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Spring 2014

Bringing the World’s Most Inspirational Speakers to the Midlands! Photo of Lorna Byrne blessing people at one of her events.

Lorna Byrne Love From Heaven

Gordon Smith The Beyond Belief Tour

Moira Bush God & Money

Dr David Hamilton I ❤ Me: The Science of Self-Love

Sandy Newbigging Mind Calm

Festivals Inspiring Talks

Dr Brian Clement Power of Live Food to Heal

Raw Living Food Workshops & Concerts

Inspiration • Wellbeing • Vitality’

Inspirational Talks & Events Calendar’ Dr David Hamilton speaking at Tree of Life in November 2013



SAT 15 & SUN 16 MAR


The Beyond Belief Tour – An Evening of Mediumship GORDON SMITH Hailed as ‘Britian’s most accurate medium’ who has brought healing to thousands of people worldwide Tickets: £20 Early Bird if booked by 14 Feb (£25 thereafter) Time: 7pm – 9pm Venue: Birmingham & Midland Institute, 9 Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3BS THIS EVENING IS LIKELY TO SELL OUT & ADVANCE BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED (Plus last few spaces on his day workshop) Friday Evening Talk: God & Money MOIRA BUSH Colour Mirrors Teacher & Spiritual Entrepreneur How can we shift from constantly creating poverty and living in debt, to creating financial freedom? During her talk Moira will share some of the steps she took using spiritual principles to let go of a poverty mind-set and claim our God-given gift - prosperity consciousness. Weekend Workshop: God & Money (see page 11 for full details of both events including tickets, times and venue)

Psycho-Energetics™ Learn How to Deploy the Mechanics of Enlightenment in Everyday Life BAREFOOT DOCTOR Master of Taoist & author of over 15 books with a following of millions around the globe By learning to access and shift your internal presence within your body, using these ancient Taoist psycho-energetic techniques, you attain to a state of perpetual delight no matter what’s going on or isn’t going on for you. You transcend the usual level of everyday worry, anxiety depression, low-confidence, poor-focus, mind-jumble, stress and underlying suffering that dogs peoples’ lives in our hyperactive, over-stretched, over-reached contemporary world. Yet you’re able to operate even more effectively in everyday life AND enjoy it all considerably more, at the very deepest level of your being. Not only that, but with your new state of congruence you’re able to guide in all the resources you require to live your life’s adventure to the full AND feel the courage and confidence to actually do it. Your fear of death diminishes by the day, your fear of life diminishes by the hour, and you find yourself living the life of a modern superhero in the movie of your making. FRIDAY 28 MARCH EVENING TALK: 7.30pm – 9.30pm (doors open 7pm) Tickets: £10 Early Bird if booked by 21 March (£15 thereafter) Venue: Birmingham (see website)


Spiritual Mastery at Your Fingertips From Mystery to Method: Spiritual Tools for Discovering Inner Stillness and Balancing Chaotic Emotions A one day workshop MICHAEL ROLAND Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Author of Soulbaby: A Spiritual Odyssey Is happiness elusive? Is true spirituality a profound mystery? Everyone has heard stories of spiritual masters going to the mountains for weeks or months and coming back with revelations from on high; stories of hermits sitting in caves for years on end and discovering the secrets to the universe without ever setting foot outside. Ever noticed how all these stories leave out what those spiritual masters actually did in order to gain such wonderful and valuable insights? Are you ready to engage your own spirituality as a skill that can be learned, practised, and perfected using the tools of the ancients to find the path to true awareness and ascendence? Come join us. SATURDAY 29 MARCH WORKSHOP: 10am – 4pm Venue: Birmingham (see website) Tickets: £78


Tree of Life Inspiration Wellbeing & Vitality Festival! An uplifting day for your mind, body, heart & spirit. FREE inspirational talks all day on radiant wellbeing. Vibrant holistic exhibitors and a celebration of conscious living and co-creation. See pages 19 & backcover for full details.


Love from Heaven LORNA BYRNE Sunday Times #1 international bestselling author of ‘Angels in My Hair’ £15 Early Bird if booked by 17 March (£20 thereafter) Venue: Birmingham (exact address will be announced on the website). THIS EVENING IS LIKELY TO SELL OUT & ADVANCE BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED (see p9 for full details)


Friday Evening Talk: Mind Calm SANDY NEWBIGGING Creator of Mind Detox Method + Mind Calm Meditation + Best Selling Author




Saturday Workshop: Mind Calm Meditation (see page 18 for full details of both events including tickets, times and venue)

Info & Tickets: 0121 449 4086




Friday Evening Talk: 10 Spiritual & Practical Secrets for Attracting What You Want DR DAVID HAMILTON Best Selling Author of ‘I ❤ Me: The Science of Self Love’ & Scientist In a fusion of self-help and science, David will share some powerful tools, strategies, and simple pieces of wisdom that will help you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. These ‘secrets’ emerged from an understanding of reality and how our minds attract what we focus on. You will also learn the science of how and why these tools and strategies work so that you can have a greater belief in yourself. FRIDAY 23 MAY EVENING TALK: 7.30pm – 9.30pm (doors open 7pm) Tickets: £10 Early Bird if booked by 16 May (£15 thereafter) Venue: Birmingham (see website) Day Workshop: I ❤ Me: The Science of Self-Love In this workshop, you will learn about self-love, from how we lose it to how we can develop a greater sense of self-love. You will learn some very powerful techniques and strategies that will literally help you ‘wire-in’ a better idea of yourself that will help you feel better and also become more effective in your life and relationships - allowing new thoughts about yourself and new behaviours to take root and become habits and you, quite simply, will start to see and appreciate yourself in a whole different way. SATURDAY 24 MAY WORKSHOP: 10.30am – 5pm £47 per ticket (or £67 for two tickets if booked 1 week in advance) Venue: Birmingham (see website)


Power of Live Food to Heal Disease & Conquer Aging Dr BRIAN CLEMENT World Renowned Expert & Director of the Hippocrates Health Institute Tickets: £22 Early Bird if booked by 31 March (£27 thereafter) Venue: Birmingham (see website). ADVANCE BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED (see p6 for full details)


Plant Spirit Medicine - A Journey into the healing wisdom of plants ELIOT COWAN Author of Plant Spirit Medicine & a fully initiated shaman in the Huichol Indian tradition Plant Spirit Medicine recognizes that plants have spirit and that spirit is the strongest medicine. Spirit can heal the deepest reaches of the heart and soul. Without thinking, plants do exactly what our people most need - they live their lives fully, from the heart, in dancing harmony with the world around them. They are willing to share their gifts openly, for each of us who walks and laughs and sleeps and yearns on this earth is already, knowingly or not, intimately related to the plant spirits. EVENING TALK: 7.30pm – 9.30pm (doors open 7pm) Tickets: £10 Early Bird if booked by 6 June (£15 thereafter) Venue: Birmingham (see website)


Life beyond Life JACKY NEWCOMB ‘The Angel Lady’, is a multi-award winning Sunday Times Best-Selling author of 17 books and she frequently features in the national press What happens after we pass from our physical bodies? Where do we go? Jacky will be sharing insights into life on the other side and talking about spontaneous afterlife communication. Many thousands of people have experienced contact from their loved-ones on the other side of life. They appear in dreams and visions to let their living relatives know they are ok and talk about where they now reside. What sort of signs do they bring? How do they show us they are still around and still part of our life? Jacky will tell you how and will be answering your questions. EVENING TALK: 7.30pm – 9.30pm (doors open 7pm) Tickets: £10 Early Bird if booked by 13 June (£15 thereafter) Venue: Birmingham (see website)


Yoga & Meditation Workshop: Raising Your Vibration for Healing & Manifesting YOGI ASHOKANANDA Yoga & Meditation Master, “Yogi Ashokananda is in high demand’ Om Magazine This yoga and meditation workshop will combine the yogic, meditative and spiritual teaching of Yogi Ashokananda. £47 per ticket (or £67 for two tickets if booked 1 week in advance). See Tree of Life website for full details.








Human Futures PETER OWEN JONES BBC TV presenter of the award wining ‘Extreme Pilgrim’, ‘Around the World in 80 Faiths’ & ‘How to Live a Simple Life’ documentaries The future of human life, of all life on this planet looks pretty bleak right now. This talk examines why we no longer dream about the future, what exactly has brought this way of living into being and where it is now taking us. EVENING TALK: 7.30pm – 9.30pm (doors open 7pm) Tickets: £10 Early Bird if booked by 27 June (£15 thereafter) Venue: Birmingham (see website)

Evening Talk: The Relax-Well Secrets DR WILLIAM BLOOM Britain’s most experienced mind-body-spirit teacher & author of ‘The Endorphin Effect’ Building on his pioneering work on the connections between endorphins, wellbeing and spirituality, in this evening’s talk Dr William Bloom will introduce you to inspiring and useful secrets to support your health and spiritual development. Day Workshop: How to Teach and Lead Meditation With over thirty years of training people in this area, William will share the core concepts and strategies for leading people into silence. This is a crucial training if you have a calling to lead people into calm space. See Tree of Life website for full details of these events.

Earth Blessings: Using Crystals for Personal Energy Clearing, Earth Healing & Environmental Enhancement JUDY HALL Bestselling Author of ‘The Crystal Bible’ Judy Hall is known around the world for her crystal work and a wide range of bestselling books, including The Crystal Bible. Working as a psychic, healer, broadcaster and international workshop leader for over 40 years, she has three times appeared on the Watkins Bookshop Spiritual 100 List of the most spiritually influential living people of the 21st century. See Tree of Life website for full details of these events.

ADVANCE EVENT BOOKING ONLINE - By using debit/credit card or PayPal at our website BY POST - Send a cheque payable to ‘Tree of Life’ (together with name, email, address & phone number) to: Tree of Life, 99 Blenheim Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9UA. PLEASE NOTE THAT ADVANCED BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED FOR ALL EVENTS AS THEY CAN SELL OUT

3 Dear Friends, We trust you have been gracefully yet fully discovering yourself in slow motion in the beginning of the Year 2014. Happy New You, Newly & Happily Yourself! Wishing you much love, joy and healthy wellbeing. May you be in the flow with all the opportunities to practice self-love, kindness, inner peace, resilience, abundance and interconnectedness. And may everything that comes your way be there for you in the divine timing and space to blossom, awaken and be blessed by the PRESENCE OF being YOU in every moment. We have been resting, reflecting and nurturing our outer & inner being over the festive and January time. We see many people have been also in slowing down energy and ‘waiting’ patiently for the ‘coming’ to arrive. The Tree of Life has gone through a gentle pruning to keep the roots strong yet flexible and allow some time for it to grow in between the subtle deep breaths. It’s already shown us some beautiful, delicate and powerful buds worth exploring. A number of changes have been made to the Tree of Life programme this season and we are awaiting more progress throughout the year, for the better of all. There will be fewer Friday evening speaker events and new more

local/community events will be added on Friday and/or Saturday nights (see below). On Friday 21st March there will be the launch of the Tree of Light Spiritual Community sacred evenings where we all, regardless of what religion or background we follow or came from, can gather and embrace each other’s differences and love unconditionally, co-create together and experience the ONEness. Where we beautiful spiritual beings in our grounded human bodies can celebrate the space between us and become the family where creativity, friendliness and passion is the instrument from which we manifest the magnificent highest self just by being inspiring, sharing ourselves and opening to love. In this season we are honoured to welcome back our dearest speakers Lorna Byrne, Gordon Smith, Barefoot Doctor, Moira Bush, Sandy Newbigging & Dr David Hamilton. It’s a powerful line-up covering important subjects on self-love, money, meditation and angelic presence giving us all faith & hope. The spring Tree of Life Festival will be a flowering celebration of mind, body & spirit wisdom and empowerment. We are deeply touched how all of you are supporting the Tree of Life and we wish that each of you will share your beautiful presence and co-create a wonderful year with us again! Much Love, Light & Prosperity

“The Tree of Life is an inspirational magazine that touches people’s hearts, opens their minds & awakens their spirits. It uplifts people’s vibrations, supports conscious living & radiates with love, light & joy. It is a vibrant channel through which people synchronistically connect with each Joginder, Marketa & Tree of Life Team xxx other & find their inspired next steps”

Monthly Spiritual Cinema Nights Spiritual movies often have great messages and watching them in the company of like-minded others brings an even deeper and richer quality to the experience of seeing the movie. And at the end of the movie there’s a chance to share with each other what insights came up. This is the reason why we have decided to start the Spiritual Cinema Nights once per month. The cost is just £4 per night in a lovely environment and includes teas/coffees. The movies night will be on the following Fridays, 7.30pm – 9.30pm in Moseley: 14 Mar 2014 - Occupy Love 18 Apr 2014 - Opa! 16 May 2014 - Listen to Your Heart

See website for full details:

Free Silent Meditations Meditation is just a courage to be silent and alone. Slowly slowly, you start feeling a new quality to yourself, a new aliveness, a new beauty, a new intelligence—which is not borrowed from anybody, which is growing within you. It has roots in your existence. ~ Osho

 Spending time in silence together with others is a deeply nourishing experience. All are welcome to our weekly meditation sessions at the following times, in Moseley, Birmingham: Wednesdays 12.30pm to 1pm Sundays 8am – 9am Free online booking essential via Tree of Life website or call 07875 225544 4

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Launch of the Tree of Light Spiritual Community The higher our vibrations raise, the more we seek out the company of other kindred spirits – it’s a necessity as we realize that our continued growth can’t happen in isolation. We’d like to create a space where people gather together to celebrate life which is open to people of all faiths and none. If this vision resonates with you then we would love you to join us in making this spiritual community a reality. We will be having our first meeting on Friday 21 March 2014 at 7.30pm (see website for venue) Everyone is very welcome.

Disclaimer: While the Editors and Publisher of The Tree of Life have done their best to ensure that all advertisers are offering services for the highest good of all concerned, they would remind readers that choosing a therapist or responding to an advertisement is their own responsibilty. Opinions expressed by contributors or advertisers in The Tree of Life are not necessarily those of the Editors.

Top 10 Spiritual Tips for Life! by Joginder Singh Bola

Joginder is a Director of Tree of Life and CoEditor of Tree of Life Magazine. He gives talks and runs workshops on self-empowerment and holistic business success. Hear him speak at the Tree of Life Festival on 12 April 2014 (see p19 & backcover). “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” - Albert Einstein I’ve realised that even in doing the work I love, I was still working too hard and burning myself out, like I would in a corporate job. I had to break this old pattern of behaviour, and so the last two months of taking time off have been truly transformational and healing. I learned so much during this period. Here’s my top 10 insights for a more balanced, fulfilled and happier life! 1. Exercise Everyday – Me and my partner Markéta joined a health club and started exercising regularly everyday – yoga classes, weight-lifting and keep-fit sessions! This one change has made the biggest improvement in the quality of our lives. The yoga classes help with flexibility. The weight-lifting is strengthening the body and mind. All the keep-fit exercises are helping us stay focused and young. I’m much more energized, fresher and alive after going to the gym than ever before – and this vitality then flows into my work, relationships and life generally. This experience is reminding me of one of my favourite sayings ‘The Universe applauds actions not words’. We are ‘mind body & spirit’ and so taking care of the body is nurturing the important ground from which our mind & spirit can soar. 2. Regular Saunas – The native Americans and many other peoples have used sweat lodges and sweating together as a method of spiritual practice for thousands of years. The sweating helps you to release the toxins from your body and purify your system. And that purification goes on to purify your energy and aura and so you emerge feeling re-born and lighter. 3. Cold Dips – After the heat of a sauna or strong exercise to spend some time in cold water or under a cold shower is just exhilarating. It wakesup your whole body and brings you right into the ‘now’ moment like nothing else can. It’s a real awakening experience! 4. Spend Time in Water – Whether it’s having a bath, shower or swimming – spending time in water really helps to refresh your whole being and shift your e-motions. It’s like your aura and energy field is being cleansed by the water and so you step out a freer person.

5. Have more fun & jacuzzis! – Even when you’re doing the work you love, you got to have fun playtime or else your inner child just gets really mad and starts to cause trouble. We love treating ourselves to a nice warm bubbly jacuzzi in the gym after a good work-out! 6. Less is More - Because we were going to the gym everyday we ended up spending less hours at work. But in those less hours we achieved a lot more than we did in the longer hours we were working before. We had new ideas and intuitions come to us because we were in a better space and alignment. Synchronicity and flow started to appear more in our day and the work became much more easier, fun and creative! 7. Take time off to refresh – we took the last half of December & January off from running events so that we had more space for ourselves. In this resting time we were able to have good quality time together, just slow down and really enjoy each other’s company. Also spending more time seeing our family and friends. This quiet period created a gap in which new ideas and ways of doing things could come to us – ideas which won’t have occurred if we just kept carrying on with the old patterns. 8. De-cluttering – You need to let go of the old for the new to come in. We have been doing a process of de-cluttering (and do it regularly) releasing physical clutter from our living environment. As the house becomes less cluttered so do our minds too – old habits start falling away and new pathways can be created. 9. Ask for Guidance – I will often ask for guidance each morning. There is a beautiful pray from A Course in Miracles which I love “What would You have me do? Where would You have me go? What would You have me say, and to whom?”. I’ve often had truly amazing ideas come through from this openness. I asked for guidance in putting this new Tree of Life Magazine & talks programme together – what speakers should I book, what talks & workshops should we have. I even asked for inspiration for writing this article and now it’s flowing! It’s like you become a channel for something greater to come through you and express itself – to guide your daily actions. 10. Meditate regularly – I’ve noticed that the days which start with a short 20 minute period of meditation just flow better than the days where I don’t do this. You eventually realise that you can’t afford to skip meditation – the 20 minutes you save is nothing compared to how much you loose in your clarity and alignment for the day. We have started running weekly free silent meditation sessions every Wednesday lunchtime 12.30 – 1pm and Sunday morning 8am – 9am (see page opposite), please do come and join us. Meditating in a group is an even more powerful experience. Holistic Business Success Coaching with Joginder: One-to-one individual coaching sessions that will empower you to take your holistic business to a new level of success (or help you start your own holistic business if don’t have one yet) - £97 per hour.

One day workshops on creating Holistic Business Success with Joginder Singh Bola: Public Speaking & Becoming an Inspirational Speaker Overcome your fears of public speaking so that you can share your message with more people by becoming an inspirational public speaker. Learn techniques so that you can get your ideas across with ease, passion and enthusiasm. We start with the basics and move quickly into actually delivering talks - you will be on your feet and presenting with confidence in no time at all! “Great Workshop! Lots of practical tips about my communication style that I can use straight away!” Previous workshop participant

Sunday 2 March 2014 10am – 4.30pm £47 per ticket (or £67 for two tickets if booked 1 week in advance) Location: Moseley, Birmingham

Holistic Marketing & Networking Learn practical ways to holistically market and grow your business so that you can reach more people. Drawing on 5 years of experience of running the Tree of Life, Joginder will share what works and topics will include: Holistic Networking Social Media & Websites Effective Advertising “This workshop was a great way to pick the brains of an inspirational holistic business owner who provided great practical tips on how to make a spiritual business work!” Previous workshop participant

Saturday 22 March 2014 11am – 5pm £47 per ticket (or £67 for two tickets if booked 1 week in advance) Location: Moseley, Birmingham

Discovering & Living Your Life Purpose The first half of this workshop will focus on discovering what your life purpose is. What were you born to do? If you already have some idea about what it could be then it will be a chance to clarify and strengthen that. You will create an inspiring holistic business vision statement for yourself. The second half of the day will look at the practical ways that you can live that life purpose in the world and will include creating an inspired holistic business plan. “A very uplifting workshop full of absolutely brilliant tips and ideas presented with so much fun and joy.” Previous workshop participant

Sunday 25 May 2014 10am – 4.30pm £47 per ticket (or £67 for two tickets if booked 1 week in advance) Location: Moseley, Birmingham

Info & Bookings: 0121 449 4086

Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution. - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Tree of Life presents a day with DR BRIAN CLEMENT POWER OF LIVE FOOD TO HEAL DISEASE AND CONQUER AGING In this seminar, Dr. Clement will address the half century of work on disease and longevity conducted at the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute. Cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, MS, ALS, Parkinsons, fibromyalgia and more can be altered, prevented, and at times conquered with phyto-chemicals, antioxidants and other nutrients consumed on a diet of organic vegan living food. Dr. Clement will explain the basic science and extraordinary mechanisms that bring about a heightened and balanced immunity. Hundreds of thousands worldwide share enthusiasm in their greatly improved health by utilizing unprocessed green foods. One of the exceptional benefits acquired from this powerful cuisine is longevity.

Saturday 7 June 2014, 11.30am – 3.30pm (doors open from 10.30am) £22 Early Bird if booked by 31 March (£27 thereafter) Gourmet Raw Living Food Dinner with Dr Brian Clement Saturday 7 June 2013, 6pm – 8pm £27 Early Bird if booked by 31 March (£32 thereafter) Venue: Birmingham (see website) ADVANCE BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED

Dr. Brian Clement has spent more than three decades studying nutrition and natural healthcare. He has received graduate degrees in both naturopathic medicine and nutritional science. Since 1980, he has directed the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida – the complementary healing centre that was voted ‘Number 1 medical spa in the world’. Brian has conducted countless seminars, lectures, and educational programs, travelling extensively to more than 25 countries around the globe. Brian has also written numerous books in which he explores the various aspects of health, spirituality, and natural healing.

Info & Tickets: or 0121 449 4086



The Future of Wellbeing Sunday 11 May London Best seats selling fast 6

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. - Jean Anouilh

‘Markéta is the Jamie Oliver of raw food.’ Lynne McTaggart, international bestselling author of ‘The Field’ and editorial director of ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ – one of the world’s most highly praised health newsletters.

The Sexy Raw Food Goddess The Sexy Raw Food Goddess‘ vision is to empower people to nurture, nourish and celebrate all their senses Living by the speed of Light by Markéta Bola Markéta, The Sexy Raw Food Goddess, is a natural nutritionist and raw living food chef of the Tree of Life Cosmic Café who runs raw food classes, workshops and dining experiences in the UK. She is also a certified Hippocrates Health Educator. I have been trying to encourage my parents to eat more green leafy vegetables for decades. My dad has been joking with me whenever a side dish of vegetables appears on his table. He eats it with huge resistance and funny faces to tease me and keeps asking me if his eyes are changing colour to green and if he is turning into a rabbit. I laugh a lot but sometimes I pause and think what happened to us, human beings, that we tend to refuse the most natural and nutritional offerings. On the other hand, I quite understand when we feel healthy and active and we just want to follow the mainstream, so called ‘normal’ and acceptable that is easily available. And it also grounds us in the environment we want to fit in. But did you realize who is responsible for the media and choices of your daily life? Are they the people who studied nutrition and then created products or are they the people who own the dairy, meat, sugar or fish industries? Are you honestly ‘in the flow’ with what is offered to you or are you concerned that it might not work for you for rest of your life? I think that incurable ‘diseases’ of this generation speak for themselves. And there is no doubt that it is reflecting the wholeness of our body-mind-spirit awareness. Do you have wishes of being, feeling, looking, having or doing it your way ‘one day’? But then you’ll have to make a commitment and start changing it all over.

the advertising screen in front of me. After a while I just managed to withdraw myself from it and made an intention to look at something more real. There it was - actually two things hit my attention. Firstly, because it was dark, I spotted the bright illumination of the streetlights everywhere around me. It was delightful to see each light doing its extraordinary work for us to see and be seen. I felt safe. And secondly, as we were moving very slowly, every green light on the traffic lights was like a huge inhale from the bottom of my lungs with such a sparkle in my eyes. It made me alive & grateful. And then I got it. Here, there it is, a message that appears absolutely everywhere. The universal law of life presented by itself. We all need light. We live by the speed of light. Especially when we are stuck. The whole world would not be spinning around. Nature would not been green without light. Without the shining sun we would all disappear and there would not be a shining bright soul that lives and experiences the lows and highs of this planet. There would not be photosynthesis happening without the light that turns all plants and vegetation green, the chlorophyll rich source for us to take in, breathe and thrive everyday. Do we really see the signs that show us playfully, deep understandings of how connected we all are. Most of us are looking forward to Spring which is just around the corner. Well, we don’t really know when it’s coming exactly as the whole planet is changing with global warming. After all, in tuning into what we’re going through recently faster than ever, it all seems like the Universe creates many new awakening circumstances in the world for us to think, act and be compelled to radically change our consciousness.

One evening when driving to see our friends, we got stuck in heavy traffic in the middle of the city Hear Markéta speak at the Tree of Life Festival on centre. I suddenly realized how much I’m pulled into Sat 12 April 2014 (see page 19 & back cover).

Fine Falafels raw creations 11/2 c 1c 2 tbsps 1 1 1 clove 2 tbsps 1/8 1/2 tsp pinch of 1/4 tsp

sprouted buckwheat walnuts, soaked sesame seeds handful of fresh coriander small red onion garlic ground flax seeds lemon, without peel cumin cayenne pepper Himalayan salt

Raw Food LIV-Style An individual training session to get the best results while incorporating the raw living food life-style into your daily schedule or your personal lifechanging programme. £85 an hour

The Sexy Raw Food Course

‘transformational 6-week programme’ – Level I. Introduction to a whole-new Life-Style* Trans-form your body, mind & spirit! (Handouts, home-plays, e-recipes & group support incl.) 6 Tuesday day or evening classes 11.30am–1.30pm or 7-9pm: Starting 25 Feb in Moseley, Birmingham On these dates: 25 Feb; 4, 11, 25 Mar; 1 & 8 Apr £197 or £167 Early Bird till 17 Feb Prior booking essential as this class is limited to 10 people.

The Sexy Raw Food Course ‘trans-form higher programme’ – Level II. March - May 2014

Raw Food Experience Delicious four course gourmet living food dinner! in Moseley, Birmingham at 7pm

Sat 15 Feb: Raw-mantic Valentine Dinner Party Tue 18 Mar: Raw-ing Spring Dinner Party Tue 22 Apr: Angelic Delightful Living Food Party Sat 7 Jun: Gourmet Dinner with Dr Brian Clement £27 / Prior booking essential 1 week in advance

The Sexy Raw Food A-Z Glow A weekend workshop with Markéta balls from the mixture, mixed from all of above ingredients in a food processor with an S-blade. They are a fantastic source of protein, calcium, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and ideal snacks to take with you to work or the gym.

Learn & create delicious and beautifully prepared raw food dishes yourself. It‘s fun, simple and great for your wellbeing, health & vitality! Sat 1 & Sun 2 Mar 2014 Sat 28 & Sun 29 Jun 2014 Sat 11am – 5pm/ Sun 10am – 4pm, in Moseley, Birmingham £197/£167 Early Bird 1 week in advance Gourmet raw food lunches included. Prior booking is essential as spaces are limited.

A Make Over Of Your Kitchen A path to a healthy and ‘de-cluttered‘ body strats with the embodiment of a fresh and living kitchen in order. Would you like more clarity and support to get it done in less than one day. Call to discuss a quote.

Make a verdant soft bed from green leafy vegetables like rocket, watercress, spinach etc. on your plate. Place a few handmade fine falafel

Info & bookings on-line: or send a cheque made payable to ‘Tree of Life‘ to Tree of Life, 99 Blenheim Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9UA. For further info email: or call Markéta T: 0121 449 4086 M: 07875 225544

The greatest wealth is health. - Virgil


Sharing Spiritual Wisdom for over 25 years SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT • THERAPY REVIEWS • FOOD • NUMEROLOGY


Sharing Spiritual Wisdom for over 25 Years


STONEHENGE 2014 What’s the future for this sacred site?

Resolutions Write them down for success






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Love from Heaven BY LORNA BYRNE

and you have the choice to release it. You can choose to allow yourself to feel it. Doing so will help you to stop destroying yourself and others. It will make your life happier and more fulfilled. If you can love yourself more, you will be able to love others more and you will be more truly yourself.

Photo by Jason Clarke

Sunday Times #1 bestselling author Lorna Byrne has been seeing angels since she was a baby. She speaks at sell out events throughout the world. This is an extract from her new book ‘Love from Heaven’ We are all pure love. But most of us have locked away this love within ourselves and don’t let it out. This love remains there, though. We can lock love away but we cannot destroy it, and we always have the potential to release it. We release it by learning to love ourselves again first. If we are unable to love ourselves, we are unable to love another. Love is the most powerful force in the world; it comes from heaven, from our soul. It’s love that brings all the joy and happiness into our lives; it’s love that helps to steer us in the right direction and drives us forward, regardless of what is going on in our lives; it’s love that makes living worthwhile. Ever since I was a young child, the angels have been teaching me about love and helping me to see the force of love physically. I see angels all the time. I cannot remember any time when I have not seen them. From the very moment I opened my eyes after I was born they were there – even though I did not know they were angels. I still see them as clearly as I see my daughter sitting across the dinner table from me. There has never been a day when I haven’t seen angels. I also see the force of love physically, but this is the first time I have written about it.

Your guardian angel can help you to become more aware of the love you have shut away. Your guardian angel loves you unconditionally. It never judges you, and sees you as perfect in every way. Ask it to help you to see yourself the way it sees you. Ask it to keep reminding you particularly when you start to judge or find fault with yourself. So many of us are good at thinking negative thoughts about ourselves, and think few loving thoughts. If anyone has ever told you that you shouldn’t love or value yourself, you should discard this thought and throw it away. When we think loving thoughts about ourselves, we release more love that showers us and makes us more happy and confident; when we think negative or critical thoughts, we do exactly the opposite. I remember a girl who came to see me many years ago. She was very unhappy and didn’t love herself at all. She told me that she felt ugly and hated her appearance. Her guardian angel stood beside her and just said to me, ‘Tell her what you see, Lorna.’ I did; I told her what beautiful eyes she had, and what a beautiful smile. I told her how pretty she was – and she was. I knew, though, that she was having great difficulty in believing me. Her guardian angel told me to ask her whether she liked flowers. She told me she loved them, and that daffodils were her favourite. Her guardian angel then told me to tell her that she should look at herself in the same way as she looked at a daffodil. I did as I was told.

All new born babies are pure love. They feel complete love for themselves and know they are perfect, lovable and unique. Yet from the first months of a baby’s life I see this glow of love fade, and from the age of ten most people - and I mean more than nine out of ten - have locked away a significant proportion of their love from themselves and others.

About a year later she came to see me and I could instantly see that she had changed. I could see the force of love wafting from her, and turning and coming back, gently showering her with the love that was coming from within. She was much more happy and confident in herself. She told me that each time she thought of her looks in a negative way she would think of the beauty and perfection of a daffodil. She told me that she had put a picture of a daffodil in the corner of her mirror to help her remember. She was so grateful, saying that she didn’t think she would be still here without me. I told her it wasn’t me – it was that she had listened to her guardian angel and had taken the steps she needed to learn to love herself again.

God does not allow us to destroy, lose or diminish love. But we can lock much of it away, as if we have put it in a cage and thrown away the key. This love never disappears, though

The angels have told me that we can all learn to love ourselves more and if we do so there will be more love in our world. This is why I have written this book.

Lorna speaking at Tree of Life in 2013. Photo by Anzar Bola

Love from Heaven An evening with Lorna Byrne ‘Love is the most powerful force in the world. It’s love that brings all the joy and happiness into our lives and drives us forward. The angels have told me it’s love that makes living worthwhile.’ Lorna Byrne Lorna Byrne has been seeing angels since she was a baby. Very unusually, she sees angels physically with as much clarity as the rest of us see people and she sees them every day. This diminutive, softspoken, uneducated Irish woman who did not talk about what she was seeing until seven years ago, says she has no idea why God has allowed her to see angels when others can’t, adding that she is just an ordinary person. The response of her more than a million readers all around the world (Her books Angels in my Hair, Stairways to Heaven and A Message of Hope from the Angels are published in more than 50 countries and translated into 27 languages) is that knowing that Lorna sees a guardian angel with everyone – of all faiths and none – has given them confidence that they have a guardian angel. Lorna doesn’t just see angels. She also sees love as a physical force, something which she has never talked about before the publication of Love From Heaven. This allows her a unique insight into the importance of love, its origin and the different ways we can love. She explains how we are all pure love, but so many of us have locked away this love within ourselves and are unable to fully love ourselves or others. Love From Heaven will transform the way you think about love; it will stir up the love that is within you, helping you to love yourself more, making you more compassionate, happier and helping to change your life and the lives of the people around you. Her message is one of love - join us for this special evening with Lorna. The format of the evening is interview style with a local journalist interviewing Lorna. There will be an opportunity to ask Lorna questions from the audience. And Lorna will individually bless anyone who wishes it afterwards.

Friday 25 April 2014 7.30pm - 9.30pm (doors open 6.45pm) Venue: Birmingham, UK (exact address to be announced) £15 Early Bird if booked by 17 March (£20 thereafter) THIS TALK IS LIKELY TO SELL OUT & ADVANCE BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED. Info & Bookings:

Angels can fly directly into the heart of the matter. - Author Unknown 0121 449 4086

9 Workshops & Events 2014

Spiritual Community • Learning Centre • Ecovillage

Seven days that can

change your world Join with the Findhorn Foundation and community in co-creating a more positive and sustainable future for people and planet. EXPERIENCE WEEK


An invitation for you to let go of your limitations, open to love and to be the change you want to see in the world.

We also offer day visits or longer tailor-made residential stays by arrangement for groups of all ages and abilities. My Kaywa QR-Code tel: 01309 690311 email: Scottish Charity Number SC007233

Download the Kaywa QR Code Reader (App Store &Android Market) and scan your code!


Mirrorstone Crystals the Midlands leading provider of high quality crystals and amazing fossils from around the world. Come and visit our shop in Kings Heath, Birmingham or online at and browse our exciting range of fair trade gifts, incense and silver gemstone jewellery all at affordable prices. We also provide crystal healing and life path guidance sessions by appointment.

They may as well have called the sun a ball of flaming joy.

4b Heathfield Road | Kings Heath | Birmingham | B14 7DB 0121 444 3003 | Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

Terri Guillemets 10

Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much. - Erich Fromm

God and Money BY MOIRA BUSH

cash flow, if anything starting a new project, we all know it would need more cash. Also, I am not that kind of healer, I don’t do touchy-feely therapy work, preferring to work energetically with clients. This simply did not make sense.

Colour Mirrors Teacher & Spiritual Entrepreneur. Her talks and courses inspire you to step up and be the difference, be on purpose and serve from the heart. At the age when fighting the grey hairs has become routine, I came to the realisation that I know absolutely nothing about money. Operating a business for 10 years in overdraft and £30 000 of credit card debt by 2009, I was in serious denial. No surprise though, given that the only financial observations I had from my parents was mother struggling to feed her family, always in poverty. Mom was religious, she read her bible every night and prayed for the miracle of financial freedom that never came. Even though I had years of exposure to metaphysical subjects, exploring the teachings that included the Law of Attraction and The Secret, I was still stuck and unable to change my finances around so that I did not repeat my parent’s patterns around money. Something was missing and I had no idea what it was.

I had however made a commitment to the archangels that whatever I am instructed or guided on to change my finances, I would say yes. Staying in faith and trusting the process the most bizarre futuristic healing system arrived through my body on the planet to help humanity download a new spiritual blueprint. This new system also had two very specific spheres; one is called the Health Sphere and the other the Wealth Sphere. Slowly it dawned on me that not just myself, but everyone I would share this energy system with, will have the opportunity to not only heal their physical selves and raise spiritual awareness – we will all get to learn about wealth creation through the Wealth Sphere! Within months I was out of overdraft and never returned. And as I became more aware of my poverty mind-set habits, I felt guided to bring together a programme that would focus on sharing the abundance education the Archangels were giving me, and a 2-day programme called God and Money was launched through the Spiritual Entrepreneurs Academy. God and Money is a spiritual boot camp and one of the toughest I have presented, simply because all the experiences of several years working with the light and the shadow are compacted into 2 days learning followed by monthly support group meetings. The Wealth Sphere also teaches us that abundance is not just about financial stability, it is also about being in joy and in love, the three elements that makes up the Wheel of Fortune. Study your poverty mind-set, embrace prosperity consciousness and set your wheel in motion so you too may create a financial foundation to help you get your message of love and joy out into the world.

Help arrived when I made a statement in a colour therapy bath to the Archangel Metatron, ‘I am tired of being poor’. And I meant it. I also gave permission for the Archangels to show me what I needed to study or practice to change my finances. Insights arrived about vows of poverty Hear Moira speak about ‘Spiritual made in other lifetimes; judgements around Entrepreneurs’ at the Tree of Life Festival being spiritual and being paid for healing on Saturday 12 April 2014 (see p19 & services; and judgements on those in authority backcover) who abuses financial power. As I worked through these issues using colour therapy, I started to feel hopeful A new methodology of healing again. Although I felt better, no more money Round spheres containing Sacred was coming in. So again Geometric shapes and Colours, travel I asked, ‘Metatron, what through light rays and deliver healing and else can I be doing, transformation for the body, mind, heart and soul. show me please?’ During December 2012 he instructed me very clearly with visions to establish a new healing system. Now that was funny. Not the answer one would expect when looking at increasing

When downloading a new spiritual Blue-Print, the system offers a life changing moment.

Are you ready to change the shape of your life? For details on healing sessions and courses visit:

GOD AND MONEY An evening talk with Moira Bush The relationship between our spiritual self that wants to serve humanity and the part of us that handles our money and ensures we survive, is out of balance. How do we live and work doing what we love and at the same time earn the income that is needed to meet all our bills? What if we desire more than ‘just’ enough’ to pay the bills? How can we shift from constantly creating poverty and living in debt, to creating financial freedom? Moira has been running her business in overdraft for 10 years, at one point, £30 000 in debt with credit cards. During this talk Moira will share some of the steps she took using spiritual principles to let go of a poverty mind-set and claim our God-given gift - prosperity consciousness. Friday 7 March 2014, 7.30pm – 9.30pm (doors open 7pm) Tickets: £10 Early Bird if booked by 28 February (£15 thereafter) Venue: Birmingham (see website)

GOD AND MONEY 2-day Spiritual Boot Camp with Moira Bush There are 8 specific steps that we explore to identify and release poverty mind-set patterns. Of these, 4 steps are related to issues around the past. The other 4 steps focus on our shadow side and include exploring the energies of the wounded child and victimhood. On this course we access aspects of ourselves that specifically deny us experiencing the abundance that has been promised to us by the Angels. This programme is intense and from experience we know your shadow aspect that needs you to stay in poverty and struggle, may try to sabotage you from even arriving on the course. Be alert and keep breathing white light into the fear, it is just the last bit of resistance. Because the poverty mind-set is deeply embedded in our cellular memory, monthly support group meetings are held as part of the programme. The meetings help to raise self-awareness and build on your new abilities to only create from prosperity consciousness. Fee £180 - Includes Manual and Certificate from the Spiritual Entrepreneurs Academy Times 9:00 registration, 9:30 start. End at 17:00 Date: Sat 15 & Sun 16 March 2014 Venue: Birmingham (see website)

Info & bookings: 0121 449 4086

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. - Jim Rohn


The Fresh Network presents A Day With Brian Clement Nourishing with Living Foods – Detoxification, Cleansing and Elimination After a sold-out event last June, we are excited to welcome back this world-renowned expert from the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. Brian has spent the past three decades conducting groundbreaking research into nutrition and health, ensuring that what he shares is always right at the cutting edge. Those of you who have heard Brian speak before will know that his knowledge and passion for this subject know no bounds. This is what makes him one of the most sought-after speakers in the fields of optimum nutrition and holistic health today.

Topic: Nourishing with Living Foods – Detoxification, Cleansing and Elimination In this lecture, Brian Clement will address the workings of the elimination system, (Lymph, Liver, Colon, Blood Lungs, Kidneys and Skin) and what you can expect to experience as you undertake a detoxifying program.

Have a fabulous day out, delicious raw food and raw shopping at bargain prices! At this information-packed event you will: • learn from one of the world’s leading experts on the living foods diet and lifestyle.

Sunday 22nd June 2014 11:30am to 3:30pm Doors open at 10:30am and close at 5pm CAMDEN CENTRE, CAMDEN TOWN HALL JUDD STREET, LONDON, WC1H 9JE (Opposite King’s Cross & St Pancras station.)

The agenda for the day

Doors open at 10:30 - get there for then and you’ll have an hour before the start of the lecture to browse, shop, buy a raw brunch, meet old friends and/or make new ones. Lecture from 11:30-3:30 - with a lunch break in the middle. Fresh gourmet raw salads and other raw options will be available to purchase. Venue open until 5pm - giving you more time after the lecture to shop, eat and mingle at a leisurely pace.

Buy your ticket By phone: +44 (0)845 833 7017

Bookings are non-refundable but can be transferred to a third party upon request.

Buy Multip Tickets le a Save nd

• there will be ample time for questions with Dr Clement spend a day among likeminded people. • be able to buy products from The Fresh Network’s store at amazing discounts of up to 20%. • enjoy delicious and fresh raw food by Rainforest Creations at very reasonable prices.


Every now and then, a therapy comes along which works so well you sit up and take notice.

This is one!


The Human Energy Field (Aura) Course A mind-shifting 2 day course introducing you to the Human Energy Field and how it works, and how it has a direct influence on your health.

Energy Field Healing - Healing through the aura

The course covers how to bring in energy from the universe to create a balanced flow around you, giving you the potential for excellent health.

It is a specialist field of knowledge. This is not mainstream yet, but it’s coming. We are bringing it to you so that you can see for yourself the incredible benefits it brings to your health on physical, emotional and mental levels. Some people stay stuck in the same situation for ages because they have just accepted their lot. Or because they feel they have no choice. This therapy shows you how to improve your lot. We help you to discover the connection between the physical and spiritual, how to heal yourself, enhance your intuition and take command of your life. The course will be highly beneficial to anyone working in the field of healing, spiritual development and alternative therapies.

This course also touches on the links between the chakras and the human energy field, and how one affects the other. We show you how patterns in the energy field can exist prior to manifesting as a physical illness. So, if you feel that your health could be better, and you want to learn how to transform it, this course is for you. To be held at: Sydney House, Bristol Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham B5 7UB 8th & 9th March 2014 - £175 Visit our website for more courses and info on this type of healing. • • Glenda 07960 118108 Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind. - Dodinsky


Sound And Energy4All Are running a range of retreats in Turkey that focus on using sound as a healing modality

Mind Body Soul Events Stimulate your Mind... FREE Talks

Relaxation... Healing & Therapies

Inspiration... Psychics & Mediums

Indulgence... in MBS Retailers

Our events run in (April May June September and October 2014) with the following facilitators Tim Wheater and Linda Angelis Renata & Steven Ash Bards of Avalon Tobias & Wilhelmina Kay Chrys Blanchard Wendy Townsend Karen Skehel Sarah Weller and Julie Rutherford

Tao of Sound and Movement DNA & Light body activation through Sound Adventures in Sacred Sound Sounding bowls and phonetic healing Using your voice for sound healing Self empowerment The art of feeling good Reiki drum retreat Your Unique Sonic signature

For more information go to

Email: Tel: (+44)01732669091 Mob: (+44)07772935968


8-9 March: Ramada Solihull Hotel 23 March: Bromsgrove Hilton Hotel 5-6 April: Fellowship Hall, Sutton Coldfield 17 May: Avon Centre, Cannock 8 June: Tallyho Centre, Birmingham Admission Fees Apply /LoveLightEvents

If you go, go in Peace it makes the flowers sweeter along the path. - Mike Dolan


Kaitlyn G. Lyndon Gain clarity, insight, clear and release ‘stuck’ energies I connect to the energy consciousness of who and what we truly are to help others do the same. This energy connection helps people come more into alignment with their true authentic self/ soul energy. It can present in a number of ways, including the Angelic realms. Each session is totally unique, using a combination of energy guidance, colour, meditation, hypnotherapy and Silver Spheres energy healing system, depending on what I am guided to work with. The more in alignment we are, the greater the potential for miracles in our lives (K.G.L). Ultimately, I work with the Universal collective love energy consciousness of who and what we truly are, so all of my work is heart centred and directed by that energy. My work helps people with a broad range of issues to become more in alignment with their true authentic selves. If you are feeling `stuck` in any area of your life, I maybe able to help.

“Kaitlyn is a very unique, transformational, life-changing and gifted energy worker” Joginder and Marketa Bola, Tree of Life

Now taking bookings 07460814486

Take a Big Step forward in your life with...

Action will remove the doubts that theory cannot solve. - Tehyi Hsieh


Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama • 4 yr. Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychodrama Psychotherapy (a UKCP qualification) • 1 yr. Post-graduate Certificate in Creative Counselling and Psychodrama Techniques • Open weekend workshops • Psychotherapy groups Find out more:

Past Life Regression

find healing and spiritual development

Regression Therapy Goes to the root of the issue

PLR Workshops Visit a previous life


Safe… Simple… Natural… Powerful… In Birmingham and Kenilworth Contact David Graham for more info: E: W:

T: 01926 852711 M: 07854 538495

Angelic Reiki A powerful, high frequency and profound system of healing that connects you with the angelic realms. A truly amazing experience that is special and unique to each individual. What will you experience?

To find out more Grace can be contacted via: email: tel: 07743 116 418


Classifieds Positive Inpact Positive inpact is a Community Interest Company aiming to integrate Natural Psychological and Complementary Therapies for Positive Mental Health Website: Contact Details PO Box 15346 Rednal, Birmingham B45 5DQ Telephone 0845 0950635 Mobile 07971 222798

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Kate Jones Celebrates 25 years of Reiki practice with a Free Talk on Reiki: 7pm 6th March, Central England College, Kings Heath. Also at the same venue: 1st degree Reiki class 3 – 5 April Details and booking: or call Kate on 01584 890284

Herbal Medicine and Allergy Therapy Over 70% of the worlds population use herbal medicine. Source WHO. A natural alternative to health. W: Contact: Shobana 07817 415518

THE COMPLETE ACCOUNTANCY & TAX SERVICE FOR THERAPISTS Self Assessment and all accountancy services for the self-employed, partnerships and limited companies. Prompt and reliable service at a reasonable cost.

For free appointment, please call Abraham Achiampong of Abraham & Co: 0121 353 5425 or 07805276695

Evening appointment not a problem

Are you on purpose?

Farm Fresh Organics

A soul path analysis is based upon the sound vibration of your name. I connect Soul Path with astrology, colour and sound to give you a Soul Resonance Reading. A Soul Resonance Reading can be an uplifting and empowering experience.

Your local supplier of quality organic produce, have a mixed box or choose your own from our weekly list with delivery to your door. Also available organic meat, bread and dairy products

Contact me for more information

Jayne Harbord

Yogi Ashokananda School


PROGRAMMES FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT & SELF ENRICHMENT: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings,UK, SOUTH INDIA, 100 Hour Advanced Training, Meditation Teacher Training, Beginners , Advanced & Intensive Courses Yoga, meditation & spiritual Philosophy Courses Workshops & Master classes Yoga, Meditation and Detox Retreats, Talks & Satsang

Feb. 18 Beyond the Veil – A presentation about Orbs Joanne Fildew & Helen Eggington Mar. 18 Fact or Fiction? Top 10 Health Myths Saira Salmon Apr 15 Becoming Who We Are Kaitlyn G. Lyndon May 20 Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Stella Brookes June 17 Your Simple Path – Ian Tucker The Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill Road Solihull B91 3RQ More info:

40 Evenlode Road, Solihull B92 8EN 0121 742 0764 07702 361 910

YES there are still places on our life-changing Transformational Breath® self-development weekend Level 2: Freeing Our Thoughts 15 and 16 February includes a deep experience/knowledge of Transformational Breath® breathing analysis, body mapping, Byron Katie’s “ The Work”, abundance programme and much more...

When asked what gift he wanted for his birthday, the yogi replied: “I wish no gifts, only presence.” - Author Unknown

DR ANNE HARRIS Nutrition with Thought Field Therapy Nutrition science with energy therapy

Individual Nutrition Typing Weight Loss or Nutrition Related Disorders Nutrition with a difference – there is no perfect diet for everyone, which means that you as an individual have a unique genetic make-up that results in specific biochemical pathways that differentiates YOU from others.

If you want to: • Understand your individual nutritional type and what foods to eat/avoid • Eliminate food cravings easily • Stop feeling guilty about what you eat • Have more energy and less disease • Know the truth about what the food industry advertises as healthy Dr Anne Harris - MEDITATION CD’s (binaural beats) as a tool for weight loss Available for one-to-one or small one day training sessions for business companies 07917 771 469

Virginia Dutton - Naturopath • • • • •

Live Blood Analysis Dry Layered Blood Analysis Anti-Ageing Nutrition Mitochondrial Medicine Heart Rate Variability

For questions on Live Blood Analysis or for information on any other aspect of our unique approach to health and healing, contact Virginia via

E: T: (Freephone) 0333 557 0221 W: 07767 387832 • Pilates classes in Warwick, Leamington & Shrewley • Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki, Hopi Earcandling • Angel Card Readings • Animal Communication • Reiki for your pets wellbeing

A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you’re at home. - Author Unknown


Awaken ToLife & Passionate Love 2 DAY WEEKEND COURSE WITH JOGINDER & MARKÉTA Sat 17 May 2014 - 11am – 5pm & Sun 18 May 2014 - 10am – 4.30pm It’s as loud as it could be. Everywhere, while going shopping, attending a V-cycle class, singing ‘The Story of My Life’ or watching a squirrel spinning around in the garden: ‘The secret of attraction is loving yourself!’ And loving yourself means loving every single (even wobbly) bit of the self in the mirror and in the reflection of the others - ouch! In fact it’s yummy when we come to a point where it all emerges into one beautiful transcendent experience. Sweet sleep is wonderful until Awakening comes and opens your eyes wide and kisses you eternally. God has no meaning in a mean, self-centred, story-oriented world. Where is meditation there is compassion. Where is compassion there is love. Where is love there is inspired life. Where is inspired life there is awakening. Where is awakening there is a soulful purposeful living merging into oneness.

“Overcome your limits to love & live passionately and reveal your purposeful life through a gentle authentic awakening.” The Simple Spiritual Trinity Awareness assignments covered on the weekend: • Deep & divine diving in and within Silent and Active Meditations • Gentle Yoga practice to improve movement and memory functions • Who would you be now in the presence? • Welcome your calling wounds to love them into strengths • Delightful plant based nourishment for longevity and vitality • Conversations on richer relationships • You as a Sacred & Nurturing De-cluttered Temple

• Embrace your Brother/Sisterhood environment • The only life teaching is sharing your authentic self • Elevating the quality of your life is inevitable • Appreciate your presence where you can be a gift for others

£97 per ticket (or £147 for two tickets if booked 1 week in advance) Venue: Moseley, Birmingham

Info & bookings: | | 0121 449 4086


The Modern-Day Meditation Technique that Gives You ‘Peace with Mind’ Sandy C. Newbigging Sandy is a best-selling author, creator of Mind Detox therapy and Mind Calm meditation. His new book, Mind Calm is published by Hay House. Hear Sandy speak about ‘The Secret to Success is Stillness’ at the Tree of Life Festival on Saturday 12 April 2014 (see page opposite & backcover)

Mind Calm: The modern-day meditation technique that you’ve been looking for! An evening talk with Sandy C. Newbigging Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced meditator, modern-day monk Sandy will show you how to gain greater clarity, perform at your best, worry less, heal faster, sleep better and feel more calm, confident and content. He will reveal the eye-opening insights that sit at the heart of his meditative approach, including the main hidden causes of a busy mind, the ‘peace with mind’ miracle, why there’s more to life than you think, and how there is a silent solution to any problem. To end the evening, he will share an incredibly

powerful technique for instantly re-connecting with the present moment and the big calm of your consciousness, ultimately proving that ‘peace with mind’ is possible for you and the secret to success is stillness.

Friday 9 May 2014, 7.30pm – 9.30pm (doors open 7pm) Tickets: £10 Early Bird if booked by 2 May (£15 thereafter) Venue: Birmingham (see website)

Mind Calm Meditation Course A one day workshop with Sandy C. Newbigging Welcome to the meditation practice that you’ve been looking for. With Mind Calm there is no jargon, no rituals, no strict rules and no judgement as to where you’re at. Just a simple, easy-to-learn and enjoyable way to meditate for more serenity and success in life. Mind Calm is the modern-day meditation technique that transforms how you relate with your mind so that you can perform at your best, gain clarity, access your intuition, improve your relationships, sleep better, have more energy and feel calm, confident and content in daily life. During the Course you will be given expert guidance on how to use the meditation technique for the best results - during closed-eye ‘Calm Sittings’

and open-eye ‘Calm Moments’ throughout your day. Because Mind Calm can be used anytime, anywhere, you can enjoy the benefits fast.

Saturday 10 May 2014, 10.30am – 5pm (doors open 10am) Tickets: £47 per ticket (or £67 for two tickets if booked 1 week in advance) Venue: Birmingham (see website)

Info & bookings: | | 0121 449 4086 18

Through meditation, the Higher Self is seen. - Bhagavad Gita

Nourish your mind, heart, body & soul at the

Inspiration Wellbeing Vitality Saturday 12 April 2014 10am – 5.45pm (doors open 9.45am) THE BEECHES CONFERENCE CENTRE 76 Selly Oak Road, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1LS Tickets: £10 if booked by 21 March (or £15 thereafter)


FREE GOODIE BAGS FOR THE FIRST 100 VISITORS! An uplifting day for your mind, body, heart & spirit 24 FREE inspirational talks all day on radiant wellbeing Vibrant holistic exhibitors Celebration of conscious living and co-creation

FREE Inspiring Talks Programme TIME




10.00am Opening Ceremony in the main stalls hall

Incredible Living - how to achieve superAnti-Aging Hormone Secrets energy, super-transformation

10.15am 10.55am Tracey Ash

Soul Alignment and The Authentic Self

John Jezewski Pheelgood Alkaline Health Expert

Kaitlyn G. Lyndon Energy Worker & Light Messenger

Don’t lose focus of what’s really important!

Mind, Brain, Imagination and Food

Tai Chi Master & Author of ‘Infinite Abundance’

Gary Edwards Facilitator, Coach & Founder of True Living

The Secret to Success is Stillness

JOYFLOW - A new type of Constellation Workshops

Exposing oxygen’s power & it’s role in healing the body

Director of The Psychic School & Awakening System Programmes

11.00am - I am here 11.40am Jason Chan

to Shine

11.45am Sandy Newbigging 12.25pm

Creator of Mind Detox Method + Mind Calm Meditation + Best Selling Author

Joyaa Performer & Creative Facilitator

Judy Barber Author of ‘Good Raw Food Recipes’

Catherine Holland Old Injury Specialist

12.30pm - 1.30pm LUNCH BREAK 1.30pm 2.10pm

You Are What You Imagine

2.15pm 2.55pm

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

3.00pm 3.40pm

Dina Glouberman PhD Visionary co-founder of Skyros Holistic Holidays

Moira Bush Colour Mirrors Teacher & Spiritual Entrepreneur

The Secret To Life

Life Beyond Money

Tony & Nicki Vee Founders of ‘The City of Light’

Julian Freeman Author of ‘Life Beyond Money’

Step Into Your Rhythm – The Art of Timing

Avatar® - Exploring Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

Sonia Ducie Bestselling Author of 11 Numerology Books, translated in to 14 languages worldwide

Who Am I?

Declutter Your Body for a Juicy Life

Yogi Ashokanada Yoga & Meditation Master

Markéta Bola Sexy Raw Food Goddess & Intuitive Inner Guide

Juliane Schwarz Avatar Master

Art of Possibility - Turning your glitches into riches Vinay Parmer The BounceBackAbilityGuy

3.40pm - 4.00pm BREAK

4.00pm 4.40pm

4.45pm 5.25pm

Finding Earth, Finding Soul: The Path to Authentic Leadership Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney Trained with the Native American medicine people & founder of the Embercombe Centre

Work as a Spiritual Path Joginder Singh Bola Director of Tree of Life & Inspired Holistic Business Teacher

‘Havening’... A ‘cure’ for Trauma, Phobias & Pain

Spiritual Conception & Birth Coach, Post Natal Support and Natural Self Healing

Manie Obbi – Nega Kevin Laye Master Hypnotist & Thought Field Therapy Trainer Trained Doula & Spiritual Practioner

The Conscious Portal Nima Mossayeri & Anthony John Creators of ‘The Conscious Portal’

A Golden Age Economy Kim Andrew Lincoln author of ‘A Golden Age Economy’ Writer, Lyricist, Poet; Drummer

The next Tree of Life Festival in Birmingham will be on 11 & 12 October 2014 ‘The Tree of Life Festivals touch people’s hearts, open their minds & awaken their spirits. They uplift people’s vibrations, support conscious living and radiate with love, light & joy’

Info & Tickets: or 0121 449 4086

Sandy Newbigging

Moira Bush

Creator of Mind Detox Method + Mind Calm Meditation + Best Selling Author

Colour Mirrors Teacher & Spiritual Entrepreneur

Inspiration Wellbeing Vitality Tracey Ash Director of The Psychic School & Awakening System Programmes


Jason Chan Renowned International Tai Chi Master & Author of ‘Infinite Abundance’

Kevin Laye

Dina Glouberman PhD

Master Hypnotist & Thought Field Therapy Trainer

Visionary co-founder of Skyros Holistic Holidays & author of “You Are What You Imagine’

Sonia Ducie Bestselling Author of 11 Numerology Books, translated in to 14 languages worldwide

Yogi Ashokananda

An uplifting day for your mind, body, heart & spirit 24 FREE inspirational talks all day on radiant wellbeing Many vibrant holistic exhibitors Celebration of conscious living and co-creation!

10am – 5.45pm Vinay Parmer The BounceBackAbilityGuy

Tickets: £10 if booked by 21 March (or £15 thereafter)


Yoga & Meditation Master

Kaitlyn G. Lyndon Gifted Energy Worker & Light Messenger

BEAUTIFUL NEW LARGE VENUE WITH FREE CAR PARK The Beeches Conference Centre 76 Selly Oak Road, Bournville Birmingham B30 1LS Markéta Bola

Tony & Nicki Vee

The Sexy Raw Food Goddess & Intuitive Inner Guide

Founders of ‘The City of Light’ & Spiritual Teachers

Info & Tickets: or 0121 449 4086 Sponsored by

Tim ‘Mac’ Macartney Trained with the Native American medicine people & founder of the Embercombe Centre

KINDRED Bringing You Health and Happiness

Joginder Singh Bola Director of the Tree of Life & Inspired Holistic Business Teacher

Tree of life Magazine Spring 2014  

Tree of life Magazine Spring 2014