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What’s in the bag! ChitChat

Dreamseeker Estates about the timeless versus the trendy


Legal Insanity!

Cover Pic: Poulet Koenkamp (Designer & Owner of Purple Moon) Photographer: Falbala Fairey

Poulet Koenkamp ...

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Editor’s Note Just eight months after we embarked on our journey, TREND Magazine is proud to say that we have come to our third issue now. Our second issue had many readers and has received a very warm welcome from the Second Life community. Thank you so much! TREND Magazine is now able to say that we have become the fastest fashion and lifestyle sources in Second Life. In the coming months we have a spectecular line up of feature stories in tandum with our coming blog’s lifestyle & fashion news and advice on hot new designers, trends and news around the grid. We have built a great network of writers, photographers and partnerships to deliver trends, lifestyle- and fashion news. We presented the notion to the rest of the team in our last editorial conference last month. It was initially met with silence. But as we looked around the boardroom table, I could see the wheels spinning in the sparkling minds of our talented team. And then the story ideas started to flow... and soon we had a full story lineup.

So what will you find in this issue? An interview with one of the greatest Second Life designers Poulet Koenkamp. She also is our „cover girl“ this time. A fashion spread of the gorgeous fashion designer Giz Seorn. Our fashion stylists have hand-picked the season’s key pieces for you. ...and the PASSION Models had fun styling outfits in a Carrie Bradford style. You can read if it is Legal to be Insane written by Genevieve Kamala and Laetitia Vella will take you to a journey to the Dreamseeker Estates and the Costa Rica Sims. We had a huge amount of fun putting together this issue. We hope you find reading it as enjoyable. Please let us know at We would like to thank all of our readers for your continued support. After all it is the reader’s dedication and interest in TREND Magazine that keeps us strong. We will continue to report cutting edge fashion and the latest trends to keep you all fashion savvy and informed. Love and kisses, Florentine Rau-Offcourse & Leandra Breen

Cover: Cover: Poulet Koenkamp (Designer & Owner of Purple Moon)






Coverstory Poulet Koenkamp


Trendy for 1000l


what’s in the bag



is it legal to be insane ?


Trendy and Glamourous Fashion for Fall


carol’s style




One Piece in Four Different Ways



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124 124

Carrie Bradshaws Fashion Moments Zodiac


Astrology as an Inspiration



Florentine Rau & Bety Dudek


Poulet Koenkamp about the timeless versus the trendy Photographer Falbala Fairey


Florentine Rau & Bety Dudek

“Let us introduce Poulet Koenkamp, the woman standing behind the brand PurpleMoon.�

Poulet Koenkamp says Second Life is her playground and her job at the same time, which parallels the real life fashion scene in many ways with the addition of fantasy and

the ability to go beyond what is possible in real life. She is an amazing woman who originally comes from Buenos Aires and is now living with the love of her life in Canada.

Florentine Rau & Bety Dudek

The graphic designer in RL, skilled in using all kinds of tools, she gives her amazing ideas life and allows them to constantly make us happy wearing them. 1. What is your favorite source of style inspiration? Almost anything could be a source of inspiration. I never know where and when I will find it so I keep my eyes open. I am quite an observant person. 2. How do you recognize if something is a trend versus something that is going to last? I don’t think I can recognize it. People turn a trend into a classic by choosing it after all the marketing is over; I think we can only wait.

3. What are your tips for achieving a personal style? The easy answer here would be, be yourself! But how to do it, it’s quite a complicated thing. It’s about finding a balance between what you like and what looks good on you. Work on your personality, find yourself, know who you are and the rest will come naturally. 4. What items should every woman have in her closet? A little black dress. It’s known to avoid hours of frustration in front of the closet not knowing what to wear. The key would be to know how to accessorize it properly to fit any occasion.



Florentine Rau & Bety Dudek 5. Which accessory should every woman aspire to own? A husband! Ok, kidding! I’d say diamonds. They are supposed to be our best friends right? 6. What is your own favorite item of clothing? In RL that would be purses. I used to think it was a hobby but after reaching a collection of more than 50 bags, I started to think I might have an addiction. But they are so pretty! 7. What was one piece of clothing you wore that, in retrospect, you consider a fashion don’t? Almost everything that we wore in the 80’s is big NO. Please don’t go back there! I honestly don’t know what we were thinking on those days. I even have hidden many of the pictures from those days, denim all over, massive shoulder pads, perms and blue eye shadow. The big problem was trying to wear all those things at the same time! 8. What do you find amazingly stylish in a woman? Simplicity. It always gets my attention those women who know how to keep it simple and elegant. I believe less is more but is not as simple to achieve as it sounds. I deeply admire women with those skills. 9. What should a woman look for or avoid when shoe shopping? If you are on a tight budget I would say try to get simple classic shoes in basic colors, like black, red, white, that would be easy to match with your clothing. Otherwise, get them all! They are shoes!

Florentine Rau & Bety Dudek



Florentine Rau & Bety Dudek 10. What is the one shoe every woman should own? Black stilettos. You could even wear them with jeans and they will make you look stunning. 11. What is the biggest mistake women make when buying / wearing lingerie? Hmm, in RL I would say be sure that it not only makes you look good, but when you close your eyes and feel it, it must make you feel good and confortable. Though I think we all do some compromises here when it’s about impressing somebody special. 12. If you could pic one fashion icon to be for one day, who it would be? And why? This answer will surprise you, hehe. I would choose Lady Gaga! I would like to see what she thinks and how she comes up with the things she does but, I don’t think I would last a whole day! A couple of hours will do.

Thank you so much, Poulet. Written by Florentine Rau & Bety Dudek Pictures by Leandra Breen. Photographer: Leandra Breen 1. Model: Caohime Lionheart (4 Pictures) 2. Model: Katherine Comet 3. Model: Bety Dudek

Florentine Rau & Bety Dudek


Photographer Julie Hastings Left side Florentine Rau in Azul GG 1202 Right side Leandra Breen in Azul Tyako Onyx


Trendy for 1.000 $l

Vikeejeah Xevion Trendy for only 1000 Linden Dollars More and more women and men need help finding clothes and putting looks together. Looking good has become more challenging nowadays. The components of style aren’t easy to find. In today’s Second Life, stylists and fashion bloggers have become almost important as the SL designers. Fashion bloggers are privy to fashion news and trends weeks before the rest of SL residents. They give us an idea how to style and they can be our inspiration. There are many fashion blogs in Second Life. Some are simply outstanding and worthy to be introduced. So our idea was to invite the best Second Life bloggers and asked them to put an outfit for only 1000 Linden Dollars together. In this issue we would like to introduce one of the best SL Fashion Bloggers and a gorgeous and outstanding model: Vikeejeah Xevion.



Trendy for 1.000 $l CREDITS Hair Loovus Dzevavor Jadore (Subscriber Gift) 0L Glasses Le Primitif Hypster glasses (Black) 150L Earrings Paper Couture Reclining Feline Earrings 150L Stole: !Ohmai for Collabor88 A Lil’ Foxy 88L Blazer: ISON One Button Blazer Red 149L Bangles: Le Primitif Cheeky Bangles Onyx 150L Pants: Le Primitif Chitah Pashmina Highwaist Pants 120L Clutch: Indyra & Co. Vivianne Minaudiere Silver 150L Shoes: N-Core Coquette Platform Wild Edition (Group Gift) 0L Total: 957L

Vikeejeah Xevion



Caoimhe Lionheart

WHAT’S IN THE BAG Pictures by Caohime Lionheart & Draakje Dailey

Draakje Dailey


What’s the best day you’ve spent in any port anywhere in the world? Maybe you rented a moped in the islands and explored the flora and fauna. Or perhaps you sipped a margarita on a secret pink sand beach. I suppose you may have strolled along a sun drenched pier hand in hand with the love of your life, smelling the salty air, exploring the delightful shops. Summer holiday, one of the most favored period of our year, and Draakje and I have decided to let you wander along with us on our journey. We both chose to head to the islands to enjoy the surf, the sand, the view and everyone knows when you are on an island, you have to do as the natives do and wile away the morning at the beach! Draakje is wearing the new “Bala” bikini from Miamai in a scrumptious flamingo pink color. Her hair is Vanity Hairs “Milano” and the jewelry the [Mandala] “Omochi” bracelet and” MaruMaru” earrings, all a perfectly natural choice. To guard her eyes from the rays of the harsh sunlight, she dons the Miamai “Maba” Black sunglasses.


Caoimhe Lionheart Feeling touristy, by midday we both wish to explore what our little islands have to offer, Draakje makes it a fast and fun day trip on her scooter the “zoomer” from Prefabrica . Luckily it has training wheels so little dragons don’t face plant on the pavement. She wears the cute “swift” sweater and short set from Coldlogic, the sunglasses are MG “Positano” glasses and the shoes are the Maitreya Gold FlipFlops in a fawn shade. Her hair is [e] “Sparrow.” Comfortable and cool, she knows she will enjoy the day.

Draakje Dailey



Caoimhe Lionheart

Draakje Dailey Feeling touristy, by midday we both wish to explore what our little islands have to offer, Draakje makes it a fast and fun day trip on her scooter the “zoomer” from Prefabrica . Luckily it has training wheels so little dragons don’t face plant on the pavement. She wears the cute “swift” sweater and short set from Coldlogic, the sunglasses are MG “Positano” glasses and the shoes are the Maitreya Gold FlipFlops in a fawn shade. Her hair is [e] “Sparrow.” Comfortable and cool, she knows she will enjoy the day.



Caoimhe Lionheart Knowing I will need to keep cool since I’ve chosen to travel on foot, I am wearing the (No) Crochet dress in cream, with Michami’s Soraya bikini top underneath. My shorts are Leezu’s “Heather” mesh shorts in white and I am also wearing Maitreya Gold flip-flops but in red. My eyes are protected with [sYs] “Carmen” sunglasses, and as accessory I wear [Mandala] “Leather Feather” earrings and “Polly White” bangles. The purse is the “Twiggy” Edition from Baiastice and the hair is Diva’s “Yuri.” Cool as a breeze and ready to roll!

Draakje Dailey



Caoimhe Lionheart

Draakje Dailey Planning to meet a little later for a sunset dinner on a yacht we both decide to do a little shopping. As the heat of the day wanes, we both wear airy sundresses. Draakje is from Baiastice and is the “Zoroaide” Mesh maxi which works perfectly with the “Huge Brim” Mesh hat from the same designer. The jewelry is +:+WTG+:+ ‘s dignity set and Draakje’s hair is [e] “Spark.” To complete the outfit she slips Maitreya Gold’s “Ixkin” sandals on her feet.



Caoimhe Lionheart My friend Asia Rae snapped a pic of me as I left to go shopping in my [Gos] “Cat Eye” shades. Knowing I had to move fast, since the day was drawing to a close, and it was almost dinner time, I kept the “Twiggy” purse and donned Maitreya’s “Mignon” dress in lust, switched my jewelry to Kungler’s “Nightbloom,” brushed my hair into Miamai’s “Ellek” and wiggled my toes into Maitreya Gold, “Esprit” sandals.

Draakje Dailey



Caoimhe Lionheart

Draakje Dailey

As we wait for our sunset dinner cruise, after about twenty minutes of listening to Draakje go on and on about the great items she found on sale when I paid full price, the Cao decides to just push her in. I can only take so much!



Caoimhe Lionheart Stylecard for Draakje Skirt: MOLiCHiNO *MESH* Preppy Skirt - White Top: MOLiCHiNO *MESH* Issy Blouse - AQUA Clutch: MOLiCHiNO *MESH* Delirium Clutch - Aqua Shoes: !Shoes Cathy - 12colors / REDGRAVE Jewelry: GizzA - Multi Bangles Silver Sequin Hair: [LeLutka]-SALOME hair/ Dark Blonde

StyleCard for Caoimhe Dress: Miamai, Loue Spring Sky Hair: Boon, ARK554 Necklace: [Mandala] Pearl Rain, Sea Blue Shoes: Celoe, Wedge in Sienna

Draakje Dailey



Genevieve Kamala

“Is it Legal to be Insane?� I am pleased and excited to join Trend Magazine with my first fashion spread. I want to thank Leandra Breen and Florentine Rau Offcourse for giving me this chance.

Some time ago I went to one of Mankind Tracer great concerts and and idea came out of it.

Genevieve Kamala

LEGAL INSANITY goes to Graffiti Club


secondlife a bit boring and too conventional. DB: When my friends started to ask me where I bought the clothes I was wearing, I realised that I could start designing clothes His lines show different influences ranging from punk and rock, with a misture of preppy style as well. Datrip feels that his inspiration also comes from Vivienne Westwood, but most of all he likes to mix styles and ideas, since what he creates in sl Datrip started in sl about is pretty much what he also 4 years ago and he soon wears in rl. At the moment he realized that it was easy for him to create his own clothes, is interested in working with since he found male fashion in patterns from the 70’s. I immediately contacted Kalli Birman, Mankind’s manager and co owner of the Graffiti Club, the result is this article accompanied by a fashion spread all shot on location. The clothes shown here are all from Legal Insanity, a brand started by Datrip Blackbart who was kind enough to find some time for a pleasant conversation about his passions in sl: music and his brand.


Genevieve Kamala Above all, I gather the impression that Datrip is working towards creating non conventional clothing, since sl is ideal for this experiment, both in the male and female lines. His lady clothes are feminine, sensual and make any woman feel special, I would say intensely so. Legal Insanity men and women always leave an impression. He believes that the first goal of fashion is to help people find a style that matches as much as possible with each unique personality. DB:When I create items, I never think “Oh this will sell a lot” , I just think “Jeez I wanna wear this!” Here Datrip describes his brand for our readers: DB: Legal Insanity is me. It’s aggressive like me, it’s crazy as I am and I hope it’s a bit shocking too (I love to shock people). Most of all I wish it never to be boring (don’t tell me I’m boring or I’m gonna kill you!......). Legal Insanity fashion is aggressive and intense, just like his creator, who wants to become the best sl designer, nothing less! He is doing this little by little, one step at a time, without much support from the fashion world. Datrip has also other interests besides fashion, since his first passion in sl was music, he is also dj for fun. He likes to spin tunes mostly at the club he owns with some friends ( Thlemaxos Rewell, Manon Clary and Solostah Arabello), so very often you can catch him at the Energy Club enjoying music with his friends. Some of the events at his club are streamed live in rl clubs accross Greece, possibly in more locations later on, music is available there 24/7 with djs from all around the world, a global community indeed. His club also hosted events for the Hope for Emilia fund raising, since Datrip is from Bologna, the capital city if Emilia, therefore he accepted very gladly to help Anna Sapphire, our graceful MVW, to support this campaign.

Genevieve Kamala



Genevieve Kamala Flamboyant, aggressive, intense, sexy, generous, full of spunk and extremely funny, all these adjectives I can use both to describe Datrip and the friendly conversation with me.

Seth also presently holds the record with the most simultanous locations carrying his live Video Stream Broadcast during his 5 annual “Peace, Love and Belief V” on November 6, 2011.

Seth is an entrepreneur owning and operating two real life businesses. Even with his busy real life schedule, Seth has made time to devote to performing at charity and fundraiser events for Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Awareness, Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), among others. After reading and being really impressed by such a full bio, I managed to have a Mankind Tracer and The Graffiti Club First of all I want to thank Mankind Tracer brief conversation with Mankind and Kalli. and Kalli Birman for letting us shoot in the GK: How did you get the idea of opening Graffiti club, everybody loved the environment, so that we were inspired to this club? give our best. MT: Club Graffiti is my home venue! Owned by myself and Kalli Birman. Just like Makind Tracer, aka Seth Regan This underground rock venue, is inspired has been doing in sl since 2006. by one of the most famous clubs in After touring professionally for over 20 Greenwich Village, CBGB’s. Artists such years with original and cover projects, as David Bowie, The Ramones, Blondie, Seth Regan now performs regularly in The Talking Heads and many others made Second Life. For the past 5 years under their way through CBGB’s to begin the the name of Mankind Tracer, Seth has “PUNK” revolution in music. become known by many as the most I was fortunate enough to have played popular and well known Live Performer the real CBGB’s in RL a few times. and has received prestigious Awards I perform regularly at CG weekly and including “Best Live Performer”, “Best many other artists also perform. Musician”, “Best Singer/Songwriter”, among others. GK: what are your interest besides playing and managing? He is the performer called on by Second Life founding company, Linden Lab, to headline their more widely known events MT: I also own two real life businesses and have a 4 year old little boy, Aden, such as the SL Birtdhay Parties and the Second Life equivalent of the Burning Man who I love to death. Brandy is more than my manager though; she is also my best events. friend and business partner. We talked about freely about many topics, ranging from clothes and trends to our Italian favourite food and wines, as well as his ever changing fashion brand. I believe that Datrip has the drive and determination needed to achieve great results.

Genevieve Kamala



Genevieve Kamala

KB: I have 3 kids in RL and they are my world. In Second Life I enjoy shopping and the live music scene. On top of managing Seth, I also work for Solace Beach Estates. GK: How has success in sl influenced or touched your rl lives? MT and KB: Well, if it was not for SL, we would never have met. Here we love to be part of a global community, where our work has an immediate result, so we always know where to correct our course or recognize that we are on the right track. Thank you for your time and attention Mankind and Kalli Genevieve Kamala

Genevieve Kamala



Carolina Sautereau

“Carol’s Style” Fashion is in Carolina’s blood. She started to play Second Life in 2007 and always enjoyed putting clothes together. In 2009 she was invited to work with the „SL-aporter“ team and discovered her passion for the virtual fashion world. In january 2010 she decided to create her own blog called „Carol’s Style“ (http://carolstyle. She always creates sensous, stylish, sexy and alluring looks. Look carefully at her photographs. Imagine you would take the clothes of her outfits piece by piece and put them back. See how important each piece is in her outfits and how together they deliver an authentic message of style. Learning to create looks is difficult. Part of it is instinct. But quite a bit is learned. That’s the beauty of this columne...

Credits: Skin & Lipstick: [Aura] Briar - Grace - Milk Freckles & Blush: madeleine - backyard summer Hair: !lamb. In Heaven (Mesh) - Honeycomb Ombre Hat: [LeLutka]-HAT_knitting/black Nails: Izzie’s - Classic Nails Earring: pr!tty : Native American Girl - Feather Earring - No Hoop Necklace: {SMS} Wooden Cross Necklace Black Ring: LaGyo_Bonbon ring gold R Earphone: *booN headphones plain Watch: [DDL] Nai (Watch) (Black) / Silver) Vest: *COCO*_ShortVest(StripeBlack) Top: (Chemistry) ECHO TANK TOP - Lace Shorts: [CheerNo Femme] SURUALI Shorts Denim Grey Suspender part of: *Action Womens Punk Zipz Shorts - Black Bag: [DDL] NO, YOU BOYS (Black) (No Pose) Boots: [LeLutka]-REN/Black Pose: Marukin

Carolina Sautereau



Florentine Rau-Offcourse

One Piece in Four Different Ways

Florentine Rau-Offcourse

Pictures by Stephy Maldor

One of the most important things in learning to “work our closets” has been to learn how to wear the pieces in our closets in many different ways. Figuring out how to do that helps us get more use out of our closets without having to buy more clothes. We tend to wear an item of clothing only one or two ways, so being able to imagine a piece being worn four, five, or even ten different ways is mind-blowing - and fun! In hopes to help you find more versatility in your closets, we started

these series „ One Piece in Five Different Ways“ that feature one item styled and worn multiple ways by four SL top models. Good luck discovering the hidden treasures in your own closet! What happens when five Second Life© top models get the same outfit to style? Here are the results...



Florentine Rau-Offcourse

BlackLiquid Tokyoska wears Kunglers “Gisele dress” in black. She combined it with: COCO - Over the knee Boots blackLiquid SHIRT - EXPLOITED Nemesis - Cherry tights cedar 3 blackLiquid MAKEUP - Morocco blush MONS Makeups - eyeliner cat black S h i - Leather Gloves Black blackLiquid MAKEUP - glam boy liner dirt Glam Affair - Couture Eyeliner no.05 EMO-tions- LAST NIGHT black hair blackLiquid PIERCING - Winehouse Miamai - NoAlpha Lashes N06 blackLiquid SKIN - YOKO FLESH

Florentine Rau-Offcourse



Florentine Rau-Offcourse

Florentine Rau-Offcourse

Jesika Contepomi Nansen wears Kunglers “Gisele dress” in white. She combined it with: Hair: [LeLutka]-KEELEY hair - Praline Glasses: PACADI - Miacci Sunglasses (white) Ring: [HANDverk] Silver Triangle Ring Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps Red



Florentine Rau-Offcourse

Kay Fairey-Earnshaw wears Kunglers “Gisele dress” in nude. She combined it with: Hat: LaGyo, Bow Hat in Melon Gloves: LaGyo, Zarema Gloves Brandy in Orange Hair: TuTy’s, Limbo Wet Look Hair in Black & TuTy’s Limbo Hair Base (Black) Makeup: 1. M.O.C.K., Makeup Butter Pecan 2 eyeshadow 2. Miamai, XGen Makeup Vintage Liner A (Black) 3. Boudoir, Serious Eyeliner 4. Boom, Lipwax (Taupe) Lashes: LeLutka, 2011 Lashes Long Shoes: Heels, Melody in Salmon

Florentine Rau-Offcourse



Trendy for 1.000 $l

Vikeejeah Xevion


Mimmi Boa wears Kunglers “Gisele dress” in copper. She combined it with: Hair: “Playful cerise” by Vanity Jewelry: “Guarana” set by Kunglers Shoes: Malena pumps “apple” by Aleida

Trendy and Glamourous Fashion for Fall by SUDEVI (Darkevilone Demonia) Pictures by Falbala Fairey and Florence Babenco

Designers in SL like in RL can be a very

that comes under technology. With

mysterious bunch. There are some

Mesh coming in the latest in a line of

that are always in the limelight and

technical increases in performance.

others who hide away never to be

It is easy to dismiss older items as not

seen only coming into contact with

looking good enough even when

people through IM and note cards.

they were at the cutting edge when they were first created.

When looking at designers there are a habit to look at their latest work

All artists have stories that are

or their enduring pieces and feel that

attached to their creations even

the picture is complete. Those outfits

if they cannot vocalise them. With

that fall out of these parameters

this in mind we asked a selection

can be quickly forgotten. An artists

of designers what is your favourite

progresses as they explore their

outfit you have made and why? I am

talent and comes to terms with their

sure like me you will find the answers

strengths and weaknesses. They grow

interesting and find some insight

as they learn more about themselves

into the minds of some of the best

and as their confidences rises. Here

creators on SL.

on SL there is also the territory


Darkevilone Demonia

Joy Fellini - Fellini Couture Model - Honey bender One of my preferate gowns is the vanille gown, simply elegant, feminish, an ode to the women with soft and delicate fabric.

Darkevilone Demonia



Darkevilone Demonia

Darkevilone Demonia

Tatanka Kaligawa - Mea Culpa Model Wicca Merlin and Tyler Barineaux My two favourite designs are ‘Dream Control’ and ‘Shanghai noon‘. Shanghai Noon is the winning outfit of one in a million designer challenges and beside that it is probably one of the most detailed and innovative outfits I created. Dream control is my favourite because it is a male outfit combining power and elegance and actually I like to wear it most personally :)



Darkevilone Demonia

Darkevilone Demonia


Poulet Koenkamp PurpleMoon Creation Model - Caoimhe Lionheart I don’t really have a favourite creation but I do have a few with some special meaning for me. This time, I choose “Serafina”. She is almost two years old and it was the first sculpted gown I ever made. On those days, PurpleMoon was a small shop that not many people knew it exist. I believe part of the success came thanks to this dress. After a couple of days of being offered on the Marketplace, it was amazing to see in almost every single club we visit somebody wearing it. “Serafina” made me realise PurpleMoon had something really good to offer and my job was being appreciated and recognized. I owe her. She showed me the path I was going to take. Now days, it keeps being one of the top sellers gowns in the store. Serafina is my timeless gem.


Darkevilone Demonia Enzo Champagne CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture Model - Darling Tomorrow My choice is IRISH from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture . It’s a past release nevertheless, it takes a very special place in my heart. First, because it was my first design for the women pageant, Miss Virtual World. And secondly, because I created it for Carilynn O’Hare, who represented Ireland in the 2011 Miss Virtual World competition. Carilynn is a closed friend and I was so happy when she asked me to design her costume. It’s not easy to give your trust in someone to do your outfit, but she did it and it touched my heart deeply. I tried to put all my love in and I’m happy to share that to others.

Darkevilone Demonia



Darkevilone Demonia Thea Tamura - TTF - Thea Tamura Fashion Model - Kat Comet and Ekaterina Tolczyner My favourite designs are Samira and Johanne, because in them I was able to fully express all of myself and my ideal woman. Samira and Johanne is the same woman, but represented in different times: Johanne in the past, Samira in the future. A woman who has a great inner strength, even though his world is melancholy and fragile. A woman who exudes sensuality and very delicate eroticism.

Darkevilone Demonia



Darkevilone Demonia

Ezura Xue - Ezura Xue Models - Wicca Merlin and Falbala Fairey A simple quote ‘I design what I love + I love every item I make’

Darkevilone Demonia



Darkevilone Demonia

Nando Korobase-Angel dessous Model -Kellis Denimore, Wicca Merlin & Darling Tomorrow

Darkevilone Demonia


GIZZA! BY Caoimhe Lionheart With well over 700 items available in store, Gizza is one of those perfect places to grab a friend, a partner, or a significant other and to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon, hanging out and shopping until you drop. They have so many designs, from the outrageous to the benign, many of the designs compatible in color and texture across the sexes so you never have to fear not finding something to match the person you are going to be seen with.

Here’s to you Giz! Thank you for two years of bringing the glam to our Second Life! You have dressed up our game more than we could have dreamed of ourselves, and we wish you many more successful years to come!

Giz is a real world designer and professional photographer who brings to the table a creative and current eye for SL’s fashion Industry. She always creates ahead of the current trends and it often seems the real world fashion world is following SL’s fashion, specifically Giz, when she releases many of her items. The Gizza line seeks to create quality using realistic textures, colors and in current styles, the styles you would want to wear in your real world as well.

Since Gizza burst onto the Second Life Fashion scene two years ago the design line has barely stopped to take a breath. Gizza is a department store type design line created to comprise all genres of the fashion industry from the casual to the formal, the trendy to the couture. Giz Seorn the designer of Gizza creates clothes for all budding fashionista’s, diva’s, divo’s and even those avatars who just want to look like they spend a ton for their hip and trendy fashions.

Gizza brings polish and shine, elegance and playfulness to all areas of an avatars life. Whether you are dressing up for an afternoon event or soiree, an evening gala, or dressing down for an afternoon sail around the islands, you can find all of your hearts desires displayed within Gizza’s hallowed walls.


laetitia vella


laetitia vella


Perhaps the greatest opportunity this virtual world offers residents is the palette to develop and express our creativity. The grid is one big canvas, inviting each of us to participate and contribute as we wish, where everything we experience is the result of someone’s creative impulses. Whether you love to explore the many amazing full sim builds by master designers, start your own club or shop as a business or spend time relaxing with friends in the hot tub on your deck, the one requirement most activities have in common is the need to have land upon which to enjoy them. The first time someone told me they ‘owned’ land and had a ‘home’ here, it occurred to me they might be insane. After all, paying tier costs money – and how could virtual real estate have value and be worth real life dollars investment? Furthermore why would anyone need more room for changing and unpacking boxes than the pose stand I’d found set up behind a trailer where the owner left build perms on? Still, the idea intrigued me and soon I bought my first little piece of mainland. That was pre-sculpties and my meager prim allotment didn’t go far in terms of furnishings and plants, but I spent hours combing the grid for items I loved and more hours decorating, terraforming and landscaping. I was hooked. Now, five and a half years and several homes later, I admit I get it. Transforming an empty space into your ideal home inworld is fun, relaxing and fulfilling, as well as in my case a great way to guarantee year round sunshine, warmth and palm trees when real life winters start getting you down. Recently I’ve been fortunate to interview Zeebster Colasanti, founder and CEO of Dream Seeker Estates (DSE) – and also my landlord since earlier this year when he purchased Costa Rica Sims, my home for the last year and a half.

Zeebster’s creativity and passion inworld take the form of entrepreneurship and talking with him is equivalent to receiving a private tutorial in virtual business and real estate management. Since acquiring his first sim in June of 2007, Zeebster has expanded DSE to more than 700 regions and it is now the third largest landholding corporation in Second Life, comprising approximately 4% of the grid. Learning to run a business from the ground up while adjusting for changes in Linden Lab policies, often with little or no advance notice, has occasionally provided steep learning curves in a competitive market but it’s clear that Zeebster thrives on problem solving and rising to a challenge. He is committed to running his business professionally and legitimately. In 2010, he went to the lengths of engaging the services of a law firm specializing in taxation and filed Dream Seeker Estates Corporation as an official business in the province of Alberta, Canada.

offerings and support. DSE has an extremely diverse land portfolio, offering residential, commercial and farm regions in PG, Mature and Adult maturity ratings. Parcels are available from 512 square meter parcels to full sim regions (both homestead and full prim) in land textures including beach, grass meadows and mountains. Clients wishing the privacy and control of owning a homestead have a new and exciting choice in the ten newly available full region themed sims designed by Anastasia Hawks, who has recently joined the Dream Seeker staff as sim developer and landscaper. Zani Fiertz, General Manager, took me on a tour of several, and I was impressed with the beauty and detail of the landscaping. Another showcase sim for DSE is Templemore, which will offer music and other public events. These are definitely unique and worth a look.

There are some definite advantages to setting up your home or business on estate land rather than mainland. When I tired of the rough and tumble of never knowing what unusual build or club might appear on my sim overnight,

DSE largely focuses on providing stand-alone sims, as Zeebster finds these sims tend to perform better than connected regions, are more resilient to market changes and are constantly in high demand. However, community living is also offered, including the beautiful Costa Rica Sims.

I began to crave the predictability of having the same view every day. That, and knowing there would always be someone to turn to for sim maintenance and other issues that might arise, led me to estate dwelling. The size and solid organizational structure of Dream Seeker Estates position it as a leader in terms of variety of

Modeled after the geography, flora and fauna of the Central American country, these connected sims provide residential living in the midst of fantastic sailing waters, beautiful tropical vistas and full sims dedicated to parkland, including the Rainforest, Palo Verde National Park, the Forest of Hope and Arenal Volcano National Park.

Sailing among the islands offers views of the many exquisite private residences, including the home and gardens of WK Ganesvoort, generously open to the public on the Puntarenas 5 sim. A great deal of attention has been paid in DSE to organizational structure and Zeebster and his team are proud of the benefits this offers residents. Two separate support and sale departments, each with a knowledgeable and experienced team, handle all inquiries. Residents can contact staff inworld or via pagers but the online support portal is arguably the best option. Though at first glance this may seem a bit impersonal, it actually is incredibly efficient, permitting fast routing of questions to the appropriate people while maintaining accurate records of support history and consistency of interaction. Also, as DSE has developed a good working relationship with Linden Labs over the years, issues requiring attention at that level are dealt with promptly and efficiently if possible, saving residents time and annoyance. I have great admiration for those who succeed in business, most especially when they also display a strong commitment to the well-being of people and community. In talking with Zeebster about DSE, it is striking that he invariably uses the pronoun ‘we’. When questioned, he explained that although he is the sole owner of DSE, he views the running and development of the business as a team effort. His greatest reward comes from those times staff members say how much they appreciate working for the company and his hope is that the skills and confidence acquired in their work will have real life application. He also believes that it is important for every individual and organization to give back to the community and contribute to charities to the extent their situation allows them to do so. From early days the corporation has contributed philanthropically to various charities and most recently it provided the sims for the Second Life Relay for Life events of Fashion For Life and the Home & Garden Expo, both raising donations for cancer research.

With a proven track record of five years of steady growth, it is clear Zeebster Colasanti is dedicated to running Dream Seeker Estates professionally and reliably, delivering to his clientele excellent product and service. His pledge that ethical and responsible business practices will ensure stability for residents to enjoy their homes and businesses worry free into the future is evident when he says “We will be here tomorrow.�

Carrie Bradshaws Fashion Moments

The ultimate fashionista’s hottest looks for Second Life – styled and presented by the PASSION – Fashion Agency Model

Laura18 Streeter wears: Hair: hairbase by Tuty’s plus “LoQ Hair” Marsmallow - Dark Brown Dress: Baiastice_Lily Mesh dress-desert Bracelt: erratic / cuff / gold Nails: ::je suis...naive Nailpolish v.2::METALLIC:: pinks Bag: “DEW” Camilla clutch pink Shoes: :FANATIK: Classic Pumps Pink

“Mr. Big” Mozart Loordes wears: Suit: London Suit by GlamDammit Shoes: Edmund colour change shoes by sf design Ring: Man about Town by Designs by Sebastian


Florentine Rau-Offcourse

In front Linnda Scofield wears Skin: -Glam Affair- Mia Natural - Disco A Hair: [LeLutka]-CHERYL hair - Fades Pink Top: GizzA - Lily Gown [Black] Upperpart Poncho: [LeeZu!] Scarf Poncho Skirt: GizzA - TUTU [Rockin’ Diva] Legging shoes: Vita’s Boudoir Leggings Boots Purple Nails: Mandala Female Palette 1 long Bracelets: phresh. Felix Bangles violet In the background Sazzy Oh wears Hair: LeLutka - Rykiel Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet: Mandala - Pearl/ rose pink Make-Up: Miamai - LesMakeups/lashes 14, MockMorado Otoro/eye&lips, L.Fauna - Blush Gloves: Miamai Fux short Nails: Firts - Goth black Purse: Baiastice - Bow on hand/red Jacket: Stylissmo - Pour La Rushc Pants: Jack Spoon: Oh valentine Skirt: Faster Pusscat - FrouFrou/pink&red Socks: WC - Black Heart Shoes: Venezia

Florentine Rau-Offcourse



Florentine Rau-Offcourse

Nala Kurka wears Hair: hairbase by Tuty’s plus “LoQ Hair” Marsmallow - Dark Brown Dress: Baiastice_Lily Mesh dress-desert Bracelet: erratic / cuff / gold Nails: ::je suis...naive Nailpolish v.2::METALLIC:: pinks Bag: “DEW” Camilla clutch pink Shoes: :FANATIK: Classic Pumps Pink

Florentine Rau-Offcourse



Florentine Rau-Offcourse

On the left: Mavi Beck wears Hair: [LeLutka]-MOSS hair - BlondeFun Skin: -Glam Affair - Giselle - Natural BL 01 Eyes: .ID. Fairy Tale / Character Eyes / Aqua Top: MOLiCHiNO Issy Blouse Pants: Leverocci - SS12 Shorts_S_Snow Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Salience Socks&Tights Liquorice Clutch: je suis...sauvage clutch black cow (silver) HeadBand: (TokiD) medium headband Bracelets: [MANDALA]Pearl rain season 2/ MAPLE Black Necklace: [MANDALA]Pearl Rain necklace season 2/ MAPLE SYRUP On the right: Irina Strazytski wears Coat: *LpD* - *Imagine* Coat Seas Dress: coldLogic - shea.lilac Shoes: N-core - POISON “Bleu Ciel” Necklace & Earrings: Finesmith - Let it drop (summer hunt gift) Bracelet: Finesmith - Playcube (summer hunt gift) Ring: Finesmith - Seeing colors ring pastel (summer hunt gift) Bag: Mimikri - Suga Bag Blush Skin: Glam Affair - Layla Light D Clean Hair: Vanity Hair - Starlight (essence) Nails: Candy Nail - #P000 Basic Prim Nails Pink03 Eyelashes: Redgrave - 35 Corner Pointed

Florentine Rau-Offcourse



Florentine Rau-Offcourse

Bety Dudek wears SKIN : [LeLutka]-SunKissed_Friday(L Brows) HAIR : (epoque hair) Runway Monarchy HAT : LaGyo_Nocturn orchyds fascinator JACKET : Halcali:::Short Jacket[black] DRESS : [celoe.may.dress.glaze GLOVES : LaGyo_Zarema gloves croco black PURSE : *COCO*_SatinClutch RING : je suis...voyante ring *gemstone* SHOES : :FANATIK: Classic Pumps Nude

Florentine Rau-Offcourse




FATE ISLAND OPENS Damien Fate, the creator and owner of FATE Create brand, has opened his newly built mesh sim which is going to become the headquarters for his upcoming male clothing line called FATE Wear. Seeing how Damien is a co-creator behind the women’s hit clothing line, ColdLogic, one be rest assured that the quality and look of this new male clothing line will be on par!

VIVA L’ACCESSOIRES! A fun and new addition to your fashion shopping must include a visit to the newly opened L’Accessoires. Groupe Le PonPon brings you a customized shopping experience focused on accessories showcasing a fine selection of items by the best original designers in Second Life each month. Some of the featured designers at L’Accessories are Tableau Vivant, Glam Affair, Tee*fy, lassitude & ennui, GOTZSCHE, [HANDverk], NYU, and PurpleMoon.

HOUSE OF EUROPE RE-OPENS Didier Rascon’s House of Europe reopens and joins forces with Dahriel’s PosESioN, a Gothic, Model, Fashion and Art Poses Store. House of Europe showcases high-end designs for both men and women that are trendy and elegant. You can find both stores at the following location: FRANCE3D%20Noumea/112/242/2836




Astrology as an Inspiration ( Pictures by Kynne Llewellyn )

In Western astrology, astrological signs are the twelve 30º sectors of the ecliptic, starting at the vernal equinox (one of the intersections of the ecliptic with the celestial equator), also known as the First Point of Aries. The order of the astrological signs is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The concept of the zodiac originated in Babylonian astrology, and was later influenced by Hellenistic culture. According to astrology, celestial phenomena relate to human activity on the principle of “as above, so below”, so that the signs are held to represent characteristic modes of expression,or specific qualities of experience, through which planets manifest their dimension of experience. In Western and Asian astrology, the emphasis is on space, and the movement of the Sun, Moon and planets in the sky through each of the zodiac signs. In Chinese astrology, by contrast, the emphasis is on time, with the zodiac operating on cycles of years, months, and hours of the day. A common feature of all three traditions however, is the significance of the Ascendant - the zodiac sign that is rising (due to the rotation of the earth) on the eastern horizon at the moment of a person’s birth. In Second Life we have the Zodiac event. It is a monthly themed sales event centered around. Each month a new group of several of your favorite stores will create a brand new item using astrology as their inspiration. Each month the zodiac signs change, and so will the theme and the items! Please visit their website for more details and make sure to join The Hottie Cooterati Experience in-world group for Zodiac updates:

Aries - The Ram (21 March - 19 April)

Taurus - The Bull (20 April - 20 May)

Gemini - T

(21 May -

The Twins

- 20 June)

Cancer - The Crab (21 June - 21 July)

Leo - The Lion (22 July - 22 August)

Virgo - The Maiden (23 August - 22 September)

Libra - The Scales (23 September - 22 October)

Scorpio - The Scorpion (23 October - 21 November)

Sagittarius - The Archer (22 November - 21 December)

Capricorn - The Goat (22 December - 19 January)

Aquarius - The Water-bearer (20 January - 18 February)

Pisces - The Fish (19 February - 20 March)

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