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Strategy & Business Design Trechelle Lyn Ras + 0151 2154 3048 skype id: trechellle.lyn Berlin, Germany

Warm greetings to you and your team, I am writing to express my interest to work for your company as a Junior Innovation Strategist, Strategy Intern or equivalent. I do believe that you posses the environment that can support my objective to work with people who are driven and have the zeal for excellence in the field of strategy, business and design. I have recently finished a year- long practical course on Design Thinking where I had the opportunity to work on innovation projects together with companies such as Johnson & Johnson - Janssen Cilag and Helga Breuninger Foundation. I also carry with me skills and experiences in the field of Marketing, Design and Social Entrepreneurship. Along with this applicaton is my curriculum vitae and work portfolio. I sincerely thank you for your time and consideration and I would truly welcome the chance to speak with you.


Trechelle Lyn Ras

Formation: Business and Design

Through my practical training and education in both business and design, I am able to develop a holistic approach using creative and analytical methods.

While revolutions in the recent past have opened up doors to countless opportunities, it has also made the world hardly predictable for business. Traditional, linear frameworks are no longer sufficient to keep up with the developments in technology and changes in the marketplace.

On the one hand, design equips business in simplifying the complex, multi-layered intersection of different fields. Likewise, business translates design into sustainable models. I believe that design and business are complementary with each other and whose time is now more than ever. By integrating these two disciplines, we gain access to a powerful set of tools that will enable us to create real value.

Curriculum Vitae Educational Background 2011 - 2012

Design Thinking Hasso Platner Institute, School of Design Thinking, Potsdam Germany Worked with multidisciplinary teams in tackling complex challenges in a two-semester hands-on learning on design thinking, a human-centred approach to innovation and problem solving. • Innovation Project with Stiftung Paretz on Entrepreneurial Learning • Innovation Project with Johnson & Johnson- Janssen on Vaccination

Supplemental Courses: 2006 - 2010

Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Major in Legal Management

D.Camp “Entrepreneurial Challenge” Standford (2012)

The program is characterized by a strong liberal-arts core curriculum, coupled with a business curriculum, producing leaders and entrepreneurs who are global in perspective, interdisciplinary in approach, technically proficient and analytical yet humanistic and people oriented.

Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwald Charite Entrepreneurial Summit (2012)

JGSOM is a regionally recognized center of excellence and leadership in undergraduate business education and Ateneo is known to be one of the top universities in the Philippines.

Entrepreneurship for Social Development Ateneo de Manila University in partnership with Temasek Foundation, National University of Singapore Business School & Gawad Kalinga (2010)

Social Entrepreneurship Workshop and Training British Council - Social Enterprise Development Council (SEDPI) (2010)

Venture Planning and Business Implementation for a Non-Profit Organization Ateneo de Manila in partnership with Mckinsey & Co. (2009)

John Gokongwei School of Management Ateneo de Manila University, Manila Philippines

• Assoc. Vice Pres. for Digital and Creative Media - Ateneo Lex • Project Director - Ateneo Statistics Circle • Table Tennis Varsity Team 2008 Fall Semester

Marketing and Managment International Exchange Scholar, HEB School of Management University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio Texas, USA • Revived the International Student Association and led as Promotions Head • Capstone course on: Marketing Analysis of IKEA market in the USA

Curriculum Vitae Work Experience Since 2009 3.5 years

Marketing Communications and Presentation Design

Since 2011 1 year

Graphic Design and Creative Consultant

2010 - 2011 1 year

Social Entrepreneurship & Advocacy Worked in the field of social design and business development for a non-profit organization, Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation

2010 - 2011 1 year

Co-founder | Organika Linking community based farms to profitable markets through strategic product development, marketing and distribution

Worked closely with over 40 entrepreneurs, speakers, company CEOs and managers in the conceptualization and development of creative presentations on business, sales and marketing.

Cignifi Inc.



English (Fluent) Filipino (Native) Fookien (Intermediate) Mandarin (Intermediate) German (Basic) French (Basic)

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign Adobe Illustrator Prezi Wordpress Microsoft Office

Skills Design Thinking Design Research & Synthesis Graphic Design Presentation Design and Development Wordpress Development Business Model Generation Business Planning and Development Social Media Management Market Research Creative Marketing

Work Portfolio Marketing & Design

Design Thinking

Social Innovation

• Presentation development • Graphic design works

• Entrepreneurial Learning Innovation Project • Vaccination Innovation Project

• Social Business Development • Social Design

Marketing Presentations As a freelance Marketing and business presentation designer, I was able to closely work with over 40 CEOs, entrepreneurs, manager and speakers in translating business concepts and ideas into creative visualizations that effectively touch audiences and communiate core messages. The output included sales and marketing presentations, reports, lecutures, investor pitches and motivational speeches. Each of which were carefully designed considering visual attractiveness and simplicity, business core value, needs of the targeted audience, and the main goals and objectives of each client.


Industries Entrepreneurial Start-up Management Consulting Research and Education Consumer Goods Manufacturing Film and Media

Graphic design work sample In addition to marketing and business presentations, I also worked on several graphic design projects including, websites, blogs, posters and ebooks.

Design Thinking Projects The 12 week- innovation project was done in partnership with Janssen - a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The healthcare company has recently expanded their vaccine market to Germany and are looking into innovation projects to leverage their flexibility as a new player. The design challenge tackled Innovating the vaccination process for physicians. We worked in multidisciplinary teams and were coached by HPI, applying the methodologies of Design Thinking.

Entrepreneurial Learning for Children


In partnership with Stiftung Paretz, ran by the Helga Breuninger Foundation. The 6-week design challenge tackled entrepreneurial learning for children in the perspective of project managers in rural settings in Germany.



1 An entrepreneurial tool that aids project managers facilitate learning with children.


2 Immersing in the user’s world and asking the right questions is crucial in getting good insights for innovative solutions 3 Rapid prototyping helped test our ideas and quickly improve on aspects that otherwise couldn’t be spotted hadn’t we developed a tangible working model. 4 Working in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team provided an effective frame for interesting exchange of ideas, but it also demanded patience and clarity in terms of communication. Overall, the experience was beneficial to everyone’s personal growth .

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Gawad Kalinga is an organization engaged in providing housing for the less fortunate in the Philippines. In 2010, they ventured into sustainability through the promotion of social entrepreneurship, banking on their 2,000+ village communities - many of which were engaged in unorganized livelihood projects. In this regard, they started the Gawad Kalinga Center for Social Innovation where I have served as a Social Entrepreneur - with roles that extended from farming with villagers, promoting the advocacy of social entrepreneurship to building a social enterprise. Of the many memorable experience and learning, I treasure working directly with the humble yet great Tony Meloto- the founder, who have inspired and taught me significantly about service to people and hard work.

Social Enterprise Development The social business that we conceptualized leveraged on the agricultural resource of the Philippines, after finding out that majority of the farming communities fail to reach full potential due to lack in management and distribution opportunities. Organika’s aim is to link community based coconut farms to profitable markets through strategic product development, marketing and distribution. It was a start-up that has won several recognitions including: • Finalist British Council “I am a Changemaker” Business Plan Competition • Finalist PBSP-Citibank BiD Challenge (Business in Development) • Participant Fundacion Codespa Social Enterprise Management Training Program University of Asia and the Pacific and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Read feature article on

Social Design & Business Development Brand identity for Gawad Kalinga Farm A two month project that involved developing a brand identity for Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm in the town of Bulacan, Philippines - a model community farm that showcased the livelihood projects of Gawad Kalinga’s village in Bulacan, Philippines.

Enchanted Farm Souvenir Shop Led a group of international interns in the development of the Enchanted Farm souvenir shop. The project involved conceptualization, development and construction of the actual shop and its processes. In addition to that, we also conducted merchandise management - designing, production and sourcing of products that are to be sold.

*References: Jonathan Hakim | CEO Cignifi Valued Client Kerstin Madel | Marketing Strategy Consultant Coach d-school Kara Jess Rondina | Peace Coordinator Business Parnter *Contact to be provided upon request

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Trechelle Lyn Ras Portfolio CV  

Trechelle Lyn Ras Portfolio CV

Trechelle Lyn Ras Portfolio CV  

Trechelle Lyn Ras Portfolio CV