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The Johnston Count The Johnston County 2014 The Johnston Coun The Johnston County 2

County2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnm 014PARADEofHOMES PARADE TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES County2014 TheJohnstonCounEofHOMES ofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES PARADEof TheJohnstonCounty2014PAS The TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES The TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES 2014 TheJohnston PARADE OF HOMES S TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES EofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES HOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADE unty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES 2014PARADE TheJohnston 17 18 y2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty County2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohn014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PAADAMS HOMESTheJohnston CAPITOL CITY HOMES S TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES ofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES 263 Windy Creek Drive, Willow Spring 62 Ventasso Drive, Clayton 14PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADE 4BD/2.5BA, 2831 SqFT 3BD/2.5BA, 2417 SqFt $287,672 $299,900 OMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PAPARADEofHOMES BRYERSTONE PORTOFINO Text T11794642 to 85377 Text T11794643 to 85377 n s t o n C o u n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E o f H O M E S T h e J o h n s t o n C o u n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E o f ounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES PARADE TheJohn14PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCoun19 20 ofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PAe de TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES Johnston e of h d of of TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES ra a d r a a o h r a p h ounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES RADEofm o o mes2014 s pa es p mes ofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES HOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADE SOUTH HOUND CONSTRUCTION nty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES JohnstonCounty2014 2014 TheJohnston LENNAR TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCount 15 Oglethorpe Avenue, Clayton 235 Peachtree Lane, Clayton 2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES 2014 County2014 TheJohnstonCounty stonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PA 3BD/2.5BA, 2014 2100 SqFt 4BD/3BA, 2996 SqFt $299,900 $304,870 014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonPARADE JohnstonCounty County ty2014PARADEofHOMES CHATHAM/FLOWERS PLANTATION PEACHTREE/FLOWERSTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHO PLANTATION Text T11794644 to 85377 Text T11794645 to 85377 RADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES The HOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014 TheJohnston PARADE The h n s t o n C o u n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E o f H O M E S T h e J oRADEofHOMES h n s t o n C o uTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E County2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHO 21 22 ounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnThe JohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2 4PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014 ofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PATheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCount TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES stonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PA JohnstonCounty

The Johnston County 201 The Johnston County 2014 The Johnston County 201 The Johnston County 2014

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OLD OAK CONSTRUCTION ROYAL OAKS BUILDING GROUP RADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES 2014PARADEofHOMES HOMES The 35 Oglethorpe Avenue, Clayton 255 Ainsley Court, Clayton 4BD/3.5BA, 2270 SqFt 5BD/3.5BA, 3476 SqFt JohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014 JohnstonCounty 2014 $309,000 $309,700 2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOM County2014PARADE HOM PLANTATION POINTE Text T11794646 to 85377 Text T11794647 to 85377

H O M E S T h e J o h n s t o n C o u n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E o f H O M E S T h e J o h TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty 2014 stonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PAR 23 24 ty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOM RADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJ TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty County County2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOM ofHOM JohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty20 County LENNAR PARAGON BUILDING & DEVELOPMENT JohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014P TheJohnstonCounty County ho INC. of GROUP, e of hom e of hom e of ho108 eWillow e of hom e of hom 31 Heathwood Drive, Clayton Elmhurst Lane, Spring m m d d d d d d a a a a SqFt a a JohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty201 TheJohnston JohnstonCounty 3BD/2.5BA, 1763 SqFt r r r r r r 4BD/3BA, 3150 e e e e e e a s pa s pa s pa s s pa s pa s $323,590 $314,990p 2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHO County FIELDSTONE MANOR TRILLIUM/FLOWERS PLANTATION Text T11794649 to 85377 Text T11794648 to 85377 H O M E S T h e J o h n s t o n C o u n t y 2 0 1 4 PA R A D E o f H O M E S T h e J o TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMESTheJohnstonCounty2 of ho of ho of ho of ho of ho of ho of ho e e stonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES eLayout.indd 1 de PM m m m m m 3/3/14 a5:52 m m d d de de deTheJohnstonCounty2014PAR de a a a a a a r r r r r r r es es es ty2014PARADEofHOMES es es es es a a a a a a a TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOM p p p p p p p RADEofHOMES TheJohnstonCounty2014PARADEofHOMES TheJo 88886.3.1.005.indd 1

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