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How to prevent or to deal with storm damaged trees We in Simcoe and Muskoka live in a beautiful area, lots of water, lots of hills, rocks and trees. Hundreds we also have lots of nasty weather, wind, ice, snow or lightning each year. During these storms there are thousands of shade and street trees in Simcoe County or the Muskoka's are storm damaged or destroyed. Estimates of property value loss from tree storm damage will typically run in the millions each year, total damages will be depending on how severe the weather is. There are ways to help you quickly understand and prevent costly storm damage to trees. There are no real "cures" here outside of proper planting, prevention measures and treatment. But be prepared, do not hire a tree service in haste. A properly selected tree service, one who has ISA Certified Arborists on staff, can many times save your trees and money. This is not an area where lower cost means better value, so beware. Trees adapt themselves to wind and ice by growing what is known as “reaction wood� if these destructive agents are part of an average annual growing season. Under normal weather conditions, trees sway in the wind and these movements strengthen the woody material developing the stem. This development is especially important on the prevailing wind side for hardwoods and opposite the wind side for conifers. It is the abnormal weather condition and storms that can cause serious damage to and potentially kill a trees. There is no way to protect all trees from all types of storm damage, however proper pruning practices performed by a Certified Arborist can go a long way. Furthermore, if you have trees in question then hire a Certified Tree Risk Assessor, this person has additional specialized skills above a Certified Arborist in the risk assessment category. (also to become a Certified Tree Risk Assessor one must already hold the ISA Certified Arborist certification) Trees simply are not adapted to survive worst-case storms. Storm damage to trees usually comes in various ways, this can be by blow-down, stem failure, crown twist, root failure, branch failure and lightning strike. Total tree collapse or blow-down, crown twist and lightning strike can be considered in many cases catastrophic events that need immediate and properly trained attention. Root failure, branch failure and stem failure however also need proper treatment and can kill your tree in the long term if not dealt with by properly trained and certified arborists. Note that may items such as wind and ice damage, and even lightning protection can be mitigated if the properly trained arborist is called.

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Preventing Storm Damaged Trees  

Note that may items such as wind and ice damage, and even lightning protection can be mitigated if the properly trained arborist is called....

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