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Bear River High School Student Athlete of the Month Daffnee Roche Daffnee, the daughter of Bob and Becky Roche, has been actively involved with cheer for three years. This year she is our Cheer Representative to the student council. She is heavily involved with student council, cheer, and being an outstanding student. She is very talented and brings so much to our team. She is just beautiful both inside and out and knows how to connect with people. She is wise beyond her years. This past year, there were many younger classmates who tried out for cheer just to be on the team and specifically to be on it with Daffnee. She has a light about her that radiates and it is contagious. She does a great job of unifying our team. She keeps up with her academics and is a great student. She has a 3.82. Three words to describe Daffnee are: Strength, Grit, and Compassionate.

Thanks, Cheer Coach Tory Birkinshaw I have had the opportunity to teach Daffnee and three things you can always count on is her excellent work, warmth, positive smile and kindness to everyone. There is a reason she has been so successful here at Bear River as she knows that hard work and a positive attitude pay off! She is a great leader as she leads by example as well as being a leader that shows respect to everyone she works with. If she is given an assignment, without hesitation and without complaint she completes it. If I ever walk down the halls of Bear River and the cheerleaders or student council are working on something you can always see Daffnee in there working and smiling. She has been a great role model of what we want from our cheerleaders who are up front representing our school! Thanks Daffnee and I would like to wish you all the best in your future.  Sincerely, Athletic Director Van Park

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Heather Jones Heather, the daughter of Ken and Angela Jones, is a senior and has been a member of Madrigals for two years. She has participated in many special concerts and performances as well as serving as a member of the Madrigals Council for 2016-2017 Recently, Heather was a member of the Utah State High School Honor Choir held at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City. Out of this 750 students from all over the state, Heather was selected to perform a special vocal solo during the closing number. She was given this honor by auditioning for a panel and was selected to sing this solo. Heather has been a member of the Utah All-State Choir and won first at the recent Bear River High’s talent show. Heather has consistently developed her vocal talents to a high level and has a natural aptitude to create the ideal beauty in her vocal production. Her experiences in our choir program have ranged through the many and varied choir performances as well as being in drama and musical theater productions at Bear River. It’s an honor to recognize Heather as the top choir and performing arts student in February, 2017. Madrigal and Choir teacher Brian Petersen I have taught and associated with Heather for three years and watch out!  In the future she’s going to be a great success in whatever she does. Heather has a heart of gold!  She always has a smile on her face and looking for ways to help others. You can’t associate with Heather without walking away happier and feeling better about yourself.  Over the three years of knowing her I have asked her numerous times to sing the national anthem at a basketball or football game and every time she says,  you bet!  Not only does she have a heavenly voice but she has such an aura about her that you would think she was a professional. With all this talent you wouldn’t think she would be as humble as she is but you won’t find a person with more humility.  She always gives her best effort in the class room and this year has a 3.763 GPA.  It has truly been my pleasure to know Heather and to be able to associate with and teach her. Sincerely, Athletic Director Van Park

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