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Dispatches from the Romulan War is an ongoing fan fiction series that anyone can contribute to.

It picks up where Star Trek: Enterprise left off and tells the untold tale of the Romulan War, one of the most significant and defining events in the Star Trek universe and a major contributor to the birth of the Federation.


Dispatches from the Romulan War Volume 1

Salem One A Star Trek Fan Fiction By Tyler Edwards, Captain Hair & Kirok of L'Stok

TrekUnited publishing A Star Trek, fan written work The copyrights & trademarks of Star Trek are owned by Paramount Pictures, CBS Corporation and their licensee Pocket Books. Any attempt to sell or rent this book should be reported to the copyright owners3for their action

INTRODUCTION DRW is unique in that it tells the story of the war not from the perspective of those who fought it, but from the perspective of the news agencies that reported it. This allows the reader to experience the war just as someone within the universe would. The series is also unique in its format, which allows any TrekUnited member to submit a story—or article, as they are generally known. DRW is not a series with one author; it is an evolving tapestry made from the contributions of many different people. DRW began in 2007 under the direction of editors Tyler Edwards (AKA ensign edwards) and Derek Kessler (AKA Captain_Hair). Derek Kessler has since left the project, though his influence is still felt in the format and style of the stories. In the time since its inception, DRW has published 37 articles, and new ones continue to be published regularly. This anthology comprises the first eight articles and depicts the events leading up the beginning of the war. Three more anthologies—The Raptor Strikes, The Battle of Telsong, and War Hits Home—will cover the remaining 29 articles. Jolan’tru, dear reader. Enjoy.

To talk about this book and to find more great Star Trek fan fiction join us on the TrekUnited forum at First pdf online edition 03/01/2011 Published for TrekUnited by L'Stok Press Front Cover by Cylon-Knight:


Salem One Station lost Charles Carmen - Earth News Network 28 November, 2156

Right now the information on what exactly has happened is scarce, but reports from Starfleet Command and the Vulcan Space Ministry have confirmed the rumors we heard earlier this morning: Salem One Station has been attacked and is presumed destroyed. At a press conference convened by Starfleet Commander Admiral Garrett Black we learned that Salem One reported being under attack at 3:07 AM station time (3:07 AM GMT), and that contact was lost with the station less than ten minutes later. Repeated hails from Starfleet Command and the Vulcan Space Ministry yielded silence, and the Deep Space Communications Network reported loss of carrier signal at 3:19 AM. "We are not certain who is responsible for this attack," said Black, "As of this time we believe that Salem One was a complete loss." When pressed for more details, Black admitted that he had none, "We don't know who would even have reason to attack. Right now we're pursuing every possible lead and have teams on the way to investigate." The admiral went on to assure the public that Starfleet does not believe there is any immediate threat to Earth. The Vulcan Space Ministry reported that in addition to their loss of contact with Salem One that they lost contact with the light cruiser Sompek, which was one of the Coalition vessels rotating through stationing at Salem One. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, ENN has been told by an officer in Starfleet Command that the Enterprise and Columbia have been scrambled to investigate the loss of contact. With the Sompek presumed destroyed, the two vessels are the closest. Both were previously exploring a nearby stellar nursery. Salem One was constructed to serve as a command center for joint space missions conducted by the CoP. It was built in orbit of the uninhabited Menshara-Class planet Beta Virginis II (orbiting the Beta Virginis star, better known on Earth as Zavijava), a planet claimed by the Andorians but never colonized. Beta Virginis is 35.6 light years from Earth, a 50 day trek


form Earth for a NX-class Starship. The location was agreed upon by all members of the CoP and construction of Salem One began in October of last year, with the first habitable modules being completed by the beginning of the year. The station was completed and assumed operational status less than a month ago. The Salem One commander, Andorian General Jormek Sathra, had expressed concern that the five phase canons installed on the station would not be enough to easily fend off an armed assault, though it was not believed that the station was at risk for attack. As such, the rotation of escort vessels was instituted, with beginning with the Sompek. As of last report, there were 198 personnel serving aboard Salem One Station - 71 Humans, 36 Andorians, 38 Vulcans, 26 Tellarites, 14 Coridanites, and 13 Denobulans. The Sompek had a crew of 76, all Vulcan. This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was contributed by Tyler Edwards and Captain Hair at This article is also available as an audio podbook at:


New details emerge about Salem One attack Juan Ramirez - Earth News Network 30 November, 2156

Earlier today, Starfleet Commander Admiral Garrett Black held a press conference at Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco to release some preliminary information about the investigation into the loss of Salem One Station. "The Enterprise and Columbia arrived at Beta Virginis early this morning and discovered that as we had feared, Salem One Station has been destroyed. Our early surveys of the wreckage indicate that the destruction was caused by external forces consistent with powerful particle weapons." Black refused to comment on the majority of the media's questions, citing the ongoing investigation, but he was able to confirm that there were no survivors and that the Vulcan cruiser Sompek had also been lost with all hands. When asked if the attack was related to the string of disappearances among Coalition ships, he said, "We are currently investigating all theories. I cannot confirm nor deny any such connection, but it does seem the most likely explanation at this time." Admiral Black again issued a statement to reassure the public, "I wish to stress that Starfleet has learned its lessons well since the Xindi attack. We are putting all our available resources towards protecting the people of Earth, its colonies, and all other Coalition worlds. There is no cause for panic." The admiral did not release the identity of the attackers saying, "We want to be sure we that we know all the available facts and know exactly whom we are dealing with before we make any theories public." The Tellarite Information Service is reporting that early scans of the Salem One wreckage revealed weapons signatures consistent with those of an obscure race known as the Romulans.


Earth's first contact with the Romulans occurred just under four years ago when the Enterprise NX-01 stumbled across a Romulan mine field. Though details about the incident are classified, at the time ENN did learn that the Romulans appear to possess a sophisticated cloaking technology that conceals their ships from Starfleet sensors. There have also been rumors about the Romulans' involvement in the Babel Incident, though we have been unable to confirm those reports. Admiral Black said that with the confirmation of Salem One's loss, Starfleet has begun to notify the families of the deceased. He expects the process to be complete by the end of the day and will release the names of those killed tomorrow. One hundred ninety eight served aboard Salem One Station, 71 of them were Humans. This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was contributed by Tyler Edwards and Captain Hair at This article is also available as an audio podbook at:


The Human Cost Editorial by James L. Anderson, Santa Rosa Chronicle, Santa Rosa, New Mexico 1 December, 2156

The devastating news of the loss of Salem One Station became intensely personal for Santa Rosa residents today when Mr. Michael Louis Orsino was delivered the following by personal courier from Starfleet Command this morning. The President of the Coalition of Planets desires me to express his deep regret that your son, Lt Charles Michael Orsino, has been missing in action since November 28 on Salem One Station. Lt. Orsino is one of 67 members of the Coalition forces whose remains have not been identified, however since his battle station was destroyed by enemy fire, it is presumed that he died in action. If further details or other information is received you will be promptly notified. On behalf of Starfleet and the combined governments of the Coalition of Planets I assure you of our deepest sympathy in the loss of your son. You are not alone. The 198 who served aboard Salem One Station and the 74 who were lost on the Vulcan cruiser, Sompek, are today the center of a web of bereavement that covers the whole of the Coalition of Planets. I have served in Starfleet and before that in the United Earth Space Probe Agency for over forty years and I can tell you that writing this letter and the other 71 like it is, sir, the single, hardest thing I have ever had to do in all my years of service. Admiral Garrett Black Commander Starfleet On behalf of your friends and neighbours, the Santa Rosa Chronicle would like to offer our deepest sympathy at this time. A celebration of remembrance will be held in the gardens of Santa Rosa High School on Sunday where all are invited to share their memories of this fine young man.


When I spoke to my old friend, Mike, this afternoon he was still coming to grips with the news. He told me how his grandfather had lost a brother in the Eugenics War and before that how the family had a tradition that the first Orsino to come to New Mexico from France during WWII, leaving everything behind. He told me how the family had built up their ranch, putting everything into the land. Charles - Chuck as his family called him was all he had since his wife had died five years ago. When Mike is gone, there will be no more Orsinos in Santa Rosa. I remember Chuck as a likeable kid who just wanted to be friends with the whole universe, "to meet new life and new civilizations" as Cochrane put it. He lived for what he was doing. I remember how proud that he was to be one of the few chosen from our town for Starfleet Academy, a pride we all shared. Gone, his life snuffed out by an unknown enemy. The dawn of the 22nd century was supposed to be the start of a new age of peace, free from war, poverty and famine but war seems to have found us in space. My every fibre burns for revenge, for Starfleet to make them pay for what they have done to us ... but this is not what Charles would have wanted, nor his father. Admiral Black talks about sympathy but how sincere is it? How can he truly know the human cost of Starfleet's breakneck expansion into the unknown? There are rumours that this could be the start of a war, but if it is, all I can say is make it stop. Don't fight to win a war, fight to make them stop. I don't want to have to write any more epitaphs, say any more eulogies or comfort any more bereaved friends. I don't want anyone else to feel the pain that has turned Santa Rosa into a town in mourning. Whether they are human or live on some rock at the other end of the galaxy, no parent should loose a child, no wife lose a husband. Just make it stop before the cost to humans, Vulcans, Andorians - to everyone - becomes too much to bear. This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was contributed by Kirok of L'Stok at This article is also available as an audio podbook at:


Salem One attack creates doubt among Coalition worlds T'sel - Vulcan Information Directorate 4 December, 2156

The attack on Station Salem One has created ripple effects across the Coalition of Planets. The death of the station's commander, Andorian General Jormek Sathra, after his repeated objections to the lack of armament on the station has incensed many on Andoria. Some have even postulated the theory that it was intentional Vulcan sabotage that led to the death of their general. The Andorian government has called a conference to review their status in the Coalition. A number of high ranking officials are expected to attend, including Commander Shran, a pivotal player in the destruction of the P'jem sanctuary, the Paan Mokar cease fire, numerous border skirmishes with Vulcan, and the Babel Incident. Meanwhile, on Earth, the radical group Terra Prime - thought to have disintegrated just after the formation of the CoP two years ago - has begun a series of pirate broadcasts blaming the destruction of Salem One and its human crewmembers on "alien indifference" and calling for an immediate end to all contact between Earth and other worlds. Earth's government has been taking steps to end the broadcasts but has so far been unsuccessful. The level of discord among other Coalition worlds has caused a group of cabinet ministers here on Vulcan - led by Minister of Colonial Affairs Soluk - to call for a dissolution of the CoP. Despite this, Minister T'pau has remained resolute in her belief in the CoP. This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was contributed by Tyler Edwards at This article is also available as an audio podbook at:


Confrontation with Romulans leaves Columbia badly damaged Lt Rebeca Sanborn - Starfleet News Feed 10 December, 2156

Late last night Starfleet Command released a report stating that NX-02 Columbia had engaged several Romulan ships at the edge of Coalition space. This morning new details were released. The admiralty has so far been vague about what sparked the conflict, but they are saying that one Romulan ship was destroyed, and that, several minutes later, the Columbia was attacked by superior numbers and suffered severe damage before being reinforced by two Andorian battlecruisers, the Walani and the Kyar. The Romulans were driven back and no further incursions into Coalition space have been reported. The Columbia suffered multiple hull breaches and close to a third of the crew was killed. Many others were wounded, including Captain Erika Hernandez, who is reported as being in critical condition. In an attempt to gain more answers, the SNF contacted Columbia's communication officer, Ensign Jasim Khatami. "I don't really understand how it happened," the ensign told us. "We had detected a Romulan power signature just outside Coalition space. We'd seen the reports. We knew they were the prime suspects for destroying Salem One; so we investigated. When we got there sensors showed they were powering up weapons. Captain Hernandez gave the order to fire a torpedo and the ship was destroyed. "But when we scanned the wreckage, all we found was cargo. There was no evidence it was a military vessel. It was only armed with a light plasma turret for shooting asteroids." Ensign Khatami went on to say that approximately twenty minutes later, while returning to friendly space, the Columbia was attacked by three Romulan warships claiming they were retaliating for the destruction of their freighter. He also said that, before her injury, Captain Hernandez expressed deep regret at destroying the unarmed vessel.


Starfleet Commander Admiral Garrett Black has ordered a fleet wide tactical alert following this incident. This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was contributed by Tyler Edwards at This article is also available as an audio podbook at:


Andorians, Tellarites declare war on Romulans Charles Carmen - Earth News Network 16 December, 2156

Citizens across the Coalition waiting to hear the results of the Andorian conference on whether to withdraw from the CoP were shocked today when the Andorian chancellor, Rek Tson, broke his government's silence and announced that his world was going to war. His speech, transmitted across the Coalition via subspace radio, follows: "Brothers on Andoria, friends across the Coalition, no doubt you are wondering what I and my advisers have been planning since the conference, whether we will stand united with our allies on the other worlds or seek our sovereignty alone. "I have weighed the arguments and listened to all sides. I have considered and debated for days, and I have come to a decision. It is my decision, and the decision of the government of Andoria, that we shall stand with our allies. But only if they will stand with us! "The time for talk and debating has passed! Our worlds have suffered a ruthless attack, and we must respond! I have discussed options with Magistrate Gol of Tellar Prime and we both agree that the time has come for action. The Romulan threat must be dealt with! Even now, a fleet of nearly thirty starships is en route to what we believe are the borders of Romulan space to begin our counterattack. "There will be no more diplomacy. There will be no more pretenses that the universe is a friendly place. There will be no more hoping for the best. War has come to us and we will fight! I will gladly face this threat alongside our friends on Vulcan, Earth, Coridan, and the other Coalition worlds but only if they will abandon their misgivings and commit themselves to this endeavor!" So far there has been no official reaction to the declaration from any of the other Coalition governments. When asked for comment by ENN the office of Earth's prime minister released the following statement:


"Prime Minister Samuels is discussing the situation with other Coalition leaders. He will announce his decision shortly." As of this time, little is known about the Romulans. The information released by various Coalition governments indicates that they are a highly xenophobic race and that they possess rudimentary cloaking technology. It is believed that their homeworld is located somewhere in the vicinity of Zeta Trianguli Australis, a star approximately 39.5 light-years from Earth. This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was contributed by Tyler Edwards at This article is also available as an audio podbook at:


Black unveils personal tragedy James L. Anderson - Santa Rosa Chronicle, Santa Rosa, New Mexico 18 December, 2156

After my editorial two weeks ago, I was mildly surprised when I was invited by Starfleet Command to attend the memorial service for those lost on Salem One held at the cenotaph of the Presidio in San Francisco as a media representative for the local community of one of the fallen. I make no apologies for my anti-war stance, but because of it I expected that my esteemed colleague on the Tribune would have been invited instead. I was absolutely stunned, however, when I received the personal invitation to meet with Admiral Black afterwards. The admiral must be one of the most well known people on the planet after Zefram Cochrane, Prime Minister Nathan Samuels and perhaps Jonathan Archer and whilst his image is instantly recognizable, it totally fails to give you an impression of the physical presence of the man. At close to two metres tall with broad shoulders and a face only a mother could love, you feel at once intimidated and yet impressed. We met in his “office” at Starfleet Headquarters which was actually little more than a cubicle off the situation room that keeps track of the whereabouts and movements of every known ship, civil and military, coalition and otherwise, within the Coalition’s area of influence. After the usual pleasantries and a quick sound check of my transcriber, the admiral cut straight to the chase. Admiral Garrett Black: “Mr Anderson, I’m glad to finally meet you. I read your editorial and I wanted the opportunity to set a few things right for the public record. You seem to doubt the sincerity of my condolences?” James L. Anderson: “I’m flattered that you read it but that’s not what I said, Admiral, nor was that the intention.” Black: “But that is what you were insinuating, wasn’t it?” Anderson: “Admiral, with all due respect, you are renowned as a hard man, they say you weren’t born, you were chiseled out of stone! You’ll forgive me if I find your touching sentiment to be a little out of character.”


Black: “You think that being a man means you can’t show respect for the fallen? I’m sorry, Mr Anderson, that was uncalled for, please go ahead.” Anderson: “Thank you. I’ve been doing some checking and found that everyone stationed on Salem One was hand-picked by your office. Does that not make you feel just a little responsible for their deaths?” Black: “You’re right on both counts, Mr Anderson, it is part of the burden of command that any single decision that I make could either save lives or could cause the death of thousands, millions! Starfleet Command had to be certain that the best personnel were picked for the job. I am confident that each one of those men and women on Salem One acquitted themselves gallantly.” Anderson: “But nevertheless the fact remains that it was your name on the transfer orders that sent every one of them to their deaths.” Black: “The construction and manning of Salem One Station was of primary importance to the security of the Coalition of Planets such that I could not delegate any decision regarding it. Being a member of Starfleet is a high-risk job. Every plan we make is covered by risk management measures to try to ensure their safety but when you are dealing with the unknown as we do on a daily basis, there are no guarantees. The loss of Salem One Station was neither more nor less of a chance than other Starfleet personnel take with any and every mission that they undertake. However, just as I could not delegate the decision of who went to Salem One and who didn’t, I cannot, and will not now, dodge the responsibility for my actions. I have tendered my resignation to the Prime Minister but he has so far refused to accept it." Black: “Mr Anderson, my feelings over Salem One reach far deeper than you can ever imagine. Take a look at the casualty list for Salem One on this PADD. What is the name, second from the top of this list? Anderson: “Captain Nathan P. Ridley, Executive Officer, Starfleet.” Black: “Captain Ridley was a fine officer, a good friend and my eldest son by my first marriage.” Anderson: Admiral! Black: “Against all advice I married a girl from my home town during my last year in Academy. Gloria was never cut out to be a ‘fleet wife, the long missions, the stress of not knowing if she would see me again. It lasted three years and ended in a messy divorce. She never forgave me or


Starfleet and moved to the east coast, changing her name. I never knew that she was carrying my child at the time and Nathan was registered under her maiden name. She did everything she could to stop Nathan from going into Starfleet but … he gets his stubborn streak from me I suppose.” Black rose from his desk and turned to look from his office window, out over San Francisco Bay. Black: “Of course, when Nate registered his application to Starfleet Academy, his DNA dogtag struck up a red light in Internal Affairs that was bumped upstairs to the top brass. You have to realise that by this time I was in the senior planning staff for the Warp Five Project and it could have caused a major conflict of interest. Commodore Forrest did the best he could for us, but it boiled down to either Nathan being eased out of Starfleet or we were to have no contact in our service careers. The job was half done for them anyway, since Gloria had never told him his father’s real name, fabricating some story about him dying when Nate was a child.” Black: “Gentlemen, not a day goes by but I regret the decision I made then. Each year it was harder to think of a way of breaking the circle, the lie that stood between us. Nate scraped through his academy theory and excelled in command, never the less there was no prouder father at that graduation day than I. Every posting, every report, every commendation – I knew every detail of his life yet could not be a part of it." Black: “Once Nate won his first command and was promoted to captain I could no longer avoid him and I had to create a working relationship with him as if we were just acquaintances. That was two years ago and from that point on, we struck up a friendship. I could now share in his life.” He was silent as if lost in his memories for a moment then let out a mirthless, bitter laugh. Black: “Chiseled out of rock!” he snorted. Black: "I commissioned two independent reports for recommendations as to postings for Salem One … and Nate’s name was at the top of both of them. The last I saw of him was on the night he shipped out. As we parted I felt the same urge that I always felt, to ask him to stay a while because I had something to tell him but as always I told myself ... later. It was always ... later." Black: "I have seen courage gentlemen. I have seen men selflessly give their lives to protect their comrades. I have three citations for bravery and yet I judge myself the greatest coward alive today."


Black: "Mr. Anderson, this interview is ended. I would like you to ask your colleagues in the news media to respect my privacy." Black: "Oh ... and in answer to your editorial, I agree. No parent should lose a child. I hope you will now not doubt my sincerity when I tell you that every decision I have made and will make in the future will be to bring about a speedy end to this conflict. Unfortunately I fear that many more sons and daughters, husbands and fathers, will pay the supreme sacrifice before it is ended." Black: "Now if you will excuse me gentlemen I would like a few minutes to compose myself before the evening's situation briefing. Thank you" I take it upon myself to offer the condolences of the people of Santa Rosa to the admiral and his family and I sincerely apologise if my words have caused him any anguish. As I left his office, the admiral had turned to look from his office window, out over San Francisco Bay. In that moment he looked like he was indeed carved out of stone, standing rigidly 'at ease', shoulders back, hands clasped behind him, jaw set, expressionless. Admiral Garrett Black would do well to heed the words of comfort that he, himself has offered. You are not alone. This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was contributed by Kirok of L'Stok at This article is also available as an audio podbook at:


Prime Minister Samuels, Coalition Leaders Join War With Romulus Stephanie Chang - Earth News Network 21 December, 2156

Prime Minister Nathan Samuels held a press conference today to declare that Earth's government, and the governments of the other CoP worlds, had elected to join the Andorians and Tellarites in their war against the Romulans, saying, "I cannot ignore their attack on the NX-02 Columbia, and the evidence of their involvement in the Salem One attack seems irrefutable. I deeply regret taking this extreme action, but the people of Earth have been threatened, and we must respond." Members of the press were surprised when the normally loquacious Samuels's speech lasted less than five minutes, at which point Admiral Black of Starfleet took over to field the media's questions. The admiral's answers regarding the tactical situation were, as one would expect, vague. He was able to say only that an undisclosed number of Starfleet ships were being reassigned to the war effort and that a direct attack on Earth's solar system is, at this moment, unlikely. Black had even fewer answers when it came to the Romulans themselves, saying merely that, "They are a xenophobic race we believe to be humanoid." Reaction to the declaration of war has been intense and varied. Spontaneous demonstrations, both pro and anti-war, have taken place in cities on virtually every continent. The Earth Cargo Authority has raised objections, saying the war would severely disrupt interstellar trade. On Andoria, Chancellor Rek Tson and his government were quick to praise the decision. So far there have been no reports of combat between Coalition and Romulan ships, aside from the attack carried out by the Andorians and Tellarites, of which the details have yet to be released. This Dispatches from the Romulan War report was contributed by Tyler Edwards at


The war rages on in Dispatches from the Romulan War volume two:

The Raptor Strikes and at


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