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assignment 1

black & white pattern

Lee Yong Hwan

an urban sketcher

With his unique line

and his interesting skill

of coloring,

he is undoubtedly

my favorite artist. since 2008 until now

Modern Shelf simply elegant furniture

This is my inspirational picture. I like the way the geomatic shapes,

triangles and circle,

inspired me new feeling to

an ordinary still pictur.

Confused, Awkward and Tight

assignment 2

Thai pattern

Fua Haripitak a National Artist He was also awarded from Magsaysay Award for public service.

This is one of Fua’s impressive works. I like his style especially water color use. The smooth and tone of the color caught my interest.

Helm or Sterning Wheel

I like this style, how it looks adorable, fascinated and cute at the same time. I love the lineless shape.

The New Wave Moovement

assignment 3


Stripes - my fav texture both lively and solemn

Stylish typography

80 percent of dark navy ble 5 percent of grayish blue nd 15 percent of gloomy yellow mix and match the different similarity

I like the mystery of the moon.

The true me and me in others’ point of view. Which is the real one.?

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