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Luscious SMS Overview Luscious SMS sends text messages via websites (gateways) of SMS providers. This is done with the help of plug-ins. All available plug-ins are shown in the plug-in manager (internet connection required).

If you don't have an SMS provider yet, you can use TREE SMS. It's an SMS provider offered by treeinspired, the company who developed Luscious SMS. For details on pricing, go to the TREE SMS help page.

Luscious SMS offers other handy features besides sending text messages.

• Access to several plug-ins for sending text messages via other gateways • Account managing for using as many different gateways as you like • Sending one message to a whole group of people • Integration of the Address Book of Mac OS X • Export messages to iPod • Store your sent messages in folders • Sending messages over supported mobile phones

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Plug-ins Plug-ins manage sending and receiving of text messages. They are listed in the plug-in manager. If you want to use a specific plug-in of a provider, you must have an account at that provider. Information on developing your own plug-ins can be found in the Developer section.

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«TREE SMS» Gateway TREE SMS is an SMS provider offered by treeinspired, the company who developed Luscious SMS. To send text messages via TREE SMS, follow these simple steps.

1. Got to 2. Set up an account. (If you already have one, log in.) 3. Purchase text message packages (100 messages cost €10)

If this is your first purchase on TREE SMS, you must first validate your mobile phone number. Don't worry, the amount of one text message, which is subtracted through this procedure, will be added again after successful validation.

Text messages sent with TREE SMS will contain the mobile number as sender, which is defined in the preferences of Luscious SMS. One text message contains a maximum of 160 characters. If a message contains more than 160 characters, Luscious SMS will divide it and send several text messages. REMEMBER: Depending on the length of your message, costs may rise.

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Preferences To access the preferences, go to "Luscious SMS" -> "Preferences ‌".

General Country code: Enter your country code here. (Example: If you are living in Switzerland, type "+41"). The country code is used when no country code is entered in the phone number of the recipient. Update: If checked, Luscious SMS searches for updates on application startup. Highly recommended. If an update is found, Luscious SMS will inform you. Simply click "Install" if you are prompted. Mobile Phone: If you're computer and your mobile phone both have Bluetooth, you can view your text messages on your mobile phone with Luscious SMS. To do so, click "Add phone" (Bluetooth must be enabled on both devices.) and follow the onscreen instructions.

Accounts Luscious SMS needs at least one account to work with. Information on which plug-in you are using and your username and password of your SMS provider are stored here. To view or edit your accounts, go to "Luscious SMS" -> "Preferences ‌" -> "Accounts". To add an account, click on the plus to the bottom left. You can select a different plug-in for every account. Select an account and then select the desired plug-in on the right. If the desired plug-in is not available, check the plug-in manager, if it is installed.

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Enter your username and password of your SMS provider. All passwords entered are stored in the Keychain of Mac OS X with secure 128-Bit encryption. Keychain can be found in the Utilities folder in Applications. To rename an account, select it and click on the cogwheel to the bottom left. Select "Rename account". To delete an account, select it and click on the cogwheel to the bottom left. Select "Delete Account".

Message Message splitting

One text message contains a maximum of 160 characters. If a message contains more than 160 characters, Luscious SMS will divide it and send several text messages. If "Use intelligent word splitting" is enabled, messages will be split only at space characters. If it is disabled, messages are split exactly in groups of 160 characters, which may lead to messages being split in the middle of a word, which are possibly hard to read. Example: Your message contains the sentence: "You're looking well today." where the 160th character is the letter "k". If intelligent word splitting is enabled, two messages will be sent, one ending with "You're" and the other starting with "looking well today." If intelligent word splitting is disabled, two messages will be sent, one ending with "You're look" and the other starting with "ing well today." Auto-completion

Luscious SMS uses the Address Book of Mac OS X to guess the phone number you are typing in the recipient field of a message. If "Only mobile phone numbers" is enabled, only numbers labeled with "mobile phone" in the Address Book are displayed. If disabled, all phone numbers are displayed.

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To send text messages to non-mobile phones, the recipient must have a compatible phone and his or her provider must support this service. On account error, try other account: If set to "Yes", Luscious SMS will automatically try to send the message via another account, if stumbled on a sending error. If still all attempts fail, you will be informed. If set to "No", no further action will be taken on sending errors, and you will be informed that there was a sending error.

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Mobile phone Mobile Phone List with supported mobile phone here available. Enable the Bluetooth Modul from your Mac when if not enabled. Also you must be enable the Bluetooth on your mobile phone. For more informations to enable the bluetooth on your mobile phone read the manual technical documentation from mobile phone. Open the Preferences and then the select first Tab "General". Click "Add Phone" Button. A window will be display in witch you can search your Bluetooth mobile phone. When your phone not be listed in the window, you can click the "Search" button to search your phone. Select your phone in list and click "Select". Your phone will be added to the folder list in the main window.

Send SMS / Flash SMS over mobile phone Compose new message. Select your phone from the account list. The "Type" pop-up allows to change the message type to SMS or Flash SMS.

Move messages from mobile phone to local folder Click on mobile phone entry in the folder list on the main window. Now connect to the phone with "Connect" Button. To connect can be take while. Now you have four subfolder of the mobile phone entry. Move messages via drag and drop to local folder. the messages will be

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moved to local folder and be deleted on the phone. With Backspace Key can you delete messages on the phone without copy to local folder.

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Composing message To create a new text message, click the "New message" button to the upper left in the main window. Start typing the phone number of the recipient in the "To:" field. Luscious SMS will try to guess the number you are typing, given that the desired recipient is in your Address Book. If that is the case, you may also start typing the recipients name, or click on "Address Book" to choose from there. You can send a single message to several recipients. To send message to more than one recipient, type the addresses, separated by commas, in the "To:" field. You may also double-click on a group in the Address Book. See Address Book Help for more information on creating a group.

Be sure to prefix the country code of a phone number, if it is not in your country.

While composing a message, the amount of SMS which will be used is displayed at the bottom right.

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Trash When you delete message, excluded phone messages and messages in outbox, message will be moved to the trash folder. to restore the message, drag-and-drop the message to the liked destination folder.

Delete single message in trash To delete single message in the trash, select message and press again the Backspace Key.

Delete all messages in trash To delete all messages in trash, select one message. in the head of detail of the selected message metabar will be displayed "Empty Trash" Button. Klick on the Button delete all Messages in Trash. This action can't be restore.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Command + N

New message

Command + Shift + D

Send message

Command + Shift + F

Forward message

Command + R

Reply message

Command + O

Open message in new window

Command + Shift + N

Show main window

Command + W

Close window

Command + ,

Open Preferences

Command + Alt + W

Show WebView (For Developer)

Command + ?

Luscious SMS Help Section

Command + H

Hide Luscious SMS

Command + Alt + H

Hide all other Applications

Command + Q

Quit Luscious SMS

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Developer To develop your own Luscious SMS Plug-in, you must have basic knowledge of JavaScript (all the plug-ins are written in JavaScript) and HTML. Information and help on plug-in developing is avaible at

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Impressum Development and documentation

treeinspired Philippe H. Regenass AIM (iChat):

Service and support

Date of documentation: 22. Januar 2010

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