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Treehouse Nursery | The Basics of After School Clubs Treehouse Nursery is a well-respected after school club based in Wanstead, London. It is the largest and most successful in the borough because it fulfils all the expectations parents and children have of after school clubs – 110 happy children on the roll at any one time are testimony to that. Parents need options for childcare that are convenient, affordable and good for their kids. After school clubs are part of the UK government’s wider education agenda. Although called after school clubs, the same facilities are also usually extended, by the same provider, to breakfast clubs with the aim of providing wraparound care for children with working parents. The clubs are located in local schools, community centres or in childcare facilities such as nurseries. They are run according to government guidelines including some having the requirement to be registered with Ofsted, which means they are liable to Ofsted inspection. Among the guidelines is a recommendation of staff to child ratios. Parents who might be concerned that kids are gathered together with minimal supervision can expect a staff ratio of 1:8 for children aged four to eight and 1:10 for children aged eight upwards. Another important aspect of after school clubs is that they are not tied to school term time, and many clubs will extend their available hours during half terms and holidays. It is also important to know that this isn’t an “open all hours” service. They are designed to be convenient for parents at the top and tail of every day, so few open before 7:30am and rarely go beyond 6:30pm. One of the factors of successful childcare is that it has to be affordable. Parents might be eligible for Childcare Vouchers which will help cover some of the costs which will be anything from £3-£15 per day depending on your area and type/standard of facility. As a bridge to the gap between school hours and parents’ working hours, breakfast clubs and after school clubs offer advantages to both parents and children. Children will be people of their own age either using the time to get homework done, not impinging on family time at home, or enjoying activities that extend the learning and development processes of the classroom – whilst having some fun too. Parents know their kids are in a safe place that is convenient and affordable, and if Ofsted registered, subject to government guidelines and inspection. The After School Club at Treehouse Nursery Grove Hall after school club is the largest in Wanstead with places for 110 children. Offering a breakfast club and after school club, it is open from 7:45 am to 6:30pm and provides a wide range of activities to stimulate children and continue their learning and social development. Grove Hall is operated by Treehouse Nursery which has 22 years of

experience of providing quality, Ofsted registered care to the parents of the borough. The first nursery was Woodbine Place which today caters for 132 children. Cambridge Park followed and provides care for 120 children. Both sites cater for children from 3 months to 5 years and follow the Early Learning Foundation Curriculum.

Treehouse Nursery | The Basics of After School  

Treehouse Nursery is a well-respected after school club based in Wanstead, London. It is the largest and most successful in the borough beca...

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