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The Golden Age of Non Surgical Scoliosis Treatment The search for a non surgical scoliosis treatment has been the “holy grail” of scoliosis treatment since the first scoliosis surgery was performed way back in 1865. Since that time countless attempts to create scoliosis braces have come, failed, and come again in the form of night time scoliosis braces, rigid scoliosis braces, and even dynamic/”soft” scoliosis braces like Spine Cor. Noble as these efforts were, none have provided the non surgical scoliosis treatment solution the scoliosis patients of the world have been looking for; Primarily becauseall scoliosis bracing efforts are still based on the mis-guided premise that idiopathic scoliosis is caused by abnormal bone growth. New ideas can often spur on new technology and new approachesto old problems. The growing consensusof scoliosis researchers is that idiopathic scoliosis is caused by a neurological imbalance in the automatic postural control centers of the brain (commonly referred to as the “body schema”) and linked or triggered hormonally during the rapid growth spurts in adolescents. Armed with this most recent understanding of what causesidiopathic scoliosis, doctors began developing ways of re-training the “body schema” in the automatic postural control centers of the brain to “learn” how to hold the scoliosis spine in a new, straighter, and permanent position. Another new development in the understanding of scoliosis is the multi-factorial nature of the condition itself. It appears that idiopathic scoliosis is the result of genetic pre-disposition and environmental risk factors combining to allow the condition to occur. This “multi-factorial” theory of scoliosis was very difficult (if not impossible) to prove until the advent of the Scoliscore genetic predisposition test in 2010. We now know that manipulation of environmental factors can alter the genetic pre-disposed course of the condition if applied in the early stagesof mild scoliosis. I do believe we are heading into a golden age of non surgical scoliosis treatment which will be lead and fueled by a greater understanding of the condition, prognostic testing, and early stage scoliosis intervention programs that target the re-training of the automatic postural control centers in the brain.

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The Golden Age of Non Surgical Scoliosis Treatment