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Multiple sclerosis treatment europe

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is widely believed to be an autoimmune condition – the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks, and subsequently damages, the ‘myelin sheath’ protecting nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. This damage causes messages to and from the brain to be slowed, distorted or stopped altogether. This is what leads to the symptoms of MS.

MS stem cell treatment and advances in research are giving new hope to people affected by Multiple Sclerosis. This Multiple Sclerosis Treatment are being studied for their efficacy in improving the complications in patients with MS, through the use of stem cells. These procedures may help patients who don’t respond to typical drug treatment, want to reduce their reliance on medication or are looking to try stem cell therapy before starting drug treatment.

Whether you have a diagnosis or are worried about symptoms, know that MS doesn't have to control your life. You can work with your doctor to treat and manage your symptoms so you can stay healthy and continue to live the life you want. Early Symptoms of MS: •

Blurred or double vision

Thinking problems

Clumsiness or a lack of coordination

Loss of balance



Weakness in an arm or leg

Multiple Sclerosis can’t be cured but the symptoms can be controlled and progression slowed down. Every person suffers from multiple sclerosis in a different way, so medications and treatments have to be customized.

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Multiple sclerosis treatment europe