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How To Install Trend Micro Antivirus?

Steps for Installation Step1: Uninstall Other Antivirus Software's You must run one antivirus software program at a time. You'll not be able to install new antivirus program in case you have old software programs. If you find any difficulty in uninstalling old antivirus, contact our tech support expert.

Steps for Installation

Step2: Download Trend Micro Software for Free After uninstalling other antivirus software, you need to download Trend Micro software.

Steps for Installation Step3: Run the Downloaded File After downloading the software, you need to run it and install the antivirus in your system.

Steps for Installation Step4: Read and Accept License Agreement You'll find a software license agreement during the installation, you are required to read and accept the same for proceeding ahead. In case, you are unable to do ,Contact our Trend Micro Support Number

Steps for Installation Step5: Choose the Free License After checking that there is no other antivirus software installed in your computer, tablet or mobile, after that choose the type of installation you require. Select the express install, the custom search sites and Trend Micro toolbar will be installed into your computer. You can disable these in case you want to go for custom installation. In the custom installation, you can decide on the components you wish to install on your computer and can choose to turn off the remaining features.

Steps for Installation Step6: Wait for Installation to Get Completed Once your software installation is configured, program files will be downloaded and installed into your system. This may take few minutes depending upon the speed of your computer and network connection.

Steps for Installation Step7: Restart Your System After doing all these steps, you are required to restart your system for completing the installation process.

Contact Us If you have any query regarding antivirus contact our tech support engineers by dialing Trend Micro Helpline Number :+6448879112 Original Source:

How to install trend micro antivirus?  

Here You can know How to install Trend Micro Antivirus ?Trend Micro support New Zealand Provides you step by step solution for installation...