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County2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnm 014PARADEofHOMES PARADE TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES County2014 TheJohnstonCounEofHOMES ofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES PARADEof TheJohnstonCounty2014PAS The TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES The TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES 2014 TheJohnston PARADE OF HOMES S TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES EofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES HOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADE unty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES 2014PARADE TheJohnston 33 34 y2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty County2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohn014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PALEGACY CUSTOM HOMES M/I HOMES S TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES ofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnston 129 Hadley Lane, Clayton 13 Wilders Woods Grove Lane, Clayton 14PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADE 4BD/4BA, 3599 SqFt 5BD/4.5BA, 3395 SqFt $379,302 $395,836 OMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PAPARADEofHOMES TAFT WOODS EAST WILDERS WOODS/FLOWERS PLANTATION Text T11794658 to 85377 Text T11794659 to 85377 n s t o n C o u n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E o f H O M E S T h e J o h n s t o n C o u n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E o f ounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES PARADE TheJohn14PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCoun35 36 ofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PAe de TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES Johnston e of h d of of TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES ra a d r a a o h r a p h ounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES RADEofm o o mes2014 s pa es p mes ofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES HOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADE INLAND BUILDERS,2014 LLC. nty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES JohnstonCounty2014 TheJohnston SCOTT RHODES BUILDING INC. TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCount 32 Waterside Court, Clayton 152 Annandale Drive, Clayton 2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES 2014 County2014 TheJohnstonCounty stonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PA 4BD/3.5BA, 2014 2924 SqFt 4BD/3BA, 3094 SqFt $404,000 $407,999 014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonPARADE GLEN LAUREL JohnstonCounty County ty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHO MCLEMORE Text T11794660 to 85377 Text T11794661 to 85377 RADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES The HOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014 TheJohnston PARADE The h n s t o n C o u n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E o f H O M E S T h e J oRADEofHOMES h n s t o n C o uTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E County2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHO 37 38 ounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnThe JohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2 4PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014 ofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PATheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCount TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES stonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PA JohnstonCounty

The Johnston County 201 The Johnston County 2014 The Johnston County 201 The Johnston County 2014

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CAROLINA CLASSIC CONSTRUCTION INC. KIRKWOOD BUILDERS, INC. RADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES 2014PARADEofHOMES HOMES The 330 Meridian Drive, Garner 19 Syphrona Circle, Clayton 4BD/3BA, 3104 SqFt 4BD/3.5BA, 3157 SqFt JohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014 JohnstonCounty 2014 $414,899 $500,000 2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOM County2014PARADE HOM PINEVILLE WEST / FLOWERS PLANTATION Text T11794663 to 85377 Text T11794662 to 85377

H O M E S T h e J o h n s t o n C o u n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E o f H O M E S T h e J o h TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty 2014 stonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PAR 39 40 ty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOM RADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJ TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty County County2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOM ofHOM JohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty20 County KIRKWOOD BUILDERS, INC. JARMAN HOMES, INC.h JohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014P TheJohnstonCounty County om e of hom e of hom e of ho128 e ofClayton e of hom e of hom 139 Sicily Drive, Clayton Paraggi Court, m d d d d d d a JohnstonCounty 4BD/3.5BA, 3530 SqFt ra ra ra SqFT ra ra 3BD/3BA, es es es JohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty201 es es es TheJohnston a3121 s par pa pa pa pa $549,900 $525,000p 2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHO County PORTOFINO PORTOFINO Text T11794665 to 85377 Text T11794664 to 85377 H O M E S T h e J o h n s t o n C o u n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E o f H O M E S T h e J o TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2 of ho of ho of ho of ho of ho of ho of ho e e stonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES eLayout.indd 1 de PM m m m m m 3/3/14 a5:52 m m d d de de deTheJohnstonCounty2014PAR de a a a a a a r r r r r r r es es es ty2014PARADEofHOMES es es es es a a a a a a a TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOM p p p p p p p RADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJo 88886.3.1.007.indd 1

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The Johnston County Parade of Homes 2014 v3n1  
The Johnston County Parade of Homes 2014 v3n1  

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