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Industrial Soft Craft Specialty Services

Driven by a commitment to excellence in project execution, Brock is a leader in providing soft craft services, labor support, and materials for capital projects, maintenance, and facility turnaround.


We provide solutions by first understanding our customer’s needs and then safely and consistently delivering value. We accomplish this by hiring and developing top talent, implementing new execution concepts and methods, and executing to industry leading standardized processes and tools.


Strong focus on hiring and developing the best individuals. Implementation of processes and tools that drive successful outcomes as defined by our customers. A curiosity and eagerness to explore innovative concepts, technologies, and partnerships that lead to more efficient Results.


Respect and Caring for our customers, our coworkers, our communities, and ourselves. A strong sense of Commitment to our customers and each other. A focus on Growth for our customers, investors, and ourselves.

Primary Services    

Scaffold Material Supply & Labour Insulation Material & Labour Fireproofing Material & Labour Glycol Heat Tracing

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Customer Commitment

Hard Covers Soft Covers Asbestos Abatement Lead Abatement

We align our goals with yours and work hard to continuously improve performance. Key to that is recruiting, hiring, training and developing the best personnel at all levels, from our leadership team, to craft workers and front-line site supervisors who represent us at work sites every day.

Commitment to BSafe

Safety is our Number One Commitment! Our Bsafe culture ensures a shared focus on respect for each other and guides how we deliver value every moment of every day for every client we have the privilege of serving. “Mike McGinnis� CEO & Executive Chairman

Commitment to Safety At Brock, we keep safety a top priority by taking responsibility for ourselves and those around us, both at work, and in personal interactions. Our emphasis on service excellence begins with a common culture of respect and caring, and a commitment to an incident and injury free work environment that strives toward a ZERO harm culture. This commitment is what defines us as individuals and sets us apart within the industry.

Commitment to BBest Bbest is Brock’s culture bringing together planning and accountability to ensure best practices go beyond sharing, to become standard procedure throughout our organization. Bbest is an ever-rising target in our constant pursuit of the next level of excellence for safe and innovating operating procedures, employee engagement and development, and the value we provide to our customers.

Specialized Facility Solutions Brock leverages innovative process driven management programs in the delivery of our services. These programs enable the development of long-term strategies for lowest total life cycle cost at your facility. They are customizable to the needs of the specific facility or project to increase operational efficiencies and provide the platform for repeatability, dependability, and continuous cost reduction.

Maintenance Insulation Management System (MIMS) A comprehensive approach to the identification and prioritization of all insulation activities. Our inhouse certified Energy Appraisers use leading technology to quantify energy being lost due to inadequate, underperforming, or missing insulation, then develop a schedule of repairs and remediation that includes safety considerations, ROI calculations, and timetables.

Fireproofing Management System (FPMS) Identifies compromised fireproofing and restores it to operating standards, resulting in reduced potential for corrosion under fireproofing, improved overall fire protection, increased costeffectiveness, and lower repair and maintenance costs.

Scaffold Material Supply & Scaffold Management System (SMS) The introduction of new technological tools in the hands of skilled and experienced soft crafts technicians provides new opportunities to clearly define work scope, create greater work execution plan cohesion between trades, improve efficiency, reduce conflicts and provide greater cost certainty for our customers. SMS provides many unique methods of managing and monitoring work activities on site, and ultimately provides our clients with complete transparency into production, productivity, and schedule compliance. The system promotes overall efficiency improvements and inventory adjustments to meet long-term facility demand. The system can quickly produce estimates for budgeting, and complete work execution packages. The system is integrated with QR code labels that are attached to scaffold material which provide Brock the ability to monitor and track the status of individual pieces or entire scaffold assemblies. Status tracking, activity tracing, inspection reporting, and overall logistics management are optimized within the system. The system includes a built-in designer for 3D modeling scaffold structures that is easy to use for planning and modifications. Improved Safety Progress & Performance Monitoring

Greater Project Visibility

Management Reports

Detailed Scaffold Status


Enhanced Scheduling

Improved Productivity

3D Scaffold Design & Planning Combining the progressiveness of Brock’s Work Face Planning tools with the real time adaptability of Brock’s Service Management System can vastly improve control over scaffold management, significantly reduce the risk of scaffold related impacts to schedule, and greatly reduce costs. With Brock’s integrated ‘Optimized’ approach, we are confident that total scaffolding project costs can be significantly reduced. In addition, better overall scaffold management will contribute to better overall productivity of all trades on site, leading to increased overall productivity and decreased total cost.

Scaffolding Brock offers workface access materials, management, and/or labor solutions to industrial and commercial customers across Western Canada. Our unparalleled levels of innovation and commitment to our customers and employees set us above the rest. We are practiced, experienced, connected, and polished like no other.

 Scaffold Material Supply  3D Design & Planning  Project Execution

 Material Management  Labour Supply  Manpower Management

Brock has significant experience with effective scaffold engineering, regulatory compliance, design, erection, and dismantle. Strategically located scaffold yards throughout Western Canada, combined with a diverse inventory of mobile and stationary systems, means our scaffold teams are able to respond immediately to client needs and mitigate schedule challenges. From major outages to everyday maintenance requirements, access to working areas is key. We have the products and operations support to meet access requirements quickly and efficiently.

Insulation Brock’s industrial insulation expertise helps facilities operate at maximum efficiency while reducing risks and costly repairs. Our capabilities include installation in support of large-scale capital construction projects, energy efficiency studies, maintenance, and repair. Brock’s insulation experts are also skilled at identifying and repairing deficiencies in existing insulation, as well as preventing corrosion under insulation.

 Insulation Material Supply  3D Design & Planning  Project Execution

 Labour Supply  Manpower Management  Cladding Material Supply

Brock has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of delivering quality Insulation Services. Brock delivers several key benefits to Insulation customers, beginning with our ability to purchase at lower rates than most owners can achieve, due to the volume of purchasing to supply our many projects and maintenance activities. Because we have developed strong relationships with key suppliers, we are also frequently able to expedite material delivery for projects with unusually tight schedules. The combination of these benefits means we are able to offer both cost and schedule advantages based on unique expertise and position as a market leader in Insulation Services.

Fireproofing Brock provides high performance fire protection systems tailored to fit specific project requirements and designed to minimize the escalation of fire from the failure of structural supports or overheating of pressure vessels.

Brock is a full-service provider for intumescent, cementitious, and Endothermic Mat fireproofing products, applied on site, or in shop facilities with certified applicators, using proprietary systems designed to drive-up performance, and drive-down client cost. Our exclusive, proprietary fireproofing system, developed in house, means flawless results every time. Our system eliminates width fluctuation and guarantees straight and consistent results with each application. In addition, Brock has propelled forward as the leading installer of composite Endothermic Mat (E-Mat) fireproofing systems. Brock’s extensive experience with traditional methods, our own proprietary system, and newly developed E-Mat systems, ensures that fireproofing services are executed with skill and efficiency.

Hard Covers From start to finish, we have you covered. Brock has its own production facility and a team dedicated to accurate understanding of enclosure requirements, measurements, supply chain management, and production. We measure, fabricate and install the entire product. With our exclusively controlled supply chain, Brock is uniquely and advantageously positioned to scale production up or down on demand with current capacity of over 500 units per week.

Blankets & Specialty Products For insulation activities involving blankets, we have our own fabrication facility which tailors each blanket to our customer’s specific needs. In addition, we’re able to fast track key orders to meet challenging schedules. The blankets fabricated in our facility are considered to be among the highest quality in our industry, and our ability to quickly deliver products of that caliber is a unique service we offer our customers to meet high quality standards and tight deadlines.

Heat & Energy Loss Prevention Program A comprehensive approach to the identification and prioritization of all insulation activities. Brock’s heat and energy loss prevention program uses leading technology to quantify energy loss to inadequate, underperforming, or missing insulation. Using our comprehensive management tools, we provide customers with data on defects in insulation systems, priorities in repairing the defects, energy savings from repair work, emission reductions information, and payback schedules.

Glycol Heat Tracing Brock offers innovative glycol heat tracing services tailored to the needs of your business. We specialize in freeze protection services that can effectively reduce heat loss from process fluids, the risk of damage to piping, and the risk of operation interference, which can decrease energy usage and costs. By bundling solutions of glycol heat tracing with insulation services, we can provide execution efficiencies to our customers by ensuring thermal efficiency on their operations. Brock is fully certified for instrumentation tubing for installation of glycol heat tracing.

Lead & Asbestos Abatement Brock safely tests, removes, and disposes of lead from industrial facilities and administrative buildings in accordance with government regulations. By using highly sensitive techniques to identify and measure lead content, including X-ray fluorescence instruments that provide instant readings, Brocks abatement methods minimize disruption to facility operations while protecting personnel Effective Asbestos removal techniques require detailed risk assessments and exposure control plans combined with innovative, meticulous, and efficient preparation and execution. Brock’s experts safely address abatement needs throughout a facility. Our certified technicians work with the latest methods and technologies to ensure safe removal, government compliance, and risk reduction.

For more information, please contact: Tel: 780-465-9016 Fax: 780-466-8584 8925 62 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T6E 5L2

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