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Westminster High School Principal ‘s Newsletter - Spring 2013

Dear Parents / Guardians: With the second semester in full swing, there are many important events taking place that will make this semester go by very quickly. It is both an exciting and stressful time as our seniors work to finalize their postsecondary plans and our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors continue to work toward their goal of graduating high school, preparing for college and beyond. As our seniors order graduation products and prepare for prom, many of them also anxiously await their college and university acceptance letters. The acceptance letters for most 4-year colleges and universities begin to arrive in March. While some of our seniors await their letters, other seniors are preparing to register with our local community colleges. This process begins in March with students taking their English and math placement exams on the SOAR test. These exams can be taken at Westminster High School on March 27 and 28. Information on this placement exam can be found at our school website under the “Parents” tab. All seniors are busy completing financial aid applications and searching for scholarship opportunities. Families can access the financial aid application at The deadline for registration is March 2, 2013. Additionally, I encourage all of our seniors to visit our Career Center where they can find information on many local and state scholarship opportunities. Registration begins this time of year for our undergraduate students, as well, with a pre-registration meeting in which all students are provided with a step-by-step overview for completing their course selection form. Students are reminded of graduation requirements and “a-g” college admissions requirements. Following this, our guidance specialists meet with students individually to review course selection forms, credits earned, and post secondary options. All students will receive their transcript to assist them with the process. Students are then required to take the course selection form home for parent approval and signature. This process will conclude by the end of March. As a resource for you, enclosed are the graduation requirements (page 2) and the “a-g” requirements (page 5). While registration is occurring, our teaching and support staff continue to work hard to prepare all of our students for the various state mandated and AP exams that take place. The testing season begins in March with the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). Since 2006, California public high school students are required to pass the CAHSEE to receive a high school diploma. The CAHSEE consists of an EnglishLanguage Arts section (reading and writing) and a mathematics section. Both sections must be passed in order to fulfill the CAHSEE graduation requirement. The first opportunity for students to take this exam is in the spring of their 10th grade year. Additional opportunities exist in the 11th and 12th grade years for students who need them. This year our students will take the English-Language Arts portions of the CAHSEE on Tuesday, March 12, and the Mathematics portion on Wednesday, March 13. If you would like additional resources to help further prepare your son or daughter, visit the California Department of Education website at Click on “Program Resources” to find released test questions, study guides, and assistance packets.

Message is continued on page 2.

Principal’s message continued from front page. Following Spring Break, our 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will take their California Standards Tests (CST). The CSTs are designed to test students’ understanding of the academic content standards in EnglishLanguage Arts, mathematics, science, and social science. Students will take these tests in their classes in May. At the same time the CSTs are occurring, students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement courses will also take their AP exams. The testing window for the AP exams opens on May 6 and concludes on May 17. The exact dates and times of each AP exam can be found on the College Board website at http:// Throughout this eventful time of year, your participation in your student’s education is critical. When the registration information reaches you at home, sit down with your student and have a conversation with them about their future goals. Work closely with our guidance specialists to make sure that your student’s course requests are aligned to those goals. Additionally, as they continue to prepare for the upcoming tests, reassure them they are well prepared, they have your support and the support of our entire staff behind them, and their decision to do their very best will have a positive impact on their future. Thank you for the vital role that you play in the education of your student(s). If you have any questions that we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us at 714-893-1381. By working together, your student will have the best opportunity to accomplish their educational goals and be on the path for future success after high school.


Owen Crosby, Principal

Graduation Requirements





4 yrs 


World History 

1 yr 


U.S. History 

1 yr 


U.S. Government    

1/2 yr 



1/2 yr 


Advanced Math (Algebra or above) 

1 yr 



2 yrs 


Physical Science 

1 yr 


Life Science 

1 yr 



½ yr 


Physical Education   

2 yrs 


1 .5 yrs   


Visual & Performing Arts and/or  Foreign Language and/or  Applied Curriculum 

(One year must be in either Foreign Language or Visual & Performing Arts) 

Must Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) 

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Testing on WHS Campus California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) The CAHSEE will be administered to grade 10, 11 and 12 students on March 12-13, 2013. The results are expected to arrive by mid May. Make-ups for any grade 10 student who was absent for the March administration will be on May 14-15, 2013. This will also be the last opportunity for any grade 12 student to make up the CAHSEE for this school year.

Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) The Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) program requires all school districts in California to administer achievement tests to all students in grades 2 through 11. The California Standards Test (CST) is based on the academic content standards in English, mathematics, science, and history/social science. Students will take the CST in their classes in April 2013. You can visit the WHS website at for more information.

Huntington Beach Union High School District

Rethink Your Drink!

School Calendar 2012-2013 July 4, 2012

Independence Day

August 29, 2012

First day of school

September 3, 2012

Labor Day Holiday

November 12, 2012

Veterans Day Holiday

November 19 - 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Recess

December 16 - January 4, 2013

Winter Recess

January 21, 2013

King’s Birthday Holiday

January 25, 2013

Last day of 1st semester

January 29, 2013

First day of 2nd semester

February 11, 2013

Lincoln’s Birthday Holiday

February 18, 2013

Washington’s Birthday Holiday

April 1 - 5, 2013

Spring Recess

May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Holiday

June 13, 2013

Last day of school

2011-2012 Board Approval on January 10, 2012

March is National Nutrition Month and our Food and Nutrition Services along with the Network for a Healthy California is encouraging you to Rethink Your Drink! Think about it! How many calories are added to your daily intake through added sugar in drinks? Often people choose to drink fruit drinks, energy drinks, and soda which all provide more sugar than needed. A 20ounce soda has about 17 teaspoons of sugar. A person who drinks one 20-ounce soda each day for a year consumes almost 54 pounds of sugar. This can lead to gaining almost 27 pounds a year! Weight gain raises the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. In order to maintain a healthy weight, we need to burn the calories we take in. For instance, if an average teen boy wanted to burn the 240 calories from a 20ounce soda, he would need to jog for thirty minutes or walk for more than an hour. We encourage you to STOP and Rethink Your Drink! Here are tips to make smart drink choices: Read the Nutrition Facts Label Choose water, diet, or low-calorie drinks instead of drinks with added sugar Carry a water bottle and refill it during the day Serve water with meals Make water exciting by adding slices of lemon, lime, cucumber, or watermelon Choose low fat or fat free milk to get less calories and good nutrition Be a role model for your friends and family

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If you would like to learn more about upcoming nutrition activities, contact Food and Nutrition Services at (714) 894-1698.

Westminster High School Offers Career Technical Education through Coastline Regional Occupational Program (ROP) Westminster High School offers one of the largest selections of ROP classes in the HBUHSD. ROP continues to provide the highest quality of career technical education that satisfies not only students’ needs, but also the demands of employers for today and the future. Students enrolled in ROP classes earn high school credit, in addition, they are taught the necessary employability skills that are crucial in today’s workplace.

ROP benefits all students. For example:  Students going directly from high school into the work force will develop a practical knowledge base and an employability skill set that will qualify them for high paying positions.  Students who plan to continue their education acquire practical hands-on training related to a particular major. This opportunity gives students an advantage when applying to college. The ROP course offerings here at WHS include: Auto Technology beginning and advanced, Careers with Children Internship, Crime Scene Investigation, Emergency Medical Responder, Nursing Assistant Internship (C.N.A), Retail Sales Internship, Video Game Design, and Website Development. Auto Technology I II: Gain basic skills used in performing tune-ups and lubrication, brake adjustments and replacement, and study train systems. Develop knowledge of theory, diagnosis and repair. Mr. Kevin Rans, ROP Instructor. Careers with Children Internship: Prepare for a career in preschool education. Learn to work with children from infancy through preadolescence. Assist in the classroom and on the playground. Internship at a pre-school or child day care facility. Afternoon class. 1 semester, 5 credits. Ms. Julie Ray, ROP Instructor. CSI-Crime Scene Investigation: Discover the world of forensic science. Examine the importance of physical evidence in solving crimes and how to collect and process evidence. Learn the techniques the CSI investigators use to diagram and photograph a crime scene, dust and lift fingerprints, and perform a gunshot residue test. Evening course with Ms. Gina Gilbert, ROP Instructor.

Emergency Medical Responder: You must take this course before the EMT ROP course. Learn to provide immediate care to an ill or injured person and train to assist emergency medical services (EMS) providers. Gain knowledge to pursue a career in fire service, sports medicine, coaching, ski patrol, medical facilities, lifeguard and EMT. Practice CPR and first aid skills, patient assessment, triage and emergency responsibilities. Mr. Yuuki, ROP Instructor. This course is for Health Academy Students only. Nurse Assisant Pre-Cert. Internship(C N A): Assist patients with basic personal needs like bathing, dressing, feeding, and ambulation. Practice techniques of infection control, measure and record vital signs, and recognize psychosocial needs. Meet eligibility requirements to take the written and performance examination to become a State Certified Nurse Assistant. TB clearance and vaccinations required for all students. Proof of SS # required. This class is for the Health Academy students only! Seniors only! Ms. Barbara Hoffman, ROP Instructor. Retail Sales & Merchandise Internship: Prepare for an exciting career in the retail industry. Course objectives include professional salesmanship, store operations, sales transactions, and analysis of current and future industry trends. Internships are provided in local retail stores with the emphasis on selling approach and procedures, visual merchandising, product knowledge, and customer service. Afternoons. Ms. Karina Pannizzo, ROP Instructor. Video Game Design: High school students will learn to analyze, design, and create interactive three dimensional animation and games. Instruction will include an overview of 3D graphics, modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and rules of game play. Industry software will be utilized to create simple games as individual or group projects. Course is held Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Mr. Greg Berger, ROP Instructor. Web Site Development: Design and produce creative, user-friendly web sites that are essential to most businesses. Learn to write text conduct research, apply graphics and animation. This is a one-year course, 10 credits. Course is held during the bell schedule. Mr. Todd Shafer, ROP instructor. Westminster High School students benefit from the partnership between their high school and Coastline ROP. By participating in an ROP course, their high school experience becomes not only rigorous but also relevant. WHS has the distinction of serving over 400 students each year who enroll in a career technical education course offered by Coastline ROP. For more information on the CoastlineROP program, please contact Mrs. Nancy Duremdes (714) 893-1381 ext. 4436. Or go to Page 4

As Simple as A-G Always refer to the WHS UC approved course list, which can be found at


All WHS courses with an * are on the UC approved course list.

“a” History/Social Science  2 years required  Must be one year of World History &  One year of US History

“e” Language other than English  2 years required  3-4 years recommended  Must be two years of the same language  WHS offers: Spanish, Español (Spanish for Spanish speakers), French and Vietnamese

“b” English  4 years Required  English 3 & 4 must be college preparatory (CP)  Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses recommended

“f” Visual & Performing Art (VPA)  1 year required  WHS offers: Art, Ceramics, Computer Graphics, Digital Cinema, Studio Art, Theater, and Wind Ensemble among others.  Must be on WHS UC approved course list

“c” Mathematics  3 years required  4 years recommended  Must begin with Algebra 1 and continue through at least Algebra II  Make sure to take a math course during your senior year

“g” College Preparatory Elective  1 year required  Can be a NON-INTRODUCTORY course chosen from “a - f” Or 

“d” Laboratory Science  2 years required  3 years recommended  Must include two courses chosen from the following disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

Page 5

Can be chosen from the list of “g” courses found on WHS UC approved list such as: Economics, Senior Year of AVID, and Developmental Psychology of Children What kind of applicant do you want to be?

Minimally Eligible 2 years of History 4 years of English 3 years of Math 2 years of Lab Science 2 years of Language 1 year of VPA 1 year of College Prep Elec.

Competitively Eligible 3 years of History 4 years of English 4 years of Math 3 years of Lab Science 4 years of Language 1 year of VPA 1 year of College Prep Elec

Project Outreach McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act Services for families in transition due to economic hardship Who should you refer to Project Outreach and what do we offer? Students of families who are doubled up with other families due to economic hardship, living in shelters or motels or vehicles, or unaccompanied youth may qualify for homeless services. We offer help with school supplies and clothing, and provide resources for food, housing, medical and dental health, counseling, job search, and other needed services within the community. If you know a family who has lost their housing and now live in a shelter, motel or another type of temporary or inadequate housing, please refer them to the program. Students of these families may attend either the school nearest to where they are now living, or the school of origin. The youth may enroll in school immediately, even if without records and documents normally required for enrollment, such as a birth certificate, proof of residence, school records, or immunization records. The student may qualify for help with transportation to and from school and for a free breakfast and lunch at school. The services above are in response to federal legislation called the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act, which is designed to provide educational services and protect educational rights for youth considered homeless. Please contact Elena Inuretta, McKinney-Vento Liaison, at 714-893-1381 Ext. 4441 with your questions or concerns or email her at A message to the community: If you would like to donate a gift certificate (to any store) to help our families who are in transitional living situations due to economic hardship, we have many families who would appreciate the support. We are also seeking donations of caps and/or gowns from recent graduates who are willing to part with them. Please contact Elena Inurreta to make a donation.

Perfect Attendance Awarded in ROP Class This past fall semester Anthony Pham decided to take the ROP Crime Scene Investigation course Tuesday and Thursday evenings here at Westminster High School. He liked the class so much, he never missed a single class all semester. Anthony Pham was awarded $100.00 for perfect attendance. Each semester Coastline ROP draws 4 names with students that have perfect attendance from the ROP courses they took. Anthony said “I liked the class a lot because there were a lot of hands on experience. My plans are to attend Golden West College Police Academy. This course will help me to further my education in Criminal Law. Congratulations Anthony for perfect attendance. Any questions, regarding the Coastline ROP courses, please see Mrs. Duremdes in the Career Center or you can reach her at 714-893-1381 ext. 4436 or email

Mrs. Nancy Duremdes presents Anthony Pham his check for perfect attendance.

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WHS Library News The Westminster High School Library has been crazy busy with student and teacher activity and we love it. Our online book catalog Destiny is being used more than ever. We now offer an Inter-Library Loan service to students throughout Huntington Beach Union High School District (HBUHSD). That means your student can look through the WHS Library book catalog (Destiny), put a book on hold, and if it is available on another campus, we will get it for you! Parents, please encourage your student to explore their library. We have computers online to the Internet with Google Chrome, Drive, Apps, and the latest Young Adult Literature. The Orange County Public Library is also a great place for books and information When you sign your student up for an OCPL library card they will have access to electronic databases not available at WHS. Now for our Latest News: The WHS Library is now on Twitter at: @WHSLionsLibrary. We tweet about new books, events, and interesting facts and links we discover. Link to the WHS Library Blog: Thanks for reading!

Volunteers In Public Schools

Guidance Information

V.I.P.S. are adults who volunteer in a variety of areas in our school for the benefit of our students. Do you have an extra hour, more or less? Could you distribute textbooks, chaperone, assist with vision/ hearing testing, or help label the newsletter for mailing?

WHS Guidance Specialists visited senior English classes in January to review second semester schedules.

You can volunteer on a regular basis or just when you have time. You can volunteer on campus or do work at home.

All seniors who need to attend Adult School should see their Guidance Specialist for a second semester concurrent form.

Mrs. Jayne Faalafua Extension 4420

A - Ho

Mrs. Rosemary Smith Extension 4421

Ht - N

Miss Cecilia Mendez Extension 4422


If you are interested in supporting WHS in any volunteer capacity or just want to learn more about the program, please call Trees Hill, Community Resource Coordinator, at 714-893-1381, ext. 4601

Special thanks to some volunteers who helped on campus:

Page 7

Arthur, Becky, Candy, Carla, Carmencita, Caroline, Cheryl, David, Derrion, Evelyn, Gloria, Jaquelin, Jane, John, Juan, Julia, Laurie, Marie, Marilyn, Marion, Micela, Olga, Peggy, Philip, Rachelle, Rebecca, Rosalie, Ruby, Terry, Sonia, Veronica and Victor.

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WHS Transition Program: Success During and After High School for Students with Disabilities

Betsy Newton, Miguel Reyes, and Diana Hernandez- front row Brittany O'Neil, Wendy Schwartz, Lisa Wing, Tina Loewenberg, Andrea Flores- back row

Situated between the campus career center and library, the Westminster High School Transition Program is “the place to be” for students qualifying for special education services that desire growth in academic and vocational development. Led by special educator and vocational specialist, Wendy Schwartz, who also oversees and coordinates transitional services for the HBUHSD Transition Partnership Program (TPP) and the WHS Transition Program which assists students with disabilities transitioning through high school and beyond. Transition Program’s Purpose Mrs. Schwartz emphasizes that the WHS Transition Program is “driven by student need.” The program collaborates with other agencies in the region, as well as connecting with local businesses, industry, and schools to provide each student with support based on individual needs. Local businesses and industries collaborate together with the WHS Transition Program to assist students with volunteering opportunities, internships, and employment. Local businesses such as Sally’s Beauty Supply, Game Stop, Knott’s Berry Farm, Stater Bros, and Petco work together with the TPP to provide employment for high school students with disabilities. Ronald McDonald House, the Orange County Food Bank, local senior centers, and Working Wardrobes are just a few of the many agencies that provide volunteering opportunities for the students. The school program also networks with industries such as Westview Services, California Elwyn, and Goodwill Industries to provide students with job coaching, training, and employment. Finally, the WHS Transition Program links students with the Regional Occupation Program (ROP) for career training and internships, as well as, Disabled Student Services (DSS) and Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) for postsecondary education at local community colleges. Transition Services Provided The services from the WHS Transition Program are designed to assist high school students with disabilities in the transition from high school to work and/or post-secondary education or training. Listed below are the services and supports that the WHS Transition program provides:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Individual internship/employment site development Vocational training and supported employment Travel training on the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) bus Career counseling and assessment (i.e., inventories, surveys, interviews) Community Based Instruction (CBI) experiences Opportunities to link with the business community Coordinate volunteer activities Assistance with obtaining OCTA reduced fare card, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) California identification card and driver’s license 9. Job-seeking skills training 10. Assistance in work experiences, training, and job placement 11. Organizational assistance of student career portfolios 12. Referral to adult programs and other resources (i.e., Department of Rehabilitation) 13. Continuous guidance from school to career transition Clients & Eligibility Requirements Are you interested in the services and supports listed above? The Transition Program assists all WHS 9th through 12th grade students who qualify for special education services with either a 504 Plan or Individual with Education Plan (IEP). Desire for employment, vocational training experience, education beyond high school, and transition services drives student success at the WHS Transition Program, call 714.893.1381, extension 4655. Page 10

Adults...Classes for you, too! Enroll now for classes at your very own Huntington Beach Adult School – lifelong learning has never been more important and will never be more convenient and affordable. Many classes are low-cost. While the kids are completing their K-12 classes, take one for yourself. We have many campuses throughout Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, and Westminster and offer classes in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Choose from the following (take one or MORE!):  Career Tech Programs – Pharmacy Technician, Medical Assisting, Notary Public, and computer training for office or other careers.  Computer classes designed for senior citizens (digital cameras, the Internet, e-mail)  Exercise classes  Home decorative arts classes  Parenting classes (Parent Smart Preschool, Early Childhood Toddler classes, Parenting K-5, 6-8 and H.S.)  GED preparation classes (GED Test given on site monthly)  English as a Second Language conversation, citizenship and computer classes  Woodworking

Other adult classes including: The Art of Film


Conversational Spanish

Painting and drawing


American History

Music Appreciation

Basic Investing

Brain Fitness/”Insight”

Water Aerobics

We also have a counselor on site at the Main Campus offering educational, career, & personal counseling, and a Career Center where jobs are posted. Resume assistance, interviewing techniques and other job-seeking skills are offered. Classes are also available to earn a high school diploma. Check out our website often at for our current Schedule of Classes. We encourage online registration, but we also take registrations by mail, in-person, or fax. We accept cash, checks or credit cards (VISA or Mastercard). Call (714) 842-HBAS (4227) for more information or just stop by the Main Campus at 17231 Gothard Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. We have a facebook page, please visit us at

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Career Center Is Full Of Opportunities Community College Information: It is now time for seniors to start thinking about community college options and enrollment for fall 2013.

Options include: Complete a career program of your choice usually in two years or less. Earn an A.A. (Associate of Arts Degree) in your chosen major. Transferring from a community college to a four-year college or university with 56 or more transferable units. Enrollment for Coastline, Golden West, and Orange Coast college will be handled when students participate in the student orientation, advisement, and priority registration program (S.O.A.R). The program which includes the required English and Math placement tests will be held in our student cafeteria from 2:00-6:00 p.m. on March 27th and 28th. Seats are limited. Students can sign up on Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 2:45 p.m. in the Career Center. All students that do not take the test on our campus will have an opportunity to take the test on the campus of their choice.

Financial Aid Reminder: The filing period for Financial aid applications is from January 1 - March 2, 2013 for the Cal Grant and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Some colleges may have different deadlines. Be sure to check with the school you plan to attend. Websites for applying: (this site is to create a pin number for your electronic signature) (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) GPA Verifications were submitted by our district office for Cal Grants. The deadline is March 2, 2013. If your student is new to Westminster High School and enrolled after January 11, 2013 they need to see Mrs. Kinaman in the Career Center.

The Frank M. & Gertrude R. Doyle Foundation Scholarship: The Frank M. & Gertrude R. Doyle Foundation is once again offering scholarship opportunities to our graduating seniors who will be continuing their education after high school. This scholarship is also available to alumni from the HBUHSD who are planning to go to school. Applications can be downloaded at Please contact Mrs. Terry Kinaman, College Career Specialist, if you have any questions at 714-893-1381 ext. 4435. Page 12

The Orange County Transit Authority offers 30-day student bus passes. Passes are available at the following businesses for $33.00 (up to age 18).

We are very proud to offer our students three payment methods in order to purchase items this includes AP tests. The first method is by check, cash or money

order at the finance office window. The second method is at the finance office

All In "1" Money Store (Near Hazard) 14512 Goldenwest Street 714.899.9399

window using a debit or credit card. This method will result in the students incurring a 3% transaction fee. The third and final possibility will be for the

Continental Currency (Near McFadden) 15456 Beach Boulevard 714.893.7710

student to purchase their items on line, a link is on our web site, and for this method they will be charged a 4.25% fee along with a 50 cent transaction fee.

Coslo Travel & Tours (Near Magnolia Avenue) 9361 Bolsa Avenue, Suite 106 714.531.8957

2012-2013 Free and Reduced Priced School Meals Family Application Food and Nutrition Services, 14325 Goldenwest Street, Bldg 1, Westminster CA 92683

Digital Minilab - 1 hour Photo (Near Bushard) 9353 Bolsa Avenue, Suite D 714.891.1668

Your children may qualify for free or reduced priced meals. Breakfast and lunch are served each school day during the regular school year. Meals, foods, and beverages sold or served at our schools meet state and federal nutrition standards based on the U.S.D.A. Dietary Guidelines. Students have access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods meeting the nutrition standards.

Nady’s Liquor Market (Near Newland) 8460 Westminster Avenue 714.895.7705

Meal Applications are in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. The application, instructions and letter are posted on the Huntington Beach Union High School District website: under Food and Nutrition Services and are also available at your school site. Return completed applications to the school official at your school or the above address.

Professional Services Center (Near Brookhurst) 9938 Bolsa Avenue #209 714.531.3150 Ranchito Supermarket (Near Springdale) 5952 Westminster Avenue 714-379-0840

Each school year a new application is required. If a new application is not submitted or approved, then students must pay for their meals. The charge for a breakfast is from $1.25 to $1.50 and lunch is from $2.00 to $3.00.

Sarah’s Market (near Goldenwest Street) 7134 Westminster Avenue 714.903.0900

Eliminate lost lunch money by PRE-PAYING your student’s meals. Just go to the above website and click on Online ePayments. You may also use your personal check or cash to pre-pay.

Tri Liquor Store (Near Hazard) 14520 Magnolia Street 714.894.2977 Page 13

Westminster High School Senior Awards Thursday, May 30, 2013 6:00 p.m.

Perk up your Plate for Spring! Perk up your plate this spring with the newly updated MyPlate guidelines. These guidelines are a practical roadmap to help you make changes in your eating habits and hopefully lead to a healthier life. The new MyPlate recommends shifting eating patterns to eat more of some foods and less of others.

GRAD NIGHT 2013 will be held at Disneyland. When: June 14. 2013 (day after graduation) Time: 5:00p.m. to 3:00a.m. 

Ticket Price $85.00


Ticket information is located in your ASB office and Parent Center/D05. You may also visit the grad night website at: http:// for more information.

*Please note* Graduation ceremony: Grad Night celebration:

June 12, 2013 June 13, 2013

Attention Parents! The Grad Night Committee is a very small group of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior parents working to create an unforgettable night and the safe and sober send-off after 13 years of hard work. We really need parents help! If you would like to get involved and make Grad Night a success contact Trees Hill, WHS Community Resources Coordinator at 714.893.1381, extension 4601, for more information. Page 14

Foods recommended to increase include:  Fruits and vegetables  A variety of vegetables, especially darkgreen, red and orange vegetables, beans and peas  Whole grains Food and food components to reduce include:  Solid fats and added sugars  Refined grains  Daily sodium The recommendation for sodium remains the same, no more than 2300 milligrams (mg) for most people. However, a new recommendation to further reduce intake to 1500 mg has been given if you are 51 years old or older and for those who are African American or have hypertension, diabetes, or chronic kidney disease. Another key recommendation is to balance your calories to manage weight. Focus on balancing calories with physical activity. Recommendations for physical activity are 60 minutes/day for children and 30 minutes/day for adults. March is National Nutrition Month, so it’s a great time to get your plate in shape by filling half your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables and making half your grains whole grains. For recommendations on how to eat within these guidelines visit If you would like to learn more about upcoming nutrition activities, contact HBUHSD Food and Nutrition Services at (714) 894-1698.


EFFECTIVE COMUNICATORS WHO: *read, write, speak, and listen successfully *demonstrate visual and artistic expression

CRITICALTHINKERS AND PROBLEM SOLVERS WHO: *analyze and evaluate information *see solution to problems *evaluate results

PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS WHO: *resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner *respect individual differences *work independently and collaboratively *develop leadership skills

SELF-DIRECTED LEARNERS WHO: *actively use and apply appropriate technology for both classroom and personal enrichment *actively engage in their high school experience *actively participate in career planning

Page 15

Westminster High School 14325 Goldenwest Street Westminster, CA 92683

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Permit No. 2198

Advertisements in this newsletter do not constitute an endorsement by the Huntington Beach Union High School District or Westminster High School.

Calendar of Events* MARCH March 1 March 4 March 5 March 6 March 8 March 12-13 March 15 March 28-29 March 28 March 29

Java Night House of Commons - Period 4 Spring Ring Orders - Lunch PTSA Board Meeting @6:00 p.m. - Staff Dining D4 Ring - Make Up Orders at Lunch CAHSEE ASB Application Packets Due G1 Every 15 Minutes Power 106 Basketball Game End of Quarter

APRIL April 1-5 April 10 April 8-11 April 12 April 15 April 22

Spring Recess PTSA Board Meeting @6:00 p.m. - Staff Dining D4 ASB Campaigning Spring Rally ASB Elections ASB Interviews for Appointed Positions

MAY May 1 May 17 May 20-24 May 27 May 30 May 30 May 31

PTSA Board Meeting @9:00 a.m. - Staff Dining D4 Prom Staff Appreciation Week Memorial Day Holiday Powder Puff Football Senior Awards Dance

JUNE June 7-11 June 12 June 13 June 13

Senior Activities Graduation Grad Night - Disneyland Last Day of Instruction - Second Semester Ends

*Please verify event changes with Activities Office The mission of Westminster High School, in partnership with our community, is to educate students to become creative, productive citizens by providing multiple avenues of learning including innovative technology, a challenging curriculum, and a variety of co-curricular experiences.

Spring 2013 English  

Westminster High School Principal's Newsletter for Spring 2013 in English

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