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Grand Bazar, Damrak 21, Amsterdam Cheers from Amsterdam Beer Mug €6.99 (£6.02)

written by Charlotte White

Clogs Keyring €1.99 (£1.72)

Amsterdam XXX Bottle Opener €3.99 (£4.63)

Holland Doll €5.99 (£5.16)

Amsterdam Snowglobe €7.99 (£6.89) Tulip Bulbs in Shoe €6.99 (£6.02) 10

London Discover the capital A

lthough the exploration of the world offered from holidays abroad shall always be a powerful draw, it is worth taking the chance to investigate the opportunities that lie within your own, figurative, back garden. London is one of Europe’s premiere tourist locations, a city that stands as both a monument to British history and as a modern metropolis of what is to come. Rebecca Ashbury, the Visitor Development Executive for The City of London said: “The City of London is a great place for women to visit as it has a fantastic mix of art, culture and heritage.” With easy access to the capital city due to its many direct trains travelling in and out of the city, London is a fantastic place to visit for a day or a weekend. Travelling to London by train is by far the easiest option available, as cars will be hit by the

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The first issue of Trending Travel. May 2013 - Capital Edition