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TREATY PORT TIMES Quality Wine from China NOVEMBER 2O11


(probably for release in 2013) and a Rose. Harvest Time 2011: An unusually harsh winter made for a difficult 2011 harvest at Treaty Port. “Volume of only 9 tonnes was disappointing,” explains Treaty Port CEO Chris Ruffle. “The season itself was reasonable, but the damage had already been done by the harsh winter which was the coldest in 60 years. This killed some vines and caused many more to die back to their roots. These are now recovering, but produced no grapes this season.

We continue to learn about the climate, our vineyard and the suitability of grape types.”

Treaty Port staff in their stylish Scottish kilts

The best crop came once again from the Marselan and Merlot varieties, though we had a decent crop from Petit Verdot for the first time. Our intention is to produce from this seasons grapes a Marselan/Merlot blend

Treaty Port, said Ruffle, would continue to experiment with higher trellising, ground cover and spraying methods to find the best combination. “Unfortunately each experiment takes a year and is subject to the weather. Fingers crossed for a better winter…”

Treaty Port Vineyards Limited 登龙红酒 Mulangou, Daxindian, Penglai, Shandong 265612, China

Herb Garden Blooms Bumper Crop from Castle Green Zone The Scottish Castle’s herb garden, ‘the vanilla garden’ has flourished this year, yielding a bumper crop of vegetables, herbs and fruit. Organic tomatoes, basil, strawberries, mint, coriander, chives and sage have thrived in the herb garden, set in an area of gorgeous sunshine, and sheltered from the weather by the rugged mountain from behind and our castle from the front. Scottish Castle chefs Kong Wen Jing and Li Cai Hong use the garden’s produce, also carefully drying and preserving herbs for the cold winter and early spring. Guests are welcome to come and pick their own herbs whilst enjoying a stay at the castle, and some of our specialties on offer (varying by season) include fresh mint tea, wild strawberries and ice-cream, and homemade tomato and basil pasta. Charged with caring for the garden, Treaty Port’s Zhang Dan comes from a family that has farmed in the local Er Shi Li Bu, Penglai area for over 300 years. Zhang will be bringing to our garden a family expertise in growing an impressive range of plants, from apples, walnuts and peaches, to delicate local flowers. Sunny’s management of, and dedication to, our herb garden is evident in the excellent results that we have been seeing.

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Recently we had the pleasure of installing our beautiful sundial in the peaceful and secluded area adjacent to our winery. Ian Begg, the Scottish architect who also designed the Scottish Castle, designed the sundial with the exact position relative to the sun in mind, so that it keeps excellent time. The simple, gold embellished structure was hand carved locally in Penglai, using the same cool grey local granite featured in the Scottish Castle.

The sundial stands in a small garden alcove of fir trees, flowering shrubs and grass, intersected by wide stone pathways. The simplicity of the garden, smooth stillness of the sundial, and wide, wooden park benches provide a perfect place to sit and relax and admire the Treaty Port vineyards.

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Continue newsletter text here. Continue newslette A new innovation at the Scottish Castle, the here. newsletter text here. Continue new Happy Farm is an area ofContinue prime farmland where our staff and guests alike are free to grow their text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue own vegetables for both personal and castle use. text here. Continue newsletter text her The Happy Farm is anewsletter small patch of arable land, right in the centre of Continue our vineyards andtext orchards, newsletter here. Continue newslette perfect for growing fruit and vegetables. Staff here. has taken the opportunity to plant cabbage, tomatoes, beans and peanuts. We also have a small crop of fiery Chinese peppers, which are excellent when prepared in fine Shandong style by our chefs.

The farm is located a mere 15 minute walk from the castle, down a winding track that takes you through both spectacular scenery and our vineyards themselves. Guests are welcome to plant a crop and then harvest and eat their own produce on return. Our head gardener Sunny will be happy to advise on plant selection and care.

We have also recently added a beautiful grassy

Fancy a Weekend in a Scottish Castle in Shandong, or a Rural Retreat at Our Farm Guesthouse? Write to us at or call us on (0086)0535 5710599

Treaty Port in the News Treaty Port Winemaker Mark Davidson on 2011 Season

Treaty Port in China Daily

“While the quantity is well down for 2011, the quality was very acceptable…winter 2011 was cold…even April 2011 was very unseasonably cold…it was the coldest spring for 60 years. One of the enemies of vineyards is spring frost or temperatures at the buds of less than zero degrees Celsius. Over 70% of the vineyard growth was affected by the frosts…meaning that even though the season then turned into relatively good growing conditions, there was no fruit on over 70% of vines.

The story of Treaty Port was told again recently in China Daily by reporter Ellie Buchdahl who described her impressions of the Scottish Castle: “Guests enter the castle beneath griffon-like gargoyles peering from the gray-stone walls. Kilt-clad staff show them into the great hall, with its arched ceiling bearing nuggets of auld Scots wisdom "hunger is gude kuche".”

The varieties that fared best were Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Marselan, Petit Verdot and Cot. The whites were seriously affected as were the sangiovese, shiraz, grenache, muscat and viognier. At the beginning of September we decided to pick what existed of the whites and some reds to make a rose. That came in well and looks promising in tank. The best reds were left for another week and then, with the threat of more inclement weather, we harvested a Bordeaux blend in very good condition. The ripeness and acidity were very good in tank and the fermentation went very smoothly.”

Buchdahl also interviewed Treaty Port founder Chris Ruffle: "I didn't know anything about wine before," Ruffle says. "But I met an American wine snob, who when asked by me whether he would like to try a Chinese wine to go with his Chinese meal answered: 'Ask me in a hundred years '" With enough set aside from his hedge fund management career, Ruffle decided to prove that he could make a decent bottle of Chinese wine. "I like to shock people - though I hope in a nice way," he says. "To show them it can be done, and I'm the one to do it."

“We follow a policy of organic growing, and it’s already having an effect – you notice more birds now than when we first moved in” – Chris Ruffle

Media and Events Le Figaro Correspondent Visits Treaty Port Treaty Port was again in the international media spotlight when Arnaud de La Grange, China correspondent for the respected French daily Le Figaro visited. Accompanied by a photographer, La Grange met with Treaty Port chief winemaker Mark Davidson and Treaty Port founder Chris Ruffle.

Treaty Port at Yantai Wine Festival The Treaty Port booth at the Yantai International Wine Festival trade fair (September 23-26) caught the eye of Yantai mayor Zhang. Stopping to taste our wine and chat with Treaty Port staff, the mayor declared his fondness for our Commissioner (2009) variety. Treaty Port founder Chris Ruffle, who explained our vineyard’s history to the mayor, said that the mayor’s enthusiasm showed the quality of organic-oriented wines being produced in Shandong. The Yantai Fair is the third visited by Treaty Port in 2011, following successful showings at the annual wine expos in both Beijing and Shanghai.

Dinner and wine tasting at the Scottish Castle was followed by a good-humoured discussion on the merits of French and Chinese wines. Le Figaro is one of the three best-selling daily newspapers in France, China’s top source of imported wine (in value terms).

No less than 500 international standard booths were installed at the fair, held at the Yantai International EXPO Center. Organised by the Yantai government with support and sponsorship from among others, International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) and winemakers and growers federations from Europe and Latin America, the fair is described as the largest professional wine exhibition in China.

“While the quantity is well down for 2011, the quality was very acceptable…” Treaty Port chief winemaker Mark Davidson

November Festivities Fireworks at the Scottish Castle In our now-annual tradition Treaty Port and friends gathered at the Scottish Castle on November 5 to celebrate Guy Fawkes night. After the banquet the several dozen guests moved outdoors to the courtyard to join the staff, turned out in their kilts, in dancing and merrymaking around the bonfire.

Guy Fawkes Night celebrates the foiling of an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London on November 5, 1605. The attack was planned by a group of Catholic conspirators, which included Guy Fawkes. The explosives were timed to go off when King James I of England (King James VI of Scotland) and many parliamentary members were in the building. The conspirators were later arrested, tortured and executed. To this day Britons around the world light Port CEO Treaty bonfires and set off fireworks to mark Fawkes’ doom. Correspondents Club



Treaty Port Founder Chris Ruffle was one of three speakers invited by the Foreign Correspondents Club of China (FCCC) to join a panel discussion of China’s emerging wine market on November 3 in Beijing. The other two panelists at the event were well known China-based wine writer/blogger Jim Boyce and wine consultant/educator Frankie Zhao. As well as taking questions on various aspects of the vineyards, wine quality and winery operations, Ruffle hosted a tasting of Treaty Port wines for the assembled correspondents. A capacity turn-out of journalists from a dozen different news oultets and countries.

Want to Buy Treaty Port Wine/ Stay at the Scottish Castle? We’ll be delighted to see you! Go to to read more about Treaty Port Visit the ‘How to Buy’ section of the website to select and purchase our wines and WhiskyMc. Call us anytime at (0086) 0535 5710599

Treaty Port in ANA Magazine The Japanese journalist Junko Haraguchi, reporter for the inflight of NAN Group, and the magazine's name is WINGSPAN. An extensive report on Treaty Port and the Scottish Castle appeared in the tenth issue 2011. Another recent visitor to Treaty Port was Yoneyama Yumi, the deputy General Manager of BTG International Travel & Tours. Given key Japanese cities like Tokyo are a mere 90 minutes flight from Beijing and Yantai we hope to greet many Japanese visitors at Treaty Port and the Scottish Castle.

The nearest airport is Yantai. Our London cab-style taxi will pick you up on arrival and take you the short hour-long journey to our castle in the Shandong hills.

Find us online at

Guestbook German guests at the Scottish Castle, Dr Weber from Hong Kong/Melbourne and Harvard Professor, Distinguished China Family Kreunaz wrote warm words in our Hand Stays at Scottish Castle guest book: “We were really surprised to experience Scotland in this form in China. Chair of the government department and Scotland is known for its whisky but they Leroy B. Williams Professor of History and Admiral was also ‘suffig’. Our guide Mike showed us very interesting sights in his own Political Science at Harvard University, very friendly and efficient way. Roderick MacFarquhar said he and friends

on visiting Scottish Castle were “astonished at the whole enterprise, at the boldness with which the castle was erected and the vineyards planted…”

Also recently visiting us, Andrew and Diane Kahn from San Francisco wrote of a “most unique experience, never to be equaled” at the Scottish Castle/Treaty Port vineyards. Two of our recent guests at the Castle, David and Jennie Erdal on October 10 wrote a lovely Scottish wish before departing Treaty Port:

MacFarquhar, who wished every success to those involved, “including the charming staff who looked after us” is one of America’s foremost China scholars and author of respected books like the Sino-Soviet Dispute and China under Mao. MacFarquhar took two boxes of Treaty Port’s Commissioner red wine to friends in Hong Kong.

Me the moose ne’er lea’ yer girnal Wi a tera drop in its ee Mey ye aye keep hail an hertie Till yer auld eneuch tae dee May ye aye be jest sat happie As ah wish yea ye tae be’

“We were astonished at the whole enterprise, at the boldness with which the castle was erected and the vineyards planted…” Roderick MacFarquhar, Harvard

Treaty Port Times, Fall 2011  

Fall 2011 issue of Treaty Port Times, the seasonal newsletter of Treaty Port Vineyards and the Scottish Castle in Shandong Province, China.

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