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TREES On-The-Spot Essay Writing Contest Guidelines

GENERAL GUIDELINES 1. Prizes for the finalists will be distributed during the On-The-Spot Writing Contest on March 26, 2011 (Saturday). 2. Only finalists and one teacher coach per finalist will be allowed to attend the event. 3. Thunderbird Resorts representatives will get in touch with the teacher coach to coordinate schedules and locations of pick-up points. 4. Teacher coaches must accompany their students at all times. 5. Food will be served during the event. Please inform us of any food allergies or special dietary requirements. PROGRAM AND SCHEDULE (Please see Tentative Program for your reference) 1. Finalists and their teacher coaches must be at the venue by 7:30 AM. 2. On-The-Spot Writing Contest mechanics and essay topic will be announced on the day itself. WHAT TO BRING AND WEAR 1. Students are requested to wear jeans and the official TREES Writing Contest t-shirt that will be provided on that day. 2. Students and teachers must present their school ID (original plus a photocopy) during registration. 3. Teachers must bring two (2) copies of the list of materials that will be purchased using the PhP10,000 cash prize. 4. We will be providing pens, notebooks, and notepads for the students. ABSENCE 1. In the event that the student is unable to attend the On-The-Spot Writing Contest: a. The student automatically forfeits the chance to win the Grand Prize. b. The teacher coach must immediately send Thunderbird Resorts a letter signed by the principal stating the reason/s behind the absence. c. Students and their teacher coaches are given until May 26, 2011 to personally claim their cash prize at the Thunderbird Resorts Front Office in their province. d. When claiming the prize, students must be accompanied by their teacher coach. The student and teacher coach must present a copy of the congratulatory letter from Thunderbird Resorts and at least two valid IDs. 2. In the event that the teacher coach is unable to attend the On-The-Spot Writing Contest: a. The student must present on or before March 26 a letter, signed by the principal, that authorizes the substitute teacher to accompany the finalist. b. Substitute teacher must also present an ID (original plus a photocopy) during registration. If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with Myra Lorredo (M: 0917-8858052 / E: