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For this issue of Trending Travel i visited two very different capitals in Europe to find the very best tourist attractions for women. From the peaceful canals of Amsterdam and the busy streets of London i found out what exactly makes these destinations perfect for women. Charlotte White, Editor


Map Artist Abu Wang Photographer Charlotte White


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The second glance written by Charlotte White


ith over 200 coffeeshops selling soft drugs and the district ‘De Wallen’ (‘The Quays’) making up the famous Red Light District, it comes to no surprise that Amsterdam’s lenient attitude has caused strong preconceptions towards the capital city. When mentioning Am-

sterdam to many people their first thoughts are nearly always that Holland is all about sex and drugs, especially since prostitution was legalised in 2000. Due to this image of Amsterdam it is believed by many that it is not as much for women, but for men. Declan Aylward, a writer

for said: “Amsterdam does tend to attract a male visitor, but this is more related to its image than the city itself. The image of Amsterdam as the “city of sin” bears little relation to the reality of a city with a vibrant arts and culture scene, many historical sights and a relatively

low level of street crime.” However, with 3,324,000 visitors, both male and female, every year it becomes very clear that its image of being the “city of sin” does not put any gender of tourists off. It instead intrigues them into wanting to go to the city even more. Melissa Dodd, from

The maze of canals

“I thought of it mainly as a legal place to smoke pot.” Camberley, Surrey said: “I thought of it mainly as a legal place to smoke pot – however that was changed on visiting the city where I found it to be beautiful.” Despite all the presumptions that Amsterdam holds, once you have visited the city it becomes obvious that its beautiful canals and cultural atmosphere are perfect for both men and women. “The Dutch are very emancipated. Dutch women are very independent. Women do not get hassled on the streets, it is safe for women to walk around alone,” said



Afternoon Try a Dutch delicacy Drop into the fast food restaurant, Febo and try their croquettes, frikadel or bitterballen from the vending machines. Before you try them though, read what is in them or you may get a shocking surprise. Browse around the Albert Cuypmarket and take in the culture the city has to offer.


economy began increasing From a small fishing village again. However, this high to a cultural tourist city, was unfortunately shortAmsterdam has changed lived due to both WW1 alot since it first began in and 2. the 13th century. Whilst the city saw a loss The cities first dramatic of 10% of its inhabitants betransformation occurred in cause of the war, the ending the 17th century when its saw a new era rise with new famous canal system was residents moving to the city developed and art began from 180 different countries to flourish. However, by to this day. the end of the century the All this has meant that the economy had declined and capital city has now become poverty was quickly increasa diverse destination for ing. tourists from across the It was not until the city world and is well known for became connected to the being compact, tolerant and sea and started trading with the Dutch East Indies that its uniquely attractive. for tourists that have never popular way to travel. visited before you can get With such tickets for a variety of canals tours attractions, it’s that allow you picturesque to jump on and landscape and off the boat easy ability to whenever you walk from one wish. Neverside of the city theless, a trip to the other it to Amsterdam is no surprise is not complete that it is one without renting of the most a bike and with popular tourist an estimated destinations amount of in the world 881,000 bikes for men and in the city it is women. by far the most Popular mode of transport Day 2 - Saturday Morning Educate yourself Get up early and queue up outside the Anne Frank House museum before it opens then there shouldn’t be any hassel getting in. Then, take a trip on one of the many canal boats around the city for fantastic photo opportunities.

Evening Cocktail time Wander down to the Museumplein and have your photograph taken next to the ‘Iamsterdam’ sign. Stop by the House of Bols museum and learn all about Bols cocktail, liqueur and genever. Then have your free cocktail and shots at the end of the tour. 7

Evening Brave the lights Take a leap of faith and wander through the Red Light District for a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t forget to stop off at a souvenir shop to get gifts for friends and family. Then, why not go to a Coffee Shop on your way back to the hotel for some “coffee”.

Where to stay?

Remnbrandt Classic Hotel, Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ

A quiet, sopistocated hotel overlooking the canal just a 5 minute walk from Dam Square. Large rooms with satellite TV, free wi-fi and ensuite bathroom. Ideal for famillies, couples and young travellers. Price: From €76 per night

Misc Eatdrinksleep, Kloveniersburgwal 20 1012 CV 5 minutes from the Central Station this small hotel has 6 themed rooms. Perfect for any couples looking for a unique holiday experience. Price: From €155 per night

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Kerkstraat 136138, 1017 GR

Perfect for students, young travellers and backpackers. Situated in the centre of Amsterdam, it is one of the cities most famous hostels due to it’s simple decor and cheapness. Price: €22,50 - €53,50pp per night Scan for more atricles about Amsterdam

Day 1 - Friday Morning Take a stroll Hire a bike or take a stroll through the maze of canals and streets. Take plenty of photos of the beautiful houses, canals, parks and millions of bikes roaming the streets. Try not to get lost though.

ties being organized.” Steven The best time of the year Pemberton, to visit the city, like many writer for places, is summer due to The Internet its warmer weather. Declan Guide of Aylward said “cafes put out Amsterdam. terraces, locals take to the There are canals on boats filled with plenty of picnic gear and music, and attractions the parks heave with people for women having a good time.” Howto visit in ever, Amsterdam’s weather Amsterdam, is very unpredictable and with the can go from sunny to rainy most popuin a matter of minutes, so lar being it’s always best to expect the Anne Frank House. With rain when visiting. 51 museums throughout Walking around Amthe city, such as The Van sterdam is an extremely Gogh Museum and the Eye pleasurable experience, Film institute, it does not especially due to its 165 matter whether you have canals and 16th, 17th and more interest in the old or 18th century styled buildthe new, visitors will always ings. For locals and tourists find something of interest that visit Amsterdam a lot, to them. the easiest way to travel is Whilst the day time of walking because it is a small Amsterdam is full of great and compact city. However, opportunities to shop at the many markets and culturally educate yourselves, Merel Van der Putten-Aten from the press office for Amsterdam Marketing said: “Amsterdam has a very dynamic nightlife and there are many dance par- Visitors enjoy the Albert Cyupmarket




Grand Bazar, Damrak 21, Amsterdam Cheers from Amsterdam Beer Mug €6.99 (£6.02)

written by Charlotte White

Clogs Keyring €1.99 (£1.72)

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London Discover the capital A

lthough the exploration of the world offered from holidays abroad shall always be a powerful draw, it is worth taking the chance to investigate the opportunities that lie within your own, figurative, back garden. London is one of Europe’s premiere tourist locations, a city that stands as both a monument to British history and as a modern metropolis of what is to come. Rebecca Ashbury, the Visitor Development Executive for The City of London said: “The City of London is a great place for women to visit as it has a fantastic mix of art, culture and heritage.” With easy access to the capital city due to its many direct trains travelling in and out of the city, London is a fantastic place to visit for a day or a weekend. Travelling to London by train is by far the easiest option available, as cars will be hit by the

The old and the new congestion charge and high volume of traffic. Once in London the underground is a cheap and fast way to travel throughout the 33 boroughs of the city. The underground system was the first to be built in the world and was opened in 1863. The map for the underground was designed by Harry Beck and the original design is used for many other under-

“It’s so versatile....” ground systems across the world due to its simplicity to understand. London is extremely popular with women of all ages from across the world and the UK due to its shopping possibilities. With several markets like Covent Garden



11:30am Visit the Queen Take a trip to Buckingham Palace, one of the few occupied Palaces in the world and watch the Changing the Guard ceremony where the guards exchange keys. The earlier you get there and the closer to the gates, the better view of the ceremony you’ll get.


Although the city was founded in AD43 after the Romans invaded Britain, the city has constantly changed due to crumbling empires and attacks, and it was not until the Normans’ development of the Tower of London that real protection of the city was seen. By the 1600s, London had yearly elections for a Lord Mayor, was a central trade point and had 200,000 people living there, but its well-known cultural aspects were not really seen until the theatres, like The Globe, were built. It was not until the 17th

century that real disaster began to be seen in the city, with the plague and fire of London creating thousands of deaths and hundreds of houses destroyed. The 19th century saw enormous industry expansion because of the crowning of Queen Victoria, its trade and the first underground railway system being built. The rebuilding of the city after WW2 has increased London’s reputation for being a business capital of the world and a popular cultural destination because of its numerous tourist attractions and variety of cultures.

value for money.” Albert Museum, there’s plenSo, why spend hundreds ty on offer without paying a of pounds travelling to a difsingle penny. Visitors to the city can also walk around the ferent country when there’s many beautiful parks and the plenty do in your local capital city. famous monuments like Big Ben and Trafalgar Square. London does not stop at night though, as there is plenty of bars and clubs open throughout the night like Bar 55 where Samantha Earle from Farnham said: “Cocktails are amazing and good One of the many monuments

12:30pm Appreciate the V&A Wander around the Victoria and Albert Museum, the world’s greatest museum for art and design. Appreciate the V&A chandelier that hangs in the entrance and look at Hollywood costumes, beautiful art and objects from all over the world and a glittering room of jewellery.

3:30pm Shop in Covent Garden Take a stroll down to Covent Garden Market and see the numerous street performers entertaining the crowds. Wander through the markets and maybe buy some gifts for your family and friends. Also, try the amazing sweet and savoury crepes at Crème de la Crêpe. 13

5:00pm Visit M&M heaven Before you have to take a train or coach home, pop into M&M’s World and treat yourself to a variety of different flavoured M&Ms. Or, if you’re trying to keep your trip as cheap as possible just take a few photos with the M&M characters.

Where to stay?

Generator Hostel, 37 Tavistock Place, Bloomsbury, WC1H 9SE

An urban and stylish hostel situated in Central London, just a 10 minute walk from St. Pancres Station. Their female only dorms make this hostel perfect for those girly weekends away. Price: £15-£40 per night

Palmers Lodge : Swiss Cottage, 40 College Crescent, NW3 5LB

This boutique hostel in a grand histroic building is ideal for anyone with amazing taste. This recently renovated hostel offers free wi-fi, full continental breakfast and lockable safes in every room. Price: £12-£45 per night

MEININGER Hotel London Hyde Park, 65-67 Queen`s Gate, SW7 5JS

This modern hotel is directly across from the National History Museum and houses a range of room sizes from 2-12 beds. This hotel and it’s location make it perfect for travellers looking for something old and new. Price: £21-£87pp per night Scan for more atricles about London

9am Wander down the River Take in the sites London has to offer. Photograph Big Ben, the Aquarium, the London Dungeons and the statue of Queen Boadicea. Maybe take a circuit of the London Eye and take photos from 135 meters high.

and Camden “The museums Market alongare wonderful and side shopping FREE.” streets such as in mind, there are dozens Oxford Street of small shops throughout and Regent London selling tickets for Street you can shows at discounted prices find anything on the same day. from everyIf London visitors wish day objects to to keep their visit as cheap more quirky as possible, Teresa Strachen and handfrom Hampshire said: “The made finds. museums are wonderful and Shanice AgFREE.” From finding out grey, 19 from more about Britain’s history London said: at the British Museum or “It’s so versatile and there looking around the fashion is so much to do. There’s section of the Victoria and such a rich history here it is hard not to want to visit and stay forever (even though those of us who live there can get pretty bored of it).” A trip to London is not complete without at least a walk through the West End theatre district where popular musicals are being shown like Wicked, The Lion King and Hairspray. Whilst the shows can be expensive, if you can wait till your trip to London and don’t have a special show The Lion King costumes at the V&A



Top 5 places to visit in the



CGX, 11 James Street, Covent Garden, London

This must-see Italian styled village is one of the most popular attractions in the UK and was created by architect Clough WilliamsEllis from 1925 to 1976. The colourful village was used as a major location for the ITV programme, ‘The Prisoner’ and is now a well known attraction because of it. Portmeirion has a variety of beautiful gardens and houses, along with a range of shopping opportunities from ceremics, chocolates and The Prisoner merchandises. The village also has a a hotel for those looking for more than a day visit to Home to ‘Number 6’ in the 1960s, The Prisoner Portmeirion.

Keep Calm and Carry On Keyring £2.99 English Breakfast Tea in a Tin £2.99


London Big Big Crystal Ornament £4.99 Red London Bus £2.99 The central hub of Cardiff Bay


Home to the oldest catherdral in England, Canterbury is now one of Britain’s Heritage Cities. Whilst this traditional city has a number of musuems dedicated to its past, it is also a shoppers paradise with its numerous independant and high street shops. One shop where any vistor should stop though is Canterbury’s Fudge Kitchen.

Leicester Square Plack £4.99 14



This Welsh capital city has everything you’d expect a capital to have. Although Cardiff is a paradise for any Doctor Who fans, this historic dockyard has been modernised with its shops, restaurants and entertainment. One attraction that’s a definate must-see is the Wales Millennium Centre, where vistors can enjoy anything from theatre to food.


One of the most popular seaside destinations in the UK, this historic city offers attractions from the Brighton Pavillion and the much loved Choccywooccydoodah. With Brighton’s BIG Festival Month upon us, you are sure to be entertained by festivals like the Brighton Fringe, or the family-friendly Elderflower Festival.


The cobbled streets of Haworth

This picturesque village at the edge of the Pennine moors in West Yorkshire is perfect day trip away from the big cities. The villages’ main attraction is the Brontë Parsonage Museum, but it also offers a range of walks around the countryside for those who love the outdoors and Mrs Beighton’s traditional sweet shop for anyone with a sweet tooth.

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