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I chose this picture for the front cover because it is really bold and striking. I played around with the brightness and contrast to make the image more inviting and welcoming.

Rather than use my frilly girly masthead I chose to go with a more basic and simple one as I don’t want the attention to be taken away from the main image.

Rather than clutter up the page with other cover lines I chose to just have a pull quote from the double page spread interview. I used white for the masthead and pull quotes so they merged in well with the background rather than stand out and take the attention away from the image.

To get the background for my contents page I copied part of the background from my front cover this was so that they would both have the same sort of colour scheme running through, I then dragged the copied area over to my new page, I then used free transform to fit the colour block to fit the whole page.

I used the same font and size for the word ‘contents ‘as I did for the masthead this way the look runs through the magazine. For my contents page I went against the ‘norms’ of a magazine and decided to write my articles vertically rather than horizontally as I think it flows better with the page and also gives the page a new look.

Then I finished my contents page by adding an image behind the article, but I didn’t want it to cover the articles so I used the opacity setting so you can read the articles over the image.

I wanted to introduce my double page spread with the title and the same pull quote that I used on the front cover, to do this I first edited the image using the brightness and contrast to give the image an edgier look.

As I wanted to use the same quote on my intro page as I did on my front cover I dragged the quote from one to the other I then used free transform to re-shape it to fit perfectly next to the image.

Before I started my double page spread I first had to make the page and divide it equally. Once I did this and got my chosen image in place I wanted the other page to have the same sort of background as the image so I once again copied a piece of background and copied it over to the other page.

Once I moved the area I used free transform to reshape the area so it covered the whole blank space. I then had to add my article in I chose to go with simple 3 column article as I didn’t want it to over power the image on the other page I kept the same font and colour as I had used on the contents page and front cover so they are all linked and work well together.

I kept the article to the far left of the page so there was lots of negative space and so the image takes centre stage and all the readers’ attention.

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a step by step on how i put together my magazine

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