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DANCHI Raleigh, NC 2018

Andrea was born and raised in North Carolina. She attended North Carolina State University College of Design and received a bachelor’s degree in Art and Design with a creative nonfiction and fiction writing English minor. North Carolina is her home, her passion and her very favorite subject of research and writing. Every grain of the state, every person, every place is teaming with stories. She loves to hear those stories and share them - so others can know them too. She is a creative storyteller who specializes in getting to know people personally and understanding their goals and vision. Her passion is to help communicate your narrative and vision through effective, personalized design. An enthusiastic motivator, she loves collaborative work combining multiple perspectives to achieve strong solutions. Her thorough research and analysis allows her to identify comprehensive, relevant connections between a message and its audience. She sees the potential of every project and is able to envision innovative solutions and make them successful realities.

CONFERENCE CENTER DESIGNS Directly after graduation from NC State in the spring of 2015, I worked for The Wilds, a nonprofit youth camp and conference center in the mountains of Brevard, North Carolina. The Wilds is a 1,000 acre camp that serves and counsels over 11,000 youth during the summer and nearly 10,000 adults and youth at conferences the rest of year. While on staff there, I assisted the grounds maintenance and design teams doing conceptual renderings for renovations of major property sites including the water slide and patio, the new boys cabin area and the camp front entrance. The illustrations were for fundraising campaigns for the projects two of which have since undergone formal design and construction in time for the 2017 and 2018 summers.

SUPER SLIDE REDESIGN The Wilds Camp and Conference Center Super Slide and Patio Design Fundraising Campaign - raised almost $80,000 2015 - 2017


FINAL DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION The Wilds Camp and Conference Center Super Slide and Patio Final Construction 2015 - 2017

JUNIOR BOYS CABIN AREA DESIGN The Wilds Camp and Conference Center - Boys Cabin Site Design Rendering and Construction 2016 - 2018


CAMP FRONT ENTRANCE DESIGN The Wilds Camp and Conference Center Brevard, NC 2016

ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHICS AND MENU DESIGN The original Wilds snack shop menu was handwritten in paint pens and swirling typefaces. It was colorful and visually extravagant but barely legible and useless for ordering efficiently. The snack shop renovation brought the anticipation of larger summer crowds and longer lines. Efficiency created by a legible, simple visual language was my method for the new menu designs. My goal was to direct campers step by step through a creative process of designing their personalized treat before they arrived at the counter. I wanted the signs to be engaging and clear and prepare campers to order starting at the back of the line. So I limited the palette and imagery to a simple bold and crisp style. The project included installation design for the menus which incorporated slanting the boards to eliminate glare and make reading easier on the eye, selecting an inexpensive and replaceable material for the boards to support cost-effective menu item adjustments and establishing a hooking system for each board allowing for seasonal menu changes.

MENU DESIGN & INSTALLATION The Wilds Camp and Conference Center Snack Shop Renovation Brevard, NC 2016





MENU DESIGN & RENDERING Red Cliff Bible Camp Coffee Shop Pinedale, WY 2016


CAPITOL CITY TRANSPORTATION SIGN SHOP Having loved my job and experience in the industrial Materials Lab while at the College of Design, it was important to me to work in another shop environment, which led me to apply for and accept a job working as a graphic designer and technician in the Transportation Signs shop for the City of Raleigh. We handle design and production for all of the transportation signage for the city as well as for other city government departments including fire, police, public utilities and parks and cultural resources. We produce vinyl, large-scale printed and screen printed graphics.

Wayfinding Graphics Graphics Technician - City of Raleigh Raleigh, NC 2017-2018

FIRST RESPONDERS - POLICE AND FIRE Graphics Technician - City of Raleigh Raleigh, NC 2017-2018


BRANDING DESIGN Telling stories is critical to the human experience. Deep in our souls it is what we are designed for and have been doing throughout human history. A current evolving variation of storytelling is modern branding. Everyone from individuals, to small organizations and nonprofits, to large corporations are telling a story and trying to get us to listen. This is some of the work I have done in taking on the challenge of helping several smaller companies and larger organizations create brands that connect them to their audience and communicate their personal company message.


The Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies The Wilds 2016 5K Run MARIE Jewelry Brand Scooby Moving Co. Brand CIT Camper In Training leadership program



Contracted with Reify Media Raleigh, NC





FIRST HUNT FEATURE Much of my passion for narrative and storytelling centers around the combination of graphics and writing. While working in the publishing industry, I wrote for and helped edit Wildlife in North Carolina, Walter Magazine and Our State Magazine. As an intern at the Wildlife Resources Commission magazine, I had the opportunity to write and photograph a full-length feature article sharing the perspective of a brand new woman hunter. The story was the lead feature in the Fall 2016 Outdoor Guide.

FIRST HUNT - WILDLIFE IN NORTH CAROLINA Written and Photographed by Andrea M. Danchi - 2016 Fall Outdoor Guide Raleigh, NC

FIRST HUNT A passion to learn leads this novice from the classroom to a box blind



was a newbie. I didn’t grow up around hunting and I didn’t know anyone who hunted. The only gun my father kept in the house was the fake replica Davy Crockett gun leaning against the wall behind the grandfather clock in our living room. Yet, I still caught the hunting bug, probably from my grandfather. When we would visit him, I often found multiple bullet holes in the window of the room where I slept. He used to shoot through the screen at deer bold enough to invade his garden. Grandpa was a pretty good shot, given the numerous antler racks that hung in his garage. But he never taught me to shoot.

winc | 2016 fall outdoor guide


PHOTOGRAPHY Environmental and Material Studies 2012 - 2018

STO RY T E L L I N G PIECES This collection was a study of place, materials, textures and history paring the old with the new. It combined a joint study of local history and modernist architecture. My vision for this collection was to capture the textures and elements of a historical place through wearable pieces in a manner that caused people to ask, “What is that?� My purpose was to spark opportunities to tell the stories and history of the place that each piece represents. I chose to present those elements in a mondernist setting to draw attention to the contemporary context that frames the telling history.

STORYTELLING PIECES Inspiration - Lassiter Mill Raleigh, NC 2015

Portfolio andrea danchi  
Portfolio andrea danchi