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Issue No. 17- July 2015

Coming of Age in Kenya Joy Village Erecting a Boy’s Hostel It is a centuries’ old Kenyan tradition that boys come of age when they enter high school. This is the time in a young Kenyan boy’s life when he must move out of his family’s home and live apart from them. The high school boy continues to eat meals with his parents and siblings, yet he sleeps alone, does his own cleaning and washes his own clothes. Joy Village is following this model as well. With our first boy to enter high school this fall, we are erecting a boys’ hostel on the grounds of the home. Michael, who turns 17 this year and enters high school in the fall, will be the first resident of the new boys’ hostel. He will be followed by five other boys over the next several years. Girls, in Kenyan culture, do not move out of the family home until they complete high school. We anticipate adding a girls’ hostel at Joy Village shortly before our first young ladies come of age in a few years.

Michael will enter high school this fall.

Allamano School Children at the Allamano School are learning to use a mouse pad. Technology is fascinating to kids everywhere, it seems.



Tree of Lives Newsletter July 2015