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Intellect Publishing Announces that author John O’Melveny Woods will participate in SCIBA Feast and Trade Show

John O’Melveny Woods, author of the award winning Return to Treasure Island, has been invited to participate in the prestigious 2010 SCIBA Authors Feast and Trade Show at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, California. His book, the sequel to the original Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, is one of fiftyfive books chosen to participate. “I am thrilled to be participating in this event,” states author John O’Melveny Woods. “It is a chance to meet book buyers and fellow authors as well.” The event is Saturday, October 23, and runs from 5:00 o’clock until 9:00. About Return to Treasure Island The story of Return to Treasure Island is set three years after his triumphant return from Treasure Island. Jim Hawkins learns that Long John Silver has been captured and sentenced to hang. Jim's fateful decision to help Silver propels them into a dangerous search for the greatest treasure of all time The Pharaoh's Gold. A cryptic map, secret codes and puzzling clues all lead back to Treasure Island where courage, cunning, and mutual trust are the only weapons that can save Hawkins and Silver from a horrific death and help them in their quest to find the treasure. Written in first person narrative, the book blends the cadence and style of the original Treasure Island while introducing memorable new pirate characters and locations. Additionally, a coming of age love story interweaves the adventure. Return to Treasure Island harkens back to the days when action, mystery and adventure rode hand in hand with storytelling, and promised to entertain readers of all ages. Praise for Return to Treasure Island Return to Treasure Island received the prestigious Silver Medal Award by IPPY for Young Adult (YA) Fiction. Additionally, the book is forwarded by LeVar Burton, of Star Trek and reading Rainbow fame. Clive Cussler stated it was ‘’creative and absorbing. ” Midwest book review touted it saying that ‘Return to Treasure Island is a fun and fascinating read for those seeking an old school adventure novel of piracy and discovery.’

About Author John O’Melveny Woods John O’Melveny Woods is a successful entrepreneur who attended USC cinematic Film School, and has written numerous television shows, screenplays, articles, and non-fiction books. Return to Treasure Island is his first novel. His next book, Jesse James Secret: Codes, Cover-Ups and Hidden Treasure is due out Fall 2010, and was the basis for’ Jesse James Hidden Treasure,’ one of History Channel’s highest rated shows. He lives in Leucadia, California. About the SCIBA Award Feast

2010 SCIBA Authors Feast and Trade Show Saturday, October 23 Authors Feast & Book Award Dinner Author Information Sheet 5:15 PM Authors Arrive at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa and check in at the SCIBA Registration Desk 5:30 PM Authors Only Dinner. 6:30 PM Authors join the exhibits and reception 7:00 PM Authors Feast & Book Award Dinner begins in the Ballroom. Authors will be introduced. The table hosts will guide authors to two more tables. Table changes will occur after the first course and again after the entrée. 8:30 PM Book Awards Announced. 9:00 PM Authors Feast Ends. Notes: 1.


NO authors (with the exception of the keynote speaker) will be speaking at dinner except the six winners of the 2010 SCIBA Book Awards. SCIBA Book Awards will be announced after dessert. The purpose of the Authors Feast is for authors to get to know Southern California booksellers and to promote their books to the booksellers. The flip side, of course, is for the booksellers to get to meet and know the authors. Booksellers return to their stores and hand sell the books / authors they have discovered and enjoyed.




Fifty-five other authors will be participating in the Authors Feast. There will be two authors seated at each table at a time unless there is a co-author situation. The others at the tables will be primarily booksellers, but other industry professionals attend as well. SCIBA expects that members of the press from Publishers Weekly, Bookselling This Week, Shelf Awareness and several Southern California papers will be in attendance. PARKING: - SCIBA does not validate parking. Parking is available by valet at the hotel or at the adjacent lot.

Authors Feast Address:

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa 1755 North Highland Ave Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 856-1200

Inquiries about the author or Return to Treasure Island book can be made to:

Intellect Publishing Announced about author.  

John O’Melveny Woods, author of the award winning Return to Treasure Island, has been invited to participate in the prestigious 2010 SCIBA A...

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