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Saints and  Stones The  Pilgrims’  Route  to  St  David’s

In the  Middle  Ages  two  pilgrimages  to  the  cathedral  of  St  David’s  in  West  Wales   were  the  equivalent  of  a  single  journey  to  Rome.    The  diocese  of  St  David’s  was  the   richest  and  most  powerful  in  Wales. The  pre-­‐Christians  left  many  stone  way-­‐markers,  burial  mounds  and  tumuli   which  Christianity  adopted  and  added  to.    This  area  of  North  Pembrokeshire  is   studded  with  neolithic  sites,  standing  stones,  cromlechs,  barrows,  holy  wells  and   churches.    The  churches  range  from  basic  chapels  with  a  nave  and  chancel,   through  more  elaborate  Norman  architecture,  to  the  riches  and  splendour  of  St   David’s  itself. These  pictures  were  taken  over  18th-­‐22nd  June  2010  and  show  a  small  selection  of   these  sites  and  are  all  within  twenty  five  miles  of  my  front  door.    That  said,  this   project  is  a  first  for  me  and  it’s  provided  the  excuse  to  find  places  that  I’ve  never   been  to,  but  have  been  meaning  to  visit  for  years.    It  was  great  fun  and  I  hope  you   enjoy  the  results.

Solstice Sunrise Carn  Ingli  (Angel  Mountain),  Preseli  Hills.  Here,  legend  has  it,  the  visionary  St  Brynach  communed  with  the  Angels

Blue Beyond Carn  Ffoi,  Preseli  Hills

Dark Portal Pentre  Ifan,  neolithic  cromlech,  3500  BC

Norman Tower St  Brynach’s,  Nevern

Celtic Knot

10th Century  Celtic  Cross,  St  Brynach’s,  Nevern

Leaf &  Lichen

10th Century  Celtic  Cross,  St  Brynach’s,  Nevern

Still Standing

Remains of  St  Brynach’s,  Cwm-­‐yr-­‐Eglwys,  destroyed  by  the  Royal  Charter  Storm  of  1859  

Offering of  Roses Holy  Well,  Llanllawer

Disused &  Decaying St  David’s,  Llanllawer

Ghostly Light St  David’s,  Llanllawer

Wildflower Welcome St  Gwyndaf’s,  Llanwnda

On the  beach  below,  the  last  invasion  of  Britain  took  place  in  1797,  when  a  force  of  French  landed.     They  were  repelled  by  the  women  of  Fishguard  led  by  the  redoubtable  Jemima  Fawr  ( Jemima  the  Great)

Headstones -­‐  Old St  Gwyndaf’s,  Llanwnda

And Headstones  -­‐  New St  Gwyndaf’s,  Llanwnda

Celtic Guardian St  Gwyndaf’s,  Llanwnda

Summer Churchyard St  Catherine  of  Alexandria,  Granston

Unknown Man

St Catherine  of  Alexandria,  Granston

Silent Witness

St Catherine  of  Alexandria,  Granston

Steps to  Heaven St  Rhian’s,  Llanrhian

Arch &  Angles St  Rhian’s,  Llanrhian

Lattice &  Light St  Rhian’s,  Llanrhian

Seat of  Power

Church of  the  Holy  Martyrs,  Mathry

Celtic Cross

Mesur y  Dorth,  Croesgoch

Beneath the  Sycamore St  Brynach’s,  Pontfaen

Golden Cross St  Brynach’s,  Pontfaen

Space Between St  Brynach’s,  Pontfaen

Black Cross St  David’s,  Llanychaer

Knots &  Crosses St  David’s,  Llanychaer

Faded Memory St  Justinian’s,  Llanstinian

Samson’s Stones Carreg  Samson,  Abercastle 5000  year-­‐old  burial  mound


St. Non’s  Well,  St  David’s

Stone Cross

St. Non’s  Well,  St  David’s

Pilgrimage End

St. David’s  Cathedral,  St  David’s

Medieval Kaleidoscope St.  David’s  Cathedral,  St  David’s

Soaring Heavenwards St.  David’s  Cathedral,  St  David’s

Dancing Light

St. David’s  Cathedral,  St  David’s

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Saints and Stones  
Saints and Stones  

The pre-Christians left many stone way-markers, burial mounds and tumuli which Christianity adopted and added to. This area of North Pembro...