age: 20 Year: Sophomore Major: Materials Engineering Hometown: Ames, Ia 16

By rachel cessna

On Friday, Derek Thilges and I sat down outside the Hub Café to find out what makes him the ideal bachelor. Thilges calls Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) home, holding two executive positions all while keeping a research position at the Ames Laboratory. What is his go-to first date spot? The Café, right here in Ames. What are three words you would use to describe yourself? Laidback, loyal and intelligent. What song is on repeat for you right now? Smiling Swine by The Dear Hunter What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I’m a big outdoorsy guy, but given college I don’t have the time to do anything major. Primarily, I’ve been watching Netflix/Hulu, and I also like playing What are your future plans? guitar and video games. In the near future, I’m hoping to graduate and try to get a job either in the prosthetics industry or in So, what TV show are you watching right now? solar renewable energy. Ten years down the road, The new season of Bojack Horseman came out and I hope to be a project manager or sales rep for an I’ve been binging that one. Rick and Morty’s is also engineering firm because I don’t want to be stuck in going on right now. a cubicle. What’s your favorite of all time? Do you like travelling? Game of Thrones. I love that show. Yes, that’s actually part of the reason why I want to be either in sales or project management! My cousCan you cook? in’s job he got coming out of college was getting I can bake! paid to travel pretty much all over the globe and that would be ideal for me. I’ve always wanted to What can you bake? My Grandma’s cookie recipe. It’s either that or lava go to Germany. Maybe Luxembourg because that’s where my ancestors are from. I’d like to go see the cake. old family house at some point. Do you have any pets? Lastly, do you believe in true love? Yes, I have a dog! A Vizsla named Finnley. Yes…to an extent. I feel like some people do actually find the person they’re meant to. I also feel like other people will find somebody that they try to make fit as their true love and they’ll do that for years. Don’t bother looking Thilges up on Twitter or Instagram as he prefers to stay off social media. However, take a stroll down Ash Ave. on a weekend afternoon and he just might be found hanging out with his pal, Finnley. 17

use liquid lipstick to perfect your ombré ombre lips Since last year, liquid lipsticks have taken the world by storm; it would be hard to find an avid beauty lover who doesn’t have at least one tube of it. Formulas can vary but no matter the consistency, there are a few qualities that all good liquid lipsticks are expected to have: high pigment, all-day wear and the ability to be blended. A fresh ombré lip can liven up any makeup look. The best part?, The color combinations possibilities are endless! As long as


By breanna bruening you have two colors to blend to perfection, you have the potential for a show-stopping lip. The latter is crucial—nobody wants a harsh line in their ombré! If you’re dying to try a gradient lip, don’t be scared! Grab your favorite liquid lips, a brush, some confidence and get to work. To achieve a seamlessly blended, color-changing lip, follow these quick steps for beauty that lasts and will sure to impress!

Step 1. Pick Your Shades Pick 2-3 of your favorite liquid lip shades, making sure you have a variances of shades—a dark, light and even lighter shade to create the gradient effect. Our pick: a deep red for the outer edges, a hot pink for the middle, and a light baby pink for the center. Step 2: Apply Darkest Shade Start off by applying the darkest hue on the outer lines of your lips. Use the tip of the doe-foot applicator to precisely cover the unique lines of your lips, filling in only about half of the actual lip. Step 3: Apply Lighter Shade Go for the lighter shade and fill in the rest of the lips. Use a small lip brush to blend the line between the two applied lipsticks. If the line is still too harsh, use the same brush to apply a little more of the darker shade on top of the lighter shade and continue to blend. Editor’s tip: If you’re still feeling like the lip isn’t quite 3D material, you can always go for another color! Use a third color, even lighter than the two previously used, and place in the center of the bottom and top lips. Don’t forget to blend! This final shade will bring the middle of the lips forward and give your pout extra dimension. If you’re in need of any more ombré-inspiration, get on Instagram and check out the Queen of Liquid Lipstick: @mua_ashley, otherwise known as Ashley Rosales. Rosales and her iconic pout have become famous on Instagram for their satisfying liquid lipstick application videos. Rosales often uses her liquid lip collection to create unique ombré looks, and after watching any one of her videos, you can too! 19

your not-so-typical items to combat oil

By Madison Hudson

It’s the day of an important interview and you wake up with a giant, red monster on your forehead— what do you do? What about when your face looks like you just dipped it in a pool of oil or grease? Here are a few tips and tricks to help fight even the peskiest of breakouts.

Baby Powder Baby powder wasn’t just made for babies. Fight off your oily skin with the wonders of baby powder. Begin by putting on a layer of moisturizer, followed by brushing on some baby powder. Next, apply foundation. You can use either a pressed powder or liquid for the finishing touches.but she has used this technique with liquid as well and sees the same results. Baking Soda Oil is not only found on your face, but can be one of your hair’s worst enemies. Today, there are tons of dry shampoos and hair masks all over the shelves, but close your wallet! This product comes from your own pantry—baking soda. Sprinkle a little bit of it on the roots of your hair and then use your fingers to distribute it before you go to bed and you will wake up with a dry, clean scalp. Although baking soda works wonders to clean up grease and oil, do not use it everyday or your hair will become way too dry and possibly brittle. 20

ice cubes Breakouts can rinse a good day right down the drain within seconds. Don’t fret! The solution can be found right in your freezer. The moment you feel a breakout starting, hold an ice cube to the affected area for a minute or so. This will help close up your pores and reduce the swelling altogether. Not all breakouts happen on your forehead or cheeks. Occasionally a cold sore may pop up on your lip or even in your mouth. Without even having to go to a store, you can get rid of it practically overnight with just a dab of salt and a cotton swab. Lightly wet the cotton swab under warm water, then dip it into a spoonful of salt. Make sure to breath in and out through your mouth a few times so it will dry out a bit. When you first put the Q-tip to the sore, it will slightly sting/burn and your eyes may water. You only have to hold it on for a few seconds, and it will be gone the next morning. A greasy face is never a good thing, and today that is what all foundation seems to do!

moderation before elimination:

the dangers hidden in fad dieting

With social media being a main part of today’s society, trends are the force behind a lot of our decisions, behaviors and desires. Since we are constantly exposed to persuasive words and perfectly edited pictures on a screen, we often see past significant details and information. A leading trend in the modern-media age is fad dieting. According to The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a fad diet by definition is “a diet that promises quick weight loss through what is usually an unhealthy and unbalanced diet.” So, what attracts people to these eating behaviors? Chloé Lundquist, a registered and licensed dietitian and Iowa State alum, explains the truths and dangers behind this trend. “I think just like other trends, part of [the attraction] is the social aspect of it, and feeling like you’re part of something. I think that’s a big part of it,” Lundquist explains. “I think the other part is that people want quick results, even though studies show time and time again that that’s not how it works.” Some of the fad diets Lundquist is referring to are veganism, gluten-free (non celiac related), non-GMO and organic based. Detoxes, dietary methods of clearing the body of ‘toxic waste’, are another fad diet that Lundquist believes are, “toward the end of their reign.” The truth of the matter is, none of these have been scientifically proven to work. “Right now, I would say what’s most popular is a vegan diet. So not eating any animal based products–that includes dairy, eggs, meat–a pretty restricted diet. It cuts out a lot of the food groups.” Lundquist goes on to explain the dangers of the current trendy diet. “Along with cutting out a lot of food groups, you’re cutting out a lot of nutrients. There’s not enough research to confirm the dangers of this diet; however, based on all that you’re depriving your body from, I don’t think it’s healthy.”

By grace lundquist

What many are left curious about is which safe ‘diet’ will work long term and actually show results. “No dieting.” Lundquist advises. “Listen to your body. ‘Dieting’ takes away our internal cues; we’re not listening to when our body is hungry or full. We’re listening to external factors- how many calories we’re eating or how many carbs we’re eating. Anything in moderation has been proven to work best.” She suggests reading the book, Intuitive Eating, by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. When asked if there’s any positives to this trend, Chloé simply replies, “No.” However, she continues, “I’m hopeful this trend of fad dieting will make people more aware that these aren’t working. And that’s where my title of ‘dietitian’ comes in.” In general, a main danger that comes along with this trend and our tech-savvy society is the internet. It is so easy, almost too easy, to post anything you would like to online. Lundquist fears the false and inaccurate information that is being spread across the web. “Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist,” Lundquist explains. “It’s important to figure out what someone’s education is and if they’re a registered dietitian. You can be some teenage girl on the internet with no nutritional background and still call yourself a nutritionist. It’s very important for people to be aware of that.” Such falsities rose with the new fascination of food blogging or ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos on YouTube. In many cases, there’s no credibility behind the person who’s posting information besides the large following they’ve accumulated. With constant media exposure in addition to our personal goals, it’s important to stay aware and make conscious choices. While trends are fun to follow, it’s crucial to stay informed before going ahead and changing our behaviors based on what we see our favorite Instagram celebrities doing. 21

tips tips to to help help you you sleep sleep better better You’ve probably heard it a million times from your doctor or parents, but getting a good night’s sleep is important. Getting the recommended amount of rest can seem like an unattainable goal, especially as a busy college student. With clubs, academics, jobs and social lives, it’s no wonder there are so many students that run on little to no sleep. However, if you want to get everything on your to-do list done without running out of energy, you’re going to need those 8 hours. Don’t laugh yet, this article has you covered. Here are 5 tips to help you get sleep so good you won’t believe it.

By halee olson

Nix caffeine after noon. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee (or 5), but that boost of energy can really mess with your beauty sleep. According to Livestrong, caffeine takes 5-6 hours to reduce its concentration by half of its original amount in the bloodstream. So basically, that mid-afternoon coffee will be keeping you up way past your bedtime. Try to stick only to your single, morning cup of joe. Get everything in order for the next day. Personally, doing something as simple as making sure my bag is packed for the following day helps me stay relaxed at bedtime. Thinking about all the things you have to do before rushing out the door in the morning isn’t exactly calming, and being stressed before bed is bound to keep your brain going. It takes five minutes of your time–and it’s so worth it.


Experiment with yoga. Practicing yoga before bed is the perfect time to disconnect from your devices and focus on yourself. The night seems to have a knack for turning us all into overthinkers, but doing yoga can prevent this–it has been proven to calm anxious minds and bodies. A quick trip to Google or watching a YouTube tutorial can supply you with yoga poses that have been specifically catered for nighttime and assisting in sleep.

Try out essential oils. Essential oils offer a plethora of different uses. Chloe Keefe, an Iowa State freshman studying business, is a Young Living essential oils user and seller. “I’ve been diffusing oils before bed every night for a while now and I have noticed that it really affects my sleep in a positive way,” Chloe reports. She diffuses the scent “Cedarwood” for a good night’s sleep, “Lavender” for a calming environment and “Stress Away” if she is feeling anxious before bed. Chloe uses a diffuser at night, which disperses her essential oils throughout the air.

Use the “4-7-8” breathing trick. I found this trick on my Pinterest feed and was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually helps. Here’s the premise: breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds and then exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. It might sound silly, but by holding your breath for seven seconds and exhaling for eight, your heart rate has to slow down. This trick soothes the body and mind quickly, and if used along with the other four tips, it could very well be your ticket to a good night’s sleep. 23

the Sec: sec: football’s finest fashion

By Christin koch

The South is known for taking things seriously, such as fried chicken, sweet tea and church on Sunday’s, but almost the most important of them all: College Football, specifically the Southeastern Conference, also known as the SEC. It is no secret that southern football is no joke, and neither is game day apparel. Saturday’s are for football, tailgating and wearing your Sunday best while cheering your team to victory. For the gentlemen, attire usually consists of khakis and a button down, but for the women the opportunities are endless. There are many great ways to bring your classiest outfits to tailgating. If you are wanting to master the “SEC Style,” here are some do’s and dont’s to help achieve this goal.

Keep it Classy One of the number one rules of SEC Style is and always has been: Keep it classy. A fan needs to keep in mind that they are not only representing themselves, but they are also representing the entire university. If you would not be proud to have your grandma see you in what you’re wearing on national television, then it probably isn’t the best option. 24

Utilize Accessories Accessories are a big deal in the South, and when I say big I also am referring to the size of the accessories. “The bigger the better” is one of the South’s famous mottos! You can use accessories such as pearls, which are a Southern staple, to dress up an outfit. Accessories are also an easy way to incorporate school colors into what you are wearing, including a fun scarf, big earrings or a chunky necklace. Dress Comfortably Comfort is key on game day because you never know how far you will need to walk. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, you won’t be feeling confident either. Another thing to remember is to always wear comfortable shoes! While your heels may look SUPER cute at the start of the game, having blisters all over your feet won’t be worth it. It’s Not Just About the Outfit Even if you have the best outfit out of everyone at the tailgate, you will not truly achieve the SEC Style if your makeup and hair are not on point! It’s an entire look, from natural makeup without excessive eye shadow, to soft hair with lots of volume and bouncy curls. You must be put together from head to toe! While these rules may seem strict and a little excessive, it’s all worth it in the South. If you follow these you will always look wonderful while representing your favorite team. Win or lose, in the end, you’ll always be looking like your best, most confident self. 25

are arE horoscopes real? By megan dale Horoscopes: you either love them, or you love to hate them. They’re either totally spot on, or so far off they’re laughable. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you’re on, at least a little part of you wants to know if these predictions and analyses are real. Here’s what professionals have to say. According to the American Federation of Astrologers, all horoscopes are based off of different astrological patterns and positions, otherwise known as the stars. These typically are based off of when you were born, and therefore puts you into a certain category by which you will then be analyzed. Most people know their zodiac sign and star, but if not a quick google search will give you the answer. It’s possible to read about our fate for the upcoming month in any magazine or website. But where do the writers get that information, and who can actually be trusted? If it sometimes feels like an article just has completely random predictions for your sign that month, there’s a good chance you could be right. The only way to be sure that your horoscope is technically accurate is if it’s proudly signed by a real astrologer. You may get excited and feel like you’re finally understood if one month happens to capture what you’re feeling or what you’re going through, but if that scientific source isn’t present, there’s most likely no real evidence to back their predictions up. Even if it does have the astrologer stamp of approval, there’s still little evidence to back up the legitimacy of these predictions. So after all this time, how have horoscopes stayed so popular?


Sydney Fox, a junior studying Psychology and Criminal Justice, learned about horoscopes in her Psychology 383 class here at Iowa State. She stated that horoscopes are made general enough to be relatable for almost anyone, leading people to feel better about whatever their current situation is. When people feel understood, it makes them feel good and creates a placebo effect, which WebMD defines as “anything that seems to be a ‘real’ medical treatment -- but isn’t.” So when someone reads their horoscope that tells them they are going to have a great day on the 23rd of the month and then they do, it’s not actually the horoscope being correct–it’s the placebo effect that makes you feel like you’re having a good day. “This is why people tend to believe in horoscopes, because they tend to attribute the results of a horoscope back to the horoscope itself, when the results are not actually from the horoscope at all,” states Fox. When it comes down to it, all studies lead to the fact that horoscopes are pseudo-scientific. Although sometimes they’re spot-on, there is no real evidence behind the claims. They’ve stuck around for years because of their occasional luck of getting it right, and their element of fun. As much as I want to believe that the world gets me on an interstellar level, it’s just not that likely.

TREND Online Monthly Issue September  
TREND Online Monthly Issue September