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Complete Fibreglass Solutions from Treadwell Treadwell is an organization that involves the best technologies to provide efficient Fibreglass solutions in different industrial construction features like floor gratings, handrails, access ladders and other platform

systems. This company has a long history of successful FRP installations in various industrial sectors like mining units, process plants, etc. In fact, there are various public infrastructures where Treadwell has successfully incorporated FRP structures. With years of excellence Treadwell has gradually gained a position where it leads the market in the manufacture and development of Fiberglass Access Systems.

Relevance of FRP FRP is primarily a composite product which is made up of glass fibers and for this reason it is sometimes called as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). This is a strong material when compared to the other alternatives like aluminum and steel. The production of this material involves molding process and, therefore, the final material that is generated is light in weight. Apart from being strong and durable, FRP is a resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Most importantly it does not conduct electricity and for all these added benefits FRP has made its way as the most important material in various industrial constructions.

FRP Grating FRP grating is used in various industrial construction features like floors, stairs, sewage line covers, etc. Treadwell provides FRP Grating products that implement less financial resources and thus is considered to be a cost effective solution. The product range offered by this company include the basic installation accessories and various molded and pultruded Grating products. Inclusion of these structures in industries ensures safety and security to a great extent because Grating used in floors and stairs provide better grip.

FRP Handrails Treadwell offers handrails which include both square and round shapes. These industrial handrails are important construction features because it ensures safety and security to a great extent. The handrails in an industrial sector are often exposed to external factors like moisture and heat and, therefore, they are prone to corrosion and abrasion. FRP handrails offered by Treadwell are resistant to corrosion and abrasion and, therefore, they act as a cost efficient solution. The FRP handrail systems provided by Treadwell include Heavy duty industrial rail, round & square handrail, adjustable handrail and many more.

FRP Ladders and Platforms These particular products ensure worksite safety and security to a great extent. The FRP access ladders and platforms are often resistant to various corrosive factors and therefore, last for a longer period of time. The traditional alternatives like steel and aluminum were much more corrosive in nature and, therefore, usage of these materials in ladders and platforms increased the risks of accidents to a great extent. FRP Ladders and Platforms are unparalleled when compared to these alternatives. Treadwell provides a wide range of FRP access ladder and platform systems which include cage safety ladders, industrial ladders and FRP platform structures.

These products offered by Treadwell have been used in various industrial applications. Most importantly there are numerous industries which have been serviced by this company. The complete FRP solutions provided by this company have highly benefitted these industries.

Water and Waste Water Treatment Firms The FRP products manufactured by Treadwell have been widely used in various industries dealing with aquaculture and wastewater treatment. The traditional materials like steel have a tendency to corrode quickly when it is exposed to moisture for a long time. For this reason, FRP grating and FRP stair nosing proves to be an effective solution for these constructions which deal with moisture for the maximum time.

FRP Grating and Handrails offered by Treadwell has been used extensively in Shipping and marine industries in order to reduce the risks of slipping and tripping. Risk management in the work site is the major concern of these industries and FRP proves to be a valuable solution.

Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

The worksites of these industries contain hazardous chemical substances which act as a corroding factor for traditional constructional materials like aluminum and steel. The FRP access mechanisms provided by Treadwell are resistant to corrosion and, therefore, they act as an important inclusion in the construction.

Oil and gas industries require complex industrial structures which are difficult to install. The lightweight FRP structures provided by Treadwell offer a comprehensive solution for constructional aspects in these industries. These are long lasting solutions and they do not involve much installation cost.

Public Structures These FRP products offered by Treadwell have extensive usages in public infrastructures, as well. Stair treads and hand rails made out of FRP ensure maximum security and safety.

Apart from the above mentioned industries FRP solutions provided by Treadwell have wide demand in other industrial sectors like paper and pulp, minerals and mining and food and beverages.

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Get innovative frp access systems from treadwell  
Get innovative frp access systems from treadwell - Treadwell is a leading manufacturer of FRP products. It offers cost effective grating...