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The second glance written by Charlotte White


ith over 200 coffeeshops selling soft drugs and the district ‘De Wallen’ (‘The Quays’) making up the famous Red Light District, it comes to no surprise that Amsterdam’s lenient attitude has caused strong preconceptions towards the capital city. When mentioning Am-

sterdam to many people their first thoughts are nearly always that Holland is all about sex and drugs, especially since prostitution was legalised in 2000. Due to this image of Amsterdam it is believed by many that it is not as much for women, but for men. Declan Aylward, a writer

for said: “Amsterdam does tend to attract a male visitor, but this is more related to its image than the city itself. The image of Amsterdam as the “city of sin” bears little relation to the reality of a city with a vibrant arts and culture scene, many historical sights and a relatively

low level of street crime.” However, with 3,324,000 visitors, both male and female, every year it becomes very clear that its image of being the “city of sin” does not put any gender of tourists off. It instead intrigues them into wanting to go to the city even more. Melissa Dodd, from

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