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Bringing the World’s Most Inspirational Speakers to the Midlands!

Dr David Hamilton 5 Steps to Self-Love

Kaitlyn G. Lyndon Becoming Who We Are

Lucinda Drayton An Evening Concert

Becky Walsh The Stand-Up Intuitive

Gordon Smith


The Beyond Belief Tour

Inspiring Talks Raw Living Food Dr Jude Currivan What’s REALLY Going On

Workshops & Concerts

Inspiration • Wellbeing • Vitality’

Inspirational Talks & Events Calendar’ Free Silent Meditation

7.30pm – 9.30pm (doors open 7pm for a 7.30pm start)

6.40 – 7pm (doors open 6.30pm)

St Columba Church, Chantry Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DJ £9/£7 concs Early Bird 1 week in advance (£12/£9 concs thereafter) unless stated otherwise

All welcome!

Please see website for full talk details & Youtube videos

Plus Weekend Workshops


Clarity - The Key to an Effortlessly Clear Mind: Think Less & Achieve More JAMIE SMART No.1 bestselling author of Clarity & ‘awakened entrepreneur’ What if you could have more of what you’re looking for by having less on your mind? Clarity is the unexpected key for living a life that’s successful on the inside as well as on the outside. It’s well known that outstanding leaders in every field, from visionary entrepreneurs to Olympic medalwinners, profit from the flow-states that a clear mind brings. Many of the desirable qualities you may have been working to “develop” (such as innovation, motivation and even leadership) are actually innate, emergent properties of an uncluttered mind. In this ground-breaking talk, “awakened entrepreneur” and No.1 bestselling author Jamie Smart is going to show you what clarity is, why it’s so important and how you can get it to work for you.


How to Become a Money Magnet & Clearing Space for Miracles MARIE-CLAIRE CARLYLE Author of ‘How to Become a Money Magnet’ & Success Coach to Celebrities Marie-Claire will share how she went from zero to £1million sales each month and how you too can manifest the amount of money that you want in your life. You will have the opportunity to uncover whatever is in the way of you having more money and you will learn the easy 7 steps to becoming a Money Magnet & Clearing Space for Miracles. She will show how we can reach a place of unconditional love where miracles become everyday occurrences by authentically sharing her own story of transformation and by introducing us to an incredible groundbreaking technology.


Tree of Life Inspiration Wellbeing & Vitality Festival! An uplifting day for your body, mind, heart & spirit FREE inspirational talks all day on radiant wellbeing & vitality. Vibrant holistic exhibitors and a celebration of conscious living and co-creation. Delightful gourmet raw living food from the Tree of Life Cosmic Café. See pages 10 &11 for full details.


The Shaman in Stilettos: From Life Crisis to Inner Peace ANNA HUNT Author of ‘The Shaman in Stilettos’ - described by the Daily Mail as the English version of ‘Eat Pray Love’ Anna will share her incredible five year journey from fast paced city living to the depths of Peru and her study with the shamans. She distills the very best from shamanic techniques to make them relevant to everyday life. If you are looking to attain emotional, physical and mental wellbeing and like the idea of becoming your own shaman in the city, then this talk is a must!


Radical Forgiveness COLIN TIPPING Internationally renowned author of Radical Forgiveness who teaches worldwide What does it mean to radically forgive and how can we truly forgive those that we believe have hurt us? During the 15 years that Colin has been teaching Radical Forgiveness he has found that it works very powerfully. Apparently, the spiritually intelligent part of our mind gets it even if the mental part doesn’t. It heals people. It relieves them of pain. It wakes people up from the dream of separation. It shifts consciousness, raises the vibration and dissolves problems. Colin will explain how and why it works and what it means to forgive radically. He will give everyone an opportunity to experience it for themselves. Venue: See website. PRIOR BOOKING ESSENTIAL AS SPACES ARE LIMITED

Concert FRI 8 NOV


Gordon Smith speaking at Tree of Life in April 2013

An Evening Concert with Lucinda Drayton from Bliss: What Would Love do? LUCINDA DRAYTON A gifted singer/songwriter who has sold over 100,000 albums Singer and writer of ‘A Hundred Thousand Angels’ and described as having the voice of an Angel, Lucinda has been touching hearts all over the world for many years. Her inspirational music is used by healers and meditators. This will be a powerful evening of connection exploring through music what love would do... Tickets: £15/£12 concs Early Bird if booked by 1 Nov (£20/£15 thereafter)

Workshop SAT 9 NOV

Allowing Love to Guide me A one day workshop with Lucinda Drayton This workshop is an exploration of trust, faith and love in the face of life’s challenges. We will explore this together and you will take away some simple tools you can start to put in place to begin this movement into a flowing life of trust and ease. We will use sound, movement, meditation and discussion. Nobody is asked to do anything they do not wish to do. We create a safe environment that is fun - be brave and take the first step. Venue: Moseley, Birmingham (see website), 10am – 5pm Tickets: £57/£47 concs Early Bird by 25 Oct (£67/£57 concs thereafter)

Talk FRI 15 & Workshop SAT 16 NOV

An Evening with The Stand-Up Intuitive Becky Walsh BECKY WALSH The Stand-Up Intuitive & author of ‘You Do Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’ Live intuitive readings, blended effortlessly with observational comedy and inspirational storytelling. Becky is a world leading authority on intuition and a rising star in the world of self-development. Come have an evening of laugher, insight and Becky’s intuition! (Also workshop on Sat 16 Nov ‘You Do Know – Learning to Act on Intuition Instantly’ – see p8)

Info & Tickets: 0121 449 4086


Life-Enhancing Relationships – A one day workshop SARAH ROZENTHULER Co-Facilitator with Neale Donald Walsh & Author of ‘Life-Changing Conversations’ Expand your communication skills and increase your ability to stay centred. For full details see p13. Venue: Moseley, Birmingham (see website)


5 Steps to Self-Love DR DAVID HAMILTON Bestselling Author of ‘I ❤ Me: The Science of Self Love’ & Scientist When we learn to love ourselves, we become more compassionate towards ourselves, more self-confident, more authentic, we criticize ourselves less, and we become naturally happier. In this inspiring talk David will share 5 simple strategies that you can put in place right away to help you to love yourself.


Transformational Evening Workshop Experience Joginder, Marketa & Kaitlyn Transformational workshop leaders This evening workshop will be an empowering and liberating experience that will help you overcome any blocks you may be experiencing in your life to greater abundance, better health and happier relationships. This evening is also an introduction to the Tree of Life Transformational Weekend Experience on 7 & 8 Dec (see backcover) & it is recommended that you attend this evening if you intend to do the weekend workshop.


The One Vital Move That Changes Life TAZ SHAH Inspirational Educo Life Coach The fact is that 99% of us are experiencing limited success or failing in the business of living. The reality is that our life and lifestyle are a reflection of where we are right now. Successful living isn’t for people who are looking for the shortcuts, a way that requires no involvement or action on their part. As part of the presentation talk on the Educo The Thinker® seminar you will be introduced to university verified material that has shown the potential to change immediately your past, present and future. The business of successful living has scientifically been shown to take one vital move. Venue: Moseley, Birmingham (see website). PRIOR BOOKING ESSENTIAL AS SPACES ARE LIMITED


What’s REALLY Going On - And What We Can Do About It DR JUDE CURRIVAN Cosmologist, healer and international award-winning author of The 8th Chakra & HOPE: Healing Our People & Earth A collective Shift in consciousness is accelerating. To play our full part we need to understand the truth, the bigger picture and the higher purpose of what’s really going on – and what we can do about it. Jude will share her understanding of our transformational times; not only realities on the physical plane but spiritual forces and multidimensional influences empowering this epochal Shift.


Sonic Enchantment TIM WHEATER & FABIO GARCES World Renowned Sound Alchemists & Performers Back at Tree of Life for the second time this year due to popular demand! Come and journey deeply into your own divine blueprint with the frequencies of the solfeggio, in a blissful sound healing journey which beautifully integrates ancient sound healing practices with current musical and acoustic technology. Creating a unique and immersive sound healing experience that supports greater right hemisphere influenced consciousness through vibration and entrainment. Great for getting more deeply in tune with your body, the earth, our solar system & the divine. In a sacred space to calm, de-stress, nurture and re-energise. Please bring a yoga mat or blanket and cushion to lie on if you like. Tickets: £12 Early Bird if booked by 6 Dec (£15 thereafter)


Spirit Trance Experience MICHAEL ROLAND Author of Soulbaby: A Spiritual Odyssey & Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine Spirit Trance Experience is a guided journey directly into spiritual experience. Open doors that have been closed in your mind and find your spiritual vibrations raised. For full details see p12.


SAT 22 FEB Daytime SAT 22 FEB Evening

MediDating: The Law of Attraction in Love JOGINDER & MARKéTA BOLA Teachers of The Law of Attraction Are you looking for love and relationship? Would you like to do some spiritual dating? Are you finding it hard to meet the right person? MediDating is the answer. It’s a warm and fun evening to meet like-minded singles in a safe and friendly environment. There will be great conversation, laughter and play. Learn the secrets of the Law of Attraction in Love!

Creating a Stronger Link with Spirit A one day workshop with Gordon Smith This interactive workshop is open to all levels of students who are interested in developing their awareness beyond their physical senses. Throughout the workshop Gordon will interact with the students by demonstrating a number of simple but incredibly effective practical exercises including: Sitting in Silence; Linking with Spirit; Self and Spiritual Awareness; Working with the Aura & Spiritual Healing. Time 10am – 5pm in Central Birmingham (see website) Tickets: £78 EARLY BOOKING IS REQUIRED AS THIS WORKSHOP WILL SELL OUT The Beyond Belief Tour – An Evening of Mediumship GORDON SMITH Hailed as ‘Britian’s most accurate medium’ who has brought healing to thousands of people worldwide Gordon Smith is hailed as one of the world’s most accurate mediums with a reputation for precision and clarity and now you have a chance to see him at work. With a fascinating journey into the metaphysical Gordon has been captivating audiences around the world and has used his unique gift to bring comfort and healing to thousands of people. Gordon’s Celtic charm and lively demonstrations provide his audience with a rare opportunity to experience the fascinating phenomenon of mediumship, which he delivers to his audience with a mix of his distinctive style of humour, pure passion and empathy to others. Tickets: £20 Early Bird if booked by 1 Dec (£25 thereafter) Time: 7pm – 9pm Venue: Central Birmingham (see website) THIS EVENING IS LIKELY TO SELL OUT & ADVANCE BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED

Advance Event Booking Online - By using debit/credit card or PayPal at our website By post - Send a cheque payable to ‘Tree of Life’ (together with name, email, address & phone number) to: Tree of Life, 99 Blenheim Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9UA. Please note that advanced booking is recommended for all events as they can sell out


Welcome Friends, It’s the time of year for transition from one season to the next – in both the world and often our own lives too. We hope you bring lots of new colours, inspirations, joyful completions and tranquility to this phase of the year. The autumn Tree of Life Festival is another wonderful celebration for you to re-ignite your holistic and inspired lifestyle. Many exciting free talks, vibrant stalls & delicious raw food! Plus a great opportunity to connect with likeminded people on the day. For the full programme see pages 10 & 11. We are delighted to welcome for the first time to Tree of Life Jamie Smart, Anna Hunt and Colin Tipping. And welcome back for a second time this year due to popular demand Dr David Hamilton, Becky Walsh & Tim Wheater! See the full progamme with many fascinating talks that can change your life on pages 2 & 3. And for those who want to explore deeper there are three weekend workshop experiences: The Sexy Raw Food A-Z Glow on 23 & 24 Nov; Starting Your Own Holistic Business on 30 Nov/1 Dec and the first Tree of

Life Transformational Weekend Experience on 7 & 8 Dec. Birmingham B13 9UA Finally, after a very successful & inspiring evening earlier Art Director: Ellie Rich this year, we are delighted to welcome back next year t: 07724 901579 e: on 22 Feb 2014 Gordon Smith for a special one day Photographers: Seeyam Brijmohun t: 07581 302352 e: workshop and evening demonstration of mediumship. We thank you all for your presence and love that you & Anzar Bola share at the Tree of Life events which creates many Print run: 5,000 copies unforgettable experiences. Look forward to seeing you Readership: 15,000 (estimated) soon! Tree of Life magazine is printed on paper from sustainable resources and is chlorine free. Environmentally printed Lots of Love, Joy & abunDance! by LionFPG Ltd, West Midlands. Tree of Life is run on a community basis. Editors: Joginder & Markéta Bola Advertisement copy and enquires: t: 0121 4494086 e: w: Winter/Spring 2014 (out early February) Advertising deadline: 29 November 2013 See website for advertising rates or contact us. Address for all correspondence: Tree of Life, 99 Blenheim Road, Moseley,

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“The Tree of Life is an inspirational magazine that touches people’s hearts, opens their minds & awakens their spirits. It uplifts people’s vibrations, supports conscious living & radiates with love, light & joy. It is a vibrant channel through which people synchronistically connect with each other & find their inspired next steps”

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“Ellie is such an amazingly talented designer, I recommend her to all my friends and associates in the coaching, self-help, and spiritual growth circles” Steve Nobel, Author & Coach 07724 901579

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Valentine‘s Weekend Special One Day Workshops with Joginder & Markéta in Moseley, Birmingham

Manifest the Partner of your Dreams! Sat 15 Feb 2014, 11am – 5pm £67 Does it seem a mystery to you how to find the perfect love partner? Well it isn’t a mystery! You’re a magnet for everyone who’s ever walked into your life...including your relationships! Come and learn how to change your magnetic pull so that you attract your dream partner!

Introduction to Tantra & Sacred Sexuality for couples & individuals Sun 16 Feb 2014, 10am – 5pm £67 Awaken your real potential of true love, joy and passion on all levels. An interactive day, where you will discover more about yoursef through various meditations, exercises and sharings. Discover how to improve your Love Life!

“A breath taking day of re-connection with one’s inner self.“

For more info & bookings: 0121 449 4086

Disclaimer: While the Editors and Publisher of The Tree of Life have done their best to ensure that all advertisers are offering services for the highest good of all concerned, they would remind readers that choosing a therapist or responding to an advertisement is their own responsibilty. Opinions expressed by contributors or advertisers in The Tree of Life are not necessarily those of the Editors.

Inspired Business Success by Joginder Singh Bola

7 Steps to Self-Empowerment through Self-Employment!

Joginder is a Director of Tree of Life and CoEditor of Tree of Life Magazine. He gives talks and runs workshops on self-empowerment and holistic business success. Hear him speak at the Tree of Life Festival on 26 October 2013 (see p10) Do you feel stuck in your job and don’t see a way out? I was there too for many years and went through the same struggle. Then eight years ago someone said to me, ‘rather a little business of your own than a big job working for someone else’. That was my wife’s father. He inspired my wife Markéta from an early age to have her own business and be her own boss. When we met 8 years ago, Markéta then inspired me to also become self-employed and do what we love as our business. Looking back on my own work life journey I can see that I went through a number of different steps or stages – like Joseph Campbell’s classic Hero’s Journey – steps that many of us go through. Which stage would you put yourself in? 1. The Employee Years - Most of us start our working lives as employees. This is natural. We are young with little experience or skills and are keen to learn. I can see this currently in my nephew and niece who are starting their first jobs. Being an employee and working for someone else can be an important and necessary stage. In my own life I learned and grew a lot through employed work environments. Many people can end-up spending their whole lives working as employees and this is what I thought would happen to me too. When you don’t have your own clear vision of what you want to do with your life, you can be easily steered to do what others want you do to – be it parents or bosses. When I was employed I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted to do in the world – I had not found my life purpose - and so to support the vision or goal of the company I worked for seemed natural and normal. It’s what everyone else around me was doing too. It was also a time of chasing the company career ladder – racing against my work colleagues and trying to impress the bosses for the promotions and top jobs. I worked long hours and endedup putting all my energy into supporting the company. 2. Wake-up Call – This firstly came as a general intuitive feeling of not being happy and satisfied in my job. I can remember sitting in my big office

thinking ‘I’ve made it – I should be happy now’ but feeling deeply empty. I loved the salary and status my job gave me so I ignored these inner feelings and they became much more dramatic in the form of being fired. The messages just got louder until I was forced to not ignore them! I started to realise that I was not happy in the legal career I had chosen and that just getting another job wasn’t the answer. The thought of doing this for the rest of my life did not fill me with joy. But then the big question was - what do I do instead? 3. The Search – I started my search to find my authentic self and what I really wanted to do with this precious time I had on this earth – not what others said I should be doing. I began reading personal development books and going to workshops to learn more about myself. I found teachers to help me on my journey. 4. Transition Time – I spent my evenings and weekends learning all I could. I even trained part-time over 3 years to become an Alexander Technique teacher. I had a thirst and hunger for knowledge – to know myself – and absorbed all I could from the many teachers I studied with. This was also a time of healing and learning to love myself. It felt like I was leading a double life. Outside of work I could be my authentic self but in work I became this other person to fit in with what the company wanted. 5. Letting Go – The letting go of the old work life can happen in two ways. Either we consciously decide to let go ourselves or the universe gives us a supportive push in the right direction. In my case I needed to be fired from 3 jobs in order to let go! 6. In the Belly of the Whale – This is the time when we have let go of the old life – the old shore – but have not yet found our feet on new ground. It can be an unsettling time of transition. We can be tested here and the desire to go back to the safely of employment can be strong. We will need all our strength and commitment to stay true to ourselves. Our first few years of running Tree of Life were very challenging and the temptation to go back to the ‘safety’ of a job was very strong. What kept us going was our total love for what we were creating and the support of many people. 7. Self-Employment Empowerment – As I let go of the cage of employment and embraced the freedom of self-employment it was like I could breath again! I came back to life as I started to do the work I truly loved. I re-birthed myself a new into the world. Whatever stage you’re at in your work life – there is hope! Don’t give-up on your dreams of being your own boss doing what you love. Just take baby steps everyday and connect with others on the same journey for support and inspiration. Holistic Business Success Coaching with Joginder: One-to-one individual coaching sessions that will empower you to start your own holistic business or take your existing holistic business to a new level of success - £97 per hour.

Starting Your Own Successful Holistic Business Weekend Workshop with Joginder Singh Bola Have you dreamed of being your own boss, doing what you love and getting paid for it? Do you want to escape the cage of having to work for other people? Would you like your work to be an expression of your unique creativity and passion? Then this workshop is for you! Drawing on over 5 years experience of running the Tree of Life, Joginder will share his secrets and insights for starting and growing a successful holistic business. The weekend will cover: - creating an inspiring holistic business vision statement - practical tips to start & grow your business - creating an inspired holistic business plan - the keys to becoming an inspirational public speaker - practical ways to successfully market yourself including holistic networking & social media Empower yourself to create the selfemployed business of your dreams! EARLY BOOKING IS RECOMMENDED AS SPACES ARE LIMITED

Sat 30 Nov & Sun 1 Dec 2013 10.30am – 5pm each day £147 Early Bird if booked by 22 November (£197 thereafter)

One day workshops with Joginder

(see website for full details): Holistic Marketing & Networking

12 Oct 2013 Discovering & Living Your Life Purpose

9 Feb 2014 Becoming an Inspirational Public Speaker

1 Mar 2014 “This workshop was a great way to pick the brains of an inspirational holistic business owner who provided great practical tips on how to make a spiritual business work!” Mike

Info & Bookings: 0121 449 4086

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. - Farrah Gray


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‘Markéta is the Jamie Oliver of raw food.’ Lynne McTaggart, international bestselling author of ‘The Field’ and editorial director of ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ – one of the world’s most highly praised health newsletters.

The Sexy Raw Food Goddess The Sexy Raw Food Goddess‘ vision is to empower people to nurture, nourish and celebrate all their senses 3 Super Raw Foods to Warm You Up & Spice Up Your Autumn by Markéta Bola

the right kick, excitement and feeling. I remember my granny’s advice about using spices ‘rather often and less than too much at once’ – and this is the key! Creating a spicy, balanced and complete tasty dish is an art and so start with just a little and increase bit by bit until it’s just mouthwatering.

Markéta, The Sexy Raw Food Goddess, is a natural nutritionist and raw living food chef of the Tree of Life Cosmic Café who runs raw food courses, workshops, dining experiences and festivals in the Midlands, UK. After suffering a number of childhood illnesses, she became interested and aware of the power of food as medicine. She is also a certified Hippocrates Health Educator.

Ginger is the king of delicacy, medicine and spice. Other delicious members of the same plant family are turmeric, cardamom and galangal. Ginger possesses a myriad of health benefits. It has been used since antiquity in traditional systems of medicine.

‘As much as I express my hot temperament in the cold weather as little I crave warm food’. I’m too alive to want to eat deprived food. Imagine how you can transfer your passion and juicy nature into your creative actions and live life full of burning inspiration. Spices and herbs can bring any dish to life. I love experimenting with them when creating recipes and they’re a way through which I can bring my passion into my raw dishes. And you can do it too! Our tastes are naturally changing with each season as mother nature prepares us for the different varieties of vegetables and fruits about to be harvested. And now it’s up to you to bring sensuality, passion and the right spices into your dishes.

(Handouts, home-plays, e-recipes & group support incl.)

6 Wednesday evening classes 7-9pm: Starting 6 Nov 2013 in Moseley, Birmingham Other dates: 13, 20 & 27 Nov, 4 & 11 Dec Investment: £197 or £167 Early Bird till 30 Oct 2013 Prior booking essential as this class is limited to 10 people.

‘trans-form higher programme’ – Level II

Garlic is well known as a natural health remedy that has long been used to treat various ailments. In the colder months garlic is a great food to boost your immune system and ward off colds and flu.

Individual sessions tailored to your needs, at a time and place that suits you. Take your life to the next level! Initial first meeting £85 an hour.

Recipe: Raw Curry Soup

The Sexy Raw Food Course starting in February 2014

Raw Living Food Coaching

A Make Over Of Your Kitchen With a Living Dinner prepared in your New Rock’in’ Kitchen takes about 4 hours and will be the start of a NEW YOU! Free call to discuss a quote.

Gourmet Raw Food Experience Delicious four course gourmet living food dinner! in Moseley, Birmingham at 7pm Sat 26 Oct: Festival Sexy Raw Food Dinner Party! Tue 19 Nov: Sweet November Supper Tue 10 Dec: Christmas Light-Up Dinner Party £27/Prior booking essential a week in advance

Mix all three ingredients with just a teaspoon of olive oil in a bowl and then pour the soup over it.

It’s a yummy soup that can be blended until smooth and s-creaming or left with bits and pieces of almonds and vegetables.

Introduction to a whole-new Life-Style* Trans-form your body, mind & spirit!

Chilli/Cayenne pepper is a popular spice in raw cuisine added as fresh pepper or sun-dried powder and pieces. Personally, I use it widely in making nutty and seed spreads, crackers, soups, salads, drinks & even chocolates and cakes.

I love enjoying a nice spicy soup while watching the yellow leaves gently falling from the trees outside my kitchen window. This is a great time to slow down, take a deep breath and reflect as the seasons change. Autumn is a time of letting go and as the Here are some of my favourite spices that I use weather gets colder we are more naturally drawn to in my raw food kitchen every day: ginger, chili/ spicier and heartier foods. cayenne pepper, garlic, curry, wasabi and cinnamon. Hear Markéta speak at the Tree of Life Festival They’re especially important kitchen spices giving on Sat 26 Oct (see p10).

1 red bell pepper 1 small beetroot 1 c fresh almond milk 1 tsp hemp seeds 1 c filtered water 1/8 lemon 1 ½ tsp curry powder 1/2 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp celtic sea salt 1 clove of garlic extra pinch of cayenne pepper

The Sexy Raw Food Course ‘transformational 6-week programme’ – Level I

You can also start with the soup consistency being more thick at first and then adding the required water only when it‘s warmed up to body temperature. This way you will create a very cosy cottage soup. Make sure the temperature is below 108˚F (42˚C) to keep all the enzymes and nutrients of the soup‘s ingredients intact. Having your soup bowls ready and warmed-up will give a nice touch to your presentation. Sprinkle on top of the soup any of your favourite herbs as a finishing touch. Enjoy a colourful and passionate Autumn!

The Sexy Raw Food A-Z Glow A weekend workshop with Markéta Learn and create delicious and beautifully prepared raw food dishes yourself. It‘s fun, simple and great for your wellbeing, health & vitality!

Sat 23 & Sun 24 November 2013 11am – 5pm each day, in Moseley, Birmingham £197 or £167 Early Bird till 17 Nov 2013 Gourmet raw food lunches included. Prior booking is essential as spaces are limited.

Today, I used organic mild mix curry powder into the Red Curry Soup, which is gentle on the palate. If you would like to have a spicy soup to heat your body from the inside out then experiement by adding more of your favourite herbs and spices to the recipe. You can optionally also prepare the following to go with the soup: ½ c of cut spring onion or leek ½ c of diced red bell pepper 1 tsp shredded fresh ginger

Cherry Cheery Cake

Info & bookings on-line: or send a cheque made payable to ‘Tree of Life‘ to Tree of Life, 99 Blenheim Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9UA. For further info email: or call Markéta T: 0121 449 4086 M: 07875 225544

Good food is wise medicine. - Alison Levitt M.D.


Self-Faith & Intuition for Finding the Truth by Becky Walsh

same goes for buying a car, you might know more about one kind of car than the used car sales man standing on a lot of twenty different cars. Power to know is now with the people, thanks to the Internet. However in this time of information overload, how can you discern which details are correct? For scary information I use my gut. If something is wrong with the information I am given, I feel it in my tummy. This might be a sick feeling, a tight feeling or even the need to take a pee, remember your grandmother saying ‘I feel it in my water?’.

Becky Walsh is an intuitive catalyst, teacher and speaker in the field of intuition and transformation. She is a Hay House author of ‘You Do Know Learning to act on your intuition instantly’ and will be speaking at the ‘I Can Do It!’ Hay House Conference in London this year. She is perhaps best known for having presented and produced her own weekly radio show on LBC 97.3. Becky is passionate about being the catalyst that brings others back to their own intuition and inspired freedom. One-year-old James is crying, turning to look at three-year-old Katie who is holding a yellow plastic spoon. Daddy asks, “Katie, did you hit James?” Katie replies, “Yes Katie hit James,” as she waves the plastic spoon enthusiastically. That kind of honesty is almost funny, but very soon Katie will learn that in order to get what she wants or avoid what she doesn’t want, she must lie. We all do it. Like it or not, everyone lies to some extent. The stumbling block for most people not wanting to have a difficult conversation. The fear of rejection is imbedded in every human, right back from when being rejected would mean being kicked out of the tribe and certain death in the cold out with the wolves, outside the cave. They say there are only two kinds of fear, not getting what we want and losing what we have, so you can understand where the need to manipulate to get our needs met comes from. However when someone lies they take your choices away to make a decision with all of the facts. We live in a time when we have access to more facts than ever before. Often, if I go and see the doctor, I have more information about my condition than the doctor. I have read up and learnt everything there is to know about one thing; the doctor is expected to be an expert in everything, which frankly isn’t possible. The


If something is right I feel an excited feeling coming from my heart and a serge to move forward. Now, of course, falling in love can feel like this, and if you have ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with, you might not trust this form of intuition. In addition, if you are a naturally nervous person your gut will be warning you about everything outside of your comfort zone. When you are not sure what to believe here’s how to use your intuition to be able to tell fact from fiction. Firstly take a moment and try not to be reactive, take some time out of the situation if you can. Move your awareness into your body and see how somatically you are feeling, in your body rather than just your emotions. If you find any negative feelings become curious about them. This way we are moving from the gut based intuition which is linked to the ego, into the heart lead intuition, I talk about this more in my book ‘You Do Know – learning to act on intuition instantly’. From this place you get a clear idea if your bad feeling about being lied to is your past fears coming up to protect you from getting hurt, or intuitive observation in the here and now. Have compassion, most lies come from fear and being aware someone is lying, gives you the chance to help the person heal the fear if you choose to. We are stepping into an era when we need to become more honest than ever before. As our consciousness starts to shift you will find more news stories where transparency is being called for. Whenever there is a lie, chaos will soon follow. We used to see this as Karma, which often would take some time to come round. But now, you lie, deceive or not be your fully authentic self, and you’ll find that your life becomes chaos very quickly after. Whereas, if you know yourself, know your values and are true to your word, life will be so much easier.

An Evening with The Stand-Up Intuitive An evening with Becky Walsh “It was so much fun, more interactive than I was expecting. Hilarious!!” Kim “I thought the show was great. Becky is good at what she does and she is funny” Hema “I thought your show was brilliant last night! So enjoyed it as did my friends. Thanks so much Becky. You’re so gifted and I love the way that you communicate such wisdom and you make it funny! Such a force for love”. Sarah If you haven’t heard of Becky Walsh you may have been living under a rock. She is a world leading authority on intuition and a rising star in the world of self-development. Yet tonight, it’s all about you. Come have an evening of laugher, insight and Becky’s intuition. Becky has been turning the world of selfdevelopment on its head for years with her fabulous down-to-earth and uniquely funny style. This evening she effortlessly blends live intuitive readings, humour and storytelling with ground breaking, smack-on-the-forehead insights that put YOU in control of your own life, by giving you the tools to see that You DO Know!

Friday 15 November 2013 7.30pm – 9.30pm (see page 2 for more details)

You Do Know - Learning to act on intuition instantly: Think fast and trust yourself A one day workshop with Becky Walsh When it comes to making a decision, how many times do you find yourself going over the same thing in your mind, once, twice or 20 times? The likelihood is for an important decision it can be beyond 20 times. You get stuck in a ritual of weighing up the pros and cons, asking friends and family for advice. Often this leads to even more confusion. Yet when it boils down to it, you knew the answer all along. Even with the mental merry dance of to-ing and fro-ing around ideas, I put it to you that you did know. Upon reflection how many times have found yourself saying, ‘I knew that’. In this workshop Becky will teach you practical skills for fast intuitive decision making, resulting in less stress and more selfbelief.

Saturday 16 November 2013 10am – 5pm £57/£47 concs Early Bird if booked by 1 November (£67/£57 concs thereafter) Venue: Moseley, Birmingham

Info & bookings: 0121 449 4086

Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. - Joyce Brothers

by Kaitlyn G. Lyndon

Becoming Who We Are I always felt different and like an outsider. Many people do, so I didn’t really think much about it. I just knew I tended to have a very unusual outlook/awareness compared to others, it made me feel different but now I am very thankful for being the way I am. It has taken me some time to realise what I am like and I am still finding out. I am still just me.

Yet, over the years it has been suggested I write a book, do a radio show, run workshops, do talks and one to ones etc., which completely freaked me out! I spent many years saying no, resisting and feeling fearful for many reasons. Now, it almost seems harder not to do things, as all roads in my life have led me back to sharing the way I am with others. Also, my wonderful Kaitlyn G. Lyndon is a gifted Energy Worker family are all now in spirit, so I have space and and Light Messenger. time I didn’t have before. While they were here, Looking back, it’s been an interesting journey. I they were my priority, my choice. We all adored was born an only child into an elderly family of each other, but my Mom really wanted me to nurses. The book `call the midwife` could have do `my work`. I have known so much love and been written by support, I my Mom. As a am truly baby, I remember “we are all beings of light and we all b l e s s e d being very aware have the potential to give and receive and am so of being this vast thankful for consciousness in messages, it is who we really are…” each one of a little body. I them. couldn’t wait to grow up to do what I had come here to do Over 20 years ago now, I also went through (whatever that was!). I felt very excited about a huge `waking up` process where many things happened with me at once. It blew me life! away! Especially when I heard some `psychics That didn’t last long, as I went to school, got and mediums` talking about me in the same bullied and wore splints on my legs at night, way. I was completely freaked as I had never special shoes during the day and had several thought of myself in that way, I still don’t, but visits to the children’s hospital. It was never it explained a lot. going to be fun! By the time I was 12 my Dad and Granddad had died. Pets’ deaths and Over the years many things have happened family in and out of hospital followed over the with me, now I feel anything is possible and I am much more at peace with the way I am. years. I see, hear, feel and sense `spirit`/`energy` I also had difficulty learning and had a reading in different forms. ‘I’m still learning to listen age of 7 when I was 11; I hated spelling and and hope to get much better at it! If there is maths tests for that reason. I always wanted something we need to do and we `ignore` the to learn but the teachers were not interested. messages, things happen to make us. I learnt Then I went to a new school, got help, and still the hard way, it took 3 car accidents before I age 11, in one year I had a reading age of 13 would finally listen! Thank you to Kira, pets, and a half! I was very pleased, but it was never `spirit family`, and friends as without you I enough to really catch up. A school report would not be here today. said `old head on young shoulders`, that spoke Love and kindness to ourselves and each other, volumes. are the most important things in the world I’ve been married, divorced and done many as far as I am concerned. Also, a month ago jobs over the years, but most of my time was I would never have considered changing my spent working as a registered psychiatric nurse name, but I am now for good reason! Never say and looking after my family in between. It never. Now, I use a combination of my abilities often felt like I was `on call` 24 hours a day, but to help people on their journey to becoming I would not change a thing. I genuinely liked who we really are. We are love and joy. And and loved my family, but lived with a constant now, we have the opportunity to bring that fear of them dying. conscious awareness to this world, to ultimately As an adult I decided I didn’t `love` everyone in heal ourselves and this beautiful planet. the world anymore, as I had once thought as a child. Instead, now I know that I love who and “If you can’t do what you really what we really are and anything that connects want to do, do what you can.” us to that can only be good. I `see` that `energy` inside us. My `spiritual` side really helped, as I saw my Dad after he died. He also gave me a Hear Kaitlyn speak at the Tree of Life `teaching session` during a `visit` with him after Festival on 26 October on Becoming Who he had died, and it taught me a lot about how We Are (see p10). we connect and know what is going on.

If you want to create a `change` create space If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result. If you do, say or think something different, you change the energy and create a `gap` for a new outcome. It is similar to decluttering, you clear the space for the new energy to flow. You create a small change of thinking or doing something in a new way, you open the doors to a new outcome. It can be hard to create change with a full home, head or life. If we say we can`t, we never will. If we say we can, we open the doors to possibility.

Tree of Life Transformational Weekend Experience 7 & 8 Dec 2013 Co-facilitated by Kaitlyn See backcover for full details

Individual Sessions with Kaitlyn I connect to the energy consciousness of who and what we truly are to help others do the same. This energy connection helps people come into alignment with their true authentic self/soul energy. It can present in a number of ways, including the angelic realms. Each session is totally unique. Using a combination of energy guidance, colour, meditation, hypnotherapy and silver sphere`s energy healing system (qualified in both), depending on what I am guided to work with. Ultimately, I work with the universal collective love energy consciousness of who and what we are. So all of my work is heart centred and directed by that energy. My work helps people with a broad range of issues to become more in alignment with their true selves, including gain clarity and unblock `stuck` energies. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life I maybe able to help.

“Kaitlyn is a very unique, transformational, life-changing and gifted energy worker” Joginder & Markéta Bola, Tree of Life

Sessions: £80 per hour, £40 per half hour thereafter Contact details: Mobile: 0746 081 4486 Email:

Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul. - Marcus Aurelius


Nourish your mind, heart, body & soul at the

Inspiration Wellbeing Vitality

Saturday 26 October 2013 10am – 5.30pm (doors open 9.45am) St Columba Hall, corner of Chantry Rd / Alcester Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DJ Entrance £15 (book online or pay on the door)

FREE GOODIE BAGS FOR THE FIRST 50 VISITORS! An uplifting day for your body, mind, heart & spirit FREE inspirational talks all day on radiant wellbeing & naked vitality Vibrant holistic exhibitors Celebration of conscious living and co-creation Delightful gourmet raw living food from the Tree of Life Cosmic Café

Followed by the Festival Sexy Raw Food Dinner Party! at 7pm (including four course gourmet living food dinner, live music & performances!)

FREE Inspiring Talks Programme Time

Room 1

10.15am 10.55am 11.00am 11.40am 11.45am 12.25pm

Room 2 Opening Ceremony in the main stalls hall


Find Your Purpose in 2013!

Radiant Alkaline Health

Louise Presley-Turner, Leading Life Coach & Author of ‘Finding a Future That Fits’

John Jezewski Pheelgood Alkaline Health Expert

Rediscovering Your Inner Radiance

Raw Food & Cooked Food: What is right for wellness, vitality & for your lifestyle

Jason Chan Tai Chi Master & Author of ‘Infinite Abundance’

Discover Your ‘TrueSelf’ for Real Success & Happiness

Judy Barber, Author of ‘Good Raw Food Recipes’

Raw Food Energy for Busy Lives

Derek Mills, Author of ‘The 10 Second Philosophy’

Saskia Fraser UK’s Leading Raw Food Body-Mind-Spirit Coach

12.30pm - 1.30pm



1.30pm 2.10pm

The Whole Body Solution

Silver Spheres Healing System

Max Tuck The Raw Food Scientist

Moira Bush Spiritual Teacher & Author of the Spiritual Psychology of Colour

2.15pm 2.55pm

Get the Life You Love NOW

Hot, Healthy, Happy: A Nutritional, Psychological & Spiritual Toolkit for Modern Day Living

Phil Parker, Creator of the Lightning Process & Author of ‘Get the Life You Love Now’

Dr Christy Fergusson, The Food Psychologist

Raw Food Passion

A Weight Off Your Mind

Markéta Bola, The Sexy Raw Food Goddess & Tree of Life Cosmic Café Living Foods Chef

Janet Thomson Bestselling Author & TV Expert

3.40pm - 4.00pm



4.00pm 4.40pm

Weight Loss & Weight Gain with Living & Raw Foods

Becoming Who We Are

3.00pm 3.40pm

4.45pm 5.15pm

Jill Swyers, Hippocrates Health Educator

Kaitlyn G. Lyndon Energy Worker & Light Messenger

Creating Holistic Business Success

Food as Medicine

Joginder Singh Bola Director of Tree of Life & Inspired Holistic Business Teacher

Bav Heer College of Naturopathic Medicine

Festival Sexy Raw Food Dinner Party! 7pm

Four course gourmet living food dinner, live music & performances

£32 (prior booking essential online by 19 October latest as this event will sell out)

The next Tree of Life Festival in Birmingham will be in October 2014 ‘The Tree of Life Festivals touch people’s hearts, open their minds & awaken their spirits. They uplift people’s vibrations, support conscious living and radiate with love, light & joy’

Info & Tickets: or 0121 449 4086

Tree of Life Festivals! by Joginder & Markéta Bola We took over the running of the Tree of Life Magazine in 2008 and started organizing the Tree of Life Festivals as holistic mind, body & spirit events in 2009 in Birmingham. We’re very grateful to be able to express and share our passion for holistic living through the Festivals with great support from many people. It has transformed our lives and turned the Festivals into wonderful celebrations of the holistic lifestyle. Over the years it’s been a joy to bring together leading authors and speakers from across the country to share their wisdom at the Festivals. People now travel from all parts of the country to come and enjoy these events.

flax seeds, carrot, onion & marjoram or ‘Rebell Crackers’ from red bell pepper, flax seeds, rosemary & nori flakes. The ‘Mr. Poppy & Cute Carrot’ polka dot side dish brings a bright colour to the plate and the ‘Great Almond Hummus’ is a nut and cumin creation for anybody who just like us can eat a whole tub of hummus all by itself! Plus the ‘Cosmic Sunshine Salad Mix’ with it’s plentiful source of protein from sprouted mung beans & lentils, and some living greens like sunflower greens and snow pea shoots on top.

The last Tree of Life Festival in June this year was a pure joy and great fun. There were many lovely people coming and sharing their enthusiasm for healthy and holistic living. The next uplifting Tree of Life Festival day will be on Saturday 26 October 2013 in Birmingham. and holistic living. Here’re some of the things you’ll be able to try on the day: There will be free talks Live Drinks - We serve our from some of ‘I had the best day at the festival … I was specialty live drinks like the the best new inspired and motivated by the talks, demos, green ‘VitaLife’ made from celery, Sweet Surprises - Our raw sweet shop is full Hay House information and the beautiful community of spinach, parsley & barley grass of healthiest sweet delights, like Markéta’s famous raw living chocolate cake with red a u t h o r s people that came together on Saturday’ p o w d e r grapes called ‘When including and ‘Go-Go Keeley, visitor Dr Christy Zest‘ with “I loved the festival. So many fascinating & up- Harry Met Sally!’, naturally sweetened Fergusson, goji berries, lifting speakers. The lunch was just gorgeous Derek Mills, Phil Parker, Louise Presley-Turner, ginger, apple, cinnamon & too - never knew raw food could taste so good! by fresh and dried fruits and packed Janet Thomson and Jason Chan. In addition it elderflowers. You can also I came home with a full mind & belly!’” with super energy will have talks from leading holistic health try the purist water on the Sarah, visitor foods including cacao speakers including, Max Tuck, Jill Swyers, Judy planet from fresh young powder, maca, nuts, Barber and Saskia Fraser (see page opposite for coconuts. seeds plus much love & vitality! Purple heaven full details). Mouth-Watering Mains – the main meal of is our ‘Berrylicious Bliss Torte’, raw vegan As always, one of the highlights of this Festival the day includes the heart shaped ‘Sweetheart’s cheezze-free cake from blueberries, coconut, will be the delightful gourmet raw living food Mini Burger’ made from sunflower & flax maca, algarroba, vanilla plus much bliss & joy! catering from the Tree of Life Cosmic Café. It’s seeds, red bell pepper, celery and thyme; We have some lovely carob creations too and all lovingly prepared by an enthusiastic team of ‘Angel Wing Crackers’ made from brazil nuts, you can also have some dehydrated driedies volunteers who are passionate about raw food like Walnutty Yummkies. You can try our sugarfree ‘Naughty Nibbles’ made from nuts, seeds, stevia and nothing else for people who’s smile is sweet enough! ‘This festival is a wonderful day out with fantastic speakers, a good variety of stalls and plenty of interesting friendly people to meet. I give it five stars’ Judy, speaker

There can’t be a celebration without a party! Even after a long day full of smiles, connections and the abundance of new ideas - we just can’t help but keep on going for a little longer with the evening Festival Sexy Raw Food Dinner Party! It’s a time of tranquility and integration after the main rush of the day is over. You can sit down, chat to like-minded people and utterly enjoy the four-course delicious gourmet living food dinner in a beautiful candlelit ambience! See page opposite for full details of the next festival on Saturday 26 October 2013.

Ride the energy of your own unique spirit. - Gabrielle Roth


An interview with Michael Roland - author of Soulbaby: A Spiritual Odyssey Michael Roland

Michael Roland is the author of Soulbaby: A Spiritual Odyssey (available at www. He received his Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993 and worked in Dr. Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona as clinician, preceptor, editor and consultant. Michael has studied under recognized masters in China, Taiwan, and most recently, Thailand. Currently Michael works remotely with clients from around the world through his website at He leads workshops, seminars and spiritual retreats internationally. This interview is by freelance journalist Kay Cox. LOTS of health practitioners work in their homes. Plenty work in their clients’ homes. But Michael Roland works in his while his clients are in theirs – now that’s unusual. After gaining a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and practising acupuncture for 15 years, he discovered his ability to remove people’s energetic blockages at a distance. And this happened at a time when technology had just delivered Skype – twin gifts! A perfect pairing. It’s not just Skype that makes Michael unusual. The work itself may be unique. He says: “People come feeling bad because of career, relationship or family problems, most often. They feel stuck and don’t always know why. “Psychology, philosophy, me it’s all energy. I work in a way that’s almost physical or mechanical, by tuning into their energy to find a blockage, then prising it loose. “Some people feel it at the time; some feel better afterwards. Usually they say they can breathe, a burden has been lifted and they feel lighter, with more energy.” Sounds like how people might feel after shiatsu, acupuncture or reiki – any treatment which engages with the client’s energy and perhaps clears blockages through meridians or chakras. But Michael’s work goes deeper. He explains: “One day I put a needle in a client and saw right through it. I saw her as a child, in a sewing circle with her family. I asked her about it and it was a memory. And the pain in her hip disappeared, instantly. So I knew there was a connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual even though I didn’t understand it. I investigated that and began developing


skills, realising eventually that the spiritual side underpins absolutely everything.” “The crux of what I do is finding what’s blocking people from a spiritual connection. By clearing it, they will feel better immediately but it also clears the way for spiritual development. Invariably there is growth. When we pass away, all we take with us is spirit, so the only thing that is of importance is spiritual development.” And Michael has help. He says: “Mostly it’s spirit guides, what people sometimes call guardian angels. They’re not there to stop you falling into pits but only to aid your spiritual development. This isn’t about contacting relatives who have passed away, unless that’s relevant. Unresolved issues with parents can be resolved even if they have passed, and both can move on and grow. Development doesn’t stop after death. Psychics work by giving information that helps people, healers work on the ailment that’s tangible. The way I work, clients get good information, and it also heals and clears.” A session begins with Michael tuning into their energy as they talk about concerns. When something “hits” energetically, he will stop them and deal with it. He says: “It feels like a small electrical jolt and it comes with a sense of what emotion is attached to the issue. I feel that emotion – perhaps fear or anger. Once I mention it, they may recognise it, we talk about the situation, and I get messages which may help them decide what to do next.” “Sometimes it’s less well defined, maybe someone not wanting to look at a specific issue, but it always boils down to an emotional charge. These last forever and damage people until they are fixed. They block spiritual energy or some natural part of you, maybe a spontaneity, or a willingness to be loved. It can be caused by a major childhood trauma or something seemingly insignificant. It can make people physically ill.” Skyping evolved from phone consultations after Michael moved to Britain from America and a US client needed help. “I tried needling myself and transferring it to him, and it worked. Over time I could do it without any physical tool.” Now he’s working with people in ten time zones across the world. And it has advantages beyond the practicalities of saving time and money on fuel and parking. “Distance gives me a clearer connection,” he says, “Up close I can work with physical energy, but there’s a fog to penetrate to do the deeper work.” Because spiritual development is so important and brings so many benefits to people in daily life, Michael created an online course about clearing our own blocks. “I wasn’t born psychic, I had to learn it,” he says. “So I can teach people, I know the steps I took. But I am a born teacher too. It’s part and parcel of interaction with me.” Does it work? Can we all learn to be psychic and help ourselves and maybe others? Michael says: “Students with aptitude and a real interest are always successful. One is now doing consultations – she learned an ability to reach out to others and sense their energy. “If people do the work, they make progress. Full stop.”

Would you like to deepen your spiritual connection and enhance your inner spiritual life with real spiritual skills and understandings? Do you know, really know and understand how to raise your spiritual vibrations and connect with spirit? How do you get authentic spiritual training outside of a religious context, training that truly gives you the skill sets to find your spiritual path and purpose? Would you like to be able to find your own way on your spiritual journey? Do you want to RAISE YOUR SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONS and to clear obstacles that block your ascendence? Adept Spiritual Apprenticeship Training gives you the tools you can really use to find your own way on your spiritual journey. We do not rely on religion or scripture, but rather on learning how to use your own senses and develop skills to RAISE YOUR SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONS to clear obstacles that block your ascendence. Adept Spiritual Apprenticeship training is for those who have come to realize that spiritual elevation is essential to true happiness. ”It’s as if I was living in a large dark use, using one small room in the back...Michael opened the door, turned on the lights, gave me a guided tour. Then he empowered me with the vibrational tools needed to clean my house and keep it so.” Marie, UK ”It has expanded me…the benefits are clear and powerful…it is spirituality 101 from a marvelous practitioner and teacher!” Jen, Tennessee “It has increased my knowledge of spirit...given me a guide to increase my own abilities and a better understanding of how it all works.” Laura, TX “Michael gave me insights, that even a year later, still help me when I need to find my direction and remember my truth.” Markéta, UK Visit and get FREE Access to Real Spiritual Development

Spirit Trance Experience An evening with Michael Roland Spirit Trance Experience is a guided journey directly into spiritual experience. Engage fully with the subtle energy that binds spirit to body. Lift the veil of awareness and raise yourself to conscious contact with higher realms. No need to wait for random chance, to spend 30 years meditating, or to take hallucinogenic drugs in the rain forests of South America. Spiritual individuals have been using trance phenomena to create spiritual awareness since the dawn of time. Open doors that have been closed in your mind and find your spiritual vibrations raised. Take this rare opportunity to engage directly in the Spirit Trance Experience.

Tree of Life Inspiration Network

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. - Ferdinand Foch

Friday 7 February 2014 7.30pm – 9.30pm (see pages 2 & 3 for more details)

Transformation Through Relationship by Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah Rozenthuler is an author and professional psychologist. She has co-facilitated retreats with international best-selling author, Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, who says she is “The Next best thing to me”. Her joy is to enhance the quality of people’s lives by deepening the quality of their relationships and conversations. “We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship and we can be healed in relationship. Indeed, we cannot be fully healed outside of a relationship” Harville Hendrix Relationships, particularly intimate relationships, are the ultimate arena of personal growth. I believe that the new frontier in spiritual development is not sitting in a room meditating on your own but expanding your consciousness while in relationship with a sacred Other. I’m interested in relationships from a personal perspective as I’ve broken a few hearts and had my heart broken a few times. Also professionally, as a psychologist who’s consulted to large organisations for over 10 years, I’ve come to understand that without robust working relationships, excellent performance and flourishing well-being at work are simply not possible. When looked at from a spiritual perspective, relationships become even more interesting – and challenging. “The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you; but to have another with whom you might share your completeness”, says Conversations with God by best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch. And yet, when I reflect on my own and others’ experience, it leads me to ask: How is it then that we so often lose ourselves in a relationship? What happens in the “space in between” such that we end up feeling “less than” we did at the start of the relationship – less attractive, less passionate, less positive and less purposeful? Relationships, whether with a partner, family member or colleague, bring out the best and worst in us. Think of a couple who’ve been married for many years and who still love each other despite, perhaps even because of, their foibles. Their commitment to stay the course through the triumphs and tribulations of life is truly inspiring. Contrast that with the marriages, working partnerships or even international alliances that are broken through betrayal, deceit and abuse. The full range of human nature then quickly becomes apparent. There is the potential for the extremes of hurting and healing to emerge in how we relate to one another.

The Buddhist monk, activist and Nobel Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh in his most recent book, The Art of Communicating, compares our relationships with food. They can be nutritious and nurturing or they can be poisonous and toxic. He counsels us to bring mindfulness to our conversations with others – and with ourselves – so that they enrich our lives rather than drain our precious energy. Conscious communication is at the heart of healthy relationships. However, bringing the quality of compassion to our conversations can be a real stretch. It is often the people who are closest to us—our partners, parents, siblings, sons, daughters, bosses, neighbours or colleagues— who push our buttons. When this happens, it is all-too-easy to stop seeing them as a divine being with their own values, desires, wants and needs. We can get caught up in a power struggle and feel trapped without any way out. The good news is that help is at hand. Over the past two decades, a revolutionary approach to dialogue has been created by Harville Hendrix, who has been called the “marriage whisperer” by Oprah Winfrey. His carefully structured dialogue process is both practical and profound. It has the potential to bridge the widest of chasms between two people who have become estranged from each other or who are completely at loggerheads. Talking – and listening - from the heart can also help to put the sparkle back in a relationship that’s become mired in the mundane. I have experienced for myself how participating in conscious communication can bring the emotional scars of childhood into the light of awareness. We often don’t see how this unprocessed, unhealed material casts a long shadow on how we interact. When parts of ourselves remain lost or disowned, whether this is our anger, grief or jealousy, it creates havoc in our communication. To get biblical for a moment, we become obsessed with focussing on the speck in the other person’s eye without seeing, let alone dealing with, the log in our own. Lynne McTaggart in her latest book, The Bond, makes a clear case that our basic instinct is wholeness and connection rather than competition and conflict. Using the latest discoveries in science, including biology, zoology and quantum physics, she shows how life happens “in the space between things”. She concludes that the key determinant of whether we remain healthy or get ill, even whether we live or die, is our ability to connect. These bonds can be supported or destroyed by the conversations with have with each other. I believe that deep, heartfelt dialogue has the potential to revolutionalize not only our relationship with our life partner but with all those whose lives we touch. We are all the “walking wounded” and by communicating with awareness, honesty and responsibility, we are empowered to co-create conscious partnerships across the wider web of our relationships. There are the tools at hand and the time has come for us – individually and collectively – to move beyond our self-absorption and reactivity into the fulfilment of true communion.

Life-Enhancing Relationships A one day workshop with Sarah Rozenthuler Do you feel stuck in an important relationship? Does your communication let you down? Would you like to build trust, heal a hurt or create more closeness? If yes, this workshop is for you. We are all sacred souls on a sacred journey but when someone pushes our buttons, it is easy to lose sight of this. We get triggered into reactivity and our relationship suffers as a result. In this workshop you will: • Learn some practical tools that you can apply straight away. • Expand your communication skills. • Increase your capacity to be nonreactive and stay centred. It is often the people who are closest to us—our partner, parent, sibling, son, daughter, boss, neighbour, colleague— that provide us with our biggest growth opportunity. When we turn towards them instead of away from them, we not only transform our relationship, we become bigger versions of ourselves. You are welcome to attend this workshop on your own or, even better, to participate with the person who challenges you. Either way, you will learn about how to end the sense of separation and experience the healing power of re-connection.

Sunday 17 November 2013 10am – 5pm £57/£47 concs Early Bird if booked by 1 Nov (£67/£57 concs thereafter) Venue: Moseley, Birmingham (see website for details)

Info & Tickets: 0121 449 4086

All the advice you ever gave your partner is for you to hear. - Byron Katie


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Birmingham Clarendon Suites B16 9SB

2nd & 3rd November 11am - 5.30pm

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FREE TALKS AND WORKSHOPS ALL WEEKEND You can lose weight.... ..... and I will show you how.... 1 Day workshop that can change your life.... .... and CHANGE YOUR BODY.... Susan Smith lost 5 dress sizes after attending the workshop

When? Saturday 19th November 9:30 - 17:30 Where? Novotel Birmingham City Centre Best selling author & TV expert Janet Thomson MSc will teach you how to.

After Before

Collapse food cravings. Stop eating when you have had enough. Not desire junk food. Be self motivated and inspired.




normal price £145

As Featured in:

To Book: or email: or call: 01455 286917 / 07788738799 14

There is just one life for each of us: our own. - Euripides


Sharing Spiritual Wisdom for 25 Years


ISSUE 125 • SEPT/OCT 2013 • £3.80 (USA $9.50 CANADA $10.99)








Explore the Ancient Stories




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8/28/2013 3:29:55 PM

Kindred Spirit magazine is available in the shops or on your iPad To get a FREE sample back issue of Kindred Spirit simply email your name and address to Quote code KSTOL4. Subject to availability. Offer ends 30/10/13

Download the App and try our FREE issue today on iTunes

Special Events 2013 9 - 11 November

Jeff Foster An Effortless ‘Yes’ To This Moment Living the Deepest Acceptance That You Are 23 - 25 November

Caroline Myss Discovering New Archetypal Patterns of Relationships and Relating 21 - 28 December

A Christmas Retreat email:

tel: 01309 690311

Scottish Charity Number SC007233

Stephanie J. King Soulpreneur

Divine GuiDance The answers you need to make miracles Instant response for a stress free, worry free life!!

Are you ready to use it?

RRP £7.99

available for pre-order through my website (Available for download on Kindle & smart phones)


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. - Steve Jobs

MIRRORSTONE CRYSTALS Mirrorstone Crystals the Midlands leading provider of high quality crystals and amazing fossils from around the world. Come and visit out shop in King Heath, Birmingham or online at and browse our exciting range of fair trade gifts, incense and silver gemstone jewellery all at affordable prices. We also provide crystal healing and life path guidance sessions by appointment.

Life is a Journey, not a destination –

4b Heathfield Road | Kings Heath | Birmingham | B14 7DB 0121 444 3003 |

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, I’m possible! - Audrey Hepburn


Birmingham Institute for Psychodrama • 4 yr. Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychodrama Psychotherapy (a UKCP qualification) • 1 yr. Post-graduate Certificate in Creative Counselling and Psychodrama Techniques • Open weekend workshops • Psychotherapy groups Find out more:

Classifieds Rolfing® Structural Integration

*Herbal Medicine and Allergy Therapy

is a form of hands-on manipulation and movement education which works on the connective tissue to release, realign and balance the whole body, resulting in better posture, fewer aches and pains, greater flexibility and more energy.

Over 70% of the worlds population use herbal medicine. Source WHO. A natural alternative to health.

Contact details: Vivien Tel: 01543 433082

*Past Life Regression

Positive Inpact

Regression Therapy

Positive inpact is a Community Interest Company aiming to integrate Natural Psychological and Complementary Therapies for Positive Mental Health Website: Contact Details PO Box 15346 Rednal, Birmingham B45 5DQ Telephone 0845 0950635 Mobile 07971 222798

find healing and spiritual development Goes to the root of the issue

PLR Workshops Visit a previous life


Safe… Simple… Natural… Powerful… In Birmingham and Kenilworth Contact David Graham for more info: E: W:

T: 01926 852711 M: 07854 538495

Our results are so good that they been university verified. Despite the recession, 2013 has been our BEST YEAR. Corporate giants are knocking at our door asking for our new approach and holistic business model. You can too! Claim your unspendable treasure. It’s everyone’s dream to make a positive difference in the world. This is exactly what’s happened for a group of people who attended the 2-week Educo® The Thinker seminars (delivered by Dr Tony Quinn) and transformed Belize, a country in Central America. An emergence of ‘Educo Thinkers’ is making the impossible possible. Tracked over a period of 3 years, the studies show that the average increase in gross revenue of the 107 businesses involved was 360%, the increase in personal income of 270 participants was 264%, the capacity for goal achievement increased by 67% and life satisfaction increased by 55%. Transforming visions to holistic $billion businesses. Using the holistic business model both Belize Natural Energy (featured in the book ‘The Secret’) and XJet have grown their revenues to over a billion dollars. And between them they are winners of many prestigious and global industry awards. In your quest for the ultimate life for yourself and others, this is your answer. Be a beacon, use your greater mind and learn what you want. You will be introduced to the breakthrough approach at a presentation talk about the 2-week Educo® The Thinker seminar, please arrange this with our Agent.

Educo Agent: Taz Shah +44 (0) 7960-781-854 Website:


Be open. And then the truth follows. - Gangaji

W: Contact: Shobana 07817 415518 SOLIHULL NATURAL HEALTH GROUP 17th Sept ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’ Lee Anthony Taylor 15th Oct ‘A Bridge Between the Worlds’ Stewart Pearce 19th Nov AGM plus ‘The Story the Land Tells’ Sarah Dawkins Members £5.00 Guests £8.00 7.30pm The Oliver Bird Hall, Church Hill Road Solihull B91 3RQ Info:


Denise Linn

Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader Certification Programme 16th & 17th november 2013, LonDon Join renowneD teacher, heaLer anD author Denise Linn, anD Learn how to activate your ‘inner oracLe’ anD become an extraorDinary intuitive coach with this transformationaL certification course

Plus each participant will receive a Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Deck and online bonus content worth £350

For more information & tickets go to or call 020 3675 2460


A new methodology of healing Round spheres containing Sacred Geometric shapes and Colours, travel through light rays and deliver healing and transformation for the body, mind, heart and soul. When downloading a new spiritual Blue-Print, the system offers a life changing moment.

Are you ready to change the shape of your life? For details on healing sessions and courses visit:

arts sustainability spirituality well being courses & events 

Virginia Dutton - Naturopath • • • • •

Live Blood Analysis Dry Layered Blood Analysis Anti-Ageing Nutrition Mitochondrial Medicine Heart Rate Variability

For questions on Live Blood Analysis or for information on any other aspect of our unique approach to health and healing, contact Virginia via T: 0845 548 0221 M: 07788 241 258 W:


HAWKWOOD Mindfulness Meditation 25-27 Oct Raw Food for Winter Wellness 3 Nov Moving from Fear to Love 16 Nov Aromatherapy & Natural Skincare 16-17 Nov Tuning Chakras with Sound 29 Nov-1 Dec Tarot Landscapes Caitlín Matthews 13-15 Dec Mindful New Year * Sacred Clown 3-5 Jan Polly Higgins—Dare to be Great 17-19 Jan Lots more, too...Hawkwood College, Stroud GL6 7QW


Tree of Life Magazine

Polly Higgins © Look Again

The strongest force in the universe is a human being living consistently with his identity. - Tony Robbins Autumn 2013


Transformational Weekend Experience with Joginder, Markéta & Kaitlyn

Sat 7 & Sun 8 December 2013 10.30am – 5.30pm each day Moseley, Birmingham

Marketa Bola

Joginder Singh Bola

Kaitlyn G. Lyndon

The Sexy Raw Food Goddess & Intuitive Inner Guide

Teacher of The Work of Byron Katie

Energy Worker & Light Messenger

A powerful transformative weekend experience to help you find your own authentic self. During the weekend a safe and supportive environment is created in which you can step forward and take charge of your life. You will learn empowering tools and take part in transformational processes that will lead you to embrace your power within: Mind – Free your mind with The Work of Byron Katie Body – Nourish your body with vibrant raw living food Spirit – Uplift your spirit with powerful energy work You will discover how to: Increase the flow of abundance & prosperity into you life Have radiant health, energy & vitality Strengthen and improve your relationships with your loved ones The Weekend is an adventure full of challenges, excitement and spontaneity. It is light, playful, open, sensitive, supportive and fun! THIS WEEKEND WILL SELL OUT & ADVANCE BOOKING IS REQUIRED £247 Early Bird if booked by 29th November (£297 thereafter) Special Price of £197 for the first 8 people to book Introductory evening talk for the weekend on Friday 29 November 2013 at the Tree of Life

Info & bookings: or call 0121 449 4086

Tree of Life Magazine - Autumn Winter 2013  

Tree of Life Magazine - Autumn Winter 2013

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