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Book Description The sensual romance that started with the New York Times bestseller Surrender Your Love continues...

Meeting Jett was like a drug. Dangerous. Addictive. And better forbidden. In his game, there's a high price to be paid. But how much is too much?

Brooke Stewart, a realtor in New York, was never in love until she met the green-eyed, sexy as sin, six foot two sex god, Jett. The man to whom she surrendered. The man who hurt her once only to conquer her heart again.

Sexy, handsome, and arrogant Jett Mayfield knows he has found his match. Brooke is like no other woman he's ever met and he has every intention of keeping her in his bed. Their future seems full of promises...until the past is catching up with them and dark secrets threaten to destroy their lives. Soon they realize that to love means to lose, and some choices are harder than others. When everything comes crashing down, can mistakes be amended...or will he lose her forever?

A woman who surrendered to love. A man who would do anything to protect her. Two lives that are about to be tested...and the last secrets laid bare. ***Author's note*** TREASURE YOUR LOVE is the sequel to New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers Surrender Your Love and Conquer Your Love. Full length novel: 360 print pages

Reviews Had the honor and pleasure to receive/read an ARC copy of this book....have to say the best of the books...this book left me effected...Will take me a little bit to formulate my thoughts and feelings into something understandable. This is definitely a must read book!!!! Holycrap!!! Wow.. is all I'm coming up with right now. I <3 Jett & Brooke

Can't wait for you all to read it and share in the feelins you get from reading this book! Thank you to Jessica for writing such an awesome story...From reading the other books I will never know what's coming NOT predictable.

Favorite Quotes:

"Believe me when I tell you this: the easiest choice is always the wrong one. Choose the path that matters in the long term, the choice that would never hurt others. It might seem difficult at this point, but the right choice is the one that takes the most courage. Its the one that seems impossible at first."

"Even the best of us have bad days. We fall, we climb. That's life. I can promise you, your worst day is never your worst. Your worst day's the day you realize you gave us too soon and you can no longer rectify your mistake."

To download now please click the link below.

Treasure Your Love Download