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Photo: Dylan Hudson Models: Domo Keyes & Makayla Braziel



Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Jennifer Tien

Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Abdul Abdinur



Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Models: Hank Hazelton & Remy Lewbel

Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Israel Galilee

Photo: Brittany Stieber Model: Emily Stieber



Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Jasmine Gedeon



Photo: Ian Pokriefka Model: Katie Stevens

Photo: Austin Speer Model: Jared Scott




BROOKLYN Meet Brooklyn Caldwell, one of Trend45’s best. Hear what she has to say about her experience at the Cabin on the Grasslands II photo shoot, how it made her feel & how it helped her career as a photographer.

In an industry like photography it often seems like it is every man for himself, but at our Trend45 events photographers get to connect and learn from one another without the competition. Photographer, Brooklyn Caldwell talks about the experience she had with Trend45 since attending her first event Cabin in the Grasslands II. Brooklyn describes her first impression, “I was first taken back by how beautiful the house was, I was welcomed, everyone was laughing, getting to know each other, introducing themselves as soon as I walked in, and I already felt the energy of expectation, and things to come. It was definitely a good vibe, and it was awesome meeting so many people from so many different places that all shared one common goal which was to create. Everyone was open minded.” During our Trend45 events our photographers get an opportunity to meet with people from all different locations and backgrounds. Brooklyn explains how this impacted her experience, “I loved that there was so much diversity between all the models and all the photographers. I loved sitting down and

speaking to everyone about what inspires them and what they do outside of Trend. I got the chance to take a breath and stretch my creative muscles, and trend was that for me, a breath of fresh air, a moment to relax, and a moment to realize why I picked up a camera in the first place.” Trend45 is a way for creatives to work together in groups and spend a weekend accomplishing what creatives love most, the creation of art. “I was blown away by how talented everyone I was working with was and how much I was inspired by people and styles that I wouldn’t traditionally shoot with. Being on a personal level with the models and photographers is what made everything flow really well for us. Everyone was teaching each other.” “Just being together and being proud and saying “heck yeah we did it”, at the end of the day was really amazing and refreshing and what makes it not just an experience for creating but an experience for bonding, it was a vacation with perks.” It’s open minded and hardworking photographers like Brooklyn Caldwell are what make Trend45 what it is today. “Trend made me feel like something bigger than myself, it made me really excited to involve others. You’re contributing to something larger and it’s only going to get bigger.”

Photo: Claire Morin Model: Brooklyn Caldwell



Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Charlotte Schroder

Photo: Shawn Mangenje Model: Breanna Borski



Photo: Tre Simms Model: Montana Rodriguez

Photo: Emily Vasquez Model: Brittany Steiber



Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Domo Keyes



Photo: Austin Speer Model: Remy Lewbel

Photo: Austin Speer Models: Jawuwn Hunter & Rachael Johnson



Photo: Anthony Judson Models: Makayla Braziel, Dominque Key, Charlotte Schroeder, Alissa Kishta, Domo Keyes, Caleb Robinson, & Autumn Bodnariuk



During the Cabin on the Grasslands II event, Trend45 had the opportunity to partner with BNXK to shoot pictures and learn more about the company. BXNK is a street wear company and a creative media platform. They are a team of storytellers with a goal to bring creatives together and spotlight artists.

Photo: Anthony Judson Model: Dominque Key



Photo: Anthony Judson Model: Makayla Braziel

Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Alissa Kishta



Photo: Tomonori Hayasaka Model: Breanna Borski Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Remy Lewbel



Photo: Austin Speer Model: Domo Keyes

Photo: Austin Speer Model: Abdul Abdinur 30


Heidi talks about struggles as a kid that developed into self shame as an adult. With the help from her experience modeling, hear how she has overcome her body-shaming days & only looks forward to her days glowing with confidence.

An inspirational model and life coach, Ashley Graham, once said “It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or 22, you can be healthy as long as you’re taking care of your body, working out, and telling yourself ‘I love you’ instead of taking in the negativity of beauty standards.” Ever since I was young, I have always struggled with being comfortable in my skin and found it hard to believe that everyone has their own insecurities. It took me a very long time to understand that most of the time people are more concerned with themselves than others. If I ever start feeling insecure in public or around others, I give myself self-talks; it helps relieve my doubts and helps me regain some self-confidence. Although within the past year or so I have been more confident than ever, I still feel insecure every now and then. There are little things that sit in the back of my mind that can eat away at my confidence. “My skin is too pale” “My thighs are too thick to be able to pull off this dress” and “my stomach looks too bloated to go to the pool in a swimsuit” are some examples. Ever since I began modeling last year, I have become more

familiar with my body and how I can make my body type appear more entrancing for photos. It all comes down to this: teaching yourself that you are uniquely you! No matter how much people can negatively influence your ability to love yourself, you are the only one that can make you love who you are. Having the pleasure to meet and see so many influential and confident women in the modeling industry has encouraged me to accept who I am. In the industry, women, and men of all different shapes and sizes have proven that anyone can reach his or her goals with the help of faith in oneself. So do what makes you feel good- put on your favorite outfit and rock it.

Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Heidi Kay



Summer minds Calvin Klein’s This is what life’s about Surely no doubt Life is what you take it Live a life and rake it There’s no need to fake it It’s yours to rate it Trend45 that’s it You’ve only seen a little, just a bit I’d be quick to admit So for all the bullshit This is the plan Lay of tan Home to the place to create a fan

Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Remy Lewbel

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Photo: Joshua Grafft Model: Abdul Abdinur, Breanna Borski, Audrey Merlihan & Kaleb Barrett Photo: Freemont Bean Model: Autumn Bodnariuk



Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Montanta & Pam Rodriguez



Photo: Brookyln Caldwell Model: Montana Rodriguez

Photo: Brookyln Caldwell Model: Pam Rodriguez 40


Photo: Brookyln Caldwell Model: Audrey Merlihan

Photo: Jeff Mullins Model: Makayla Braziel



Photo: Claire Morin Model: Hannah Burns



Photo: Jeff Mullins Model: Hannah Burns

Student, model, bartender, and marketing assistant Hannah Burns, talks all about how she has learned to balance her busy life. She tries to make it all work together and has found many ways that her work & play can go hand in hand with one another.

I currently attend school at Baker College in Auburn Hills, pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. I have been studying graphic design for the past three years and modeling for just about five months. Within those few months, I have signed with two modeling agencies. In addition to school and modeling, I work many nights as a bartender and mornings as a marketing assistant. I also live on my own and have an internship to juggle as well. It has not been easy. Luckily, most of my schoolwork and jobs are computer based; which means I can get all my tasks completed from almost anywhere. One thing that I have found really beneficial is that I have been required, by my major, to take photography and Photoshop classes at Baker. In doing so, I have developed a very broad point of view while I am modeling or discussing anything about the edits on the photographs. I love to use this as a self-advantage during interviews with modeling agencies. I particularly state that once I retire from modeling I can still be in the industry by becoming an editor, marketer, and possibly a photographer; while still utilizing my perspective as a model to benefit those jobs.



Photo: Tomonori Hayasaka Model: Makayla Braziel

Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Jasmine Gedeon 48


Photo: Jeff Mullins Model: Jared Scott



Photo: Austin Speer Model: Amber Allen

Photo: Austin Speer Model: Autumn Bodnariuk



Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Remy Lewbel

Photo: Claire Morin Model: Rachael Johnson 54


Photo: Claire Morin Model: Olivia Mitchell

Photo: Jawuwn Hunter Model: Jeff Mullins



Photo: Tomonori Hayasaka Model: Autumn Bodnariuk

Photo: Tomonori Hayasaka Model: Autumn Bodnariuk



Photo: Brooklyn Caldwell Model: Heidi Kay

Photo: Anthony Judson Model: Israel Galilee



Photo: Claire Morin Models: Jasmine Gedeon, Audrey Merlihan, Olivia Mitchell, Hannah Burns, Autumn Bodariuk, Israel Galilee, Emily Stieber, Heidi Kay, Emily Vasquez, Rachael Johnson, Brittany Stieber, Makayla Braziel, Katie Stevens, Breanna Borski, & Elica Enriquez


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Photo: Shawn Mangenje Model: Remy Lewbel

Trend.45 COTGII  

A recap of the 2018 GOTGII event by Trend45. Featuring our amazing team of models and photographers.

Trend.45 COTGII  

A recap of the 2018 GOTGII event by Trend45. Featuring our amazing team of models and photographers.