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and television industry is that there are any number Film and television history and filmmaking have On the set of A Rough Breed, produced in of paths you can go into,” she says. “One of the other been a part of the UNM curriculum for decades. But Adam Turner’s senior paths is to have a transferrable skill.” now, in response to a growing demand from students capstone course at the University of New Albuquerque schools are especially focused on providand the industry, its Cinematic Arts Program has Mexico. Directed ing access to these skills. The CNM Advanced Technology changed both its name—to the Department of Film and by Cole Brewer and produced by Logan Center’s nondescript, white-walled classroom may seem Digital Arts—and its focus. According to Department Nowicki. At right, Philip typical, but it is no ordinary world—it’s the place where Chair James Stone, the program will begin in the fall Hoang, director of photography. instructor Charlie O’Dowd, a 35-year film industry vet2019 semester and will encompass a larger field of eran, and his students dream up movies, stories, experimedia. “We’ve always taught film production, but now ments, and jobs. In preparation for a second boom in film and we’re going to do it differently,” he says. “Students will still get to television production in New Mexico, the CNM Film Technician work across the disciplines, but they can pick and choose and can Program and the expansion of the UNM Cinematic Arts Program, look at the whole digital landscape.” in tandem with state incentives, are helping to forge the future of The university’s new BA and BFA programs will offer concenmotion picture and television production in New Mexico. trations in animation, gaming, film production, and film history. The students in O’Dowd’s class are here for different reasons, but “We’re teaching directing, we’re teaching screenwriting,” Stone they all want to begin their careers in New Mexico. Some of them says. “We’re teaching producing and animation and cinematogmade movies as children and are fueling a lifelong love for film and raphy. All those skills that make a person a creative force in the television while others are just discovering the art. “Film opened up industry—we are providing that education. We also don’t want to a whole new world for me,” says one student. She is attracted to the see them disappear to L.A. We want them to find a place here, in medium’s potential to shock, change minds, and raise questions a thriving New Mexico film industry that isn’t only for crews. We about meaning and equality. “It made me realize that I want to make are trying to find ways to make the next generation of directors and art that challenges people’s thoughts and feelings. The best way for screenwriters stay in New Mexico.” me to do that is to understand how the industry works.” In the time since Edison first turned his Kinetograph camThe program not only teaches technique and procedure, it also era on New Mexico, the motion picture scene in the Land of requires students to create their own short films and even helps Enchantment has become more than a fleeting actuality. In them obtain internships on production sets. Once they complete 2018, more than 40 film and television productions were filmed the program, they can usually start working almost immediately— in New Mexico, according to the New Mexico Film Office. It’s and not just on small productions. a point of pride for many New Mexicans when we recognize a “If you were on the Albuquerque Isotopes baseball team,” favorite diner, landscape, or mountain shot in a film or televiO’Dowd tells his students, “you’d hope at some point to go up sion program. And productions like Breaking Bad are part of our to the big leagues, what’s called ‘going to the show.’ Here in pop cultural mythos. Albuquerque, you can ‘go to the show’ and be working on top pro“The film and television industry accepts people who have creductions, literally, your first day as a young professional. It’s great ative instincts,” says O’Dowd, “who have other ways of looking at to do independent films, but when you’re standing next to movie what they want to do. There are so many interesting things to be stars, being around those people is inspirational.” done. It’s a whole world. It’s an entire world.” R


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